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VU needs you
23:38:12 Aug 4th 09 - Mr. Sammael:


Players of VU. it has come to the attention of a fair few players that the game is in urgent need of a kick in the ass.

No longer should mass nap mass number kingdoms rule these lands, no longer should those with no honour prosper. This is a call from Osiris and Ali to all those who have any honour and respect left to spill the blood of those who would destroy the spirit of this game. May those who belive in this join as one.

Those who show interest in an undertaking such as this should send Sammael a message or post here.

23:44:08 Aug 4th 09 - Mr. Jellybean:

How about a United Nations ?

If so Jelly Bean Empire might be in .... :)

23:44:33 Aug 4th 09 - Prince Mielo:

This topic got my support!

23:51:09 Aug 4th 09 - Divine Elldorian:

but then how will i win?

00:04:26 Aug 5th 09 - Demonslayer The Infidel Killing Kitten:

Sammael has my support.  The game obviously is heading in a bad direction.

00:06:49 Aug 5th 09 - Lord Wraith The Bored:

Kath, you wouldn't win if we all farmed and gave you our mines.

And I like this too!!

00:10:49 Aug 5th 09 - Sir Brannigans Law:

no fate members have supported this yet... why arent i surprised?

00:12:01 Aug 5th 09 - Demonslayer The Infidel Killing Kitten:

^It has been up 30 minutes Bran :\

00:12:43 Aug 5th 09 - Sir Pubeguin The Hairy Cheezburger:

i supported it, but some ohmightyfągmo deleted my post

00:14:24 Aug 5th 09 - Mr. Twelve Inch Mcsatay:

You talking about Biased Mod Mielo?

00:15:07 Aug 5th 09 - Sir Brannigans Law:

why are you in fate if you agree with what osi said??

00:16:19 Aug 5th 09 - Demonslayer The Infidel Killing Kitten:

No need to start an argument in the topic...

00:17:43 Aug 5th 09 - Mr. Twelve Inch Mcsatay:

Sammael - DLO?


Ben, you guessed right...

00:17:49 Aug 5th 09 - Dark Prince Stirlin:

what did osi say?

00:19:55 Aug 5th 09 - Demonslayer The Infidel Killing Kitten:

Mr. Sammael


17:38:12 Aug 4th 09

This is a call from Osiris and Ali to all those who have any honour and respect left to spill the blood of those who would destroy the spirit of this game.

Osi and Ali must have been watching...and wanted action to change the direction that the game is going.

00:23:15 Aug 5th 09 - Sir Brannigans Law:

theyre just saying what everyone outside the fate alliance is thinking

00:29:06 Aug 5th 09 - Sir Pubeguin The Hairy Cheezburger:


00:30:20 Aug 5th 09 - Demonic Ancient Axe Called Bob:

VU has been going downhill for ages...I dare say that Zeta should bring back the big walls...that way Kingdoms can just cower behind them and won't need to mass-nap the entire population playing VU just to make sure they survive and secure the era's win...the kingdoms who deem themselves worthy and powerful enough will venture out and seek those who are hiding in fear with hundreds of others underneath one banner...those who are the weak...those who are the farmers...the hippies...yes...those who are the spoilers of this once great and fun game...

00:34:04 Aug 5th 09 - Sir Big And Tasty:


00:35:29 Aug 5th 09 - Sir Pubeguin The Hairy Cheezburger:

+5 what that infidel shezmu said.

00:37:06 Aug 5th 09 - Mr. Brett The Hitmanhart:

sorry...lost me ...are we asking for walls, giving up mines, trying to make penguin burgers or what? Im all for the spirit of the game up upitty ho...but think thats more the spirits from the tavern talking

00:45:15 Aug 5th 09 - Sir Brannigans Law:

fate looks like a real intelligent kd by the looks of this thread :p

00:46:29 Aug 5th 09 - Sir Pubeguin The Hairy Cheezburger:

yeah we be intelligentz...

01:29:04 Aug 5th 09 - Mr. Ezzy Teh Elven Warrior:


alliance wars !!!

