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VU community poll
16:44:26 Sep 4th 09 - Pirate Leela The Eyepatched:

Okay, so recently I've had a discussion with a friend of mine. I recently got the feeling that everyone thinks FATE didn't do anything wrong with their amounts of NAP's. However, that friend tried telling me that everyone still hates them really.

So I'm wondering. What do YOU think about FATE's NAP policy? What does the general VU-er think about the endless pages of flame-wars between FATE and other notorious vu-ers? Are we crossing the line? Is FATE crossing the line? Because for all I know, I could be defending no-one , and everyone thinks I'm wrong. In which case I shall quit flaming FATE and live with it.

So please, I'd like to see the opinion of the vu comunity, FATE members often claim that lots of people think they are right. And we (anti-FATE :P) often claim everyone hates them.

Now, I don't want any flame-wars in here, we can keep those for other threads. so please only post one of the following two sentences. :

Yes, FATE has crossed the line when it comes to their amount of NAP's.
No, FATE have done nothing wrong.

Vote only once please, and please keep it strict with only those 2 sentences. I'd like to keep this thread flame-less.


(some people may find me an attention whore, or find this thread unnesecary : Well, keep your opinions for yourselves, they aren't cared about by me, and this thread isn't against the rules.)

16:44:54 Sep 4th 09 - Pirate Leela The Eyepatched:

Personally I ofcourse vote :

Yes, FATE has crossed the line when it comes to their amount of NAP's.

16:53:37 Sep 4th 09 - Sir Woody:

Yes, FATE has crossed the line when it comes to their amount of NAP's.

its ludicrous.

17:01:42 Sep 4th 09 - Mr. Brett The Hitmanhart:

You did worse Lew. So no different to past era's.

17:03:49 Sep 4th 09 - Dr. Raving Lunatic Duh Mad Hatter:

I have no idea how many they had. Feanor never responded to me this era when I messaged him. Mostly we have 3 or 4 Fate fallowed us from world to world taking cities. Not going to complain as there is nothing says they cant prey on someone all era.

17:10:13 Sep 4th 09 - Lord Pesterd:

Either way you should quit flaming because its against the rules... However mass NAP's was Fates prerogative to have more allies and less enemies which equaled to have an easier era, which it was for FATE. In addition, FATE has the lowered Reputation from VU-ers from previous eras where things were not so clear or upfront straight actions.

Therefore, FATE will of course have a tainted relationship with the rest of VU which only Honor and just actions will be able to cure.

17:14:55 Sep 4th 09 - Pirate Leela The Eyepatched:

what part of no flaming don't you guys understand? I don't want this to turn into just another flame thread. Which people like Brett seem to be eager for.

17:17:12 Sep 4th 09 - Mr. Ryan The Archion II:

Yes, FATE has crossed the line when it comes to their amount of NAP's.

17:25:08 Sep 4th 09 - Duchess Jasmina:

I think Fate really did have too many NAPs, but when you think about it, I think Fate would win the era even if they did not have all these NAPs. The fact is that they have most active and skilled people.
I am sure some of the Kingdoms came to them and offered them NAP and Fate just kept accepting most of the offers as they really wanted to win the era. I believe that era was over in terms who would win when Fate NAPed Pks and MAD... Those two were probably the only ones that could stand against Fate, except from Rebirth of course. But we in Rebirth made couple of mistakes, and we have too many inactive members. Its all about how many active skilled players you have, and nobody can say Fate isnt skilled. They are a very good well organized Kingdom.
They would still most likely win the era but so many NAPs were really not needed. But the fact is also that this era will be remembered as era that Fate won, and not the map-napping era.

17:27:10 Sep 4th 09 - Mr. Billious:

No, FATE have done nothing wrong.

18:24:24 Sep 4th 09 - Mr. Thundar:

Yes, FATE has crossed the line when it comes to their amount of NAP's.

18:27:12 Sep 4th 09 - Mr. Mcmax The Troll:

Geee, that's difficult.

They have not done anything wrong according the to rules of the game. They wanted to win I guess.

