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Talents era 45
08:32:47 Feb 23rd 10 - Ms. Isabella Rosselini:

Who will win this epic struggle?????? Sub clearly has the best PP% but will it be enough?

Kingdoms in Talents
Domination22Pirate Lewatha166
Submission13Ms. Isabella Rosselini100
Paladins of the Order of the Frozen Flame6Grand Paladin Jonny Bacardus The Just6
Fellowship of the Feather10Mr. Blkducky4
The Last Stand4Mr. Dope2
Kingdom Of Artemis3Mr. Tak0
Merchants Of Death2Mr. Shadowz0
Brethren Forever11King Dragon of Wrath0
Death Everlasting3Necromancer Meh0
Hemorrhagic Pneumonia1Mr. Hexister0
Death Emissary2Mr. Sett0
Fallen Warlords1Mr. Ballsax0
Headless Horsemen7Mr. Bloody Dwarf0
Immortals2Mr. Abysmalchasm0
Dark Light3Mr. Samual0
Netherworld2Mr. Slaughter0
The Noobs1Mr. Kal0
Show No Mercy2Mr. Morgawr0
the hezi alliance1Mr. Henderson0
Agression2Ms. Naughty0
Caliphate3Mr. Rafiq al Rashid0
Rapture2Mr. Newell0
Brethren Hero1Mr. Teddybear0
The A Team1Mr. Ants0
Phi Factor7Mr. Mavich0
Dark4Duke Ryan The Laughing Storm0
TriForce1Mr. Zaxou The Wise0
Gardens of Paradise2Ms. Paradise0
StormKnights of Old1Mr. Rudvike of Mandor0

08:38:49 Feb 23rd 10 - Mr. Horus V:

this topic already exists....

09:28:45 Feb 23rd 10 - Duke Salem:

lol Augh you fail.. :P

18:11:56 Feb 23rd 10 - Grand Paladin Jonny Bacardus The Just:

yeah... whats up with that... urg. This is gonna be a pretty intense era for us...

04:07:17 Feb 24th 10 - Mr. Radioactive:

where the feck is sladeeeee ?

05:46:53 Feb 24th 10 - Duke Salem:

that douche quit

21:58:06 Mar 4th 10 - Mr. Dropkick:

lol Salem

23:12:40 Mar 9th 10 - Lord Deno:

meep, meep Talents.

23:26:58 Mar 9th 10 - Mr. Unhungrier Horse:

meep meep, scouts.

20:13:26 Mar 10th 10 - Dark Prince Hemagyname:

Did you know DOM accepts multies?

23:33:54 Mar 10th 10 - General Admin Zondy:

If we do, please say who they are. And may i ask, was it your multi? If not and you think we did knowing so, then it must be yours or yours buddies.

If not, then id like to know who it is so i can see so myself.

12:13:09 Mar 11th 10 - Dark Prince Hemagyname:

its my multi, im currently playing in several top kds

23:28:23 Mar 11th 10 - General Admin Zondy:

i knew it! always so easy to figure things out, no wonder we have none around on vu

08:23:50 Mar 13th 10 - Pirate Aye Was Elf But Restarted:

Nice war going on...

too bad it'll weaken us both so bad that probably neither of us will win the era...


but meh, this can still go both ways!

14:27:21 Mar 13th 10 - Lady Jade:

Meh you attacked us

15:27:31 Mar 13th 10 - Lord Deno:

Apperantly its popular to write meh in this thread so Meh.

15:29:04 Mar 13th 10 - Mr. Jet:

It seems Lewatha plays to win eras.
We play to win wars :)
And we will.

15:30:25 Mar 13th 10 - Mr. Qassim:

but meh, this can still go both ways!\

meh my ass it can go both ways

15:31:13 Mar 13th 10 - Mr. Qassim:

but meh, this can still go both ways!\

meh my ass it can go both ways

15:36:11 Mar 13th 10 - Sir Kool:

errrrrr ...... meh?

16:15:50 Mar 13th 10 - Duchess Kittieh Croft:

.....we are the knights who says meh O.o

and your just dead :)

17:37:46 Mar 13th 10 - Pirate Aye Was Elf But Restarted:

ego much? :P

17:42:54 Mar 13th 10 - Dark Prince Hemagyname:

oh hai babe, gonna give me my pics yet?

