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22:19:16 Sep 16th 12 - Bartimaeus The Reborn:

Kingdoms in Valhalla
Lost Souls 9 Prince Erythnul 132
Stormcloaks 7 Mr. Timur 127
Genocide 8 Bartimaeus The Reborn 100
Lietuvos Didzioji Kunigaikstyste 8 Mr. Vytautas Didysis 49
Blood of Dragons 3 Mr. Rorgrun Deepdigger 14


Well we have 2 new kingdoms.... should make things a bit more interesting :)

09:35:23 Sep 17th 12 - Mr. Vytautas Didysis:

yeah , sadly we no have enough players at the moment to play :)

12:38:25 Sep 17th 12 - Mr. Jumentous:

your english is deplorable, vyautas.

14:34:52 Sep 17th 12 - Zef (Mr. Zef The Not Brazilian):

Oi JumeJume, You ever considered english isn't the only language in the world? Not everyone has to speak it to perfection.

14:44:24 Sep 17th 12 - Mr. Jumentous:

yes they do, we english ruled the world once, so the world must speak our language.. correctly!

14:58:14 Sep 17th 12 - Mr. Timur:

His English is fine.  It communicates. 

And his kingdom is doing a fine job of holding off Stormcloaks...we took a few minor cities on the edges, but have had to withdraw temporarily from their bigger ones.   I'm glad I'm not facing the entire LDK crew.

19:04:20 Sep 17th 12 - LukeTheDuke (Mr. Travadixxen The Troll):

His english is just fine. He is a respectable member of VU, and you would do well to remember that.

20:20:43 Sep 17th 12 - Ms. Spark One:

:O lol and drama stars already?!

20:55:01 Sep 17th 12 - Mr. Jumentous:

actually his english needs some work, he shouldve put 'we dont have enough players...'
will only improve if someone acknowledges his mistakes, im helping him!

23:01:08 Sep 17th 12 - LukeTheDuke (Mr. Travadixxen The Troll):

" Actually his english needs some work, he should've put 'we dont have enough players...'
Will only improve if someone acknowledges his mistakes, i'm helping him!"

You're one to talk. Listen mister. I am not trying to pick any bones with you, but shut the hell up already. Didysis is a good friend of mine, just drop the subject, ok?

23:03:52 Sep 17th 12 - Ms. Spark One:

14:01:08 Sep 17th 12 - LukeTheDuke (Mr. Travadixxen The Troll):

" Actually his english needs some work, he should've put 'we dont have enough players...'
Will only improve if someone acknowledges his mistakes, i'm helping him!"

You're one to talk. Listen mister. I am not trying to pick any bones with you, but shut the hell up already. Didysis is a good friend of mine, just drop the subject, ok?

Dam haha got hella technical! But true!

00:01:27 Sep 18th 12 - Mr. Jumentous:

this is what i get for trying to help a guy improve on his english?

00:53:40 Sep 18th 12 - Bartimaeus The Reborn:

ANYWAYS haha who is warring who?! Pretty boring so far for us :(

00:53:48 Sep 18th 12 - Zef (Mr. Zef The Not Brazilian):

"This is what I get for trying to help a guy improve on his English?"

2 Strikes?

00:59:05 Sep 18th 12 - Mr. Jumentous:

are you trying to troll me?

is there nothing more interesting going on on this map to talk about? i dunno cos i cant see very much cos im kdless

02:00:32 Sep 18th 12 - Zef (Mr. Zef The Not Brazilian):

Are you trying to troll me?

Is there nothing more interesting going on on this map to talk about? I don't know because I can't see very much because i'm kdless.

Grammar bro. It gets you ALL the bitches.
Alas, we aren't trolling. We are very serious about grammar here in VU.

05:18:14 Sep 18th 12 - Mr. Farm Over Here Come Feed:

20:44:24 Sep 17th 12 - Mr. Jumentous:
yes they do, we english ruled the world once, so the world must speak our language.. correctly!

Many of us non-English speak better English then many native English. And even that is when English isn't our first language.

