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Trio, beggars, liars, backsta?
22:19:46 Dec 21st 07 - Mr. Sezgincil:

[21:51] Mr. Neon: I want to talk with you...
[21:51] Mr. Neon: hey
[21:51] Mr. Sezgincil: Yeah?
[21:52] Mr. Neon: whats wrong
[21:52] Mr. Sezgincil: Squiddy promised me Trio and KoK would be friendly kingdoms
[21:52] Mr. Neon: alright
[21:52] Mr. Sezgincil: Now i get the message "Well.. umm we're comming to ur core to take it from ya, sorry :P:P"
[21:52] Mr. Neon: and whats the problem
[21:53] Mr. Sezgincil: Can you justify this?
[21:54] Mr. Neon: yeah?
[21:54] Mr. Sezgincil: You don't see a problem with this?
[21:55] Mr. Neon: ah wait
[21:55] Mr. Neon: i think what he ment was
[21:55] Mr. Neon: that
[21:55] Mr. Neon: without nap this would be a temporary cf
[21:56] Mr. Sezgincil: Nope, he said we would be friendly but not NAP because Troi had some *beep*s in it (yeah Squiddy said that) and a couple of members might attack
[21:56] Mr. Sezgincil: But this is all out war
[21:57] Mr. Sezgincil: Trio wants my cities... Trio wont get anything
[21:57] Mr. Sezgincil: I'm burning everything down
[21:57] Mr. Neon: damn
[21:57] Mr. Neon: wait
[21:57] Mr. Neon: no one is coming for u
[21:57] Mr. Neon: we just saying that
[21:58] Mr. Neon: i mean
[21:58] Mr. Sezgincil: Yup, that wont stop me from actually burning it down tough
[21:58] Mr. Neon: alright i mean whats ur point
[21:58] Mr. Neon: most of our troops are
[21:58] Mr. Neon: east
[21:58] Mr. Neon: no one is going north
[21:58] Mr. Neon: and all u have to do is nap ldk
[21:58] Mr. Neon: and fight us if u want
[21:59] Mr. Sezgincil: I don't want a war with Trio
[21:59] Mr. Sezgincil: Trio wants a war with me
[21:59] Mr. Neon: they dont
[21:59] Mr. Neon: well
[21:59] Mr. Neon: what can you do
[21:59] Mr. Neon: to
[21:59] Mr. Neon: help us
[21:59] Mr. Neon: agaist ldk
[22:00] Mr. Sezgincil: I can do a hell lot more than what you can do with 5 burned down cities extra
[22:01] Mr. Neon: have u burnt already?
[22:01] Mr. Sezgincil: I will burn in 1 minute, next tick
[22:01] Mr. Neon: ok wait
[22:01] Mr. Neon: let me discuss
[22:01] Mr. Neon: well how big are you?
[22:01] Mr. Neon: lol
[22:01] Mr. Neon: we ssee if you will be any help
[22:01] Mr. Neon: then we wotn war u
[22:02] Mr. Sezgincil: How can you make sure that i won't wake up next morning seeing that all my cities are Trio?
[22:02] Mr. Neon: u can join trio
[22:04] Mr. Neon: delete all the post u made in ur forums
[22:04] Mr. Sezgincil: I will talk to Timmiev, to ask what he thinks..
[22:04] Mr. Sezgincil: 90% of me says burn it all down
[22:04] Mr. Neon: he on now?
[22:05] Mr. Neon: well we are fighting ldk
[22:05] Mr. Neon: and we dont really need your towns
[22:05] Mr. Neon: but
[22:05] Mr. Sezgincil: I am burning them down, now
[22:05] Mr. Neon: geez
[22:05] Mr. Neon: i mean
[22:05] Mr. Neon: u can join us
[22:05] Mr. Neon: wtf u thinking
[22:06] Mr. Sezgincil: I'll join Trio on one condition
[22:07] Mr. Neon: yes?