18:17:16 Mar 13th 10 - Duchess Kittieh Croft:

Pirate Aye Was Elf But Restarted


17:37:46 Mar 13th 10 ego much? :P

An extreme amount of much  ^^  XD

22:04:14 Mar 13th 10 - General Admin Zondy:

i actually love this war, but wish it wasnt so much a stale mate and either you own us or we own you. either way i want some action and not just both us sittin! lol

23:31:17 Mar 13th 10 - Mr. Qassim:

you are looking at talents right? i really doubt you can call that a stalemate

02:55:54 Mar 14th 10 - General Admin Zondy:

we took north back.. u slipped an army by a block that didnt block and its frozen. so yea seems so to me. no one has really lost serious income or anything. the line is more on dom side meaning fear has a bit of an edge.. but nothing serious happening.

03:40:31 Mar 14th 10 - Lord Deno:

Your evaluation shows incompetence that makes me guestimate that domination wont exist as a kd in 2 eras. 

Your entire take north back campaign is our plan. We wanted you to throw everything you got up there so we had free reign in your south region. Bad for you, you were so slow doing so that we probably still can kill everything you got north meanwhile owning your south. 

The blocker that didnt block. I honestly wonder how an entire kd of 30 + players can not know that a 14.4 k dont block in that spot. When we had our first scout on talents we posted on our boards that it didnt block, we have it flagged for not blocking now. We settled half of our armories in that section due to the fact that everyone could just move inside whenever we wanted to. 

You have some realy good players in your kd. They might save you. But if it happens it sure isnt becuase of your craptastic leadershipo. It is going to be individual performances of single players doing phenomenal play. Some of them allready are. And i honestly bow down to them, but you are just beyond clueless in your postings. 

04:02:04 Mar 14th 10 - Duke Pesterd:


You do understand that your statement is totally flawed..
Explain to me how RVL was formed. Explain to me how DB was formed. Explain to me how FEAR was formed..
All joined after a few eras of playing. Domination, like all kingdoms will probably not last.

Also, we may have plenty of valuable key players. Look at our south now?
all your 500k's are frozen. They arent going anywhere. This will only leave us time to re-cooperate as you guys arent moving. Look at the map, its frozen all around, you got through one spot, your armies will be bounced back entirely. 

I also appreciate the kind words, but his leadership isnt "craptastic", yes, it may be lacking as what a leader of outstanding caliber may have, but you have to understand this is the "New Domination" where many of us are new to playing with eachother, and mostly new to the game, whereas FEAR members are LGC remains, DB remains, and those from RVL who were lucky enough to play in FEAR..(unfortunately I was not because of the limit you guys set up, but I would have loved joining from RVL) 
You all have played together in one way shape or form together, or against eachother, and understand your strengths/weaknesses, us however, for a kingdom like this, with an under-par leadership are doing very well as a kingdom collectively, especially as individuals. 

Our mages are doing everything in the right direction and our attackers are doing the same. There isnt much else we can do besides for putting your armies on a constant freeze until we gain the initiative, which I imagine will probably not happen unless our kingdom steps it up, but i doubt you will be able to get father than you are right now.

It will most likely remain in this position until the era ends.
But until then, Good luck.

04:03:27 Mar 14th 10 - General Admin Zondy:

my leadership is fail? you do realize i just got it right? yea pay attention you snob.

we have posted in our forum it doesnt block, but not like we could settle a knew one.. instead we loaded it in hope u wouldnt find the spot to go through.


as for us bringing everything north = you fail. we didnt, and i even sent messages to everyone telling them of your guys in that area farming troops. so dont go there.


its always your mouth that starts these, im done talking to you. ill reply to the rest of everyone because at least they have enough respect not to try and put down on something they know nothing about. there is people in this game i really cant stand because they think they are big and bad, sorry deno. but thats not you. may have been. but your mouth has made a lot think less of you.


EDIT: read pesterds post..and well enough said.

04:23:48 Mar 14th 10 - Lord Deno:


04:29:33 Mar 14th 10 - Mr. Unhungrier Horse:


11:33:43 Mar 14th 10 - Mr. Sandoran:

We're SO owning fear over here people.

