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The Great players of POFF....
23:25:12 Jun 15th 07 - Mr. Naerey:

I'm dying of laughter at the moment...
This kid is sending me so far... um... nothing.And yet he's very powerful... in his world... :D

Ok, beginning of the story:
I send a 5k army to a city of his, which is basically in the little core of his kingdom... he kills it. I resend it, he kills it again. I send it another time, and message him (to check weather he's online of course..)... And thus begins this great conversation!! TOTALLY UNCENSORED!!
You (6/14/2007 9:19:29 PM)
this is the last time I do it. so please die, ok? thanks.
Mr. Zonga [POFF] (6/14/2007 11:20:22 PM) GOOD BAD
you are stupid i will not die im going to kill you when im done
You (6/14/2007 11:22:35 PM)
lol, why am I stupid??
and 2, when you're done what? training 50k swordsmen?
and 3, I *really* doubt YOU will kill me.
Maybe one of your kingdommates, but definitely not you.
Cheers and have fun!!
Mr. Zonga [POFF] (6/15/2007 12:57:36 AM) GOOD BAD
yeah you coward
You (6/15/2007 9:14:11 AM)
Mr. Zonga [POFF] (6/15/2007 9:24:19 AM) GOOD BAD
yeah we were helping you taking the area of dark riders and you backstab us you coward
You (6/15/2007 4:53:33 PM)
YOUR KING backstabbed me. so ask him.
Mr. Zonga [POFF] (6/15/2007 5:42:42 PM) GOOD BAD
you asked for a nap and he rejected
You (6/15/2007 9:42:58 PM)
and I told him that either we NAP or war... he said no nap. then attacked..... so, do tell...
Mr. Zonga [POFF] (6/15/2007 10:56:19 PM) GOOD BAD
becuse you are weak
You (6/15/2007 10:58:29 PM)
in comparison to POFF? sure we are. so?
Mr. Zonga [POFF] (6/15/2007 10:59:43 PM) GOOD BAD
making a war that you can not win its like they say if you can not beat them join them
You (6/15/2007 11:01:19 PM)
um, no it's the other way around, "if you cannot join them, beat them"...
I was actually promised help by Predators, but they didn't help, as you see... so you can call them cowards :)
Mr. Zonga [POFF] (6/15/2007 11:03:07 PM) GOOD BAD
thanks for the info you are easy to mess with your mind thanks for the info again and you will fall in the north your defence are going to brake fast
You (6/15/2007 11:05:52 PM)
what info?
telling you that we were supposed to get help from Preds is not much info...
and yes, my defence is weak in the north... in fact, it has no defence, because, like i said, all my armies were in DR territory... happy feasting !!
Mr. Zonga [POFF] (6/15/2007 11:07:22 PM) GOOD BAD
no thanks to you i can raise my moral in the kingdom so i can be a vice and you will be taken out from the east by some one i now
You (6/15/2007 11:09:06 PM)
lol raised to vice because of this??? ahhahaha that's a friggin lame way to get vice. tell that to your kd, it will lower their morale ;D
and man... this is the best letter i've got today... (in VU..)

haha, cheers man!!!
Mr. Zonga [POFF] (6/15/2007 11:10:37 PM) GOOD BAD
chers in your stupid kingdom you will become our dog and we will put you to sleep
You (6/15/2007 11:13:36 PM)

i love you man!
Mr. Zonga [POFF] (6/15/2007 11:14:22 PM) GOOD BAD
ok you stupid *beep* go *beep* a guy or some thin or go *beep* your dad


Oh, and congrats to POFF for having the most agressive and what I'd call Unsportsmanlike players in VU :D
He sent me a few nice armies... so I told him:
You (6/15/2007 9:13:42 AM)
that's kickass man
Mr. Mbeidas [POFF] (6/15/2007 9:51:38 AM) GOOD BAD
i will get you off the game .
You (6/15/2007 4:55:51 PM)
Mr. Mbeidas [POFF] (6/15/2007 10:52:03 PM) GOOD BAD
mmmmm i donno lol hehe simple just take all your cities i know your 4 cities under i got good help
100k from my friend
a crops from my kingdom member and 130k from me you wont stand call your kingdom member dog wall maker

great fun here too :)

