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Tis Pirate owe ye an Apology
20:57:43 Nov 23rd 20 - Mr. Seaweed Capn Salaajar:

Ahoy Mateys & sweet hearted Ladies wit' strawberries! 

It's good to see how famous me be!! Always appreciate that jolly roger Mevich... me Fangirl, fer an instant heads-up, like the new instagram update, which i believe ye not be using.

It be true me back again! But me here t' Apologise unconditionally when me can, before Fangirls show up, as the only capn left in a small boat. Us Pirates be officially "sorry" fer our privacy activities... arrrrr, previous piracy activites in an inaccurate unofficial way... if that hurt ye or yer beloved family, kids & KDs member.

Again, "Me" hereby declares that Me will not be breaking any VU terms & Ladies Heart in an irrectangular way, like the rectangular movie matrix. That be said, us be starting our "Recruitment" boats soon towards the Davy Jones G-spot in val where Chade lives.

Will us be cheating? Well, pirates be cheating when they be not finding rum bottles to drink whatever be inside them. But they be not drinking whatever be inside them before they be cheating when they be not wanting to cheat in an illogical way.

What that meant to be, Pirates be cheating as long as it doesnt break valid VU terms, like that last terminator movie that didnt terminate at all, altho' did indeed terminate a lady's dress.

Can ye stiil trust Pirates?

That be saying, me mateys n' sprogs, Captain of Jack Sparroow... arrrrr, Capn of all pirates, taking your leave after...

Be ready fer the Pirates ye be crossing into without an intro.

Finally, its time when Chade shows up again wit' a million $ sensitive crocket, along his unofficial non-gay lots... me saying Farewell be all fer today.

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