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The Recruitment Centre
17:17:28 Dec 13th 08 - Dark Lord Osiris:

This is a trial i will run until the end of the era to see how viable it is.



Welcome to the Recruitment Centre.

This will hopefully be a focal point for kingdoms and players looking for each other.

If you are a player in need of a kingdom please feel free to post here about what kind of kingdom and what map you wish to play on and what map you are currently in..

Kingdoms searching for players also please post here how many players you wish to recruit and what your demands of that player will be.

Now i know you look at kingdom info and apply often enough but posting here will help you too if you wish to move up maps or if as a kd you are looking for recruits from other maps.

my hope for this thread is that it will help some players find kds. i dont except most of the top kds to use it, but any little helps for small kds :) i also hope to see less I need a kd threads that clutter up the forum


17:31:35 Dec 13th 08 - Mr. Punny Monsta:

1player in fantasia kd Aurora

17:35:04 Dec 13th 08 - Pirate Lewatha:

I need 3-4 people for Retribution (fantasia)

17:45:56 Dec 13th 08 - Sir Corollin II of Acre:

i need 10 - 11 People for the Kingdom of Imperium Of Knights lol on Zetamania.

21:04:25 Dec 13th 08 - Sir Struddle:

What would be a great idea would be if that all of the kingdoms on fantasia posted their IRC channel or at least made a channel for training and then posted it up in here.  That way players once they figure out how to get to IRC can actually find a kingdoms recruitment channel.

just an idea      >_>

21:18:22 Dec 13th 08 - Mr. Sanoh:

well i would think that the fant kingdom would rather train players that would join them. also it might be easier if there was a organized way for players and kingdoms to post about themselves. an example for a players could be:
eras played-past names-past kingdoms-perfered playing style(mage,attacker,defender)-anyother information that could help

23:58:20 Dec 13th 08 - Mr. Punny Monsta:

struddle lol everyone in fantasia has theyr irc chanells >.<

23:59:00 Dec 13th 08 - Necromancer Blood Reign:

Need at least 5 people to sign up for my kingdom Blood Reign we will be going to Zet next era 

P.S. thanks for making this whether or not it helps me it should make recruitment for kingdoms that much easier "_"

00:01:48 Dec 14th 08 - Mr. Thermite:

Looking for 70' ish players to make a big kingdom

Pm me ingame for more detailz

00:03:10 Dec 14th 08 - Sir Struddle:

Ya but how am I the new player supposed to find them?  Make it simple for the new players.  Isnt all of the things that they have to do with cities and all that complicated enough.  Why not make something as simple as possible?  Simplicity in a game like this is like winning the lotto.

00:06:07 Dec 14th 08 - Pirate Lewatha:

how exactly are we suposed to link to a certain irc channel? I would if I'd know how...

00:08:17 Dec 14th 08 - Mr. Imperator II:

00:13:19 Dec 14th 08 - Sir Struddle:

well you dont have to link it you could always be #Ret.recruit* Go there thats our recruiting channel.

*By all means this probably isnt their channel it is just an example

00:31:29 Dec 14th 08 - Mr. Adrastos:

Dear fellow VU players,

The time has come for BoW to take in more great players.

BoW was a great kingdom in the past, but then it was destroyed. Now the formers leaders of BoW have come back and with them they have a new core of players, and now we are looking for more great players.

Please do not mistake this for a "we want anyone and everyone" type of recruitment post. We want people who want to play this game, who feel like they can and will become great. We want people who want to learn and have the passion for the game. So, in order of importance, if you meet the three criteria below, then you are welcome to apply and possibly join BoW.

In order of importance:

  • Activity - Our players must be very, very active. We expect no worse than 1 log in a day, at the very worst. On a regular basis we will expect at least a couple of logins every day, furthermore at least thirty minutes each day online and talking, there can be exceptions on this though.

  • Communication - To join our ranks, you will need to be very communicative through the forums, In-game PMs, and the KD chat. It's a great bonus if you have MSN.

  • Experience - You do not need to be a Fant Vet to join us or need 20+ eras of experience, but you do need to know what you're doing. We will be more than ready to train you up to the required standards. We have players who know how to play all six races excellently and all six are willing to teach..

