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Valhalla 43
16:17:47 Sep 2nd 16 - HorusPanic (Mr. Teacher):

Black Flag is coming back. I don't know what I'm doing about membership, but if you want to learn or play alongside me, send an application. I'll be pruning inactives shortly.

17:02:49 Sep 2nd 16 - Mr. Bigfield The Executive:

Hammer and Shield will be returning. We would like to see more Role Play. When that role play goes further than just words, it is meaningful. I would like to see attitudes and things drive actions, rather than just predictable spreadsheet behavior.

If other Kingdoms are willing to put forth better role playing profiles, I'd be willing to follow suit. For example:

Hammer and Shield are first and foremost capitalists. We love to make a profit. To do that, we seek to disrupt other suppliers that threaten our monopolies. As capitalists, we recognize that wars create a disruption in supply. At its core, we do not care who is purchasing, so that we maintain a market control on the prices, and consistently can over deliver on our competitors. Our diplomacy would drive to make sure there is not too much peace, while also not fighting too much as to distract from our profiteering and commerce. 

Another (classic good) type might move an act to protect Kingdoms or new players from aggression. Perhaps they may also seek to act as mediators between territorial disputes. Perhaps they may act as abolitionists, freeing any slaves, purchasing and freeing off the market place, and fighting against those that sell slaves openly.

Perhaps yet another Kingdom may be composed of players that decide they will not permit a certain race within their ranks, and will attack every player of that particular race that they come across.

There are so many different ways to do this. It would create characters that play into an actual role that drives interaction and creates a better experience.

If other Kingdoms would be willing to adopt a set of 'rules' that define their character behaviours in a somewhat predictable behavior, but in a way that leaves room for chaos.

What do you guys think?

17:17:30 Sep 2nd 16 - HorusPanic (Mr. Teacher):

I don't think any player-guided 'themes' would work anymore. Folks are just too indifferent and lack enthusiasm anymore. We'll just play it vanilla on this world.

Seriously though, Black Flag wants to be small (<5 players) and active (like me). We (I) really want to show new players how to take advantage of inactivity.

20:34:21 Sep 2nd 16 - Knigh (Sir Icarium):

Any one i know playing this map this era? im looking for a kingdom :)

22:15:09 Sep 2nd 16 - Prince Erythnul:

Lost souls would be pleased to have another soul :)

01:14:50 Sep 3rd 16 - HorusPanic (Sir Panique):

We'd welcome you in black flag

04:11:18 Sep 3rd 16 - Mr. Bigfield The Executive:

If you are willing to help out a KD of half new players, Hammer and Shield would have you as well.

We've got 6 players, it seems this era.

16:16:44 Sep 3rd 16 - Knigh (Sir Icarium):

thanks for the invites guys, im taken now

18:10:16 Sep 4th 16 - Xerxes The Great (Sir Xerxes):

So, where is everybody at? :)

20:53:22 Sep 4th 16 - HorusPanic (Mr. Teacher):

Classic Valhalla

Kingdoms in Valhalla
Hammer and Shield9Mr. Bigfield The Executive291
Lost Souls5Prince Erythnul108
Black Flag II7Mr. Teacher100
The Borg8The Hives64
The Old Ones2Mr. Theodek41
Ritz Reloaded6Mr. Jam The Weirdgrivi37
Ideal Society II2Mr. Meskis Samogitian33
Eccleziastez6Ms. Kristen Kreuk17
Kingdom of Heaven7Mr. Agamemnon9
KD checking2Mr. Darkmoor8
Blood Havoc6Ms. Havoc8

22:54:13 Sep 4th 16 - Mr. Bigfield The Executive:

If Meskis Samogitian of the former Samogitians clan is here, he is a fun and reliable player. We welcome him to the realm.

Hammer and Shield has 6 members on the map so far.