Your sense of superiority is deplorable.

06:13:10 Sep 18th 12 - Mr. Dakata:

Am I the only one to realize that every correction for the contraction "I am" is wrong? It's suppose to have a capital I? As in "I'm"...

07:15:00 Sep 18th 12 - Ryan the Archion (Mr. Archblade The Migrant of Val):

I just leave this era and Valhalla have become a grammar and English tutorial world? Haha!

Will be back soon with my other character. :)

09:20:05 Sep 18th 12 - Mr. Jumentous:

you people are being ridiculous. theres an acceptable level of grammar when speaking with text (no apostraphes or capital letters).

at least i was using structured sentances

11:57:11 Sep 18th 12 - Mr. Vytautas Didysis:

My english is bad, I know, but I not see any problem if you can understand me :)

By the way, you even can't say any word in my languages :)

Anyway, forget it, and let's play

15:09:13 Sep 18th 12 - Zef (Mr. Zef The Not Brazilian):

Lietuvos lengva

Get some.

15:26:19 Sep 18th 12 - LukeTheDuke (Mr. Travadixxen The Troll):

Google translate doesn't count! :P

20:21:44 Sep 18th 12 - Ms. Spark One:

lmfao right!!!! Clever though Zef: :p

21:00:50 Sep 18th 12 - Bartimaeus The Reborn:

LDK and the new kingdom SC going at it :p

23:21:55 Sep 18th 12 - Mr. Vytautas Didysis:

Storm and LS have NAP? :)

He he Zef, wrong anyway :D

23:40:30 Sep 21st 12 - Bartimaeus The Reborn:

Hydrogen Dioxide

Kingdom Banner

Name: Hydrogen Dioxide
Members: 2
Created: 9/21/2012 11:12:04 PM
Leader: Mr. Dacarta




:O and a new kingdom appears ha

Welcome Dacarta :)

05:46:08 Sep 22nd 12 - Mr. Dakarta:

Ha.. Thank ya. It'll be a rough first era with only 2 people.

16:49:05 Oct 5th 12 - Mr. Dacarta:

Congratulations to Lost Souls for taking advantage of a small (3 member) kingdom. Especially the way Mr. Knights handled himself.

Mr. Knights (9/26/2012 5:06:36 PM) GOOD BAD
sorry for take ur city. just want save u from att by Genocide. now u our good to go
You (9/26/2012 6:06:52 PM)
Are you going to let me take it back?
You (9/26/2012 7:31:05 PM)
If so, please move your troops out of the city, seeing as I don't have that many troops as it is. That is my main income city.
Mr. Knights (9/26/2012 10:25:14 PM) GOOD BAD
not right now cause genocide still around once they get take care i will give ur back
You (9/26/2012 11:29:52 PM)
Genocide will always be around. If I lose it to them, then it's my fault.
Mr. Knights (9/26/2012 11:47:32 PM) GOOD BAD
i don't want they have city around my core....... also will be hard to kill orc play around ur corn
You (9/27/2012 7:49:06 PM)
Let me have my city back, please.
You (9/28/2012 12:42:11 AM)
Are you leaving it?
You (9/28/2012 9:39:06 PM)
Please leave the city so I can take it back.
Mr. Knights (9/28/2012 11:22:34 PM) GOOD BAD
i still got 40k troop in train if u take i will kill u
You (9/28/2012 11:26:37 PM)
Why would you train that many troops if you planned on letting me take it back anyway?
You (9/28/2012 11:31:22 PM)
When those troops are done training, will you let me take it back?
You (9/29/2012 6:54:49 PM)
A reply would be nice.
You (10/1/2012 4:28:22 PM)
I'm gonna be coming to take that city back soon. So, hopefully you're done training.

You can't call this an act of war seeing as I've messaged you multiple times, AFTER you said you would give it back to me, and you haven't replied once, except for when I was prepping on it, waiting for you to leave.

This was my first city and he took the city two days OOP.

You may have said I acted "annoying", which is probably true. However, not only did he promise to give the city back and he didn't. He also spammed 40k troops at one time. When I did take it over, he had about 17k troops in it.

