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17:51:48 Mar 5th 20 - Rajkumar Bala (Mr. The Banished):

19:18:29 Mar 5th 20 - Exalted Evoker Salamon:

surrender now, you stand no chance against our scouts 

02:28:32 Mar 6th 20 - Polydeuces (Mr. Valkruul):

Yall wanna tank the tree market so bad, here you go.

You are selling 237747 tree for 235105 gold (0.99)

04:17:12 Mar 6th 20 - Exalted Evoker Salamon:


20:21:03 Mar 6th 20 - Rajkumar Bala (Mr. The Banished):

Exalted Evoker Salamon:

surrender now, you stand no chance against our scouts 

Bring it on ;) 

23:36:52 Mar 6th 20 - Exalted Berserker Salamon:

Image result for bring it on

01:45:44 Mar 7th 20 - Mr. Bling:


01:52:12 Mar 7th 20 - Mr. Arcan Igniz:

Blääh. Bling stopp posting selfies

02:16:11 Mar 7th 20 - Mr. Bling:

I'm not that good looking

21:00:53 Mar 22nd 20 - Sir Edi The Great:

Mid era recognition post!
Giving out awards to people and kingdoms

Most warlike kingdom this era
Cronicles of Candlewax
Battles won: 95
Battles lost: 71
Impressive performances by several members of the kingdom
Great teamwork and good planning

Fought since start of era
Even thought going in two wars right away, usually a mistake
We did really well at both fronts

Before I took a break recently, several months away from the game,
Back then I must say HnS were doing pretty bad, always easy to take down
Never really considered to be top kingdom on this map, at least it did not seem to me...
This era, award for best come back as a kingdom goes to
Hammer and Shield
Battles won: 50
Battles lost: 52

You guys are a much tougher nut to crack then KoH
Good activity and magic, nice coordination in defensive missions
You guys gather troops quickly to counter our attacks, very well done.

In the end, era might be determined right after the oop wars
As a veteran kingdom as Holy will most certainly use the situation they have
They defeated their oop enemy quickly, and they were able to build up
Award for oop force and favorite to win in the long run goes to
Battles won: 32
Battles lost: 5

It goes without saying you guys have the most vets and most active people.
I must say I was surprised by the way you ended the war, and now have more land than anyone here, therefore I would be surprised if you do not steam roll everyone

I am not sure if they are new kingdom on the map
But I will still say award for best new kingdom goes to:
Battles won: 13
Battles lost: 4

Does not seem they did many battles, could be due to their location on the map and not having a difficult oop war
They did build up nicely and they seem to be well organised.
Nice to see new kingdom around.

This era I would say award for disappointment of the era, and encouragement for the continuation of the era and come back for next era goes to CP
You guys had a difficult oop, but I still expected more

Childrens Playground
Battles won: 2
Battles lost: 17

Learn from your mistakes and come back stronger by the end of the era, and new eras to come :)

And award for veteran kingdom who did not pull their own weight this era goes to:
Kingdom of Heaven
Battles won: 19
Battles lost: 30

They might say they were not active enough, or similar stuff
But in the end, they should have done better considering their enemies had two kingdoms to fight, and only a small portion of troops were focused on them
They are not dead and they did not lose, but still goes without saying they are supposed to do more.

21:49:38 Mar 22nd 20 - Konspyre (Captain Obvious):

I can proudly say that I haven't done anything other than farm this whole era. Thanks Bogdan and Versace + our mages for making this possible <3.

04:22:36 Mar 26th 20 - Mr. Mantrax:

I do know there are some Europeans in KoH. Consider kindly that real life plague is ravaging the world.

08:15:04 Mar 26th 20 - Endless (Lady Real Slim Chady):

I think I died on that map oop, that'll learn me for trying out troll after so long of not playing it lol

11:14:26 Mar 26th 20 - Sir Edi The Great:

It was theirs Europeans vs our Europeans

And we were almost all in same boat
Mostly all trolls who fought you guys (except GaP)

02:36:37 Apr 7th 20 - Ryan the Archion (Lord Arc):

This is unacceptable!

Why would Candlewax plunder their allied KD's inactive? We are allied but you put shame to your Kingdom. It happened twice.

I will not tolerate it. I declare war against Candlewax whether Holy accept my plea to take revenge or not.