IMGKingdom NameMembersLeader%P
Kingdoms in Valhalla
Hammer and Shield9Mr. Bigfield The Executive100
Lost Souls5Prince Erythnul56
Black Flag II7Mr. Teacher36
Ideal Society II2Mr. Meskis Samogitian26
The Old Ones2Mr. Theodek16

Ritz Reloaded6Mr. Jam The Weirdgrivi8
Kingdom of Heaven7Mr. Agamemnon6

00:24:25 Sep 5th 16 - Mr. Pang Tong:

you dont have Wall of Fire on there =O

00:27:15 Sep 5th 16 - Mr. Bigfield The Executive:

You hadn't dropped in yet!

The line up so far. Lots of smaller Kingdoms, it looks like. Are HnS and Ritz the only larger Kingdoms? We have 6. Does KoH, Black Flag, Lost Souls, or Ritz have more than a few?

IMGKingdom NameMembersLeader%P
Kingdoms in Valhalla
Hammer and Shield9Mr. Bigfield The Executive100
Lost Souls5Prince Erythnul60
Black Flag II7Mr. Teacher44
Ideal Society II2Mr. Meskis Samogitian27
The Old Ones2Mr. Theodek18

Kingdom of Heaven7Mr. Agamemnon5
Wall of Fire2Mr. Dong Zhuo5
Ritz Reloaded6Mr. Jam The Weirdgrivi5

18:50:18 Sep 5th 16 - Mr. Bigfield The Executive:

We are up to 8 Active Members, though one hasn't dropped a city yet.

IMGKingdom NameMembersLeader%P
Kingdoms in Valhalla
Hammer and Shield10Mr. Bigfield The Executive100
Lost Souls6Prince Erythnul95
Black Flag II6Mr. Teacher49
Ideal Society II2Mr. Meskis Samogitian24
The Old Ones2Mr. Theodek22
Kingdom of Heaven6Mr. Agamemnon21
Wall of Fire2Mr. Dong Zhuo7

21:12:24 Sep 5th 16 - Mr. Von Darkmoor:

Only two from KoH so far :-)

20:28:28 Sep 7th 16 - Mr. Meskis Samogitian:

Thank You, Mr. Bigfield, it's me. I can not find more alive samogitians in utopia so decided to give more open name for kingdom - Ideal Society. Visual Utopia: once tasted can not stop, so I find some time to return for a couple fights.

22:11:32 Sep 7th 16 - Mr. Bigfield The Executive:

The fruits of VU are addicting. 

23:13:30 Sep 7th 16 - Xerxes The Great (Sir Xerxes The Loner):

We always return :)

23:38:42 Sep 7th 16 - errorwick (Mr. Garon):

I have only been playing a few months but must say I'm addicted. Hard to find a good browser game that's fun and has a good community.

01:02:03 Sep 8th 16 - Lord Reddragon The Fallen:

poor new people in 10 years they will regret even hearing about vu :(.
Lol, have fun and keep playing. Theres nothing better than vu.

06:41:19 Sep 8th 16 - Mr. Bigfield The Executive:

Ive played 12 years ago? Took many years off.

16:58:46 Sep 10th 16 - Alrisaia (Ms. Alrisaia The Confused):

It's funny, i always find myself coming back to the game and started probably about 10 years ago as well. I have no regrets about playing this game is not such a major time subj that i feel like i could've gotten a master's degree instead like other mmo and it's slow crawling pace make for believe it or not, edge of the seat excitement and anticipation lol. Love vu.

22:14:28 Sep 18th 16 - HorusPanic (Mr. Teacher):

Nice little gang bang going on 

23:20:57 Sep 18th 16 - Mr. Bigfield The Executive:

Our understanding so far: Hammer and Shield is operating as a Hegemon with no threats nearby. The Old Ones are operating as a protectorate, as are Wall of Fire. 

We are considering the conflict a "West vs the Rest". If that were the true case, it would put West at 100+29+7=136 power against 3+6+11+42+47+72= 181.

