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The Ultimate Multi KD
06:11:49 May 17th 08 - Mr. Mustang:



Kingdom Banner

Name: Elements
Members: 11
Tag: N
Created: 4/25/2008 10:18:10 PM
Leader: Mr. Earth


06:16:32 May 17th 08 - Prince Sprout:

Just looks to be a well played kd strat and theme. not uncommen in rpgs.

06:43:02 May 17th 08 - Sir Slade:

haha there Multis i have Proof

07:16:47 May 17th 08 - Ms. Argon:

Sir Slade


5/17/2008 7:43:02 AM
haha there Multis i have Proof

boy oh boy, would I love to see that proof.

07:20:01 May 17th 08 - Sir Slade:


So would i


07:20:51 May 17th 08 - Demonic One:

yes...Elements are all multi's they all attacked FF and nearly destroyed them...surely they must be multi's for doing such a dastardly thing!!!




sarcasm is an unknown thing in the realm of Carrothia and is therefore never included in any posts made by their demonic ruler...:P

12:18:18 May 17th 08 - Mr. Earth:

Well perhaps you can call me a multi... My "real" account still exists but I don't play with it nor log in with it...

But multi as in playing the game with 2 identities at the same time, then I say no. Never.

13:15:23 May 17th 08 - Sir Oscar The Grouch:

Earth - Totally fine too me :), if your not playing with it, then too me that is no harm, however some people might disagree

14:24:47 May 17th 08 - Sir Slade:

Nah i agree

14:43:16 May 17th 08 - Mr. Surprise:

Hey i might be playing 6 of the accounts in this kingdom but to my defense, i earn it, i run from my house to my neighbors, then my other neighbors, my parents house(my mom loves me BTW), my sister lives one town over, and then i stop by the public library. Im running out of money, with gas prices so high.

14:49:47 May 17th 08 - Mr. Zondervan:


22:44:29 May 17th 08 - Mr. Mustang:

haha, well if a KD is this organized and they are all on and off one after another i would says siblings or multi!

22:47:14 May 17th 08 - Mr. Earth:

Well we are just all online 24/7 xD Dont have to be a multi for that ^_^

23:05:14 May 17th 08 - Ms. Argon:

description of an element:

1. no life

2. that's all...

23:13:16 May 17th 08 - Mr. Lithium:

3. and super hot

04:10:12 May 18th 08 - Demonic One:

nooo...that's not hot...we over at house of Hilton always go like..."oooh...that's hawt..." :P

04:50:25 May 18th 08 - Mr. Assirra:

freakin a there not multi's and if they are zeta would scan ips and delete like he does every month anyways

05:13:46 May 18th 08 - Mr. Sakrian:

it look like it look at the name :o

05:27:00 May 18th 08 - Mr. Clamps The Irreveran:

Trio have had a loose theme for the last two eras "most of us are "*name* the *adjective*". However, I was in Agent and everyone was called Agent something and there was some serious multying going on there so 1 / 1 for innocent/guilty on the names thing. They likely just had a little forum thread at the end of last era deciding on a theme for this era and this one won the vote.

08:19:23 May 18th 08 - Mr. Water:

like carnage ^_^ clones...

15:46:10 May 18th 08 - Mr. More Inactive Than You:

Mr. Clamps The Irreveran


5/18/2008 6:27:00 AM
Trio have had a loose theme for the last two eras "most of us are "*name* the *adjective*". However, I was in Agent and everyone was called Agent something and there was some serious multying going on there so 1 / 1 for innocent/guilty on the names thing. They likely just had a little forum thread at the end of last era deciding on a theme for this era and this one won the vote.

PHI were the first to come up with that about 5-7 eras ago and A *beep*LOAD of people copied them afterwards.

Remember Mavich The King, Zerocool The Berserkers, Weirdgrivi The Diplomat, Gwn The Raider, Andrei The Mad Farmer, Ignis The Lawnmower, Carolus The Retard, Shpedro The Shark, Lelouch The Black Prince and so on.

15:53:17 May 18th 08 - Ms. Penis From Venus:

Actually, I think you'll find that PHI was never the KD to start KD-themes.

I remember "as recently" as the 3-man KD eras. I was king of the "Powerpuff girls" KD, Devi made the Aqua Teen KD, hell, even Spoon (think it was Spoon? cant remember) who wasn't with us made a Spice Girls KD, with each member following it precisely. KD-themes have existed for an incredibly long time in VU.

