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To Those Playing Zeta This Era
20:02:40 Aug 24th 20 - Konstant (Mr. Trinity):

So, are we down for this, or not?

Solos - No restriction

2 Person KDs - No Orc/Troll or elves.

3 Person KDs - Dwarfs & Haflings only

And of course FFA!

21:47:30 Aug 24th 20 - Dakarta (Duke Buffalo Chicken):

I'm down for either. I'm just gonna need a KD.

Who wants me?

05:36:47 Aug 25th 20 - Haldimir (Mr. Haldimir XIII):

I want to play in Zeta again, but I don't have a KD.

06:31:42 Aug 25th 20 - Jack Daniels The drunk (Dragonlord Jackdaniels The Innkeeper):

look you 2 can make a Kd

19:48:07 Aug 26th 20 - Percy (Sir Percy The Reborn):

FYI for all playing Zetamania: Hillbilly Mafia may tag out as 4-5 people this era, but myself and Major Pain (Cpt Caveman) are backing out for an era or two while Joebob continues on. So if it has 5 people, itís really 3 with 2 others who will not drop.

20:30:08 Aug 26th 20 - Jack Daniels The drunk (Dragonlord Jack Daniels The Farmer):

thats fine i figured something like that might happen

23:16:17 Aug 27th 20 - Mr. Joebob The Butcher:

In the talking about this era previously we discussed human dwarf and halfling. I didnít pay attention and dropped human then found out human got taken off the list. If need be Iíll resign and drop dwarf 

04:31:55 Aug 28th 20 - Jack Daniels The drunk (Dragonlord Smaug The Hobbit Eater):

Was originally supposed to be just humans halfers dwarfs which I'm fine with. were just trying to spice the map up so go ahead and stay human joe

14:09:11 Aug 28th 20 - Captain Deimos:

Ok sweet didnít want to get into the era and everyone be mad. I just didnít keep up with the threads 

23:56:23 Sep 14th 20 - Mr. Duckk:

Forsaken have 4 players in the KD?

01:18:07 Sep 15th 20 - Captain Cyprian:

That should start the curse. Every team should I go fight them. Especially after the fit they threw last era when sleepless got the extra player and they called on the curse and had that player expelled from the KD. 

02:23:18 Sep 15th 20 - Percy (Sir Cuimn of Kilcummin):

Itís been clarified offline that Forsaken has a dead/non-dropped player (same as HM has two of the same) so all KDs are currently within the agreed upon 3-man rule set.

03:47:51 Sep 15th 20 - Konstant (The Ancient Athena The Wise):

We would never dare bring on the Curse of Zeta!

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