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The Mercenaries
15:52:35 Jun 21st 11 - Mr. Haldimir II The Mercenary:

Searching for members for the next era.. 

This KD can be an ally or a foe to anyone.. just tribute as some cities or protect our borders and we will do all your battles. ( the KD with the highest tribute will be our master)

06:49:01 Jun 22nd 11 - Mr. Haldimir II The Mercenary:

  • The kingdom will be open for individual player or kingdom negotiations.
  • The will fight for your cause in exchange of the right price (Resources, Cities or protect our borders).
  • The members of this KD can work individual but in case of a huge work like attack a whole KD, the entire KD will work as one.
  • In terms of individual work by members of this KD, they  can negotiate to other players or KD.

06:54:04 Jun 22nd 11 - Mr. Haldimir II The Mercenary:

About me:

I will make this thing short. I'm a former member of the kingdom PHI recruting, PHI, and odyssey. 

After odyssey disbanded, I quit playing and after a year, a started to play again.

(I'm also thinking to re-create the great kingdom of PHI, but I thing its very ancient KD though)

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