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The Legion
05:00:09 Sep 25th 07 - Mr. Jester:

The Legion

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Name: The Legion
Members: 8
Tag: Legion
Created: 12/20/2006 4:53:05 PM
Leader: Lord Domses Drathor


Legion is accepting applications on Valhalla. We require:

1) Current ruler name and past ruler names (If applicable)
2) Eras played (preferably at least one era)
3) Previous kingdoms (if applicable)
4) Your oath to read and follow Legion's laws and abide by the terms of Legion's Pacts. This is a required statement.

We are chaos, we are order
We are Darkness, we are Light
We value power, we value honor
We are the Legion

05:03:42 Sep 25th 07 - Lord Epyon:

The Legion... of what??

haha just messin ;) good luck to you guys :)

05:05:18 Sep 25th 07 - Mr. Jester:

Yeah, thanks.

You guys owned us on Zeta lol.

05:09:39 Sep 25th 07 - Lord Epyon:

errr sorry about that :\ gotta think about whats right for the kingdom, ya know? :) cant go around napping everyone :D

I'm sure you guys will be successful on Valhalla ^_^

05:24:36 Sep 25th 07 - Mr. Jester:

Yup. We're gonna own Valhalla. ;)

08:00:19 Sep 25th 07 - Mr. Soccermage:

can i join?

02:29:43 Sep 26th 07 - Mr. Sanoh:

@ Soccermage, why are you always asking to join a kingdom when you are leader of "The Younger Jester?"

02:30:49 Sep 26th 07 - Lord Epyon:

he wants to know if "his multis" can join ;)

04:01:54 Sep 26th 07 - Mr. Soccermage:

i am always looking for kingdoms that my multis can infiltrate!

04:25:02 Sep 26th 07 - Lord Epyon:

yeah! I have infiltrated many kingdoms this way!


(just messin with ya Soc :))

05:29:23 Sep 26th 07 - Mr. Soccermage:

im not messin! the only reason im still alive in zeta is cuz i am also a vice in all the big kds! only now DR and NKOFF overruled me and are attacking! drat, i need more multis!

06:41:21 Sep 26th 07 - Mr. Jester:

Yup, I'm Soccermage's multi.

Jk, jk. Or am I...?

15:52:22 Sep 26th 07 - Mr. Soccermage:

he is! he even stole my kingdoms name! well, i guess i messed up putting him in the legion, should have made him my Jester account.

05:16:42 Sep 28th 07 - Lord Epyon:

I sure did a good job putting Epyon in Ritz. He is so awesome


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