01:34:47 Aug 5th 09 - Mr. Barny:


But really, if you are tired of kingdoms mass NAP'ing then:

1. Keep crying, your sweet, sweet tears will soften the hearts of the culprits

2. Mass NAP against the Mass NAP'ers

3. Leave your kingdom and fly solo, trust me; this game is completely designed to accomidate non-kingdom gameplay ;)

4. Keep crying

01:41:12 Aug 5th 09 - Sir Big Mac Attack:

5. Complain to ZeTa to get the worlds split up again

01:51:36 Aug 5th 09 - Sir Caradoc:

um... the kingdom that wins the first OOP war wins the era then. MaPs and Naps must be in place. i do agree that certain *cough* kingdoms have to many naps. i think 3 is the right amount

02:00:01 Aug 5th 09 - Sir Joey Tribbiani:

it depends on the situation.. your kd size the amount of kds around you and the skill the of the kds you napped.

fate have a huge amount of members, so do the kds they napped.

02:03:50 Aug 5th 09 - Sir Pubeguin The Hairy Cheezburger:

we are training new players thats why we have so much


02:07:59 Aug 5th 09 - Mr. Minor Threat:

Haven't you either NAP/MAP'd the other two top 3 kingdoms( MAD and Rebirth)?

02:08:50 Aug 5th 09 - Mr. Brett The Hitmanhart:

Force it that naps are required to be registered with a "VU Council" and the amount of naps a kd can have is restricted by total players.
IE: a kd can only have a total of 100 members participate in a nap, so if kd A has 35 members, they can only nap a total of 65 members or less...thus 2 more kd's of equal size. Any kd caught in breach of the nap registration gets penalised 50% of players income for a week.
Just write into the script kd x naps kd y. The system then totals the players in each kd and if approved, agrees the nap. If not, its rejected and if the kd's are deemed to be working as partners beyond that nap application risk the fines.
dunno...who cares...fight damnit

02:17:42 Aug 5th 09 - Sir Big Mac Attack:

Mr. Minor Threat


20:07:59 Aug 4th 09 Haven't you either NAP/MAP'd the other two top 3 kingdoms( MAD and Rebirth)?

No =)

02:24:15 Aug 5th 09 - Sir Big And Tasty:

Adding to the list somewhere up there.

6. Have Zeta start all Fant quality kd's on Fant, instead of on lower worlds to feed on weaker kingdoms

02:48:12 Aug 5th 09 - Mr. Bearmanmaja:

Just get some balls, cool kingdoms like Serenity had a efficiently working no NAP policy.

13:04:17 Aug 5th 09 - Mr. Mac Maharaja The Gandu:

Funnily enough, last era we had fewer members and fewer NAPs yet a lot of those that are trying to start the anti-Fate alliance were the ones that didn't bother to congratulate us for the era win.

Could it be possible that some personality clashes between individuals is driving some of this negativity towards our whole kingdom?

I will take this opportunity to express some of my thoughts on the current state of VU politics. Though I expect only a few of youwillbe interested or even bother to read wahr may well be a wall of text. :)

When we started this era we did not sit down and decide to have as many members as we do. We did decide to accept a few more due the fact that we would be starting on Fant and possibly alone like Juicy had to endure last era. Fighting on 4 fronts against the likes of Rev, Choco, Rebirth and MAD can not be done successfully by a conventional 20-25 man kingdom. Even if you fill ALL the key blockers with a good volume of troops a CW or 2 will be inevitable and then your core will eventually fall.  Thus we figured 30 would give us one more man per map boundary to help defend that area. Then Yarlin and Ned came back who we couldnt say no to. Then the RL friends of members wanted to join so after much discussion about the natural attrition that most kingdoms experience from era to era we decided to let them in.

