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02:48:49 Dec 14th 13 - Cheonje (Mr. Brell Serilis):

Hey everyone,

Just wanted a general consensus on casting arma soon. I can't honestly say this era has been exciting at all. As a new player, I am used to getting my butt kicked rather quickly but somehow this era the wife and I have managed to do really well. However, there are too many inactive players on the map and I feel like its pretty much us two versus Point and Diablo. Asu and Crystal are here also but started late, and I know Gheul in your KD is having a tough time recouping after being attacked.

I don't mind if you would rather keep having a war, but to be honest I'm losing interest in playing on Talents this era. I figured we can either cast arma and start anew or maybe just experiment and farm a little longer - its up to you all, I'm the newcomer here after all.

04:40:29 Dec 14th 13 - SunWarriorKing (Mr. Liu Bei of Shu Dynasty):

I mean I was a player just like you a long time ago (when I was a freshman in high school which was 7 years ago). I had the same issue but I was able to figure stuff out better when I had a good kingdom to join. Mostly my friends from high school got me addicted to VU so as long as they were playing it, so was I. Eventually, I made some new friends and my high school friends stopped playing (I think so) and so I joined them. I have been in a ton of kingdoms but a few of them have taught me valuable lessons. Now, I can just about survive a whole era. I also recommend not restricting yourself to just Talents. Sometimes it takes a good kick in the behind to know how to fight back better. 

04:46:11 Dec 14th 13 - Cheonje (Mr. Brell Serilis):

"Sometimes it takes a good kick in the behind to know how to fight back better."

Exactly, and I have had a good share of that thus far :P. I do play on other worlds very actively. The point of my post here, however, was just to gauge whether or not anyone else on Talents was getting bored since its just a few of us fighting.

03:46:08 Dec 17th 13 - SunWarriorKing (Mr. Liu Bei of Shu Dynasty):

Grrr! Got to blame it on the finals.

04:12:02 Dec 17th 13 - Cheonje (Mr. Brell Serilis):

Sly can cast arma if you guys want. Makes no difference to us. I wouldn't mind freeing up a character slot :)

14:36:20 Dec 17th 13 - Cheonje (Mr. Brell Serilis):

Err, ok I guess its over. Just as we were about to make the last attack, lol. 

17:34:18 Dec 17th 13 - Geunin (Mr. Bristlebane):

good job everyone \(^_^)/

17:36:15 Dec 17th 13 - Geunin (Ms. Saryrn):

post wrong world -_-

good job everyone \(^_^)/ hehe

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