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00:41:43 Mar 29th 08 - Mr. Klaus Bormann:

Today, a great feat was accomplished in the name of the people and more importantly, in the name of smaller, oppressed kds in Zetamania. 

The fascist government of The Paladins of the Order of the Frozen Flame was destroyed and completely annihilated; erased from the face of the great world of Zetamania.

As they saw themselves secure, the bourgeois pigs failed to see the insecurity they were placing themselves in as they bathed in the blood of workingmen.

When the attacks began from inside thier government buildings, cities, and bases, they did not know what to do!  Thier imperialist weapons were no match for the wits of the Zetamanian Peoples Revolutionary Front!


00:43:20 Mar 29th 08 - Sir Sausage Roll:

Wasn't it you, the traitor who kicked everyone from the inside?

01:17:08 Mar 29th 08 - Mr. Islamic Prince Bebars:

POFF is bigger than you so shut up , actually POFF was created in zetamania .

02:33:03 Mar 29th 08 - Mr. Uchiha Sasuke:

Lol klaus bormann that is one hell of a story.. I'll make it short for you.. You were *beep* and kicked everyone because you were bored?

02:56:25 Mar 29th 08 - Mr. Clamps The Redeemed:

I hate liberalists =p

05:41:30 Mar 30th 08 - Lord Zucox The Great:

You've earned yourself a bad name, klaus...

tha'ts a quite story..

14:51:00 Mar 30th 08 - Mr. Bruiant:

wait, he said that POFF was fascist. does that not mean he was a fascist also? he was afterall either the leader, or vice.

15:10:12 Mar 30th 08 - Lord Zucox The Great:

no... he told me what happened... he was a leader of a small kingodm called "Democrat Republic of Zetamania".. and POFF asked them if they want to merge into POFF or get killed... so they Joined to POFF and he became a Vice of POFF,,, Then he kicked all the members in POFF and i wasn't sure what else he did more, POFF was disappeared from Zeta for 3 days now ...
and He formed a new kingdom called Thomaston United with his school mates from Thomaston High school...

15:18:47 Mar 30th 08 - Sir Salaracen Vineraven Frostsoul:

and so ends another chapter of the Klaus Chronicles...

15:23:35 Mar 30th 08 - Sir Kassius The Brownie Bandito:

i never knew there was any others

15:40:45 Mar 30th 08 - Mr. Uchiha Sasuke:

Ehm lord zucox Klaus didn't form Thomaston United

15:42:19 Mar 30th 08 - Mr. Periannath:

what kind of *beep* threatens someone into joining then makes them vice..

15:43:20 Mar 30th 08 - Sir Kassius The Brownie Bandito:

happens quite a lot among minor kds

16:15:22 Mar 30th 08 - Dreadlord Actively Inactive:


18:19:31 Mar 30th 08 - Mr. Frank Castle:

WHOAH WHOAH WHAOH!!! Klaus did not form Thomaston United so do NOT put that on us..we had nothing to do with that... a member of Special Forces formed Thomaston United.

18:58:28 Mar 30th 08 - Mr. Patton:

Yeah just so everybody knows, Klaus didn't have anything to do with the forming of T.U. He just joined cause hes apart of our school. But hes gone now, we didn't want that kinda rep on our new kingdom. Hes not affiliated with us in anyway.

02:26:19 Apr 1st 08 - Mr. Chairman Adam Sutler:

Klaus Borman was recently found out by  government forces hiding somewhere in the bottom-middle corner of Zetamania, and he was killed.

23:33:32 Apr 1st 08 - Mr. Frank Castle:


what you have read in this forum is misleading. I personally know the member who commited the crime of destroying POFF, Klaus Boreman was his name, but he abandoned that name and created a new one. Mr. Chairman Adam Sutler, dont u think its time you enlighten us all with the facts? The facts are, that Klaus Joined POFF only so he could expel all of their players. he then deleted his name and created Adam Sutler (the vicious tyrant from V for Vendetta). He currently is in the world Zetamania, and what I say is 100% fact, i go to school with this member, and there are about 15 other members who will back what I say. I have decided to tell you this now, because he joined my KD of The Alliance, and did a similar move. This time, he hacked our kings name, and transfered power to himself. We took appropriate measures, and Sutler is once again without a KD. Do not trust this member under any circumstances, even as a classmate, he betrayed us.