As power on Fant wins the era we had to assume that all the strong kingdoms would not NAP us. We sent out a few NAP requests to see who would accept and in all honesty we didnt expect many more than a couple of kingdoms to respond. Despite the dislike of some vocal detractors we do have quite a few friends around VU and some of them wanted to NAP us merely for friendship sake. At no stage did we discuss who was attacking who and how we could win the era. Surviving the era was our main goal.

We also had no idea how long we would be fighting HIV and Choc who landed right next to us on Fant. Both those kingdoms have some of the best players in VU and it was possible that we could be fighting them for a very long time and eventually our flanks would get hit by a couple of other powerful kingdoms.

The worlds opening up and having, what would normally be Fant level kingdoms starting on all four sides means that the old 'rules' had to be revised. To what degree is up to the individual kingdoms to decide. However, to suggest that based on this single era that we have changed the whole game is ridiculous.

Fate has been good, bad and ugly allies to many of the kingdoms that are out there and some that no longer exist. For the most part we have fallen in the GOOD category. We have made mistakes in the past and will likely make more in the future. Can any of the leaders of the other kingdoms out there say they haven't? I would be suprised if there was.

Personally, I have treated everyone with respect even if I dont agree with your opinion or your NAPs or one of your kingdom members or your 'Forum persona'. To be branded immoral and party to the destruction of a once good game is extremely irritating and basically bullsh*t. I sincerely hope sanity will prevail.




15:14:02 Aug 5th 09 - Mr. Himanil VII:

You call that a wall of text? Would be just the beginning lines of the intro for RP'ers (too humble and wise therefore take Charley as an example).

Actually you can fight them all rather like we are, though the fact that we'll get our asses handed to us is a totally different issue, the fact is that if we removed even 2 kingdoms from our current enemies then our opponents are totally screwed. All that the other's are saying is that the games is much for fun that way. Not wanting to escalate things further I'll withdraw and keep shut till I fins something worthwhile to respond to.

15:25:35 Aug 5th 09 - Dr. Raving Lunatic Duh Mad Hatter:

This is one I agree with

6. Have Zeta start all Fant quality kd's on Fant, instead of on lower worlds to feed on weaker kingdoms

15:29:17 Aug 5th 09 - Mr. Himanil VII:

Dunno if the good kingdoms would like that. Besides it's make the noob players stay as inexperienced as ever without being exposed to the best.

15:33:21 Aug 5th 09 - Mr. Himanil VII:

Dunno if the good kingdoms would like that. Besides it's make the noob players stay as inexperienced as ever without being exposed to the best.

15:49:42 Aug 5th 09 - Dr. Raving Lunatic Duh Mad Hatter:

Mr. Himanil VII that was the argument for ending the seperation and the nub world. I have always thought let the nubs fight each other for a while then as they get to know the basics well they can be exposed to better players. Althought there were those who landed on the nub world just to kill nubs and gloat about it. That did not help much.

16:04:32 Aug 5th 09 - Mr. Himanil VII:

You are right when you say that the nubs learn the basics fighting each other but ti's rather like this-

If a newly passed military recruit fights in wargames with his fellow pass outs that doesn't mean that he stands even the slightest of chance when up against seasoned veterans.

Besides hearing them complain in their super nooblishly childish way is too harshly sweet to avoid.

16:29:33 Aug 5th 09 - Mr. Ignis The War:

mee too

16:31:18 Aug 5th 09 - Dr. Raving Lunatic Duh Mad Hatter:

True they stand no chance against seasoned vets in eather case.

That is why I think its better they learn some skill first and then be exposed to the 50% worlds where they face others who are a bit more skilled than they are. Also at that point having the chance to join kingdoms willing to train them.

Hearing them complain is better than hearing some gloat about going to the nub worlds and killing nubs. On second thought maybe it isnt.


16:34:15 Aug 5th 09 - Mr. Himanil VII:

Anyway who doesn't enjoy 'noob slaughter', many a guys stick about in VU because of that being their favourite past time.