But as far as making this game interesting/challenging they have done wrong. So my vote goes (mostly) for this point of view.


Problem is as it always have been: Players/kingdoms does their utmost to win, even using means some would call unfair. But that's how it is.

Zeta might have a problem - or he might not - to keep this game "hot". I don't have the brilliant idea - free to him, just to use. Sorry.

18:30:23 Sep 4th 09 - Mr. Venithen:

    I don't know if Fate challenged themselves as much as they possibly could, but I don't really think they deserve all the crap they are getting for their NAPS.  I wasn't really there for it, but didn't the big kingdom that landed on Fantasia last era get torn to bits from attacks on all sides?  I'd imagine that at the start of this era Fate didn't want to end up like that, imo if you are fighting too many wars to stand a chance, then your diplomats have made some mistakes. 
      Like for example, this era SIN was fighting PKS/PHI for a time, that was about 50 vs 14.  True that we weren't there only focus, but that is a hard fight either way.  We chose our battles.  To add Fate or some other large kingdom at the same time would have spelled certain doom for us.

     Fate had an OOP war with HIV/Choco and won.  We, SIN, and GOTF entered eastern Fantasia from Nirvana while Fate was still warring Choco/HIV, we both got NAPs with Fate, I'm guessing because they didn't want to fight all 4 of us at once.  GOTF was warring HIV at the same time as Fate so that NAP makes sense, enemy of my enemy sort of thing.  And SIN, as much as we can fight, probably wouldn't have stood a good chance against Fate with our 14 or so members while our war with PHI/PKS was starting up.  Fate also NAPed Mr. Heads Hunter, who was soloing, but I imagine that was less of saving themselves and more of saving him.
   Fate's NAP with PKS makes sense in that they were both fighting other wars, PKS--> RVL, and Fate--> HIV/Choco.  They were both giant kingdoms, and a war between the two could have cost them both dearly.
   Fate did go to war with PHI on Mantrax, but I couldn't see Fantasia's western or southern fronts, though BOOM did appear later from the south which was a GOTF/Fate controlled area.  This is all just my perspective though.  I've heard of Fate warring many other kingdoms through the era, so I wouldn't say they have just farmed.
   In the end, Fate still had to work for there win, you can't knock the skill that many of their players had.  They might not have had the hardest wars, but they played to win, and so they did.  This is just my opinion though, so take it for what you will.

18:32:42 Sep 4th 09 - Mr. Palpatine:

No, FATE have done nothing wrong.

they were on fanta in position of relative strength....pks and mad surrendered chance for era win by napping them which i guess is their choice. big kingdoms napping fate is a bigger problem than fate accepting them. those kingdoms are denying their members any chance of era win and go into it knowingly.

19:29:27 Sep 4th 09 - Mr. Sultan:

there is no rule against that, i see that move on their part as being smart and part of good tactics and if that is what it takes to win then i dont think it is a problem at all.



19:46:21 Sep 4th 09 - Mr. Hanky Panky:

omg lew if your quiting the game quit the game and actually leave please... geeze

20:01:54 Sep 4th 09 - Mr. Dread:

why is 12 inch 's reply deleted he simpely awnsered leela's post..

20:37:41 Sep 4th 09 - Duke Angelus:

Yes, FATE has crossed the line when it comes to their amount of NAP's.!!!!!!!!

Its not against any rules... but come on... mass napping is bullshit. if im not mistaken some of the Fate players flamed Elements(when on fant) for napping a bunch off kingdoms.

20:40:46 Sep 4th 09 - Guildmaster Chade:

In my honest opinion, this game is not about wars, it is all about politics, so my vote:

No, FATE have done nothing wrong

20:56:35 Sep 4th 09 - Mr. Horus:

No violation IMO

Maybe some KDs will grow a pair and say no next era

21:09:20 Sep 4th 09 - Duke Angelus:

this is the guy who won the era

Total land: 387082Battles won: 0Cities captured: 0
Total killed: 0Science lvls: 38Total troops: 2.4 Million
 Nuff said
and the top 6 guys killed less troops then ONE! person(bogdan) if you can go thought the era like that is just ridiculous

21:09:47 Sep 4th 09 - Mr. Vangard:

No i didn't really care.  But then again I've been to busy worryin about my self to really care about kds other than mine.  This is a pointless thread ive aleady heard enough of this in end of era awards...