13:37:57 Mar 14th 10 - Dark Prince Hemagyname:

im like totatlly in DOMS core taking their cities and kill there level one armies, my main objective is to find lew and sex her though

13:50:41 Mar 14th 10 - General Admin Zondy:

dont let her find you first!

20:07:35 Mar 14th 10 - Mr. Qassim:

hmm guess we cant really call it a stalemate anymore :(... wonder if it really will last till era end

20:24:47 Mar 14th 10 - General Admin Zondy:

i was wondering same thing.. lol if that block blocked we could have made it :( will take a miracle for us to now. though those do happen :) ill get those farmers to plant some miracle grow ;D

21:03:11 Mar 14th 10 - Mr. Qassim:

btw just out of interest... whats up with your army and knish's army preping on Isabella Rosselini's city, not accusing of anything its just weird the only sub member not to join dom... its a dwarf town, im guessing might have a few wharehouses inside would be nice to plunder the city if he happened to be inactive :D...just asking seems interesting thats all

21:34:44 Mar 14th 10 - General Admin Zondy:

i wouldnt called knishs an army, nor mine for that. but its sittin there being lazy.

and couldnt even plunder cuz of 50% remember. gay talents!!!!!!!! same with the inactive i kicked, cant plunder or take over cuz of stupid 50%

21:45:21 Mar 14th 10 - Mr. Qassim:

thats a load of bullshit? augh has around the same amount land of you so plz dont give me the 50% rule crap

We have made 4 hostile attacks on them and they have not attacked us.

We own double as much land than this ruler. this is augh's city

this is yours

We have made 187 hostile attacks on them and they have made 93 hostile attacks on us.

We own double as much land than this ruler.

21:49:51 Mar 14th 10 - Mr. Qassim:

now by simple maths, you have 1/2 my land and if your stating that augh has 1/2 of your land since hes protectd by 50% rule... then he would have 1/4 of my land :D so please find a better excuse next time

01:46:07 Mar 15th 10 - General Admin Zondy:

please do check i gain and lose every tick :P i gained 5 cities.. and lost them.

want me to move? not like it matters.

01:15:38 Mar 16th 10 - Dark Prince Hemagyname:

yes move, stop feeding plz kthnxbye

02:44:15 Mar 16th 10 - General Admin Zondy:

was talking to him, not you. go away please. thanks, bye.

08:59:43 Mar 16th 10 - Mr. Qassim:

we're not stupid lol please find a better reason then OH OOPS i moved my army there by mistake, or your land is fluctuating or any of that crap, augh has well over 100k land so unless you have 200k+ land which i very highly doubt 50% rule dosent cover him

12:12:27 Mar 16th 10 - Dark Prince Hemagyname:

Well Zond as you wasnt very nice to me ill just tell everyone that i saw you bragging about plundering in your priv #dominate
its true, you know i was there, infact bran kokukla lew and seijim was there aswell....

12:32:28 Mar 16th 10 - Dark Prince Hemagyname:

and razios

12:32:49 Mar 16th 10 - Mr. Unhungrier Horse:

You forgot me bragging about invisible 50k catapult armies with level 50 military science.


12:57:29 Mar 16th 10 - Mr. Malis Hantrum:

lets fight to the end :)

20:44:43 Mar 16th 10 - Lord Deno:

Btw, funny thing is. One of the reasons we didnt boot path to plunder him when he went inactive was that Lew seemed so genuinely honestly upset last era about the entire mad market feeding schedule. 

We obviously knew that someone, Tasso would get the plunders. But chose to live with it to keep the war clean. 

now in domi core we see all kinds of odd feeding schemes going on with augh and zond, with scottology trying to get sween down south. How many kds were you split up in to do prober feeding ? 3 at some point ? 

Now lets see if we can do a legitimately vs scum feeders win in this war. It realy is turning into a lose lose situation for you. If you win it will be because you have been feeding crazy and if you lose it will be despite the fact that you have been feeding crazy. 

Anyways, Both Malis and Knish are awsome players who realy dont deserve a kd like that. Hope you guys find a better home next era. . 

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