Currently we only have 8 slots left

Even if you are completely new to the game, feel free to apply, we try to maintain a balance of experienced and up and coming players each era,

If you think you have what it takes to join The Brotherhood of the Wolf then feel free to send me (Adrastos) a PM or msg me on MSN

If you feel that you would be better suited in a leadership role then please make a note of this in your in game or PM application, there may be a possible opening in this department at some point.

In your application we will need you to list the following:

Age, Country of Residence and its Time Zone, what Level of Activity you hope to fulfill and how well you know the game.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, if you could not be bothered to read the entire post and still wish to apply, don't bother.

Good luck, 

Adrastos - Recruiter for the Brotherhood of the Wolf [BoW]

00:52:40 Dec 14th 08 - Mr. Punny Monsta:

can i join? this fancy pants adrastos made my penis hard

01:21:08 Dec 14th 08 - Lord Cedric Deallus:

You are quitting...shoo  ;)

01:39:04 Dec 14th 08 - Dark Lord Osiris:

Struddle one step at a time :D if a new player posts here he will probably be given irc and contacts if someone considers them ;)

03:06:37 Dec 14th 08 - Sir Struddle:

Good point Osi

03:15:52 Dec 14th 08 - Sir Deadpool:


Kingdom Banner

Name: Vengeance
Members: 12
Tag: V
Created: 10/23/2008 6:16:08 PM
Leader: Sir Deadpool


If you are a former/current PKS member and interested send in a application.

We are currently recruiting loyal/active members. If you are interested please send in a app with these questions answered.

* How many eras have you played?
* Former names you went by?
* How active will you be?

We will be heading to Mantrax for the next era.


20:08:24 Dec 14th 08 - Mr. Punny Monsta:

[20:52] <Chong> hi
[20:52] <Chong> im chong
[20:52] <Stirlin> hey
[20:52] <Chong> im new
[20:52] <Stirlin> welcome
[20:53] <Chong> anything i should know about vu?
[20:53] <Stirlin> well that all depends on what your confused with, have you completed the tutorial yet?
[20:54] <Chong> yes
[20:55] <Chong> is there anybody i should know about?
[20:55] <Chong> i heard of roxbury, swifty, some guy named septic, and a few others.
[20:55] <Chong> but i dont know anything about them
[20:56] <Stirlin> perhaps try asking them now?
[20:56] <Stirlin> well rox is here
[20:57] <Chong> i tried
[20:57] <Chong> asking septic earlier
[20:57] <Chong> he didnt answer
[20:57] <Stirlin> well just be patiant, its not that they are ignoring you, they are probably busy
[20:58] <Chong> k
[20:58] <Chong> you know anything about any of them?
[20:59] <Chong> g2g
[20:59] * Chong ( Quit (Quit: There are many paths to the top of the mountain, but the view is always the same.)


20:47:50 Dec 14th 08 - Mr. Archer Orc:

Septic lol.

03:29:50 Dec 15th 08 - Mr. Sky:


Kingdom Banner

Name: Odyssey
Members: 19
Tag: ODC
Created: 8/3/2008 7:27:41 PM
Leader: Lady Jasmina


***Welcome to Odyssey***

****** Important ******
If you want to join the KD, please give us there information:

-why do you want to join us?
-how experienced are you?
-how much online are you?
-where are you on the map, close to us?

Some history:

Started in era 33 in Starta
Together with AoA we won that world as the only two KDs with armies and cities left.

Era 34 - Zeta
War with veteran KD (MAD), we found brave, lost and won many battles, and we survived at the end. The era was won by 3 NAPed KDs and ODC was still alive with lots of armies.

Era 35 - Zeta
Won war with Military, and lots of small KDs that challenged us
At end of era we were 1st on HoH.

Era 36 - Zeta
This era we chose to have less NAPs then usually, that got us to war against three KDs at the same time, Mystical Dark and Comenius. The war was huge and devastating to all sides. It lasted the entire era.

Era - 37
Whatever it says in game is wrong... we WILL be playing next era! We will be playing on either Zetamania or Mantrax.


If you're interested, please send in an application and it will be reviewed. If you do join, you can look forward to some excellent teamwork, a friendly environment, and some good gameplay. We look forward to having you with us :)


01:44:25 Dec 16th 08 - Mr. Sanoh:

well ill get this back on subject

played 18 eras-always been Sanoh-been in many kingdoms to name a few Black Chain, Drug Lords, and The Legion-im usually a defender-im one of the 4 Guides of VU

04:20:32 Dec 17th 08 - Mr. Hankys Multi:

<<<<< fantasia, logs in approx once a week, loves to kill and likes facebook...

available from next era...