21:13:25 Sep 4th 09 - Mr. Brett The Hitmanhart:

You all screamed blue murder when I said the era winner should be totally based on the most fearsome list, as thats what, in the end the objective of the game is. Now you complain cause we got a farmer score list...cant have both.

21:15:08 Sep 4th 09 - Duke Angelus:


i never said a thing about that :p

21:15:27 Sep 4th 09 - Mr. Davram Bashere:

brett you show your a fool once more. the fearsome list is a joke and it shows next to nothing of what actually happens. crowning an era winner because he killed nub troops or was given troops to kill isnt much different. that said this has to be the LEAST deserved and most pathetic era win ive seen since i started. the end score does need a total overhaul again it seems BUT if you use troops killed you need to do it by op and dp not just pure numbers. you need to show the difference between killing 30k nazguls and 150k gaia. and taking an undefended 1 building city or a fortified 90k city

21:32:44 Sep 4th 09 - Mr. Brett The Hitmanhart:

which is calculated into the most fearsome list you fool

21:33:19 Sep 4th 09 - Mr. Dread:

fearsome rulers is an indication like hoh armies but not really accrute at all.
and also early era achivements are overshadowd..
bringing down a entire kd early era is as mutch kills as the kill youd make as takeing 1 city late in the era..

21:34:53 Sep 4th 09 - Mr. Davram Bashere:

Mr. Brett The Hitmanhart


20:32:44 Sep 4th 09
which is calculated into the most fearsome list you fool


fearsome list shows number of troops and cities killed


plz re read my post

21:35:51 Sep 4th 09 - Mr. Brett The Hitmanhart:

please re read the updates at the start of the era, then decide whats what.

21:36:44 Sep 4th 09 - Sir Jondrus Dah Clamps:

No, FATE have done nothing wrong

21:40:43 Sep 4th 09 - Mr. Davram Bashere:

  • Kingdom tags will be removed to make it less confusing
  • No XP gain for attacking the same city over and over again.
  • No XP given for attacking the same ruler over and over again.
  • Humans: Special attack: When a city is under siege and they have catapults in the army they can make a catapult attack that will destroy some of the walls.
  • You can see hidden halfling scouts if you have an army close enough.
  • Humans: No market advantage. See stuff before everyone else instead.
  • Warehouses help against starving.
  • Building upkeep will be removed.
  • No 50% rule in the connected realms.
  • Tax income from cities will increase exponentially
  • Farm near water bonus increased
  • Dwarf max mining bonus increased.

    era of dvs

  • Less player per realm (hopefully)
  • Trade routs
  • No army merging with kingdom members
  • Full upkeep in allied cities
  • New kamikaze type attack
  • Production will be high in the beginning and slow down exponentially.
  • Armories will shorten training times instead of lowering troop prices.
  • No double cost penalty when training troops while under attack.
  • Combat spells will count as offensive attack.
  • Slaves decreasing building costs will be redesigned
  • The order in witch rulers are listen in the ending scores will be updated
  • All realms will use the same market.
  • Human archers will cost 500 instead of 600 and Elf ghost will be 1/2 instead of 2/2 (off/def)
  • and that shows a far superior fearsome list being implemented how?

    21:48:12 Sep 4th 09 - Mr. Roheran:

    blame the game mechanics not the strategy of the player/kd's. Fate did nothing wrong in my opinion, but I wouldn't do it myself though   :)

    21:48:30 Sep 4th 09 - Sir Pubeguin The Hairy Cheezburger:

    mage ftw?

    23:17:51 Sep 4th 09 - Mr. Pointbreak:

    Smaller kingdoms should just merge and challenge to make the game more fun.
    I dont reckon Fate done much wrong but if next Era goes similar to the next the smaller kingdoms should Merge and make a game of it Size Vs Size.

