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The Great Reunion
19:27:30 Aug 10th 16 - HorusPanic (Lord Horus):

An idea came up in skype chat to try to reach out to every older player we could and push for one last hurrah on Fantasia for next era.

I've started reaching out myself and have started a few converations already - but - would like some help in the effort. Please consider your contacts via skype/facebook/ etc that know VU or have played in the past.

I would like, and I'm sure I'm not the only one, a more populated Fantasia and I think it could be a reality.


19:34:19 Aug 10th 16 - Mr. Sprout:

Will see who i can get to come on :P

19:49:13 Aug 10th 16 - Prince Erythnul:

Probably have to hit the 'retirement homes' .. :-)

04:02:30 Aug 11th 16 - Mr. Sunwarrior of The Sun:

SWK reporting for duty. Any kingdoms need a dude who has not played in about two-three years, I am your man.

09:57:49 Aug 11th 16 - PeterJackson (Mr. Nutation):

i will jump in on that before i get thrown back into work

21:53:35 Aug 12th 16 - Valar (Mr. Val Arion):

Binh just wheeled me out of my retirement home:( Please rescue me and push me back!!

21:56:22 Aug 12th 16 - Valar (Dreadlord Valarion):

Meh wrong character....I'm to old for this ****!

22:37:05 Aug 12th 16 - HorusPanic (Sir Panique):

mr valar himself

heya buddy

10:04:13 Aug 13th 16 - Pirate Lewatha:

Looking for a kingdom here.

10:09:03 Aug 13th 16 - Mr. Bling:

Welcome back Lew, how was your adventures?

Most of the older bunch are here

00:31:40 Aug 14th 16 - Sprout (Mr. Magica):

Hey  :P Welcome back.

22:58:56 Aug 14th 16 - Endless (Lady Endless Stillonbreak):

Would we have to remember how to play? :D

23:41:34 Aug 14th 16 - Mr. Bling:

Hey baby doll <3

02:33:33 Aug 15th 16 - HorusPanic (Mr. Polymer):


02:42:06 Aug 15th 16 - Endless (Lady Endless Relearningthegame):

Bling <3

Hey there Horus! Just checked my news, 1210 days no VU. OMG! I've already bet against myself surviving after protection :D  How much of the game has changed the past few years?

10:28:19 Aug 15th 16 - Sir Caedus:

Deffo be joining Albatross - reformation of The Falcons!

23:42:48 Aug 16th 16 - Binh (Mr. Binh):

So the question is, shall we start making new kds just for this one era? I was thinking of doing something unique just for this one era. Perhaps I shall make a kd entirely of elves (Hardest race to survive through oop) called Rivendell Riders.

If peoples are interested in the challenge of playing as a kingdom of elves (chance of dying oop quite high). Pm me. If not enough people interested, i'll just forget about the idea lol.

00:19:57 Aug 17th 16 - Mr. Beothuk:

hmm rivendell riders aisha used to use that name alotin her armies... or something similar

00:32:26 Aug 17th 16 - Xerxes The Great (Sir Xerxes The Slaver):

It'd be nice to see a mix of old Kingdoms return like Music, Hex, and Abydos.

00:42:07 Aug 17th 16 - Mr. Bruce Willis:

A race war would be fun. Though no doubt some halfer twit will think he's an orc.

01:37:06 Aug 17th 16 - Princess Aisha:

I still do Beothuk, one of my favorite army names (other than Uruk Hai)

01:43:56 Aug 17th 16 - Mr. Knigh:

Hmm any off the old crew still playing?!

01:48:06 Aug 17th 16 - Mr. Knigh:

Also has the game just been left to tick on for ever?! or are there actual updates happening?

02:08:34 Aug 17th 16 - HorusPanic (Lord Horus):

Zeta is around,  he's thinking about updates, but as for now is just ticking perpetually 

02:18:13 Aug 17th 16 - Sir Knigh Returns:

Ah ok good to know... now where is stormy hiding?! and that cheeky so in so aussie

07:23:33 Aug 17th 16 - Mr. Kool:

Aussie is always on though in Skype knigh.. Also hi mate long time since I played and warred against you..

00:04:17 Aug 18th 16 - Mr. Aussie:

Hi guys :)
Good to see so many old faces :)

14:32:57 Aug 20th 16 - Binh (Mr. Binh Died):

my elf kingdom is created. apply now ty.

15:03:39 Aug 20th 16 - Mr. Beothuk:

is barny playing with you binh?

16:09:22 Aug 20th 16 - Binh (Mr. Eagle Eye):

he didnt msg me. so i assume no.

16:10:38 Aug 20th 16 - Mr. Beothuk:

ok well ill wait to see what hes doing as i wanted to play 1 last era with him otherwise i may try alba or something..

17:59:56 Aug 20th 16 - Sir Caedus:

Yeah come to alba - you'll love it.

21:50:23 Aug 20th 16 - Sprout (Mr. Sprout):

Zeta!! Change the Fant Map ... we need a better map for reunion era :)

00:27:34 Aug 21st 16 - Sir Caedus:

Beothuk - you should deffo join albatross - we are going to be very competitive this era and it'll be fun with MAD and others in the mix. 

01:47:02 Aug 21st 16 - Mr. Beothuk:

 Caedus its Mr Kool who was in your core for most of the era lol.. i am travelling the vu landscape with my good mate JLT.. every era we will join a different kd.. but for now im waiting to hear from barny what hes doing..

22:29:05 Aug 22nd 16 - Binh (Mr. Eagle Eye):

ok, elf peoples that show interest didn't showed up. So any old friends of mine that want to join can join as any race if they haven't got a kd already lol.


00:30:27 Aug 23rd 16 - Endless (Lady Nerdanel of Mahtan Feanor):

So is the general Fant plan still to farm to Arma on this map, ick hate this one

08:14:43 Aug 23rd 16 - Globey (Supreme Leader Dunkelschmidt Strongpuncher):

I think the majority of players want to get off this map ASAP, but I haven't had any official orders from my leadership regarding that.

08:57:07 Aug 23rd 16 - Mr. Kasakasz The Popper:

so are we selling stone at 0.5 so 1 mage can farm up to arma ?:p

10:07:03 Aug 23rd 16 - Mr. Beothuk:

i didnt even bother landing didnt think it was worth my time... as others say this map SUCKS BIGTIME..

14:27:32 Aug 23rd 16 - HorusPanic (Sir Panique):

i know i spawned, but i'm just going to sit out - not worth it to me

14:42:17 Aug 25th 16 - Knigh (Mr. Knigh):

Hell of a reunion then haha

14:46:12 Aug 25th 16 - HorusPanic (Mr. Polymer):

the map fucked it up

23:00:55 Aug 26th 16 - Mr. Epyon:

Looking for penors to play with

23:27:48 Sep 19th 16 - Sprout (Mr. Sprout):

Arma has been cast new map soon

00:25:13 Sep 20th 16 - HorusPanic (Mr. Guy Montag):

Recruit all the players 

23:37:19 Sep 25th 16 - Mr. Coolcat:

just casted dickface in mantrax

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