So no, nobody "copied" PHI. PHI just continued a trend that others had made before them.

16:25:20 May 18th 08 - Mr. More Inactive Than You:

Swifty, I apologize. I was being unclear.

I meant to say we were the first to mass-use adjectives after our regular names. Am I mistaken with that too? :(

21:21:48 May 18th 08 - Mr. Recluse:

I would think Rep was the first and best theme kd(as in best theme). RIP REP!

23:02:20 May 18th 08 - Mr. More Inactive Than You:

My memory doesn't go back that far. Would you mind being a storyteller?

14:02:42 May 26th 08 - Mr. Elliott:

haha elements are accused every era of being multi's and after the conversation turns it focuses on MAD  : )

i was apart of MAD, but i wasnt a multi and didnt know we had multis

07:22:20 Jun 16th 08 - Mr. Water:


13:13:24 Jun 17th 08 - Mr. More Inactive Than You:

Mr. Recluse


5/18/2008 10:21:48 PM
I would think Rep was the first and best theme kd(as in best theme). RIP REP!
Mr. More Inactive Than You

5/19/2008 12:02:20 AM
My memory doesn't go back that far. Would you mind being a storyteller?

14:01:30 Jun 17th 08 - Mr. William The Alcoholic:

talk to them. then you'll see they ain't multi's:)

15:14:29 Jun 17th 08 - Mr. Recluse:

Mr. More Inactive Than You
My memory doesn't go back that far. Would you mind being a storyteller?

Why, I'd love to!
The Republic was formed in the Second era of Sezymon, the sole idea was to roleplay alot and have a themed kingdom. Gamewise, no major achievements where reached but that wasnt the point of the kd either. We where however, a kingdom that was counted with during the 3 eras(12-14) the kingdom existed with me as First Citizen. After that the leadership of Rep joined up with others in Serenity to bash lgc. It was later recreated by Kheldar but didnt have as much of the roleplaying as the original kingdom and never became a power. As you might have guessed Zeon was our second and much more successfull atemt at creating a roleplaying/themed kd eventhough we dropped most of the RP since then(actually we even dropped Zeon now, albeit only for the moment). Unfortunatly I dont have the Republics (very nice) banner on this computer, anyone else sitting on a copy?

If you are interested in more about Rep's history and a really good(and funny read) you should check out Love's famliy history for that time.

For more reading and info on the Republican history you can read mine or Ghouma's storys. All 3 storys are interlinked and actually pretty good reads, especially if you where active back then.

Here is a taste of some of the roleplaying we did:
*As the scribe starts to read the letter you feel a slight tingeling in your limbs due to the poetic yet crucial contense*:

"I Gaius Aughustus Inhonestus, first citizen of the Republic hereby challenge thy, Bertrand Dugeusclin. I challenge thy to exeed the humanity of my dreams and the dreams of my people.
In a world of tyranny and opression my fellow elves stand toghether with other races in all equality, under the freedom-banner we free slaves and thralls so that they may join us as free citizens and help us build the model society.
I know the true trollish way, the way of the brave, the way of the free. Join our democratical revolution, so that we toghether may ward oursevles versus despots. I challenge you to give this opportunity to all the members of your tribe, for are they not worth as much as me or you? Are they not worth having their rights being defended by the Republican constitution? I eagerly await your response.

Aughustus Inhonestus"

*You ponder on the odd challenge, as your scribe hands you the paper and pen. You start writing*


*It is late afternoon after a day full with audiences for nobles, merchants and foreign emissaries when the Republican Diplomat is announced to you. He enters your great hall and kneels to you, but only on one knee and his eyes are gazing at you, not at the floor as the ettiquette would be when a man of low rank stands before a king. Annoyed you nodd to him to state why he requested an audience*
 "Mighty King Azurac", you feel his distaste as he pronounces your title, "I have here a invitation to you from the first consul of the Republic. He asks your kingdom to join a pact with the Republic for mutual benefit."
 *He hands a scoll to one of your royal guards who hands it to you. You open it up and read about this offer. Aparently the Republic sees you as a ally versus "evil and tyrranic despots". You ponder this offer as you wink  to the diplomat to leave you and wave in your advisors.*

-------------warning to Deathrace
As the victiorious "Tree massacre"-army approaches the northern parts of the small elven nation that they recently conquered, the head of Xenon the faul on a spike, a small group of riders emerge from the forest. Bearing a banner of peace, white as snow, and the red and white republican banner the riders make a halt two hundred paces in front of the much larger army of orcs.
The TAC commander rides to meet them and is greeted by an elderly elf.