    I am pretty sure Fate would like to be challenged this way.

    plus smaller kingdoms would have to search for NAPs if they joined each other.

    My favorite kingdom to challenge Era just gone was Sun warriors small compact and composed.
    HIV were similar fairplay guys.

    00:12:52 Sep 5th 09 - Mr. Ezzy Teh Elven Warrior:

    FATE have decent leaders. Lets talk about someone evil instead like MAD...

    00:17:22 Sep 5th 09 - Sir Big And Tasty:

    No, FATE has done yes indeed crossed the line wrong when it comes to their wrong amount of NAP's.

    00:31:00 Sep 5th 09 - Endless Happy Meals:

    Davey, is that yes or no? lol :p

    01:20:00 Sep 5th 09 - Mr. Orcinus Orca:

    im honestly disappointed in how this era win was achieved i dnt like mass napers n i dnt wana say fate are mass nappers cos iv seen em fight their fair share b4 this era.

    01:21:18 Sep 5th 09 - Mr. Orcinus Orca:

    bt when it comes to wrong or right.......then no doubt fate did nothing wrong.

    we all kno in this game fighting and killing troops isnt wat makes a succesful era..........some did too much fighting n lost n mayb fate didnt do enough of it.

    bt what they did breaks no VU laws.

    01:40:13 Sep 5th 09 - Swedish chef Brashen:

    well I like fate but it seems they had to many naps and a to easy era since a person who did not kill a single enemy managed to win.

    If you are that safe at home so you can play sim city all era and win you must have had to many naps.

    If a member in my kd who did not even help out in a single battle would win I would be pissed of and demand that he be kicked.

    01:43:19 Sep 5th 09 - Sir Big And Tasty:

    ED, I thought muh answer was pretty obvious? :p

    01:46:14 Sep 5th 09 - Endless Happy Meals:

    ha ha ha :p  maybe ;)

    btw, love the little pen(g)or on the new banner :D

    11:10:26 Sep 5th 09 - Mr. Denonia:

    Mr. Brett The Hitmanhart


    21:13:25 Sep 4th 09 You all screamed blue murder when I said the era winner should be totally based on the most fearsome list, as thats what, in the end the objective of the game is. Now you complain cause we got a farmer score list...cant have both.

    That list was the one that seemed most interesting to me to begin with. However it seems to me that it mostly is about who is best at fighting empty cities and playing city tennis.

    Troops killed seems to be undervalued but should be most important if you ask me.

    11:16:16 Sep 5th 09 - Chancellor Mcfeast Deluxe:

    Not necessarily Deno - Cus there's a HUGE difference between killing 1.5m Elven Ghosts and 50k Orc Nazzies.

    12:50:22 Sep 5th 09 - Mr. Thundar:

    Your saying no VU laws have been broken, yes but I've noticed that it has unwritten laws you should abide. This wasn't the case this era, I don't know if FATE has always been like this but whoever lead this plan must hate playing games on any difficulty above very easy.

    I'd point towards their viceroys but I've only really seen stuff from two of them. Mainly from Twelve Inch Mctasty though, which leads me to ask if the leadership is infact run from the viceroys, or him.

    But from what I've seen from obviously more veteran and experienced players, is that mass NAPing has always been frowned upon and a win like this is not deserved.

    07:24:37 Sep 6th 09 - Mr. Shadow:

    i dont think they did anything wrong. just cause everyone wants to NAP them isnt their fault. its school yard logic. if you can be friends with the strongest guy in school why not be? because you see it as too easy or unfair? hey thats your choice. but i do agree the scoring needs to be looked at.

    08:24:42 Sep 6th 09 - Mr. Jet:

    Funny that you make this flame thread and ask for no flaming. My suggestion to the OP is to get over it. If you think they have too many naps then build up an alliance against them.
    No, Fate have done nothing wrong.
    That said, I don't give them any credit for winning the era. Era winners these days are overrated and irrevelent.

    08:26:21 Sep 6th 09 - Mr. Himanil VII:

    No, FATE have done nothing wrong.

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