Magic Towers:0
Guard Towers:1
Lumber Mills:1000
Armies in the city: 1(Total of 50 men)

03:06:54 Apr 7th 20 - Mr. Ruthlessone:

How long ago was that? Was it Spook? Might of been when he was chasing me XD

03:12:18 Apr 7th 20 - Ryan the Archion (Lord Arc):

No it is in the south. At least 2 players attacked within the last 48 hours.

03:14:19 Apr 7th 20 - Mr. Ruthless Hunter:

Yea I passed over your city a while back with spook chasing me. He stopped on ur city for a bit so thought that was when.

03:28:18 Apr 7th 20 - Dakarta (Lord Dacarta):

I told you before - none of it was intentional nor did we attack.. But cool, war it is

From Fry - his first era playing:
You (4/4/2020 9:02:17 AM)
Why are you attacking Arc? Stop
Mr. Fry (4/4/2020 5:34:41 PM) GOOD BAD
Of course I don't want to attack them lol. I already told to Arc I just moved my armies in the last minute and I didn't really position them precisely. I didn't see they are attacking as I don't see the red dots around them.. I move away. I respect the NAP.

From Sylvanimora:

You (4/6/2020 11:34:51 AM)
You're prepping on his city... Please move
Mr. Sylvanimora (4/6/2020 2:20:44 PM) GOOD BAD
Stopped to merge armies up and continue moving to the flash . Went to sleep forgot to keep moving and didn't want to move to much because of sleeping and not sure where Armie is going

03:48:00 Apr 7th 20 - Ryan the Archion (Lord Arc):

If they did not attack and plundered, why there are only 2882 peasants from a 5k Homes.

03:49:52 Apr 7th 20 - Cao Cao (Ghostmaster Spoook):

??? I'm guessing you aren't talking about me? I plundered nobody, the only children's city I prepped on was yours, so you know I didnt

03:54:55 Apr 7th 20 - Mr. Ruthless Hunter:

@Lord Arc, do you not have a news report in your news feed? 0.o

03:58:32 Apr 7th 20 - Dakarta (Lord Dacarta):

It's not his city - it's his leader's, who became inactive. He can't see who attacked his KD mate..

03:59:27 Apr 7th 20 - Ryan the Archion (Lord Arc):

I was not the one that got attacked, it was Banished who went inactive. I need to leave the KD to have proof by casting EitS as I am the only one active.

04:24:29 Apr 7th 20 - Mr. Ruthlessone:

Ah I see nvm continue on. I shall stay out of it. XD

09:48:08 Apr 7th 20 - Mr. Don Kichotas:

ARC  does it stand in news? OR NOT? Like this: 

Saturday - 38 days ago
Niugnep of Dont Ever Antagonize The Horn bought 16000000 stone for 15360000 gold from you on the market.
We received a message from Ms. Cfhvghv.
Explicit lead by Duke Valkyros XLVIII burned and destroyed Newborn. We lost 0 Farmers, 0 Slingers, 0 Pony riders, 0 Illusionists, 0 Adventurers and 0 peasants in the battle.
Morale in Newborn dropped because they are afraid Explicit will eat them!

09:59:06 Apr 7th 20 - Ryan the Archion (Lord Arc):

What in the "I was not the one attacked" did you not understand?

11:56:29 Apr 7th 20 - Mr. Bogdan:

The peasants count don't really tell you that the city was attacked. Plundering a city won't take all the peasants, only a small amount. On the other hand, if the inactive player doesn't have farms and he ran out of food, the peasants are leaving his cities.

12:06:47 Apr 7th 20 - Mr. The Great And Powerful:

Arc, so this guy who was attacked must send info about it. :P I could say whatever I want, but if I can't prove so fuck it :) 

We had peace with Holy whole era, and suddenly they decide attack us without warning. Sorry I can't prove it, the other guy had conversation with Holy and well somehow he deleted all messages... but I blame Holy!!! Zeta please kick Holy from this world.. 

14:16:25 Apr 7th 20 - Dakarta (Lord Dacarta):

Looks like Bogdan hit the nail on the head.

Nobody attacked Banished's city. If he miraculously gets on and proves me wrong, I will stand correct. Your war is futile.

14:50:03 Apr 7th 20 - Ryan the Archion (Lord Arc):

No, he did not. I plundered cities of inactive players before without farms and that is the only city of theirs and much larger than Banished. I usually get 100k to 300k peasants even those players are 15 RL days inactive.

And who said my war will gain anything. I just don't like treacherous KDs.

