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The Monks Thank you all!
06:18:21 Jun 17th 07 - Mr. Fra Gusti:

...and YES....celebrate again with lot of wine:).

After 4 eras of enjoyment, the KD will take a Summer break. Vacations already started for some of our last era's members and will happen soon for most of our remained members this era.

Now, understanding that people have different opinions on our history, i would still like to have a brief post-mortem of what happen to leave it to the future generation what happened and who were the Monks:) in their 4 first eras.....I have my opinions, i understand people might have different are free to interject, but DO NOT BE OFFENSIVE (call names etc.).


It's the KD formation, from a former nucleous of proud Pirates. After securing borders through victories with Kingdom of Heaven, Jester and partially One and Only, the KD entered a collision path with Abydos. We napped KD of Crown but when Abydos did not concede us a Nap at the same time Napping KoFCrown, we understood that war was inevitable.

War with Abydos went pretty well and after establishing supremacy in one of the 2 Abydos's core areas (at least where Osiris and otehr folks big mines were), given to the fast advancement of Legacy from the south, a peace agreement was signed with Abydos.

The era ended with some satisfactory battles fought against Legacies vanguards. We were able to keep our blockers and to successfully counterattack in their newly acquired territory.


KD grew 2 times. As imaginable, coordination and activity...were expected issues. We faced and dfeeated Girls powers challenge and, then we advanced towards Legacy territory. Good fights happened but the short era did not give any party good satisfaction.

- ERA of VIRGIN (VICTORY...yes!..Victory against any tentative to say otherwise:)).

We started very close to Abydos (west) and Mirror (south). Our base of players was increased through very firceful elements from Holy Flames that restarted after an unfortunate fight with Abydos.

We were preparing to fight Abydos, but a couple of our KD's members (ex-Abydos) suggested to start thinking about Legacy instead. Legacy was further north but we knew they were expanding very fast. Arrangements for a Nap with Abydos were successful even though difficult, due to pushes by the Abydos leadership in renogotiating terms they accepted for 2 times (pretty upsetting to me).

Forgot about Carnage...they asked us for a Nap almost OOP and after some thinking we accepted.

In the meantime, Mirror atatcked us while some of our memebers went almost inactive. Well, the war against Mirror (that is not an easy KD to war as somebody could try to make us all to believe) went good and ended with a victory.

Abydos in the meantime, declared war on Legacy as we learned from the public forums.

After defeating Mirror, we immediately moved our HoH armies from the extreme south to our northen blockers (it took more than 60 hours for my HoH to go up).

Legacy was already at our blockers. One and Only sneaked attacked Legacy. We reinforced our blockers, made sure our magic was up. Legacy vanguards did not pass our blockers an startegically retrenched. An expedition was sent furtehr north to take control of the ex-IE area (between our core and lEgacy) that legacy was using to project its power on the area. Some of our strongest  members went inactive, we had some good fights and we casted Arma. One of our members CrissCross was number one HoH (congrats to him!).

- ERA of CRISSCROSS (the gangbang)

Well, we got into the era we 1/2 of the members and already the knowledge that we would have been attacked by everybody...but we still stood up. In otehr words, we preferred to take the bash, instead of disbanding the KD.

And it happened that we started between DB and history there....but we did not die. We planned a strategic withdrawal into teh south...our scouts travelled thru very hostile lands and our vanguards ensured a safe area for teh rest of the mates. We had again our core....but hostile hordes were coming fast towards our area. We fortified our core and made our preparations. Attacks happened from 4-5 different sides simultaneously and our defenses did not resist. Our core fell...................and the fierce Monks were outnumbered....

...............but we still continue the fight. Our armies are now running in Mirror's core (one of the Kds that attacked us)......and will die there....fighting............contrary to the false belief and accusation that the Monks are just a KD of explorers (even if it was the case....I dont see the issue).


So, I cheers all the Monks that shared with me this great journey and most importantly the ones tha tstayed till the end. We all be Monks forever.



If I look at the past 15 eras, The Monks are one of the few KDs that actually placed one of his members to the number 1 spot (the others are Legacy, NT, and Vendetta). No others current KDs can claim this.......NO MATTER me this is a great achievement for a KD composed by players with a level of experience that is 10-20% on average of the current top KDs in Fantasia.

...woa..that was long:)....please remeber not to of course are free to comment however you want. Free speech, but no offensive speeches please.