[22:07] Mr. Neon: what is it
[22:07] Mr. Sezgincil: I want to have a high rank
[22:08] Mr. Neon: alright first
[22:08] Mr. Neon: tell me ur experience
[22:08] Mr. Neon: are you the leader of kok?
[22:08] Mr. Neon: and explain why u choose to run than fight
[22:08] Mr. Neon: no one is coming after u and u just raze like tat
[22:09] Mr. Sezgincil: Because this knife in my back, it hurts
[22:09] Mr. Neon: -__-
[22:09] Mr. Neon: are you the leader of kok?
[22:09] Mr. Neon: tell me the pass experience etc
[22:09] Mr. Neon: how lond u started
[22:10] Mr. Sezgincil: KoK is a two man kingdom, the leader "title" is at timmiev
[22:10] Mr. Neon: kok is 2 people Oo
[22:10] Mr. Sezgincil: I'm not sure if i want to join, this will only give you time to get your armies to my cities
[22:10] Mr. Sezgincil: When your armies are here you'll just kick me out
[22:10] Mr. Neon: if you doing we wont kick
[22:10] Mr. Sezgincil: No ty, i'll just burn them down
[22:10] Mr. Neon: we not that dishounorable
[22:11] Mr. Neon: but you need to sell urself
[22:11] Mr. Neon: make us
[22:11] Mr. Neon: see how good u are
[22:11] Mr. Sezgincil: Dude, believe me.. u guys ARE thatdishonorable
[22:11] Mr. Neon: lol
[22:11] Mr. Neon: why does everyone say that
[22:11] Mr. Sezgincil: Only decent guy in Trio is Verll and Squiddy
[22:11] Mr. Sezgincil: Everyone seems to have a functioning brain m8!
[22:11] Mr. Neon: im decent
[22:12] Mr. Sezgincil: You try to be
[22:12] Mr. Sezgincil: But half the things you say make triple lies
[22:12] Mr. Neon: how would u know?
[22:13] Mr. Sezgincil: Because Hanky and squiddy took 40 mins to discuss an attack and you convinced 24 man not to attack me in under 30 seconds
[22:13] Mr. Sezgincil: impressive m8.. impressive
[22:13] Mr. Neon: well
[22:13] Mr. Neon: dude
[22:13] Mr. Neon: to be honest
[22:13] Mr. Neon: no one is thinking of attacking you
[22:13] Mr. Neon: the 24 men are bz doing something else
[22:14] Mr. Neon: ldk in our base
[22:14] Mr. Neon: and FA
[22:14] Mr. Neon: half the kd is on fa
[22:14] Mr. Neon: half is on ldk
[22:14] Mr. Neon: the top 3 ldk hoh
[22:14] Mr. Sezgincil: Fa= dead
[22:14] Mr. Neon: they are in out core
[22:14] Mr. Neon: our*
[22:14] Mr. Sezgincil: Well, seems to me like you really need my cities
[22:14] Mr. Neon: i dont
[22:14] Mr. Neon: lol
[22:14] Mr. Neon: i want to stay small
[22:14] Mr. Neon: but u dont have big income anyway
[22:14] Mr. Neon: lol
[22:15] Mr. Sezgincil: I don't have a big income.. sure.. hey, its big enough to get Trio to war me over it
[22:15] Mr. Sezgincil: Well m8, i just pressed the button
[22:15] Mr. Sezgincil: burn it all down
[22:15] Mr. Neon: oh well
[22:15] Mr. Neon: like i said
[22:16] Mr. Neon: u had 2 options
[22:16] Mr. Neon: and i stg for life
[22:16] Mr. Neon: i dont need towns
[22:16] Mr. Neon: lol
[22:16] Mr. Neon: u just ruined urself
[22:16] Mr. Sezgincil: I ruined myself, and spoiled Trio's fun
[22:16] Mr. Sezgincil: I can sleep well tonight :D

22:21:03 Dec 21st 07 - Mr. Sezgincil:

This is Hanky Panky first breaking the news, then reacting to my "Burning the cities"

[21:29] Mr. Hanky Panky: we have a problem
[21:29] Mr. Sezgincil: ?
[21:29] Mr. Hanky Panky: when your around i can tell you
[21:29] Mr. Hanky Panky: actuall
[21:29] Mr. Hanky Panky: :)
[21:29] Mr. Hanky Panky: right
[21:29] Mr. Sezgincil: Whats the prob?
[21:29] Mr. Hanky Panky: you been talking to Squiddy right ?
[21:29] Mr. Sezgincil: Now and then, aye
[21:30] Mr. Hanky Panky: he told you we would be friendly /
[21:30] Mr. Hanky Panky: ?*
[21:30] Mr. Sezgincil: Aye
[21:30] Mr. Hanky Panky: erm yes or no ? lol
[21:30] Mr. Sezgincil: Aye=yes :P
[21:30] Mr. Hanky Panky: ahh :)
[21:30] Mr. Hanky Panky: right :S
[21:31] Mr. Hanky Panky: how long ago ?
[21:31] Mr. Sezgincil: Recently, couple of ticks
[21:32] Mr. Hanky Panky: ahh k ^^ cos he only recently told me :P
[21:32] Mr. Sezgincil: That shouldn't be a problem?
[21:32] Mr. Hanky Panky: we had made plans before hand that squiddy didnt no about :P
[21:32] Mr. Hanky Panky: we will be warring :P
[21:32] Mr. Hanky Panky: :S
[21:32] Mr. Sezgincil: You and us?
[21:33] Mr. Hanky Panky: yah :S
[21:33] Mr. Hanky Panky: i no your only 2 people :S and i feel bad saying it :P
[21:34] Mr. Sezgincil: We're just playing this for fun..
[21:34] Mr. Sezgincil: But Timmiev and I are prepared, to burn down everything if we feel like its over and out
[21:34] Mr. Hanky Panky: i know...
[21:35] Mr. Sezgincil: There's almost nothing you can gain.. maybe some 100k gold but thats it
[21:35] Mr. Sezgincil: However, if you let us.. as we are
[21:35] Mr. Sezgincil: We can form and unite
[21:36] Mr. Hanky Panky: i have thought about it but try convinceing 24 players too lol :P
[21:36] Mr. Sezgincil: Tell them, as a leader, you know whatyou're doing
[21:36] Mr. Sezgincil: and ask for trust m8
[21:36] Mr. Hanky Panky: i feel you understand where i am coming from tho as if you was in the 25man kd and i was in the 2 man
[21:36] Mr. Hanky Panky: :P
[21:37] Mr. Sezgincil: a 2 man kingdom, stronger and bigger than most 10 man kingdoms on this place
[21:38] Mr. Sezgincil: Playing for fun and doing a hell of a job
[21:38] Mr. Sezgincil: If i had a 25 man kingdom, I'd have to sink pretty low to invade a 2man kingdom
[21:38] Mr. Sezgincil: a 2 man kingdom which is prepared to burn down every, single building..
[21:38] Mr. Sezgincil: There's nothing you can gain
[21:39] Mr. Hanky Panky: sorry :P
[21:40] Mr. Sezgincil: that ' :P ' totally made it okay m8..
[21:40] Mr. Sezgincil: Also note this, you're kingdom is going on the politics board as a backstabber
[21:40] Mr. Hanky Panky: back stabber ?
[21:40] Mr. Hanky Panky: we never had any relations
[21:40] Mr. Sezgincil: Offering peace and saying you're a friendly kingdom, then sending a huge army into my core
[21:40] Mr. Sezgincil: Tell me that isn't backstabbing
[21:42] Mr. Hanky Panky: it was only a few ticks ago when you was talking to our diploma then he came to me with what he had discussed and i said no me and Squiddy have been argueign for the past 2 hours about this lol dont think
[21:42] Mr. Sezgincil: I've had this friendly kingdom agreement since this kingdom was made
[21:43] Mr. Hanky Panky: you said a few ticks ago
[21:44] Mr. Sezgincil: Yes i did.. is english your primary language? Because i also said that it was the Most RECENT time we spoke about it
[21:44] Mr. Sezgincil: He told me that we were friendly blabla, then he wanted to discuss something with you about me vs ldk
[21:44] Mr. Hanky Panky: :(
[21:45] Mr. Hanky Panky: if i had the convo me and Suiddy had i could show you that this wasnt known about until now etc
[21:46] Mr. Sezgincil: No damage has been made, the plans are just plans..
[21:46] Mr. Sezgincil: Let it stay as plans and not wars
[21:47] Mr. Hanky Panky: the plans we're sending armies to your core :P
[21:47] Mr. Hanky Panky: they are already on the way :P
[21:47] Mr. Sezgincil: Alright
[21:47] Mr. Sezgincil: By the time you get here you'll find empty cities
[21:47] Mr. Sezgincil: If any..
[21:47] Mr. Hanky Panky: i just try to keep everyone in my kd happy :P
[21:48] Mr. Sezgincil: Could you tell them, that we WILL burn down every building and leave nothing behind..
[21:48] Mr. Hanky Panky: already have
[21:49] Mr. Sezgincil: good
[21:49] Mr. Hanky Panky: we will deal with ldk first
[21:50] Mr. Hanky Panky: gives you time to do what you have to do
[21:50] Mr. Sezgincil: :) You've got to try harder mate..
[21:50] Mr. Sezgincil: Those buildings are going down next turn
[21:50] Mr. Sezgincil: 11 minutes

