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Trolls on Zetamania
13:59:04 Mar 10th 14 - Mr. Falconer:

Trolls will be on Zetamania next era

Only requirement is that you play Troll, so far there are potentially 4 experienced members but first time Trolls will also be welcome.

PM me if interested.

14:09:40 Mar 10th 14 - Arch Shade (Mr. Arch Shade):

I love it!

14:14:41 Mar 10th 14 - Mr. Necro Emporos:

Trolls! Trolls in the Zetamania!

14:20:54 Mar 10th 14 - SWIFTRY (Mr. Bad Bell Mate):

i troll

17:37:26 Mar 10th 14 - Mr. Vonn Darkmoor:

Then maybe we are the perfect KD lol

19:35:17 Mar 10th 14 - Dakarta (Duke Dackarta):

I'm in.

19:55:05 Mar 10th 14 - Mr. Von Darkmoor:

Ok cool, I will create the KD when Zeta ends :-)

(im Falconer on Zeta)

23:19:55 Mar 10th 14 - Cheonje (Mr. Cazic Thule):

Hmm... I think you guys really need a different banner than a World of Warcraft picture ;)

23:28:06 Mar 10th 14 - Mr. Falconer:

Was the first thing that came up lol, not too fussed about the banner :-)

19:15:56 Mar 11th 14 - SunWarriorKing (Mr. Solodolo):

For a second I thought it was a thread about TROLLS of Zetamania. Boy was I wrong.

22:17:38 Mar 11th 14 - HorusPanic (Mr. Sister Fister):

i'm in

20:42:54 Mar 12th 14 - Ms. Bromance Afk:

what if i join and accidentally land as halfling

22:03:54 Mar 12th 14 - Mr. Vonn Darkmoor:

we'd have to eat you ;-)

01:29:41 Mar 13th 14 - Ms. Bromance Afk:

what about orc. they dont taste very good

05:10:49 Mar 13th 14 - Dakarta (Duke Dackarta):

Make the KD already lol. If not, someone put my name in and I'll make it.

08:28:07 Mar 13th 14 - Mr. Amaroth:

Created send in applications

10:07:35 Mar 13th 14 - Mr. Falconer:

Trolls are open for applications :-)

On another note if someone stupudly uploads the wrong file for the banner how do you then change it lol

10:09:14 Mar 13th 14 - Teirdel (Saint Battlerage):

Sure they aren't just trolling?

To answer your question you have to contact zeta.

13:53:15 Mar 13th 14 - Stormy (Lord Morphine):

come join us, we have troll orgies....

its not pretty but still loads of fun


13:54:24 Mar 16th 14 - Mr. Its Nota Penal Implant:

I love orgies..

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