Like I said, congratulations Lost Souls.. You know how to defeat a small kingdom out of protection.

17:59:43 Oct 5th 12 - Stormy (Mr. Stormcrowe):


sooooo...he took your cities because he was trying to protect you from genocide? yeah, i see nothing wrong there. How DARE you complain about this Dacarta, if only all vu'ers were this self-sacrificing....

19:07:27 Oct 5th 12 - Bartimaeus The Reborn:

LMFAO. ^^^^ What I find funny is how was that "saving" him when the closest person was me? haha and Im pretty sure not only did i never make an attempt to attack Dacarta or his kingdom but the fact that i was stuck and isolated in the SC core for about 5 days lol

03:26:35 Oct 6th 12 - Binh (Mr. Binh The Big Bad Orc):

thumbs up to twisted logic! :D

06:03:15 Oct 6th 12 - Ryan the Archion (Mr. Ryan The Archblade):


23:50:52 Oct 8th 12 - Mr. Vytautas Didysis:

Sweet, most active kingdoms fight all small and not active kingdoms :) good job guys ;) don't know how you have fun like this.

23:52:44 Oct 8th 12 - Mr. Vytautas Didysis:

probably we can show like this:
Stormcloaks8Mr. Timur885
Lost Souls10Prince Erythnul596
Blood of Dragons8Mr. Rorgrun Deepdigger452


Genocide7Bartimaeus The Reborn379
Kingdom Of Passive Farming2Mr. Jumentous140
Lietuvos Didzioji Kunigaikstyste5Mr. Vytautas Didysis100
Lusitanos2Mr. Elite51
Hydrogen Dioxide3Mr. Dacarta14

01:38:41 Oct 9th 12 - Bartimaeus The Reborn:

Well this was a quick era compared to lasts ha. Only wanna give props to the ex Geno member who went on to have a pretty dominating kd.


TIMUR!!! :) Good Job mate

03:31:37 Oct 9th 12 - Mr. Timur:

The Kingdom Score list gives Stormcloaks too much credit.   We have a victory on the score list because of two of our allies (Lost Souls, and Blagorapo).

Stormcloaks are all brand new players to VU except Ulfric and myself.   Faced with an OOP war with LDK and Lost Souls on our northern border, I asked Lost Souls to give Stormcloaks time to learn the game.  We greedily accepted when LS generously offered us an era long alliance.

With twice the numbers of LDK, Stormcloaks did eventually beat LDK in the OOP war.  Even with that campaign, we had the accidental help of Ayenus, before he joined Genocide.  

Early on, we probably would have lost to Genocide if Lost Souls had not intervened on our behalf. 

The Lost Souls city Looking Tower by Prince Erythnul had a position that protected Stormcloaks far more than Lost Souls.   Prince Erythnul army there beat at least one Genocide army that would have found Stormcloaks mostly unprotected - We were still trying to deal with Bartimaeus's early conquest of our city Latest and our blockers were laughable.  As it was, Bartimaeus army at Latest did defeat three HOH armies, including one of my own.  If HandsofBlue had gotten that other early army into our unblocked, unprotected flank, at the same time, the era would have turned out far different.  Other Lost Souls players took out some of Bartimaeus reinforcements that might have tipped the balance with his incursion and occupied a protective position on the mountains north of Latest.

Blagorapo was an unexpected and insanely effective ally in the assault on the Genocide, rebuilt LDK and Passive Farming flank.  He fully deserves his top solo player score.  

Stormcloaks would happily cast Armageddon if we could.  Because of tech rainbowing, however, it will take a long time before any Stormcloaks player can cast Armagedden.  

I don't know have things went on the top half of the map.  There might very well have been other threats to Genocide that were out of visibility to me.

Anyway, I want to thank LDK and Genocide for a good war, even if it was unbalanced, alliancewise, against them.   Most my team is reasonably familiar with VU now, so next era, I expect that other kingdoms and solo players won't be quite so nice....