22:23:59 Dec 21st 07 - Mr. Hanky Panky:

plz just shut up and die :P

i tried to be kind :P

22:26:26 Dec 21st 07 - Mr. Sezgincil:

Come to my burned cities plx :D

22:28:17 Dec 21st 07 - Mr. Neon:

lol. dude i dont really care, get over urself.

22:29:26 Dec 21st 07 - Mr. Squiddy:

Yeah Hanky, you were so kind, plotting to kill this tiny 2 man Kingdom which is at 8% of our power.

22:32:09 Dec 21st 07 - Mr. Nimic:

Wait, are you two the same kingdom? Sounds like a real friendly setup you've got.

22:33:02 Dec 21st 07 - Mr. Neo Destroyer of Agent Smith:

I'm hearing alot about an agreement not to attack. But im not seeing alot of evidence of it.

22:33:25 Dec 21st 07 - Mr. Neon:

yep. we this is how we roll. keeps us more active, i mean who knows when one of us might go bezerk and leave kd and raze our core lol. tactics. its working.

22:34:12 Dec 21st 07 - Sir Revenge:

For once I haven't done wrong

22:38:59 Dec 21st 07 - Mr. Sezgincil:

[22:13] Mr. Sezgincil: Because Hanky and squiddy took 40 mins to discuss an attack and you convinced 24 man not to attack me in under 30 seconds

correction because Squiddy was arguing with Hanky for over 30 mins, about not destroying us

22:43:05 Dec 21st 07 - Mr. Squiddy:

Just because he's in my Kingdom doesn't mean that I have to agree with everything he does and says. Neo, I made adjustments to the KD Relations thread we have, to include his kingdom under friendly - What honourable Kingdoms do you know that attack "friendly" kingdoms?

Also, this was done on the 17th of December, is it too much to expect leaders and vices to read their own forums...?