16:36:05 Aug 5th 09 - Dr. Raving Lunatic Duh Mad Hatter:

I for one do not enjoy nub slaughter. Why we often end up NAPed to a bunch of 3 man kds LOL

16:38:12 Aug 5th 09 - Sir Big Mac Attack:

Nub slaughter is boring; in connected worlds you kinda HAVE to do it b/c someone will, but I'd be much happier if they were out of the way and no one could use them to an advantage

16:38:29 Aug 5th 09 - Mr. Himanil VII:

Well I'll have to agree that Zeta has made things a bit less fun these days though.

[[NO MOD would happen to have any statistics related to web traffic pertaining to VU by any chance would they?]]

19:00:32 Aug 5th 09 - Pirate Leela The Eyepatched:

I agree with teh osi. However, I reckon it's stupid you guys create a whole new kingdom for that because that's exactly what HIV stands for.

22:42:05 Aug 5th 09 - Divine Elldorian:

well this is what i feel are the problems.

Divine Elldorian

21:27:58 Aug 5th 09 Hmm well this is my reason for thinking it has failed.

So far 19 players who are on talents have quit the game due to them ON THERE FIRST ERA getting raped by higher worlds.

compared to that 6 players or so have found Kingdoms to join.

3 players (long term ones) on top of those 19 new players have quit.

So the pluses so far are

-More fun for vets
-some exp players who shouldnt even be on talents(so far ive seen none of the big KD's recruit first era players however i could be wrong)

Thats two pluses

now negatives

-it messes with era scores as i could just kill shitloads of nubs. take there cities. use this income to farm troops on a world were im uncontested. head to big games. ruin the experienced but not yet vet players game. and then become era winner.
-VU ends up losing more players then it gains. thereforth eventually the amount of people playing VU will fall.
-caused MASS NAP's meaning smaller new kingdoms who people are less likely to NAP are obliterated by large Alliances so new people cant try new things like leading KD's and such.
-worlds fill up to fast. talents has been opened yet there are only two or so corps on the WHOLE of talents. and those are from kingdoms who farmed. those who have been in OOP wars only have brigades and divisions. to give an example of why this is fail so far ive seen two MAD corps. in all honesty not a single talents KD stands a chance now.
-Lower worlds are FORCED to NAP each other leading to More mass nap's.
which in turn ruins the game.

People are saying Mass nap'ng is the problem but its not. in all fairness KD's like fate and those who MASS Nap'd are the smart ones. i garauntee you most who didnt MASS nap will NEVER win a era whilst cross worlds are around because of the sheer amount of enemies they will have.

And for those thinking im only saying this because i got 'pwned'  ive been saying this from day one of cross worlds. even before they were applied to the game.

most wont read this. most who do read it will most likely ignore it. those who dont ignore it will most likely think its wrong. but heck this is how i feel. I actively go out and recruit players from other games and real life. ive just counted and from TW and other games ive brought in 32 people altogether. from RL 16. yet only 10 of them played over an era after cross worlds. only 1 of them plays now. and he is inactive.

people can deny it but its the truth. VU will die with cross worlds. im not gonna pretend i know the answer to VU's problems. as i dont
. but any fool can see what the problems are.

and for those saying there is no honor in the game. You can not blame the younger KD's i admit when i first joined VU i set out to make a kingdom. A kingdom to rival legacy was what we planned. When new players arrive they end up idolizing older Kingdoms. when you have kingdoms like MAD offering NAP's and then next tick taking cities from the new players and RoF'ng them. and Dynamite claiming a CF with us over the weekend and then taking new player cities. It is no suprise to me or any who have run training KD's or try to play on lower worlds to help those there that this is happening. I will not deny that i have betrayed my allies in the past. Due to circumstance. there is not a single NAP/MAP that i have broken that given the chance i would not break again. All those i have broken are people who i know for a fact planned to betray me. so when you can not even trust your own Allies to play honorable who can you trust to. and if you can not trust others to be honorable what is the point in doing so youself?

23:11:24 Aug 5th 09 - Sir Caradoc:

i wouldnt like 6 because all of the good kingdom would have to fight eachother only and then they would get flanked and that just ain cool son.

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