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Valhalla 16
04:15:01 Nov 20th 12 - Muffin Man (Mr. Daanikkaal):

Stormcloaks10Mr. Timur100
Blood of Dragons10Mr. Rorgrun Deepdigger39
Hydrogen Dioxide5Lord Dacarta30
Lietuvos Didzioji Kunigaikstyste7Mr. Vytautas Didysis29
Mad 3Mr. Storm29
Lost Souls
8Prince Erythnul20

04:22:15 Nov 20th 12 - Lord Dacarta:

According to that it looks like Stormcloaks is going to run away with it... But the 2nd place spot should be a battle, lol

04:36:13 Nov 20th 12 - Muffin Man (Mr. Daanikkaal):

Hey now. Thats what it looked like last time, look what ended up happening hahah. I'm sure there's gonna be NAP-ing. Plus, nobody has even settled.

05:09:15 Nov 20th 12 - Mr. Timur:

It looks like that because the other kingdoms have not spawned all their members yet.  As soon as they spawn their members, they willl have equal scores.

BTW, I find it hilarious that five kingdoms have spawned in the NW corner.  The only one I haven't seen is H20.

05:53:26 Nov 20th 12 - Lord Dacarta:

Maybe we'll have a chance then.. Lol

21:16:42 Nov 20th 12 - Muffin Man (Mr. Daanikkaal):

We're having a problem with Mad and LDK.. Again.
Seems a bit redundant so far.

04:49:42 Nov 21st 12 - Muffin Man (Mr. Daanikkaal):

Well.. LDK is being annoying. They're building where we're trying to. Because of this, It's a spam of LDK cities everywhere. Looks like this Era is going to be filled of annoying-ness. LDK seems more prepared this time. This won't be fun.
Our chances of winning, IMO, are not existent. Thank ZeTa for dropping all four kingdoms in one spot, it's like an orgy

06:31:40 Nov 21st 12 - Electric (Electric Piro):

Would just like to point out, even if you get dropped intially somewhere, your kingdom can wait and move to a certain location to set up a core, so dont blame Zeta- blame yourselves! 

06:33:35 Nov 21st 12 - Lord Dacarta:

^^^ Good point.

06:36:15 Nov 21st 12 - Muffin Man (Mr. Crypt):

We were already there, then LDK started spamming cities after each of us got about one down

18:09:32 Nov 21st 12 - Mr. Vytautas Didysis:

Will be nice orgy Muffin Man :)

20:25:30 Nov 21st 12 - Muffin Man (Mr. Crypt):

Yes, yes it will be. I will burn you all to the ground.

06:15:18 Nov 22nd 12 - Mr. Harder Better:

Hey guys, don't forget about us now. We're totally here to try and make a difference!!!

06:38:34 Nov 22nd 12 - Dragon (Sir Sairys):

Lietuvos Didzioji Kunigaikstyste10Mr. Vytautas Didysis100
Blood of Dragons10Mr. Torgun Bloodletter85
Stormcloaks10Mr. Timur68
Lost Souls8Prince Erythnul31
The Craziest Thing3Mr. Harder Better22
Hydrogen Dioxide6Lord Dacarta21
Lusitanos2Mr. Elite18

Looks like it will be a fun oop war for us

06:42:46 Nov 22nd 12 - Muffin Man (Mr. Daanikkaal):

I'd like to see you beat us, personally :)

It will be a good fight, but one must remain positive in the face of hell's gates

07:06:26 Nov 22nd 12 - Dragon (Sir Sairys):

We shall see muffin man

07:10:41 Nov 22nd 12 - Muffin Man (Mr. Daanikkaal):

Yes we shall. May it be an honorable and bloody war

07:52:29 Nov 22nd 12 - Dragon (Sir Sairys):

First we need to get rid of the intruder in our midst

The Reaper

City Info
Owner: Mr. Anonymous Death GodKingdom Banner
Size: 651 building(s).
Kingdom: Lost Souls
Race: Orc
Gates: open

07:53:56 Nov 22nd 12 - Muffin Man (Mr. Daanikkaal):

You have fun with that. Ever heard of gaia spam? ;) you're a halfling, he's an orc. 

08:03:07 Nov 22nd 12 - Dragon (Sir Sairys):

Guess we will find out early if you napped lost souls then, but we should be able to deal with the gaia spam

08:04:43 Nov 22nd 12 - Muffin Man (Mr. Daanikkaal):


08:06:49 Nov 22nd 12 - Mr. Badder Than Wilbad:

What is this gaia spam that you speak of? Is it some kind of secret strategy that only the vets know of? Pray, please enlighten this nub here.

08:07:58 Nov 22nd 12 - Muffin Man (Mr. Daanikkaal):

Are you talking to me or Dragon? 

09:22:46 Nov 22nd 12 - Dragon (Sir Grael):

A Gaia spam is where a Orc player drops a city in someones core and spams Gaia for all he is worth. It is very hard to stop.

09:31:27 Nov 22nd 12 - Muffin Man (Mr. Daanikkaal):

No really?

09:42:17 Nov 22nd 12 - Mr. Badder Than Wilbad:

If gaia spam is so hard to stop, why don't more people play orc, drop armouries in enemy cores, and spam gaias heavily?