"I am Holdairda Lithindrade, commander of the Republican southern armies. I have come to tell you not to bring your army into this forest. Do what you want with Xenon and his pack, they are but damned rabble. But north of this forest lies the lands of the Republic, if you wish to travel there you will leave your sword and your men and travel alone, the Republic is a place of peace, not a place of war."

The commander and his escort returns to the the army, he quickly write down the words of the old elf and hands it to a scribe who sends away a pigeon bound for castle Deathrace.

And here is the original constitution:
The Republic is VUtopias first attempt to establish a democratic system in a grand scale. There have always been tribal democracy, noble counsils and more limited forms of democracy in VUtopia, but the Republic brings it all a step further. In the Republic, for the first time, all citizens will have the priviledge to vote and submitt sudgestions for new bills.
Between the elections the Republic is ruled by a senate consisting of 6 Senators. Among those, 2 will be elected among themselves to serve as Consuls. A third Consul, the war Consul will be elected by number of votes on the day of election, ie the Senator with the most votes on the day of election will be given that, the most important position. The war consul will, in case of war or other catastrophy serve as dictator and take absolute power in the Republic over those areas that is affected by the situation at hand for as long as is neccessary to solve the issue.

Voting system of the Republic:
Every Citizen has 6 votes to cast when voting for the senate.
An election will be held at the end of each era.
Two votes can be cast on the individual one wishes for the spot of dictator, but those two votes will only be counted as one when dividing the other spots of the senate.
Only one vote can be cast on any other individual.
All 6 votes must be spent or your votes will be invalid.
One cannot cast votes for oneself.
One must vote for those one see most fit for office.

Voting system of the Senate:
When electing the remaining 2 consuls in the senate all the senators have two votes. One cannot vote for himself and if it is a tie then whoever the dictator voted for win, if it is a tie between the two the dictator voted for there will be a second voting to fill the last spot.

Senators have one vote each. If a voting is tied the consuls will each be given one extra vote.

To declare republican war on a realm of any size more than two thirds of the senate is required to enact and one third is required to reject, in the case of republican war the dictator will have full controll over armies and resources in the provinces affected.

To sign or break a republican pact with other diplomatical units more than two thirds of the senate is required to enact and one third is required to reject

These are the criterias for citizenship in the republic.
1. Stay active by visiting the forum utopicus(logging in) atleast every other day, unless special conditions apply in wich case the senate should be informed.
2. Always follow the decrees of the senate and the laws of the Republic.
3. Always strain yourself to do what is best for the republic and that of your fellow citizens.
If a citizen at any time fail to fullfill all criterias he/she can be stripped of citizenship by a simple majority in the senate.

Senators must stay even more active than citizens and cast their votes within 24 hours.
A by-election can be held to fill the spot of a senator(If a by-election is held to elect a new dictator and a senator is elected then a new by-elections should be held for the spot of that senator in the senate.) if one of the following has occured:
If there is a consensus among the other senators that a senator fails to uphold its duties.
If a senator volontarily steps down from his duties.
If a senator dies.

For any other decree passed in the senate simple majority is required.

For a bill to go up in the senate for a voting two senators must endorse it and start the voting by themselves casting their votes.



Here are a few of our names, as per the Roman tradition the first name was the famlity name and not the second:

Second era of Sezymon

13.Viceroy Cunnus AlienusThe RepublicDwarf2032059

20.Sir Laurus DominusThe RepublicTroll1559179

21.Viceroy Bellator Ferinus IIThe RepublicDwarf1520801

32.Duke Toberius AmaritudoThe RepublicDwarf966434

43.Lady DominariaThe RepublicElf597355

72.Viceroy Cleon HypocritaThe RepublicHuman337449

89.King Augustus InhonestusThe RepublicElf203105

19:56:37 Jun 17th 08 - Mr. Pyrofire:

Mr. Earth


5/17/2008 2:47:14 PMWell we are just all online 24/7 xD Dont have to be a multi for that ^_^

you said you slept you liar

22:35:22 Jun 17th 08 - Mr. Water:

we were dude 24/7 but that fag works like a surgent for 16 hours per day for NO MONEY.. dude...

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