03:53:03 Oct 9th 12 - Ms. Duo:

Well put in my opinion

14:34:33 Oct 12th 12 - Mr. Timur:

Given that it will be sometime (a few weeks) before any Stormcloak can cast Armageddon, should I email Zeta and request that it be done?



14:46:11 Oct 12th 12 - The Real Josh (Prince Zuko):

or war your nap partners :P

16:00:09 Oct 12th 12 - Mr. Timur:

If all parties involved agreed that our respective alliances could be ended without a loss of honor, and decent level of notice were given, I would not be opposed to that solution.   

My main hope for this era was for my team to get experience playing and two of my players have yet to see combat.  

Lost Souls and Blood of Dragons together about equal Stormcloaks score...In the event that they decided  to agree to end the alliance with Stormcloaks, I would think that they would keep their NAP with each other, but that, of course, would be up to them.   Adding potential chaos to the mix is the six significant solo players out there.  Also Passive Farming has two fortified cities that look very difficult to take, each with probable HOH armies hidden inside. 

The probable result of that event is Stormcloaks loses our current victory, but if we did win, it would be victory that was well earned.  


19:08:59 Oct 12th 12 - Mr. Don Kichotas:

Thank you Timur, would be nice if you email Zeta. We had very bad era, but not every era can be good :)

08:21:46 Oct 13th 12 - Ryan the Archion (Mr. Ryan The Archblade):

This is a fast era for you guys there. Sadly I'm not there to place LS to top spot again. :)

14:54:35 Oct 15th 12 - Mr. Timur:

It looks like Zeta honored my request for an Armageddon vote.

18:36:28 Oct 15th 12 - Stormy (Lord Stormcrow):

now all thats left is to kill off the untaggeds, eh?;)

09:52:47 Oct 16th 12 - Mr. Timur:

Anyone happen to see how Armageddon got cancelled?  The vote was 21 to 6  in favor of ending the era, and the Armageddon city is now in Lost Souls hands.  

There were several uncommitted votes, however, and those might have been enough to cancel the end of the era.   I wish they would have posted their reasons to continue the era..I wouldn't have bothered Zeta with the request if they had.

I am at magic level 8 now, so if I get a lucky advent roll, I will be able to end the era.   I am getting 3 to 5 finds per day, so it shouldn't be too long.

21:10:44 Oct 16th 12 - Dragoria (Mr. Rorgrun Deepdigger):

Sorry for having been mostly inactive the last week and only just adding in. In addition to also being very curious why the Arma vote was canceled as it was something like 21 to 6 with 7 votes pending the last time I saw it, I want to add that while I cannot guarantee my own activity [RL has been keeping me too busy] at least two or three in my kingdom want to continue warring.

I would also like to add that I was very impressed with the great leadership and friendliness of kingdom leaders that I met and say a few words to clarify if there is any confusion as to the roll my kingdom played in this era.  If it had not been for them, Blood of Dragons which consisted at the start with only 1 over a year old inactive returning and 2 brand new newbies would have been destroyed immediately OOP.  With Blagorapo smashing us OOP, we were forced to survive for a couple of day by staying below the protection line. During that time Lost Souls granted my request for relations by giving us an era long MAP.  While trying to find a place for a new core Genocide took pity on us, agreeing to let us settle to their north with some independents who were still in protection. As an unrequested but very much appreciated bonus, he tacked on an era long NAP. It was around this time that Blagorapo decided he wanted a secure core without us lying in wait that he requested an era long NAP. Shortly after, we encountered Stormcloaks and they gave us an era long MAP since we had one with Lost Souls. Thanks these alliance, which we determined were all we were going to accept, we were finally able to build a core, with some actual blockers, and start looking to war everyone else.