22:46:58 Dec 21st 07 - Mr. Neon:

lol like i said, its not like ur juicy and *beep*, no one is even caring about you. get over urself . i mean if i were you i would actually wait till the last minute until troops really are near then raze all. instead telling us that u will raze so we dont have to do anything. i mean if all our enemies we like you it would be great. we could go " hey we are sending a scout of 5 men to come war you, can you do us a favor and raze your buildings before our scouts reach? so we dont have to send any backup. yes? ahh thanks buddy. kk u have fun in ur new world too , great battle mate , keep it up" *pats on back* "doing great there buddy"

22:51:58 Dec 21st 07 - Sir Revenge:

Can we please keep our kingdom fueds within our kingdom, its not needed for it to go into other forums

I think Its pathetic attacking these guys myself, notice I have no armies coming towards you , I didn't think It was right in the first place

No offence to my vices or anything

23:05:52 Dec 21st 07 - Mr. Roxbury:

Any kingdom with Verll in it has to be evil!

23:06:31 Dec 21st 07 - Mr. Squiddy:

=o Verll is an awesome guy ;)

23:09:09 Dec 21st 07 - Mr. Hanky Panky:

none taken

  • 21:59:23: Revenge has been kicked from the kingdom....

23:17:41 Dec 21st 07 - Mr. Neo Destroyer of Agent Smith:

/me grabs popcorn.


This just got interesting. Rox! u want sum?

23:20:43 Dec 21st 07 - Mr. Nimic:

This is just fantastic!

23:23:39 Dec 21st 07 - Mr. Sezgincil:

And again.. a lie

23:24:33 Dec 21st 07 - Mr. Might The God of Cows:

*Might walks in and sees that Revenge has been kicked He then jumps on a stand with a microphone.*

"People of Mantrax, We have been freed of a tyrant on 21:59:23! Let us celebrate with wine and beer!"

23:31:22 Dec 21st 07 - Lord of The Morning:

[22:11] Mr. Neon: but you need to sell urself

yeah, prostitution ftw!

23:33:07 Dec 21st 07 - Sir Revenge:

I didnt see that coming...

23:34:59 Dec 21st 07 - Mr. Squiddy:

lol @ the above 3 comments!!

23:41:49 Dec 21st 07 - Mr. Neon:

yeah i was trying to pimp him. didnt work i guess.

00:49:33 Dec 22nd 07 - Mr. Zypher:

revenge kicked ? on my map i still see him/his cities in trio...

01:06:30 Dec 22nd 07 - Lord Argyle:

Do you even need to have a conversation about taking out a 2 man kingdom? seriously, just let them restart on new world and get more members in order to fight more equal next time... this thread is stupid...

01:48:42 Dec 22nd 07 - Duke Salamon:

agree w/ my friend argyle... ;) your a two man kingdom... what did you expect? for a kingdom bigger than you and more members who could easily defeat you than go w/ the trouble of doing politics when they could just get a little bit more land and income..

thats life... never fair... you just have to move on and get over it... duces

01:53:36 Dec 22nd 07 - Mr. Strongbow:

Agree with Argyle and Salamon !

02:27:14 Dec 22nd 07 - Lord Verll:

Mr. Roxbury


12/21/2007 11:05:52 PM
Any kingdom with Verll in it has to be evil!
Mr. Squiddy


12/21/2007 11:06:31 PM
=o Verll is an awesome guy ;)


02:42:46 Dec 22nd 07 - Sir Gaius Aureliae:

Who the hell is this Sezgincil guy and what 2 man kingdom is he talking about? And how the hell were we supposed to be at war with him when one or two of Trioīs members could easily crush them?

02:49:50 Dec 22nd 07 - Mr. Agent Clamps:

I think he was maybe hoping that status as a kd would be enough to get them bargaining power with other kds. I suppose he missed that he has to pose a thread in order to make political posturing.

04:40:36 Dec 22nd 07 - Mr. Haywood Jablowme:

Gauis, you have no right to say that one or two Trio member could easily crush them.  After all you're just a dead weight.

The problem is that squid has been talking friendly relations with almost every kingdom on the map.  How nub is that?  So problems like this arise. 

05:09:44 Dec 22nd 07 - Mr. Soc:

ouch......... on both accounts. sounds like a great kingdom!

05:37:14 Dec 22nd 07 - Mr. Agent Clamps:

Pose a threaT...who would think one letter would totally change what I was saying.