15:01:48 Apr 7th 20 - Dakarta (Lord Dacarta):

I'm pretty sure Bogdan knows the game better than both of us combined.

I never said it would gain anything. I meant it's not warranted. Believe me, I do not like treacherous KDs either. If there was concrete proof, I would deal with it appropriately.

Nobody attacked your cities and until you have proof, you're the one being treacherous. Again, if I am proven wrong, I will humbly apologize. I'm waiting for a response from Fry, but again I highly doubt he did anything.

You (4/6/2020 9:51:30 PM)
Did you plunder Banished?
Mr. Sylvanimora (4/6/2020 10:42:48 PM) GOOD BAD
Mr. Sylvanimora (4/6/2020 10:45:25 PM) GOOD BAD
Only sat there . Didn't even check percent because of the nap and wasent going for attack . It was just were I set point to merge then I feel asleep .

16:08:42 Apr 7th 20 - Dakarta (Lord Dacarta):

Nothing from Fry either... Again, you have no proof. That EITS doesn't prove anybody attacked his city.

You (4/6/2020 9:54:10 PM)
Did you plunder Banished's city?
Mr. Fry (4/7/2020 10:06:31 AM) GOOD BAD
No... I don't care his cities. Btw I have enough income and resources, don't need more. I wrote down at least 4 times to you + arc + on forum.. I just went there with my army accidentally and I didn't notice this till you and Arc noticed me. I moved away, didn't click any options and didn't do any attack against them. I attacked only HnS and will do Holy.

16:21:23 Apr 7th 20 - Mr. Bogdan:

Arc, unless you get him to see the actual history and see an attack, the peasants count means nothing. when plundering you get way less than 30% peasants and even so, imagine how many times he would have had to plunder to get the city from 130k peasants to 2.8k (even if you calculate with 30% once, it's just not feasible). The guy obviously doesn't have food so the peasants are just abandoning the cities. 

What I am saying is that this number alone with the peasants doesn't prove anything related to plundering. The only way to get it down so much with an attack is if you try to take over at a high %, but you fail (in that case most of the peasants die). You can check this by refreshing the eits after a few ticks and see if the peasant count increased or it is still decreasing.

16:54:31 Apr 7th 20 - Mr. Ruthless Hunter:

Well, I have an idea. Not sure if Candle has ever made a hostile attack on Children's, but if not you could show this?

Or Arc could Eits the city to see if peasant count keeps dropping like Bogdan suggested.

00:17:38 Apr 8th 20 - Ryan the Archion (Lord Arc):

Then wake Banished up. Unless he is not up, I will still hold the EitS I had of his city.

00:22:12 Apr 8th 20 - Ryan the Archion (Lord Arc):

Bogdan, those armies prep on that city for at least 5 ticks each, there were 4 armies preped on that city.

Ruthless, I already left th KD to cast EitS to have proof. So, I can't see it now.

01:30:32 Apr 8th 20 - Konspyre (Captain Obvious):

This is all a baseless, useless discussion, but just in case, I'll copy paste what I sent Ryan a minute ago here as well, since I just took over Banished's only city:

You (4/8/2020 1:26:58 AM) i went for instant takeover cause i want to hit that Candle army. I didn't save the takeover stats but i remember getting ~40m gold, ~20m stone, ~8m tree, but only ~250 slaves. That's purely based on memory, and i don't remember food at all, so don't quote me on it.

Do whatever you want with that info, and have fun flaming eachother.

02:18:28 Apr 8th 20 - Konspyre (Captain Obvious):

Ah btw, the city is at 2% prod atm, only has the base 35 farms, 1k tree, rest mines, and a nice 1:5 homes:prod to top it all off. So I'd say Bogdan's mention of food is exactly right. :D

02:33:15 Apr 8th 20 - Ryan the Archion (Lord Arc):

Well, after that message from Konspyre. I concur my claims to be false. I'm sorry for being an a$$. However, since I already declared war, I guess I cannot pull it off. I will just continue the war since both parties exchange attacked already.

For Holy side, I will hope that they will still hold the negotiated terms before. However, if they deemed it unnecessary, I will not object.

It just like Banished, vanished in all his characters without a word. So kinda frustrated with all of these. Haha.

Again, sorry to Candlewax for what happened.

Kudos to the wars!

04:08:44 Apr 8th 20 - Exalted Sage Salamon:

Yeah, disappointing to see players leave, but i can understand after a loss you might not want to play for the era. Hopefully they come back in the next era.

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