00:01:12 Apr 2nd 08 - Mr. Karalius Mindaugas:

kids these days... you gotta love them

01:49:58 Apr 2nd 08 - Mr. Uchiha Sasuke:

Oh not anymore he's now a member of pheonix :)

02:02:25 Apr 2nd 08 - Mr. Odissius:

Not to flame much but this is the same guy I am now trying to kill. The same guy who sent me a message saying something exactly like this:


what a joke and a half. He then started pleading to me not to kill him which i laughed at. He then put in me into a private chat where he tried insulting me (With a crappy mom insult) and i laughed at him once more. Now i read of his exploits in other kingdoms. All i have to say is Karma is a killer. Backstabbing is one of the top things i hate and if anyone remembers peeps from Jester then they know how much me and most the kindom felt about this. I will like to see you not be accepted after you ave betrayed 1 to many people.

02:20:24 Apr 2nd 08 - Mr. Hardons:

helo all

02:23:41 Apr 2nd 08 - Mr. Chairman Adam Sutler:

@Mr. Frank Castle

I am not claus bormaan, but I can enlighten the world that at the time of bormaan's terrorist attack, we (the people who were members of Thomaston United) supported it because paladins was at war with your former kd, Special Forces!

Public Statement:

About three weeks ago, I started training a few people. We got this idea of making one huge kd with all the ppl from our school in it. A few nights ago, myself, patton, and frank castle (pattons main vice in charge) all decided to revolt against Thomaston United because Patton and myself had decided that the leader of TU, Mr. Duncan, did not have enuf experience, and he would not step down. We had all decided and shook on establishing a kd called "Liberation Alliance"

And this morning, I wake up and find this kd, "The Alliance" with an ENTIRELY different flag. Not only this, but Patton had jumped the gun, as the transition was supposed to happen thursday, and he did so w/out even telling me.

On a more personal note, he was talking with the people who i was training, and he told them to join his kd, so he kinda went behind my back for his own benefit.

03:21:32 Apr 2nd 08 - Mr. Frank Castle:

lol im sorry everyone, but that is a COMPLETE LIE! He is Boreman, and he will betray you as well. For instance, compare his style of writing in that article to boremanns first post in this forum....pretty similar styles of writing and speech arent they....but dont worry, im not basing this on his styles of writing, im basing it on the fact that he told me and others that he had done this, as well as admitting to having multis by doing so.

23:57:36 Apr 2nd 08 - Mr. Klaus Bormann:

You IMPERIALIST PIGS! You fret and shake like weak little cave rats upon discussion of the very name of Revolutionarerleiter Klaus Bormann!  Most importantly you act as if the threat of The Zetamanienne Rouge is gone! MUUAHAHAHAHA! Imperialists you cannot even begin to fathom our power.  We are like the night sky, coming and going unnoticed.  We bear no flag, the Zetamanienne Rouge is RIGHT UNDER YOUR  VERY FEET! To Mr. Chairman Adam Sutler, my attack on the imperialist POFF was in no way terrorist! WE MEAN TO FREE THE WORKERS! You are the only terrorists here, Sutler, grabbing for power like animals for a scrap of food on a table!  And to think i am being comparred to such a under man as you!  To Mr. Frank Castle, I never expected that you too would stoop down to the level of the imperialists! I thought you a true emancipator of the people! If you do not remember, YOU HIRED ME!  YOU came to the great Zetamanienne Rouge appealing for our help against the imperialist POFF government! YOU desired for me to do your nations evil bidding when you did not want to use the military expenditures to do so yourselfs.  Death to all of you lackeys of the bourgeoisie! The ZETAMANIENNE ROUGE will not ever fall!

00:43:22 Apr 3rd 08 - Mr. Heimdall:

does kids kill eachother IRL over this game?


01:06:23 Apr 3rd 08 - Mr. Kevdwayne:

Let's hope not... I think this is just in fun.  Kind of a V for Vendetta RP.

01:20:16 Apr 3rd 08 - Mr. Odissius:

the time on ur hands is waaaaay to much. Please seek help immediantly xD

01:40:27 Apr 3rd 08 - Mr. Heimdall:

i can almost see klaus going at it with an ak47 in his classroom.

11:30:14 Apr 3rd 08 - Mr. Uzumaki Naruto:

Then he says The ZETAMANIENNE ROUGE will not ever fall!

and shoots everyone down:P

16:40:03 Apr 4th 08 - Mr. Alan Quartermain:

Frank Castle is true.  Sutler, as he is called, is my neigbor, and he did take these actions.  He did it to the Alliance as well, we were lucky enough to regroup.  Join together, help to destry Sutler, and Borman.   Bring this tyrant to justice~!

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