09:47:33 Nov 22nd 12 - Dragon (Sir Sairys):

idk but it does happen a lot.

10:08:26 Nov 22nd 12 - heroix (Mr. Unicorn The Rapist):

Everyone should play orc! so OP.

10:13:36 Nov 22nd 12 - Muffin Man (Mr. Daanikkaal):


10:45:23 Nov 22nd 12 - Electric (Electric Phenomena):

Gaia Spam is weak sauce VS smart people build a couple GT's.. Jeesh

18:49:16 Nov 22nd 12 - Muffin Man (Mr. Daanikkaal):

Early in the era its useful :P

18:56:34 Nov 22nd 12 - Muffin Man (Mr. Daanikkaal):

This is your demise, LDK. It's getting closer. With every 59 minutes and 59 seconds, I train more and more troops, ready to obliterate everything with the red flag in its way. >:)

19:16:51 Nov 22nd 12 - heroix (Mr. Davy Jones):

I want to see how your 1000 gaia will do.

19:19:05 Nov 22nd 12 - Muffin Man (Mr. Daanikkaal):

My 1k gaia.. that's quite a bold assumption. 

Nevertheless, it's done more than you sitting there as the passively farming elf mage. c:

20:38:49 Nov 22nd 12 - Mr. Yukan:

Lol don't underestimate magic. Its saved my behind every time on Zetamania so far :p

20:41:11 Nov 22nd 12 - Muffin Man (Mr. Daanikkaal):

Magic is quite useful :) Thats why mages are invented lol :D

20:41:26 Nov 22nd 12 - Muffin Man (Mr. Daanikkaal):

It's also the only reason anyone should like trolls xD

06:59:45 Nov 23rd 12 - Dragon (Sir Sairys):

And the pumping race of quality vs quantity.

Can I take your city early on.

Pez with 2847 soldiers awaiting your orders, Sir Sairys...

Structures is defended by 3097 soldiers who seem to be armed with enhanced weapons and handmade dwarven armor. The city is also defended by 13476 peasants. And has 1901 guard stations.

all you have is just over 3000 gaia, maybe you went straight to hammers.

Can I pump enough Ponies to compensate for your gaia spam attempt.  lol

07:24:28 Nov 23rd 12 - Dragon (Sir Sairys):

If you are spamming gaia I am going to have better than 77% and if you started with hammers the my % goes down to 45.  And that is how it would stand if nothing changes. And I am planning on adding a lot of ponies.

08:16:27 Nov 23rd 12 - Muffin Man (Mr. Crypt):

Well.. I'll have the city back soon enough. ;)
I've got quite the surprise for you.

08:31:45 Nov 23rd 12 - Dragon (Sir Black Dragon):


Goody I like surprises.

08:38:38 Nov 23rd 12 - Muffin Man (Mr. Daanikkaal):

Who doesn't? I mean, just so amazing :D surprises are suprisiful.

16:28:39 Nov 23rd 12 - Mr. Ofofofofof:

come on guys dont leave us hanging, we want to know whats going on.

22:49:31 Nov 23rd 12 - Muffin Man (Mr. Daanikkaal):

Currently, LDK and Stormcloaks are having an oop war..AGAIN.

My city, Structures, is being seiged by Pez, a halfling pony army, and blocking my production. LDK is sending armies back and forth, it only takes nearly two ticks to get from city to city. Saiyrs is pumping ponies as I'm pumping a constant flow of hammer throwers/gaia from my other cities. Vytautas (forgive me if I spelled it wrong) and Dimwit seem to be having their own battle. Me and Dimwit are taking on vytautas and LDK, and Idk about dimwit, but right now it looks like I'm losing. 

Other than that, you'd have to ask everyone else.

23:25:00 Nov 23rd 12 - Jenna (Ms. Jennaside):

this era only 3 day old anyone looking for a  player?


00:06:34 Nov 24th 12 - Mr. Vytautas Didysis:

Muffin Man spelled good ;) yeah me and Dimwit have our own battle or fight :) and you forgot about LS , they are attacking us as well.  Nice start for everyone :)

00:21:18 Nov 24th 12 - Mr. Dimwit:

Vytautas - unfortunately the restart was while I was on vacation and 95% afk for several days.  I'm not liking my chance in our war. <sigh>

01:02:57 Nov 24th 12 - Muffin Man (Mr. Daanikkaal):

Oh yeah, and Lost Souls is attacking LDK too. 

The restart was horribly timed for me too. During my birthday. As well as war starting during thankgsiving. I got on and my city was sieged :/

01:04:09 Nov 24th 12 - Mr. Vytautas Didysis:

Dimwit, take womens and childrens, take some food and i will let you go free from my kingdom land. You are on siege now!

01:04:54 Nov 24th 12 - Mr. Vytautas Didysis:

Kingdoms in Valhalla
Blood of Dragons10Mr. Torgun Bloodletter105
Lietuvos Didzioji Kunigaikstyste10Mr. Vytautas Didysis100
Stormcloaks10Mr. Timur97
Lost Souls8Prince Erythnul55
The Craziest Thing4Mr. Harder Better49
Hydrogen Dioxide6Lord Dacarta25
Lusitanos2Mr. Elite23

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