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The Great Alliance
00:27:02 Jul 28th 07 - Mr. Charles:

All those who want to join together post here

00:49:14 Jul 28th 07 - Sir Rand Althor:

Join together for what?

00:52:55 Jul 28th 07 - Mr. Charles:

To reign and rule the world

00:58:23 Jul 28th 07 - Mr. MY God Farts:

through the great alliance? does this mean anyone who joins automaicly wins because your allied with everyone on the map? sounds too hippy for me ;p


01:02:10 Jul 28th 07 - Ms. Amanda Hugnkiss:

im in! hippies, yay!

01:07:32 Jul 28th 07 - Sir Rand Althor:

lol Ok Charles and through what powers will this alliance rule the world and for that matter which world are you interested in ruling?

01:12:04 Jul 28th 07 - Mr. Seloc:

The Real World the revolt of the computer nerds, we could send messages the every game in the world lets us revolt let this world feel true power!

01:27:36 Jul 28th 07 - Mr. Charles:

Starta b4 it ends...not everyone will join

01:31:09 Jul 28th 07 - Mr. Charles:

true.....forget  it in Starta east vs. west

08:05:09 Jul 28th 07 - Sir Rand Althor:

Well I'm else where and I have my own plans for global domination in the RL so I'm afraid I'm just going to have to trace your IP address and eliminate you while you're not a threat. : ) Have a nice 48hrs.

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