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Valhalla 28
11:09:25 Apr 28th 14 - Konspyre (Mr. Eekhoorn):

Last era was great, let's hope this era will be great too.

Hillbilly Mafia6Mr. Inception270
Envy3Mr. Oblivion145
Lost Souls8Prince Erythnul144
Not Exactly Evil7Mr. Joar Addam Nesossin100
Just Two Guyz3Mr. Endolicious95
Tiger Generals2Saint Wiccan66
Hydrogen Dioxide6Empress Aurora35

15:53:40 Apr 28th 14 - Mr. Endolicious:

JTG promises not to farm all era again...maybe. you know what, i take that back. no promises :3

17:56:18 Apr 28th 14 - Percy (Mr. Inception):

You may not have the opportunity to farm, given our current status :P 

18:09:49 Apr 28th 14 - Mr. Endolicious:

"may not" ;)

18:15:06 Apr 28th 14 - Percy (Mr. Inception):

I chose my wording appropriately :P It could swing either way, you can never count your enemy as down and out just because they are smaller. Figured you all learned that from us last era ;)

20:28:55 Apr 28th 14 - Mr. Endolicious:

we didnt really get to fight last era :/ i started prepping on lazy's 90k and wouldve had it in 30 ticks, but arma make world go boom.

21:15:47 Apr 28th 14 - Percy (Mr. Inception):

Well, we (not sure if you or Solodolo) did run a little circle around those Dwarf cities for a while :P but you're right, that message mostly goes out to Not Exactly Evil, Joar in particular 

21:02:36 Apr 29th 14 - SunWarriorKing (Mr. Solodolofolo):

Ha! That was me. I enjoyed that btw. Fun chasing after an Orc especially since his army was strong enough to bounce mine and it was 15 town changeovers for him to wait for me to prep him and then attack. 

22:24:32 Apr 29th 14 - Percy (Mr. Inception):

Well, I think it will suffice to say that 300 naz could never take 14k axemen :P had you dropped a few in each city you took, I would not have been able to do that for nearly as long as I had. But it was fun to get a little boost on the most fearsome list ;) 

04:27:53 Apr 30th 14 - SunWarriorKing (Mr. Solodolofolo):

I was talking about lazy's army. He was the one who destroyed my army.

05:14:12 Apr 30th 14 - The Sorcerer (Mr. Beorn):

You didn't even give me a chance to get my 100k zerks and 70k warlords up there, man. :(

05:58:05 Apr 30th 14 - Percy (Mr. Percy):

Ah, I see. We were referencing two separate occasions, mine being with little armies chasing after old Hydrogen cities and yours with you and Lazys big armies around Jabberwock :P

It's a shame too, cause that would have made such a huge impact on how the war was going! It wasnt like we were on our heels, or had all our big armies busted up, or had no real core to fall behind or any of that lol

15:16:29 Apr 30th 14 - HorusPanic (Mr. Elf Practice):

wow, surrounded already by 3 kingdoms

15:21:00 Apr 30th 14 - Konspyre (Mr. Eekhoorn):

we're surrounded by 3 kingdoms and a Horus. :D
They'll all die though.

15:21:41 Apr 30th 14 - HorusPanic (Mr. Elf Practice):

oh its you...

05:50:49 May 19th 14 - Mr. Haggardahorrible:

Its been nothing but crickets on here for quite a while.  Seems this era has been interesting on the board but not so much on the forum, lol.

13:02:57 May 20th 14 - SunWarriorKing (Mr. Solodolofolo):

Side note for TG and Envy,

I have been away in Romania and connection here is spotty. You got lucky this era with my inactivity. Next era, I wont give in easily. Once I am out, I will get my revenge. Enjoy this era you guys :)


01:01:51 May 21st 14 - Djinn Bartimaeus (Mr. New New):

They farmed woopdy doo haha

01:28:44 May 21st 14 - Teirdel (Mr. Teirdel):

Aye we did. Lost oop to evul however so its a tit for tat. If you want to whine fine. Just remember its partof game whether you are the farmer or are farmed.

01:46:36 May 21st 14 - Djinn Bartimaeus (Bartimaeus The Rugid):

lol no ones whining jus stating facts. All fair in war ;)

07:47:17 May 22nd 14 - Djinn Bartimaeus (Bartimaeus The Rugid):

And away they scurry ;p

13:27:28 May 28th 14 - Mr. Samual:

All that farming amounted to well, nothing really, as Envy ended up collapsing in more or less half a day in the end. Seems as if Hillbilly are just cleaning up the last few cities/armies now.

Also appears to be fair to say Hydrogen Dioxide and Hillbilly Mafia have a NAP, or some form of agreement at least.

04:01:02 Jun 7th 14 - Mr. Samual:

Hillbilly Mafia, the biggest kingdom on the map, still has to resort to the old cheap crush the walls and rush through the blocker tactic I see, against a kingdom only a tiny fraction of it's size at that! Well, great job Hillbilly Mafia, you were amazing, incredible, I definetely want to emulate you guys in future eras. Set an example for us all, you know you've hit the peak of Visual Utopia greatness when you can say you're as good as Hillbilly Mafia. And the old ceasefire the second biggest kingdom and nearest rival to them, absolute genius stuff. Must have some right masterminds over there.

04:50:37 Jun 7th 14 - Rora (Ms. Crystal Goddess of War):

second biggest kingdom?

We were 3rd and hillbilly mafia was 2nd when we made this arrangement. Envy, Tiger Generals, and Lost Souls were allied so we decided to have a CF. Not an NAP or anything, a simple CF which can be cancelled if we choose.


09:31:40 Jun 7th 14 - Mr. Zek:


Production & Resources

Total: +0 0 +0 +0
Army Upkeep: -551,274
Building Upkeep: -0
Total Income: -551,274

10:25:41 Jun 7th 14 - General Wrongfellow:

the old cheap crush the walls and rush through the blocker tactic

You mean the old cheap "find a weakness in your enemy's defences and exploit it against them" tactic? ;)

19:48:12 Jun 7th 14 - Woodeh (Mr. Woodeh):

General Wrongfellow:

the old cheap crush the walls and rush through the blocker tactic

You mean the old cheap "find a weakness in your enemy's defences and exploit it against them" tactic? ;)

True point, next time train more mus and mts!

06:51:33 Jun 17th 14 - Mr. Insane Ambrose:

Soooooo no arma? :(

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