 Now, while I can certainly understand that things potentially looked bad to kingdoms like LDK, who has a great reputation and very friendly leadership, we did not actual intend to pick on any kingdoms.  In the case of LDK, I had just finished prepping to solo attack an independent named Silvas who had the same number of buildings as I when he joined their kingdom.  Seeing no reason not to proceed as no other LDK members were present, I started a one on one war with him.  During this time, the second BoD member was going full mage, I kicked the third member for being inactive, and we received two new member drops. While fighting Silvas, other LDK players started building cities or dropping around him, with a few assisting him in the war. This in turn caused me to attack the others and the just out of protection BoD guys to join in.  Well, needless to say, that war went from more or less equal to a landslide in BoDís favor.  But note that for me personally, I wasnít done warring Silvas due to the fact that I felt he fought dishonorably by destroying all of the buildings in each city as I was about to take them. So I continued trying to kill just him for many, many more days.

 After that, many of us did not have anyone at all to fight. The exceptions were Arkantos and Twister, who attacked Hydrogen Dioxide.  Arkantos was able to take a single city before being too large to attack further and left north with his army to hunt LDK. Hydrogen Dioxide then retook the city that Arkantos had taken. A bit later, Twister, who attacked immediately OOP and was around the same size, fought with Hydrogen Dioxide for some time before coming out on top.

 Around this time, LDK was back in numbers north of our secondary core.  When asked about NAPing, I let them know of our existing relations, apologized, let him know that some of the war hungering members of my kingdom were planning on warring them, and said I personally was staying out of it as I planned to personally solo attack Lusitanos. At some point a couple and then half of my kingdom mates overcame Silvas, who I never managed to kill off due to a strong nazzie force, and then mostly finished off LDK. As say mostly, as one of the remaining LDK guys who was in protection and protected by the 3x rule decided to attack our mage and the two of them are still fighting.

 For me, I tried taking Lusitanos solo, but there quick response resulted in no possible way for me to do so as they ended amassing far too many troops to protect the only guy that I could attack. So I left them after stealing a few slaves and moved on to fight Joker, who thanks to some days inactivity on my part, kicked me massively in the nuts with a strong strategy/combination of Plague, RoF, and a large group of AMs. By the way Joker, I attacked you solo when we both had the same number of buildings and you still had a lot of Mus and AMs.  In other words a fair fight.  So trashing all of the cities was a pretty dishonorable move in my book.  Although, I could have understood the tactic when the others showed up, except that by the time they got anywhere near you had already trashed the cities days before. Seriously though, if you hadnít pulled the dishonorable trashing all of the cities, I would be admiring your work instead of trying to find your last city to kill you off.

 In the case of Lusitanos, apparently two of my kingdom mates were able to war with them, because by the time I came back from inactivity, most of their smaller cities were taken by the two of them. Not sure why the one guy attacked me, but yeah, I returned the favor by taking that guys city.

 Which brings me back to now and wondering why Arma was canceled? And Arma is off, who are we going to war?

21:39:33 Oct 16th 12 - Mr. Grape:

Wow your long winded. I was a member of genocide till the kingdom disbanded, once i was untagged you used your crappy era long farmed armies to attack me while I was fully engaged elsewhere. I consider what you did dishonorable. What I did is what I have always and will continue to do.


22:16:33 Oct 16th 12 - Dragoria (Mr. Rorgrun Deepdigger):

:) I won't argue the long-winded part and only half disagree with the farmed armies part as despite getting smashed OOP I did have a couple of periods with no one to fight.

But I completely refute the attacking you while you were engaged elsewhere part, as I waited until a few days had passed after Genocide disbanded.  This included waiting and watching while your AM army walked from your southern city, right past my main army, and entered one of the northern cities that consisted of the core I attacked. In fact, when I finally decided to attack there was no one else attacking any of your cities anywhere that I have LoS and you had no other troops marching anywhere. It was only after I disappeared for the majority of a few days, during which time you used your large AM army to slaughter my two large axemen armies that were left stacked and not combined two ticks from the one city you didnít destroy, that others began/resumed attacking you. Even then it was still more than a day before any even came close and they didnít play any role in my taking cities away from you. Seriously, I took two of them with something 2K axes and 2K mus due to fact that they had no buildings.

22:38:41 Oct 16th 12 - Bran (Mr. Jumentous):

who cancelled arma?? o well looks like ima have to kill blagoropo after all :)

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