17:38:58 Dec 17th 08 - Sir Thomaas Trying:

sounds like something you can buy, and aint on the market yet :P

19:19:37 Dec 17th 08 - Mr. Punny Monsta:

sanoh mhm maybe you would like to join aurora?

20:44:37 Dec 17th 08 - Duke Argyle:

23:23:03 Dec 17th 08 - Duke Arzun:

Prosapia is looking for 5-10 active players : )

We are a fantasia Kingdom looking for any and all players who are active and willing to fight their way to the top.

02:22:39 Dec 18th 08 - Commander Yevitcani:

^^We have a wealth of experience to share to train our members to be excellent enough =D

02:31:27 Dec 18th 08 - Mr. Bakedlegion:

i wil be using my old name again Burninglegion..


sanoh join us again , your skilled and would do well with us next era

02:41:06 Dec 18th 08 - Sir Deadpool:


Kingdom Banner

Name: Vengeance
Members: 12
Tag: V
Created: 10/23/2008 6:16:08 PM
Leader: Sir Deadpool


If you are a former/current PKS member and interested send in a application.

We are currently recruiting loyal/active members. If you are interested please send in a app with these questions answered.

* How many eras have you played?
* Former names you went by?
* How active will you be?

We will be heading to Mantrax for the Era of Kobuskan.


You can always come to us Sanoh and remember we have those sugar cookies you like ;-)

19:04:25 Dec 18th 08 - Mr. Ajax:

Telemonian Warriors are recruiting we will be on Zetamania and are looking for around 10-15 members. message me ingame for details

03:37:47 Dec 19th 08 - Sir Resistance:


Kingdom Banner

Name: Mystical
Members: 14
Tag: Ghost
Created: 7/18/2008 11:21:31 PM
Leader: Sir Resistance

Mystical is actively recruiting for next era. We will either be going to Mantrax or returning to Zeta.

03:55:54 Dec 19th 08 - Mr. Jackdaniels:

go to mant stop playing on zeta mant needs more kds any way

13:11:12 Dec 19th 08 - Sir Stirlin:

lol mant needs KDs? just look at us players on fant, its so cold at night!

15:28:39 Dec 19th 08 - Sir Fever:


I think stirlin is right cause Fant only has about 1-2 wars going on mainly every its kinda "empty" .

15:48:15 Dec 19th 08 - Sir Thomaas Trying:

nice smiley there Fever :P

16:42:59 Dec 19th 08 - Mr. Mcmax:

Sir Fever


12/19/2008 3:28:39 PM


I think stirlin is right cause Fant only has about 1-2 wars going on mainly every its kinda "empty" .

Sir Thomaas Trying


12/19/2008 3:48:15 PM

Smiley?????? Hmmmm... NO. But it could be a stomack......

Yep, that what it is. A big one - guess he have started on the Xmax "goodies" many days too early.......

17:21:06 Dec 19th 08 - Sir Thomaas Trying:


and it aint far til xmas is here :P

17:27:12 Dec 19th 08 - Sir Fever:

lol ^.^,

Xmax is still far yer know ????

And Max i dont think ima dig on the santta goodies this fast =PPP I dont want to get santa mad and make him give me coal after  all ,Im a CRULE MAN!

17:28:27 Dec 19th 08 - Sir Thomaas Trying:

pfft not far til Xmas :P just some 4-5-6 days :P

19:05:09 Dec 20th 08 - Sir Struddle:

Guild of the Fallen is recruiting.

How many players:
Right now we are looking to pick up just about 5 to 6 members.  We will be taking in experienced players and new players so if your new feel free to apply.

Where we will be:
The world of Zetamania.

If you want to join feel free to float me a message as I will be taking care of all of the recruiting for GOTF.  Thanks a bunch good luck to everyone next era and Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

05:17:42 Dec 21st 08 - Mr. Alchemist:

The Alchemist has returned from Exile in the wilderness and is now recruiting

I am now accepting applications from all interested kingdoms who are willing to join me, All interested parties should submit there applications before the beggining of the new era where a decision will be made promptly as to if you live up to my standards and requirements , failure to meet this deadline will forfeit your application.

