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The Dark Empire Recruitment
13:24:46 May 20th 09 - Divine Grandmaster Corollin:

The Dark Empire

Kingdom Banner

Name: The Dark Empire
Members: 3
Tag: TDE
Created: 5/9/2009 3:56:39 AM
Leader: Divine Grandmaster Corollin


*The sounds of the forge ring piercingly throughout the lands. Soldiers can be seen marching together in unison; set on an unknown direction. Flags are raised throughout many cities, baring the flag of The Empire. A new time as come. The worlds of many have converged and it is time for a new power.The Days of Petty Kingdoms has ended.The Dawn of THE EMPIRE is upon us*

Lets raise these flags together my friends. Band with us and lets conquest!!!


After fighting a long war against Templar crusaders , Crazy and Lightning dust we plan to ride into next era blades held high.

 Join our cause if you feel you are

-active(must log in once a day minimum)
-A teampayer
-Must not be active in forums (postwise) but must read them
-must reply to letters and do as told
-Good at taking constructive critisism. if you are doing something wrong we shal tell you. if we are doing something wrong we expect our members to tell us.

I would like to keep this thread full of uneeded fames. There is no point flaming me as i wont repy to flames. anyone interested either post here or message me.

15:22:32 May 20th 09 - Duke Pikachu:

you suxx and so does your KD, anyone with any shred of self respect dont join this kingdom.

15:23:44 May 20th 09 - Mr. Bran:

sign me up!

19:19:59 May 20th 09 - Mr. Paracelzus:


19:32:33 May 20th 09 - Pirate Lewatha:

/me gives the hunted by lewatha badge

22:01:48 May 20th 09 - Mr. Duneidinaman:

I have been with Divine Grandmaster Corollin for the last 2 eras.  He is good at the game and he has a funny sense of humor.  He is one of many great leaders out there on the battlefield.  He will never leave his post and he will fight to the end regardless of the outcome whether win or lose bad. 

22:41:09 May 20th 09 - Duke Kev The Bastard:

Uhhhmmm...... rehab Mr. D, really, you need to check in buddy.

23:39:21 May 20th 09 - Demonslayer William Berkeley:

I think I found each of those statements false O_o including the fact that whenever he dies, I hear the words "I was inactive" quite often :p  Ah well...must be another Divine Grandmaster Corollin...or was it Kath? Nevermind, I must be confusing one of his alternate personalities or "friends" that get on his account and tell us other things :p

01:42:46 May 21st 09 - Demonic Equivalent of Goodness:

ssssshhh...that was supposed to be a is Lew's sexyness....

02:32:44 May 21st 09 - Mr. Gawaine:

I have been with Divine Grandmaster Corollin for the last 2 eras.  He is good at the game and he has a funny sense of humor.

Yes, I agree with Duneidaman. Example of Corollin's humor:

[19:24] Divine Grandmaster Corollin: Hey Dune, I just got done in the hole!!
[19:24] Duneidaman: HAHA good one Corollin!!!
[19:25] Divine Grandmaster Corollin: That wasn't a joke.

Also quoted: "/me gives the hunted by lewatha badge".
Replace the name 'Lewatha' in the above sentence to Gawaine.

10:49:34 May 21st 09 - Divine Grandmaster Corollin:

lol you hunting me? arent you dead ? pussy

15:47:47 May 21st 09 - Divine Grandmaster Corollin:

so you delete the crap in other threads(the legion one ) but not the bullocks in my one. okay then Coff unfair Coff

16:03:49 May 21st 09 - Prince Mielo:

I  delete sp@m, not post that are about your kingdom - topic ...

16:19:13 May 21st 09 - Divine Grandmaster Corollin:

so me saying.

You started the war with rebirth ... they ended.

was about his kingdom and got deleted.

My post saying Goodluck at the start.

was about his topic. so stop chattin *beep* mielo.

also Good luck TDE see its on topic so *beep* off

16:24:02 May 21st 09 - Prince Mielo:

So you're wishing your own kingdom good luck? :)

16:40:40 May 21st 09 - Divine Grandmaster Corollin:

yeah....... you got a problem spaz? GOO TDE

00:25:28 May 22nd 09 - Demonslayer William Berkeley:

His KD needs a lot of luck to not disband and restart 3 different times under 3 different names(him changing names as well)

01:03:18 May 22nd 09 - Mr. Gawaine:

HAHA lol. Corollin, I'm not even close to dead, in fact. Tomorrow you will be torn apart. But, on the other side of things, how am I the pussy? You're the one that immediately NAP'ed everybody you could to protect your weak ass. And not to mention, my KD has 2 members, and has MORE POWER than yours, and ours still hasn't even been around for more than a week!! That's shows something.

01:54:50 May 22nd 09 - Divine Grandmaster Corollin:

your kd has 2 members... mine has 2 active people.

* grandmaster
duneidinaman5vicehumanarma.todaykick / demote

glamdring0mr.humanarma.11 dayskick / promote

and you are 149%...........and rip me apart........ lol like to see that happen.

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