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The Kingdom of Abydos
13:22:08 Mar 29th 09 - Dark Lord Finwe:

The Kingdom of Abydos is looking for a few more members.


if you are interested please send me a msg or post here with the usual info.

13:25:00 Mar 29th 09 - Mr. Helium:

Abydos back?

13:26:45 Mar 29th 09 - Duke Slade:

-_- think much

But anyway good luck Osi and Abydos

15:22:26 Mar 29th 09 - Dark Lord Finwe:

bump ^^ and thx gl to you too

15:26:53 Mar 29th 09 - Duke Slade:

:) thank you

17:06:51 Mar 29th 09 - Dark Lord Finwe:



Kingdom Banner

Name: Abydos
Members: 13
Tag: Abydos
Created: 3/6/2009 10:01:22 PM
Leader: Dark Lord Finwe


The Kingdom of Abydos is back

We will look at every app and decide if you are worthy of our cause




we are still waiting for some ppl to join so should push our numbers to around 16. Im looking for a few more players be they Vet or newb. We have a wealth of experiance if a newb wants to learn

17:48:45 Mar 29th 09 - Sir Magnetassium:

Lewatha? Vice? What?

17:49:22 Mar 29th 09 - Mr. Bran:

i know, what a newb player kd..

20:29:01 Mar 29th 09 - Lord Azaruc:

What, Lewatha became vice just like that? :o
I object!


20:30:36 Mar 29th 09 - Demonslayer Scientist:

I don't ;)

20:37:51 Mar 29th 09 - Mr. Justin:

Good Luck Osi. Make that Kd what it once was :)

20:44:25 Mar 29th 09 - Mr. Millenium:

good luck, i think you guys will dominate next era :D

21:59:23 Mar 29th 09 - Mr. Hemelduiker:">" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425" height="350">

18:21:47 Mar 30th 09 - Sir Seripis:

ah the return of abydos and thus the return of some older players to play in it again.

20:23:25 Mar 30th 09 - Pirate Lewatha:

wee, I'm the only vice :D

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