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Valhalla 30
18:23:31 Aug 4th 14 - Rora (Empress Aurora):

Sooo all the main kingdoms on this world have spawned together for the most part?

Cloaked and LS together, H2O just north of them with TG in our core, Hillbilly Mafia slightly off to the east of us all.

This is probably going to be a quick one :)


23:41:06 Aug 4th 14 - Mr. Insane Ambrose II:

Everybody gang up on h20!!!!!

00:04:25 Aug 5th 14 - Rora (Empress Aurora):

I suppose that would be an appropriate reaction considering we won last era. We win quite frequently so it would make sense.

Hold on though, did I say frequently? Sorry, I must be mistaken because that would indicate that we don't win era after era.. only sometimes.

I think this world has been going very well without everyone ganging up on one kingdom. Wouldn't you agree? With the exception, this is the first time I've seen you on this world, so maybe you're basing this all on last era in which case I understand your point of view :)

00:41:41 Aug 5th 14 - Mr. Insane Ambrose II:

Well when u put it like that rora.....everyone gang up on h20 then whoever left can duke it out! Lol......GL everyone youll need it :p

00:47:53 Aug 5th 14 - Rora (Empress Aurora):

lol fair enough. Good luck to everyone else as well.

20:51:56 Aug 5th 14 - Djinn Bartimaeus (Bartimaeus The Busy Bee):

ALL HAIL H2O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;D

23:17:15 Sep 1st 14 - Gallyon (Mr. Gallyon III):

I should never have given you guys a free pass to settle in the northeast.....won't ever do that again.

01:10:58 Sep 2nd 14 - Mr. Eddie:

While I agree with you. It seems there was a lack of communication. 

01:24:23 Sep 2nd 14 - Rora (Empress Aurora):

I would also agree with not letting people build up without communicating.

01:25:33 Sep 2nd 14 - Gallyon (Mr. Gallyon III):

apparantly there was, but all communication that did went on, was always about 'peaceful intentions' 'not seeking war' 'staying neutral' 'helping eachother'. ofcourse it wasn't formalized, which obviously turned out to be my mistake.

but perhaps you can understand that I feel betrayed when someone who tells me they come with 'peaceful intentions' who are 'not seeking war' suddenly does start a war just out of the blue.

oh well, vu is gonna reach its dead end soon anyway. I started on this world to encourage new players, but it seems that with actions like this that that is simply impossible. guess I shouldn't try it anymore. games been dieing off the past few years.

05:48:30 Sep 2nd 14 - Alrisaia (Mr. Alrisaio):

it's my fault gall. i didn't realize we had relations and i hit first.

I'm pulling out.

05:58:45 Sep 2nd 14 - Xerxes The Great (Sir Xerxes The Late):

I'm pulling out as well Gallyon. I also had a hand in this mess. Although I stay with what I said, I didn't want to cause war, which I didn't.

01:00:15 Sep 17th 14 - Mr. Pooksack:


We slaughtered them and left no one alive. Mr. Pooksack. We have won the battle!

We killed all of the 1 troops and 0 peasants.


01:04:59 Sep 17th 14 - Alrisaia (Mr. Alrisaio):

Pook - I will kill you, until you die from it.

03:57:06 Sep 17th 14 - Mr. Dyingwish:

I plan on leaving you alone. You got that mc over there and if I kill your troops its just a stupid AotD. so its pretty useless trying to kill your armies at this point

22:39:02 Sep 18th 14 - Mr. Allex:

What exactly happened with Gallyon and the KD X? Here's my concern, while I realize players go inactive I've seen very little actual battling going on from any members on the X side. Did those four simply go inactive and the other KD members started a new KD, or am I missing an epic battle further north? Really hope I'm wrong, but it looks an awful lot like feeding from my vantage point. 

22:24:29 Sep 19th 14 - Mr. Callahan:

its feeding, no one in X has logged in for a very long time

07:36:24 Sep 20th 14 - Mr. Rohera:

Sadly, 4 key members including the leader went 15-20 days plus inactive. This meant that we lost control of key blockers and our enemy was taking the inactive cities as they were undefended. We had no choice but to break away and try and take strategic cities,  as well as any other cities, as ultimately our enemy was already doing the same. Technically feeding but believe when i say, not in a sinister way. 


19:13:19 Sep 30th 14 - Mr. Gris:


I still have an inactive player and was thinking to play in Valhalla that seems to be the next world to open.
Is there any KD that accept new joiners?

I also play as  Grus of BF in Fantasia and Gras of Realm of Gras in Starta FFA.

20:10:03 Sep 30th 14 - Xerxes The Great (Mr. Xerxes The Brave):

H2O2 welcomes new players. We have a few experienced players that excel in different ways and awkward offer advice to each other. 

07:33:16 Oct 1st 14 - Xerxes The Great (Mr. Xerxes The Foul):

Lol, damn auto-correct, always*

00:53:28 Oct 2nd 14 - Alrisaia (Ms. Alrisaia):

Good era everyone! oop sure was fun can't wait for next one :-)

Fire fox i haven't had that kind of adrenaline rush playing since i first started so thanks mate! was a great time despite the fact that after oop i essentially just ended up farming most of the era lol.

04:25:42 Oct 4th 14 - Mr. Pooksack:

my biggest problem with oop war within a kingdom, if one of my kd mates loses a city, I have to return it. And then ill be loosing a shit ton of troops for that. And now I have a smaller army, big upkeep still (lvl 1's) and its not big enough to defeat any more enemys city. So now im way back on production where as if I took the city, my production would be great. And then your behind in everything and it sucks. Thats why I hate oop

06:08:32 Oct 4th 14 - Xerxes The Great (Mr. Xerxes The Brave):

The point of oop warring is to be the the one that strikes successfully first, so you wont have to worry about returning cities. That would be your enemies problem. ;)

01:36:04 Oct 6th 14 - Djinn Bartimaeus (Mr. Finally Onn Time):

Haha strategy mate. This game is more than just black and white

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