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Valhalla 25
22:27:51 Dec 31st 13 - Cheonje (Mr. Quellious):

Kingdoms in Valhalla
Hydrogen Dioxide10Lord Dacarta144
Lost Souls7Prince Erythnul100
Star Trek1Mr. James Tiberius Kirk14






22:32:12 Dec 31st 13 - Mr. Token of Lost Souls:

I suggest that H20 wins


01:00:23 Jan 1st 14 - Mr. Joneleth:

I second Quellious's motion.

11:43:03 Jan 6th 14 - Arkantos (Mr. Landry):

We are almost dead I will be making a new kingdom soon with a friend all are welcome.

Kingdoms in Valhalla
Lost Souls10Prince Erythnul325
Hydrogen Dioxide10Lord Dacarta100
Not Exactly Evil1Mr. Joneleth82

15:02:17 Jan 6th 14 - Mr. Token of Lgc:

Once our mage obtains 9 magic, we will be casting Arma, but the era has been far too short for the mage to have accomplished this. He's still in the economy building phase.

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