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The Legion Recruitment Centre
05:07:47 Nov 4th 14 - Urgog (Mr. Travadixxen):

The Legion

Join The Legion. 

We will teach you how to play to the best of our abilities. And have fun while learning the game. 

We are currently taking on new and experienced players alike. If you believe you have skills to bring to the table and are willing to educate other players and myself, then feel free to join.

This kingdom will be accepting new players automatically. If applying, include in your application the following:

1) Previous kingdoms (if applicable)
2) A statement of your willingness to follow The Legion's laws and submit to the  terms of The Legion's pacts with other kingdoms.

I'd like to re-create my kingdom. If interested in joining me, enter my name (Travadixxen) as the ruler. 

Kind regards,


05:11:57 Nov 4th 14 - Urgog (Mr. Travadixxen):


The Legion will be headed for Talents.


20:07:57 Nov 4th 14 - Urgog (Mr. Travadixxen):


TL is now on Armageddon. 


00:40:21 Nov 5th 14 - Urgog (Mr. Travadixxen):

Good luck to everyone one that plans on playing in Arma. May the odds be forever in our favour. ;)


19:01:23 Nov 17th 14 - Urgog (Mr. Travadixxen):

Things are going well with us in Arma. We had one player go inactive for 5 days and we decided to kick him since he had control of a blocker that was not finished. 

Admiral Krum is at it again. Currently we have one of his armies ocupying one of our blockers, which we hope to recover. I personally have made 2 attempts at an invasion of his lands and failed on both ventures. Hats of to you for repelling my attack. 

We have a new member of the VU community now. A shout out to Mr. Green Shield for joining in on the fun! I hope he sticks around long enough to learn how fun this game is. If your reading this Shield, keep up the good work, and don't be afraid to ask any questions!

Death Valley is a good kingdom with high quality members that value honor over personal gain. And I am happy to know some of their members. I hope to cross swords again soon.

Kind regards,

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