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Talents era fukknows
05:44:47 Jan 22nd 12 - kzoolczat (Mr. Markus):

no one at all on talents went Orc this era...apart from myself.  FACT 

Seriously?  wtf happened to this game.   Full of farming halfrs

nuke em.

14:55:48 Jan 22nd 12 - heroix (Mr. Unicorn The Berseker):

Everyone just learned how to protect themselves from early gaia spam.

15:15:24 Jan 22nd 12 - McMax (Mr. Mcmax The Magicwarrior):

Not everyone, that's for sure (I saw it myself :big-grin:).

07:48:35 Jan 24th 12 - Electric Vapour:

im gonna bring back trolls, so do not fear but the trolls will be here... soon....:P

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