I'd also have to congratulate ex-VampireFreak ex-POFF and currently Predator member Scooter, for playing Mr. Runaway Of The Year!!
As soon as we started sieging his 90k town, he somehow became a Predator, who we have a NAP with...

so as you see, great fun here, oh, consider I've lost my biggest armies because of stupid mistakes....
you can start betting how long I will survive... range is 50>150 days.

00:32:36 Jun 16th 07 - Sir Razios:

Hmm, so you're losing and you get all upset, suger coat your anger with laughter (which has a fine line) and make up lies. I have helped Predators start up so I guess they own me at least a NAP so that's why you didn't recieve assistance. You start insulting people with the same exact experience as you, and insult an entire kingdom when we simply can kill you over and over again. And you actually think thats the core?


P.S. BTW I can flame you like I did firendash and make you one of the most dishonorable people in the game.

00:44:59 Jun 16th 07 - Mr. Naerey:

Razios, do I know ye? Doubt it...

Flame me? If you want. It's your problem, not mine...

Make me dishonorable? That's rather easy, I'm already considered a flamer in many forums :)

I'm not upset that I'm losing, not much at least. I'm having fun, know what "fun" is? I doubt you're having much now...
Make up lies? What? Where???

Same experience at me? Sorry? How long have THEY played? How good?

Insult an entire kingdom? Well.. close to.. ;D

You can kill me over and over again? Riiiiiight. You're just 13 times as many as I am... so, nothing to brag about.....

I never said it's THE core. A core is a defended, walled, group of cities of the same kingdom. And, considering your kingdom keeps all of it's gates closed, it's very easy to see where your cores are. I must say I'm rather impressed by their amount....

00:46:22 Jun 16th 07 - Mr. Naerey:

And gee, tell your players to chill a bit, or they might not login for long... you know what I mean :)

You (6/15/2007 11:26:06 PM)
great, what are those beeps?
I think it means that you need to learn english :)
Mr. Zonga [POFF] (6/16/2007 12:31:52 AM) GOOD BAD
no i think that your mom is the number one *beep* in your street

Great way to represent your kingdom Zonga :D

01:32:31 Jun 16th 07 - Mr. Soccerjester:

go naerey! keep it up! ur making my day!

02:19:41 Jun 16th 07 - Mr. Phantom Liano:

rmember though poff first sucessful era ever they've never done good to be hones there pretty *beep*

02:23:25 Jun 16th 07 - Mr. Phantom Liano:

and ther full of new players with armies full of lowlevel troops i took about 200k of there troops with just 77k of mine

20:13:38 Jun 20th 07 - Mr. Dramborleg:

i see this is 4 days ago but it's still very funny to read!! thanx all =D

23:11:52 Jun 20th 07 - Sir Razios:

#1 Justin I would whoop you raw like I did  the previous era. It took at least ShoG, Dark Riders and whatever else they were MAPed with, to reduce me to 3 colonies. And this isn't excatly 'POFF' first era.

#2 We have some new players that we haven't had time to train yet due to our two intwining wars. What happened to your 88 newbish members and ruling Mantrax 2 eras ago by massing hoards of lv 1's?

00:14:00 Jun 21st 07 - Mr. Din Goudvoet:


00:14:00 Jun 21st 07 - Mr. Din Goudvoet:

It's no big deal to make a 250K army with lvl1 troops. It's no big deal to laugh with POFF. It's no big deal to get rated with 21 members. Watch the h-list... a 5 membre kd agaist a

00:16:24 Jun 21st 07 - Mr. Din Goudvoet:

against a kd with 21 membres. It's a pitty the era is almost done. It was a verry funny era. Read the guide so you can be a nice opponent.

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