12:28:55 Dec 22nd 07 - Mr. Squiddy:

Lol, Haywood, I see you are continuing your streak of friend making.

So, this one kingdom, KoK, is every Kingdom on the map? Hmm, I suggest you re-learn how to count mate ;)

14:19:15 Dec 22nd 07 - Sir Gaius Aureliae:

First of all, I never said I could take them, I said any two players  could. And Haywood, stop talking *beep*. You havenīt done anything, and you continue to insult everybody else. How nuub is that?

14:36:12 Dec 22nd 07 - Sir Revenge:

Stop argueing on public forums please, can we keep it in our own forum, its not doing any of our and the kingdoms reputation any good..

14:41:25 Dec 22nd 07 - Sir Dead Oralive:

I think Trio has members that hate each other. Lets try to start a revolution!!!

14:47:11 Dec 22nd 07 - Mr. Nimic:

Top notch kingdom, that!

*thumbs up*

14:56:30 Dec 22nd 07 - Mr. Haywood Jablowme:

no, nub squid. that info was given to me by one of the leaders.  Because i openly expressed my intention not to nap all kingdoms around.  You are one scared squid

19:30:58 Dec 22nd 07 - Mr. Squiddy:

"Info"? What info?

Ok well, what ever. Yeah, I ruined our whole Kingdom, there, better now?

You openly express everything, so, not much of a difference there and yeah, your text on this forum is pretty threatening for me.

I'm not going to reply to you in this thread again, so if you want a response from me Haywood, PM me.

And as for the Kingdom having members that don't get along with one another, what Kingdom doesn't have a few people that don't get along...!?

19:37:12 Dec 22nd 07 - Mr. Soc:

FF................ we are even doing a secret santa for the holidays! :)

20:53:50 Dec 22nd 07 - Mr. Haywood Jablowme:

squiddy, lol.

23:36:42 Dec 22nd 07 - Sir Gaius Aureliae:

We fight as people who love each other... that way we grow together. We are just a little bit dysfunctional, but that is all.

23:45:38 Dec 22nd 07 - Sir Santa The Loser:

When reading this, I cant do anything else but admit, that even though we lost, FA is/was a way better kingdom. The councilmembers talk to eachother and with the members, we all knew what was going on. And we had good leadership.

[21:36] Mr. Hanky Panky: i have thought about it but try convinceing 24 players too lol :P

If youre a GOOD leader all you need to convice is the council. If you have good enough reasons to convince the council with, than theyre also good enough to "command" the normal members.

And it really is pathetic fighting a kd 8% of your size.

And how long has Neon been playing? Dont you know where to find the amount of members and the leader name of a kd?? :O Please tell me it isnt true :S

Ohh, and if not a real agreement has been made between KoK and Trio, than Trio isnt being dishonourable here. Squiddy only said to you that theyd be friendly, well, theyre killing you gently :)

23:54:16 Dec 22nd 07 - Mr. Brannigans Law:

its not such a big issue... its a brand new kingdom so its first era cannot be expected to go so great, if a member screws up he SHOULD learn next time. i reckon trio will be much better next era. and none of the members really HATE each other, people argue all the time !

just demolish this 2 man kd and tell em to *beep* whenever they *beep* on at you, thats what id do :)

00:05:33 Dec 23rd 07 - Mr. Hanky Panky:

And how long has Neon been playing? Dont you know where to find the amount of members and the leader name of a kd?? :O Please tell me it isnt true :S

i may be english but my english sucks :P i dont understand you

00:43:17 Dec 23rd 07 - Ms. Kayn:

Well if you are you the same Hanky that quit his KD in the middle of a war to join the enemy (spaghetti), I'm not surprised of any backstabbing, especially if he leads a KD now.

16:14:12 Dec 24th 07 - Mr. Squiddy:

Hanky, he's saying that Neon should be able to know how to find out the number of people in a Kingdom and what the Kingdom leaders name is.

Well, I think this is over now. Nothing to see here people ^.^

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