Applications should contain all revalent information such as how many members, who the leadership are and what your Kingdom stands for

Qualities and attributes of The Alchemist

Seasoned diplomat
An insane disposition for world domination
never backing down from a good fight
Stubbornness in general
An insane amount of activity
A willingness to teach new people
A tactician at heart
Mercy for the weak until I can no longer find a use for you and in which case I will then find a use for you if you know what I mean
A sense of humour
Can brew potions and mix other assortments of dried herbs and roots
Knows a little magic

I look forward to hearing from you

Your Faithfully
The Alchemist

00:18:24 Dec 25th 08 - Sir Thomaas:

  Rebirth (SOUL)
looking for 5-7 active members.

We are a good kd with many great players and teachers if you are new to the game.

New players or not, as long as they are active we will teach them good.

All they have to do is to send in an app containing:

  • Eras played
  • Previously names
  • Previously kds
  • How active you will be
  • Why do you wanna join us?
Or you can contact me by send an ingame message to Thomaas and answer the questions there

- Thomaas

20:43:07 Dec 31st 08 - Mr. Kegstand Mcfarland:

Looking for a KD that is Warring Prosapia, since they seem to be bent on making my playtime as crappy as possible I will be glad to repay the favor.

06:46:00 Jan 1st 09 - Mr. Haldimir X First of The Nine:


Kingdom Banner

Name: Ringwraiths
Members: 3
Tag: RW
Created: 12/27/2008 7:40:01 AM
Leader: Mr. Haldimir X First of The Nine


After we heard about the Quest of kundun, We the nazgul knights decided to create a new kingdom that will have a great history in Visual Utopia and find the the box of kundun that inside have the ring Soccoubus".

The kingdom"s goal is to have a good relation to other kingdoms, make a large scale war(if necessary), make our members be more honorable and noble, and finish the quest of Kundun ( the adventure for finding the ring "Soccoubus", the ring that can make a man hundred times more powerful than a ordinary and proseper your cities.).

Join our quest to be the most powerful and honorable kingdom.

When joining in our kingdom, please fill out the following:

1. Why do you want to join to us?
2. Do you really want to help us for the quest of Kundun? ( The quest of Kundun is only a role playing quest for all the members of Ringwraiths)
3. Are you a beginner? if not please answer these question, From what kingdoms are you from?
4. How active are you?
5. Will you be with us in times of hardship?


We are now in nirvana.

07:08:25 Jan 2nd 09 - Mr. Killjoy:


Kingdom Banner

Name: Deathdealers
Members: 6
Tag: Dth
Created: 12/28/2008 6:51:54 PM
Leader: Mr. Talyn


To crush your enemies! To drive them before you! To hear the lamentations of their women! That is what"s good in life! That is what the Deathdealers do!

We are a new kingdom, but are determined to grow and prosper. We are currently recruiting members with the testicular fortitude to do just that.

We are the second strongest kingdom in Nirvana and we are recruiting openly.

Please give reasons why you want to join and please tell us if you are experianced or not. Dont worry if you are not experianced we will teach you.

Are you active and loyal?


18:14:38 Jan 14th 09 - Mr. Pie Maker:


The Chompers

Kingdom Banner

Name: The Chompers
Members: 8
Created: 9/18/2008 8:18:57 PM
Leader: Mr. Pie Maker


We love to eat. We love to fight. Both these things are very fun. We love fun.

We are currently recruiting. Good appetites are required.


00:44:53 Jan 17th 09 - Sir Struddle:

Guild of the Fallen is looking for a few members.

We are looking for Orcs and another Mage.
Though we will be looking over any and all applications and will be accepting any race so feel free to apply or get in contact with me.

New players feel free to apply we will teach you how to play!!!

01:46:22 Jan 19th 09 - Sir Samulis The Conquerer:

Last Alliance of Men and Elves

Kingdom Banner

Name: Last Alliance of Men and Elves
Members: 2
Created: 1/11/2009 1:48:49 PM
Leader: Mr. Haldir


Hey we are recruiting.
Any body can join.


We are a growing KD in Armageddon with experiance in warfare and diplomacy. We are willing to teach new players the ropes and are on good terms with Black and White Knights, one of the leading kingdoms in the land.

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