10:14:34 Jun 17th 07 - Mr. Kirk Cuddy:

You misdescribed the era of virgin as "victory" instead of what it should have been: "whoring to the max".

10:36:38 Jun 17th 07 - Dark Lord Balzamon:

last 15 eras these kingdoms have had first placed player

HaVi (technically i guess)
Agent Smith
Male Models

so how about checking before making claims?

11:27:21 Jun 17th 07 - Mr. William II:

Mr. Kirk... have you seen su play? we just did a good job at Mirror. it was they who attacked us so we could take them. then we toke on LGC.... you can call this whoring or exploring as much as you want but please LGC does exactly the same.

plz tell me when Baccus comes back

12:51:20 Jun 17th 07 - Dreadlord Valarion:

Have a nice vacation!=)

13:36:16 Jun 17th 07 - Lord Argyle:

Enjoy summer ^^ good fighting in our core, it removed some of the boredom from arma... =D

17:06:38 Jun 17th 07 - Mr. Soccerjester:

salute to monks! it will be a good day when u all return!

17:55:48 Jun 17th 07 - Mr. Jesus:

yea, we will all miss your free give-away-cities next era :(

18:12:34 Jun 17th 07 - Mr. Elsin:

"you are free to interject, but DO NOT BE OFFENSIVE (call names etc.)."
"please remeber not to of course are free to comment however you want. Free speech, but no offensive speeches please."

By creating this thread and posting the way you have, you are being offensive...

18:51:30 Jun 17th 07 - Mr. Woopie:

Have a good summer =D

hope to see the monks back =D

19:41:59 Jun 17th 07 - Mr. Adelbert:

In the meantime, Mirror atatcked us while some of our memebers went almost inactive.

Correction: You did infact initiate hostilities, however they were in small scales. Our north was attacked by few middle sizes SPQR armies. We reclaimed what they took, and increased the efforts by declearing war and putting what we could muster at the time to the north front.
The fact is, we didn't have any blockers to hold you outside that early. Nevertheless, i salute you for your victory. I can sum up varieties of reasons for losing, however, the fact remains, you wiped us good. The remaining of the era was spent on exploring and plotting for revenge... Well done, and have fun this summer!

20:17:57 Jun 17th 07 - Mr. Supercalifragilistic:

"I do. And it seems I'm not the only one. But then again maybe I'm an inbred, self-absorbed, thigh-stroking punk too... I'd rather not believe all the bad things you say bout them Monks as long as I don't see it myself. But of course you can keep your opinion."

Anybody else wants to point out Swifty's argument still stands after this post? I'm not saying you're "an inbred, self-absorbed, thigh-stroking punk" I'm just saying you're "nobody".

20:37:24 Jun 17th 07 - Mr. Wiseguy:

Have a nice vacation guys!

22:01:32 Jun 17th 07 - Mr. Drunken GT:

Vacation sounds fine with me :)

Not sure if I will take a complete brake or just journey a little bit.

Anyway it was a nice time.....

23:43:01 Jun 17th 07 - Mr. Thor:

Have a great summer guys. Long live the Monks ! :)

05:56:54 Jun 18th 07 - Lord Weirdgrivi The Diplomat:

Devi, I never forgot the help some of you guys gave me, in both knowing how the game works and learning its history. I liked you a lot and respected you and you know I have.

Unfortunately this era I managed to see your real face. Maybe you consider to have not done anything wrong but Swifty's, Draiken's and your ingame messages were just not right, your attitude was not how I expected it to be.

Anyway, I don't think I really talked that much about what you guys do...

10:00:20 Jun 18th 07 - Mr. Crissxcross:

I know less about arrogance lgc people, most of them I met in the field are tough and fine players, but I also have to say that Dingleberry Dave post more crap and hate then two kingdoms could do all-together. Which makes lgc look arrogant*n.

I know every1 has the right to state his oppinion, some are nasty and some are provocant here, but none of them are as personal as Daves BS talking about kingdom-players he only experienced from a few lines in public forum.
So I ask you Mr. Dingleberry Dave to stop your personal provocations towards Baccus players (especially without proof), and keep your hateposts in your kingdom-forum, maybe there people will get erected to read your intelectual ermission, but I seriously doubt.

02:12:33 Jun 19th 07 - Admiral Krum:

last word.

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