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The Federation Embassy
07:41:32 Dec 14th 09 - Sir Uther Pendragon:

The Federation

Name: The Federation
Members: ??
Created: 12/03/2009 4:16:12 AM
Leader: Sir Uther Pendragon

Starting next era the name of KBW is officially changed.
You guys better be ready for it.

07:42:23 Dec 14th 09 - Sir Moonshine:

Someone be the Klingon Empire :p

07:45:54 Dec 14th 09 - Sir Uther Pendragon:

Yeah im not going to lie that would be crazy, but i was not trying to hit a Star Trek reference here.


Federations were in existence way before Star Trek! :P

This more so refers to the early British Tribal federation known as the Pendragon. (yes might very well be fictitious) Though it was a tribe run by a tight and close family of warlords and chieftains. The very tiny crest in the bottom left is what makes the reference.

07:57:17 Dec 14th 09 - Mr. Sanoh:

UTHER :D we need to hang out again and go to rice. you know you want to

08:04:37 Dec 14th 09 - Sir Uther Pendragon:

i went to Rice with my girlfriend the other day...

and we should, but you should also join this kd when i make it...

but i dont think you will. You dont play anymore

: /

08:41:22 Dec 14th 09 - Mr. Sanoh:

i might, im just busy with RL. might be joining the military :/ not sure if its good or not

09:28:26 Dec 14th 09 - Dr. Happy Pants:

Very nice Uther

10:18:47 Dec 14th 09 - Sir Uther Pendragon:

Thanks Doctor

I thought i would go for a more official touch for this next era and i couldn't think of anything better than trying to set up a kingdom with an actual form of gov


00:46:21 Dec 17th 09 - Sir Uther Pendragon:


NEW KINGDOM NEXT ERA! (well new name)


07:07:31 Dec 17th 09 - Sir Uther Pendragon:

It's going to be the most legit kingdom made in all of the history of kingdoms. It will be designed by the basic principals of a Federation and implemented over the eras. As we speak i am writing a Manifesto on how it is ran.

06:14:09 Dec 27th 09 - Mr. Gladiatorul:

Good luck people; I personally liked more the name and banner for KBW, but this is just me

06:28:32 Dec 27th 09 - Sir Uther Pendragon:

Yeah i can see that as well.

Though my goal here is to move away from a feudal system and actually base the kingdom and form it like an actual Federation. This way if one leader is inactive for a bit it wont even matter in the slightest. (or at least this is what i hope to achieve over time)

either way im planning on making detailed processes and set policies. I have wrote a short Federal Manifesto that will be posted in the kingdom forum every era and new policies and regulations will be added as implementation will be needed. All this will be done by all Leaders of the Royal Guard and some rules (only in special cases) will not apply to all squadrons.
In this kingdom Federal Gov is the most influential but not necessarily the most powerful. Over time a squadron under the command of one of the War Chiefs will gain more power and influence over the kingdom through advancement on the battlefield. This alone will put them in a position to where their opinion will be taken into account first and if preferred by them they will make first drafts of future strategic moves and present them to the rest of the Royal Guard where it will be decided.

The general idea is that we will work well enough broken into squadrons that if a part of our core is over run and one squadron is taken out then it wont throw off the other squadrons because they will still be organized and such.

This is all still in theory and we will figure out how it will all work over time.

07:08:26 Dec 27th 09 - Mr. Arthur Dent:

wow... That's a great idea you got there Uther.

Gl Feds ;)

07:48:45 Dec 27th 09 - Sir Uther Pendragon:


thanks man

its just the name Federation has never made sense to me. Sure federation were factions joined together to empower the central power and thats what we're aiming for here but its an entirely opposite concept from Anti-Federalism yet the structure is similar with the internal groups having freedom and individuality to roam about. Its just that the endgame for both are exact polar opposites and it intrigues me.

07:53:03 Dec 27th 09 - Mr. Arthur Dent:

Then I'll make an Anit-Federation!  balance of power shall be absolute

08:36:16 Dec 27th 09 - Sir Uther Pendragon:


maybe you should


Im in full support of the idea


08:05:12 Dec 29th 09 - Lord Uther Pendragon:





15:51:10 Dec 30th 09 - Mr. Sable The Black Blade:

Join the Federation. =)

11:40:47 Dec 31st 09 - Mr. Shadow:

i agree, you should join the Federation.

03:52:38 Jan 13th 10 - Mr. Wolfgore Skullsplitter:

Yes the Federation , Join now get sign up Bonus !

04:08:54 Jan 13th 10 - Mr. Arthur Dent:

^who would join traitors?  Lol jk ;)

<3 Uther and his foolishness

04:29:26 Jan 13th 10 - Dr. Darkwing Duck:

<3 Federation and BOW.  don't be bickering what would I do.  go insane maybe. :P

13:22:32 Jan 13th 10 - Mr. Sable The Black Blade:

"^who would join traitors?  Lol jk ;)"

To answer your question Arthur... Traitors would. ^_^

03:52:33 Jan 14th 10 - Lord Uther Pendragon:

Coming from Sable the Back Blade himself.

Darkwing i wouldn't want you to go crazy. That may be the last thing i do!


btw Arthur are you interested in relations? (ill just do it publicly)


04:16:26 Jan 14th 10 - Dr. Darkwing Duck:

ROFLOL <3 Uther

04:31:22 Jan 14th 10 - Lord Uther Pendragon:

btw i am an officer on the VU Facebook page!

Though its sub-labeled as Admin's Bitch

: /

04:37:44 Jan 14th 10 - Mr. Arthur Dent:

Um Idk Uther... I'll consider it but we have a lot of relations already...  Once we come into further contact we'll make a decision ;)

04:39:40 Jan 14th 10 - Lord Uther Pendragon:

Alright dog (see what i did there?)

BoW... Dog

04:43:02 Jan 14th 10 - Mr. Arthur Dent:

omg...  Right now my palm is in my face.

05:30:35 Jan 14th 10 - Lord Uther Pendragon:

yeah thats what i was aiming for


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