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Templar Crusaders Embassy
01:00:48 Jul 4th 07 - Sir Pelagius Septim II:

Welcome to the Templar Crusaders Embassy.

Templar Crusaders is a Kingdom in Fantasia. Ask questions here...

01:04:46 Jul 4th 07 - Lord Arzun:

Is it the TE?

02:12:30 Jul 4th 07 - Sir Pelagius Septim II:

TE? We are the Templar Crusaders, not whatever TE is...but, your welcome to join if you would like to.

00:50:03 Jul 6th 07 - Sir Pelagius Septim II:

I wonder what will bring in some people...i got it!

*Pelagius goes outside the Embassy and hangs up a sign saying "FREE BEER"

01:32:33 Jul 6th 07 - Sir IM Shyers Who The Hell Are You:

we all know who TE is ;)

02:29:43 Jul 6th 07 - Sir Pelagius Septim II:

Templar Crusaders is TC, who is TE?

23:15:22 Jul 18th 07 - Sir Gaius Septim:

We have relocated to Zetamania

23:55:17 Jul 18th 07 - Mr. Rocketdude:

in 48 hours TC is going to war with TD.  who do you guys think will win?

00:13:07 Jul 19th 07 - Mr. Sun:

Tower defence wins.

Tower creeps lose.

00:45:14 Jul 19th 07 - Mr. Biggerboom:

Lol..... Yay we win :P

00:51:49 Jul 19th 07 - Sir Gaius Septim:

Your The Demolishers, not Tower Defence!

01:11:04 Jul 19th 07 - Mr. Biggerboom:

Lol............. well true.... we'r enot Tower Defence.. we're Tower Attack...

Cuz we're the offensive ones.. Lol.

08:24:50 Jul 19th 07 - Mr. Justin:

hey TD maps in WC3 are good!!!

09:55:23 Jul 19th 07 - Mr. Rocketdude:

TC is going to win, hardcore style if you know what i mean

21:55:46 Jul 23rd 07 - Mr. Biggerboom:

Rocketdude.. your kingdom's already dead what are you talking about?

22:11:19 Jul 23rd 07 - Duke Mielo:

Where is bliss?

22:13:33 Jul 23rd 07 - Mr. Biggerboom:

Hes dead.. Lol..

22:24:29 Jul 23rd 07 - Sir Gaius Septim:

I lived through the attack with a ton of money to rebuild, so I'm not dead, just weakened...and Bliss isn't dead...

23:46:42 Jul 23rd 07 - Mr. Seloc:

goodluck T C god knows you need it how many times have you died this era?

00:32:33 Jul 24th 07 - Mr. MY God Farts:

goodluck T C god knows you need it how many times have you died this era?

huh? what? what does god know? i'm clueless??

01:07:46 Jul 24th 07 - Mr. Biggerboom:

Well all i know is that its better than yours..... and i never even said that TC sucks.. They're a very good kingdom with very good members... Whats with the suddon "Biggerboom, your kingom really sucks, so shut up"

And about 5 minutes ago i thought you guys would lose honorably.. I guess i was wrong then.

02:12:01 Jul 24th 07 - Mr. Rocketdude:

Fassy is new, i posted in our forum not to bad mouth you guys so I am sorry for his actions.  In our battle with you guys i think only one of our players was actually finished off, but you did sufficiently weaken us.  And the war isnt over until you kill my last army

09:35:07 Jul 24th 07 - Mr. Fassy Hole:

die? i havent died!!

and nobodys even tried to attack me yet, so wtf was that supposed to mean?!?

11:53:02 Jul 26th 07 - Sir Salaras Lentorix Vineraven:

did The Destroyers loose? or disband?
im from the elf lord reborn and its a little strange when a number of citys suddenly loose their kingdom

19:21:11 Jul 26th 07 - Mr. Biggerboom:

We're moving on to starta... because of some dishonorable people like Notorious Thug, Blunts and Ice Cube.... Notorious was in our kingdom but was planning to destroy it the whole time.. and we had an NAP with necro but while i was sleeping Blunts and Ice Cube (they were in necro at the time) attacked our kingdom and killed a couple of guys..

Then Justin's brother went on his account and kicked like 6 people from the kingdom before Justin stopped him. So I guessed that the only world we had a chance of surviving in now was zetamania

00:57:22 Jul 27th 07 - Mr. Seloc:

Sounds like you've had a good era.

01:01:30 Jul 27th 07 - Mr. Biggerboom:

Lol... sarcasm ... oh and instead of "the only chance of surviving now is zetamania"
i meant to say "the only chance of surviving now is in starta"

13:50:51 Jul 27th 07 - Mr. Seloc:


15:14:58 Jul 27th 07 - Mr. Soccer:

which means u havent survived twice now ;)

01:17:24 Jul 28th 07 - Sir Rand Althor:

Nope just once for them, and if what i've recived in the form of lists of messages from The Demolishers kd is a compleately accurate portral of what was going on before they decided to attack us, Notorious Thug left because he knew you guys were making a big mistake....which evidently you did since you're now in Starta. As for the other two, they were gearing up to join us for a while before they attack you, infact it was kinda a prereq for joining was helping us since we didn't have a whole lot of troops in the south at the time. It worked out in the end though.

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