I'm going to assume that there is not a solid axis against us. I believe LS and KoH have a peace of sorts. I think after this Era, we will adopt a policy of automatic hostility to any Kingdom listed with more than 4 members, and extend a default friendly status to smaller Kingdoms, to promote growth. It's a policy that I am personally tossing around, because I dislike going after some of the smaller ones and I believe more Kingdoms is better for the game.

IMGKingdom NameMembersLeader%P
Kingdoms in Valhalla
Hammer and Shield9Mr. Bigfield The Executive100
Lost Souls6Prince Erythnul72
Black Flag II6Mr. Teacher47
Kingdom of Heaven6Mr. Late Start Stormy42
The Old Ones3Mr. Theodek29
The Undead5Mr. Ljthegod11
Wall of Fire2Mr. Dong Zhuo7
Ideal Society II2Mr. Meskis Samogitian6
Ritz Reloaded5Mr. Jam The Weirdgrivi3

17:46:15 Sep 22nd 16 - Mr. Perilous The Acant:

Kingdoms in Valhalla
Hammer and Shield10Mr. Bigfield The Executive100
Lost Souls6Prince Erythnul78
Kingdom of Heaven6Mr. Late Start Stormy60
The Old Ones3Mr. Theodek25
Black Flag II5Mr. Teacher9
The Undead4Mr. Ljthegod8
Wall of Fire2Mr. Dong Zhuo5
Ideal Society II2Mr. Meskis Samogitian5

16:24:18 Sep 26th 16 - Mr. Perilous The Acant:

Lost souls and HnS have a skirmish going on...

19:44:46 Sep 26th 16 - Xerxes The Great (High King Xerxes The Corrupt):

It's going to be interesting how this turns out.

15:40:15 Sep 27th 16 - Mr. Bigfield The Executive:

Hammer and ShieldLost Souls

Battles won: 84
Battles lost: 77

Players: 9
High King Xerxes
Ms. Alrisaia The Confused
Mr. Bigfield The Executive
Mr. Perilous The Acant
Mr. Stix XIII
Mr. Onion Head
Mr. Jensaari
Mr. Takeshi III
Mr. Slapasaur

Battles won: 57
Battles lost: 12

Players: 6
Lord Arc Paschal VI
Prince Erythnul
Mr. Ody
Sir Icarium
Ms. Lailah
Mr. Elfontop

01:10:30 Sep 29th 16 - Mr. Bigfield The Executive:

Talk about thumb luck. Accidental attack at 3% when trying to scroll! At least my 178 million gold army killed 387 troops.

Se La Vi Valhalla.  


I'm terribly sorry Mr. Bigfield The Executive. But we have lost the battle.

We killed or injured a total of 387 enemy troops.


Adventure Time (your army)
Pony riders000

02:30:56 Sep 29th 16 - Endless (Ms. Lailah):


02:57:18 Sep 29th 16 - Mr. Elfontop:

Don't feel too bad. I would have made it die a few ticks later anyway >:)

14:16:55 Sep 29th 16 - Dragon Prophet Theophilus:

Nahh. You would have made me have 20 to 40 xp with about 15k left. Then i would have really had fun.

Oh well. Pony spam till end era.

18:54:32 Sep 29th 16 - Mr. Blah Blah The Brutal:

na. Definitely slaughter.

15:37:11 Oct 3rd 16 - Mr. Bigfield The Executive:

Hammer and shield accepta that defeat is an eventuality and concedes defeat.

We would rather it end soonet than later as there iant really a way for us to continue.

17:49:36 Oct 4th 16 - themanfrombotswana (Mr. Coolcat):

does that mean your teleporting of all my new stuff will stop?

18:38:12 Oct 4th 16 - Mr. Bigfield The Executive:

If arma got casted wed foght it out. 

We are pretty much bored.

18:43:10 Oct 4th 16 - themanfrombotswana (Mr. Shugthepug):

think it will get cast soon mate.

14:22:24 Oct 6th 16 - Mr. Bigfield The Executive:

Who? When? 

Kds gone innactive mostly. 

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