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Valhalla 49
03:55:02 Jul 31st 17 - Mr. Bigfield The Auditor:

Let the Games Begin.

06:22:22 Jul 31st 17 - McMax (Battlemage Mcmax The Seeker):

We are lucky - got a very good map.

14:44:54 Jul 31st 17 - Dragon Prophet Theophilus:

LOL. It's the only map. I wish Mantrax would have Shatterworlds or Arkan.

05:40:53 Aug 1st 17 - Princess Aisha:

So the game is now broken at start of Valhalla?

Could we get a restart of Valhalla, giving us at least a day to get in position where we want... Or we all have to just start where the game spawns us?
That will be one huge cluster fight like always... Game drops everyone at same place

05:46:49 Aug 1st 17 - Mr. Ripper:

its broke on all maps im on fant also and same thing

06:49:48 Aug 1st 17 - Mr. Dong Zhuo:

our character Mr. Dong Zhuo is the 5562nd most powerful ruler in 


07:08:14 Aug 1st 17 - Mr. Valiganis Farm:

 character Mr. Valiganis Farm is the 5562nd most powerful ruler in Valhalla

02:22:21 Aug 2nd 17 - Mr. Doff III:

We already got a dragon flying around is that normal?

02:44:21 Aug 2nd 17 - Xerxes The Great (High King Xerxes The Immortal):

Uhm, I would think not.

02:58:02 Aug 2nd 17 - Mr. Igniz Wizae:

Yay Dragon

04:52:32 Aug 2nd 17 - McMax (Mr. Maximus Shorticus):

It's not possible.

05:20:26 Aug 2nd 17 - Xerxes The Great (High King Xerxes The Immortal):

Yea,that's pretty much obvious.

06:29:24 Aug 2nd 17 - Mr. Clipper:

how do you get a dragon off of a city

06:36:35 Aug 2nd 17 - Mr. Bane:

sho him

12:16:25 Aug 2nd 17 - Knigh (Mr. The Knigh):


Mr. Bane:

sho him

13:14:23 Aug 2nd 17 - Mr. Doff III:

Lol its all good they dropped him from 4.5 mil to 100 k Lols. he so tiny now.

13:49:43 Aug 2nd 17 - Mr. Bigfield The Auditor:

Kingdoms in Valhalla
SPQR9Mr. Eridisius144
Kingdom of Heaven10Lord Stormcrow124
Nararians9Mr. Villhelm103
Hammer and Shield10Mr. Bigfield The Auditor100
The Black Chain7Mr. Vittorio Vitale39
Sisterhood6Ms. Nina of Sisterhood28
The Obsidians3Master Cloutier12

13:51:40 Aug 2nd 17 - Mr. Bigfield The Auditor:

It looks like we have some newcomers!

I've not seen The Obsidians before here, nor have I seen Sisterhood. 

After we prune away some dead members we may be down to 8, and I see some tagless players running to settle as well. 

Our area had 4 kingdoms and at least 2 tagless drop here.

It should be a fun dynamic!

01:48:09 Aug 3rd 17 - GEO (Mr. Jackson Bella):

Jennaside is back  so you know the rules you cant touch me :P

02:10:54 Aug 3rd 17 - Mr. Bling The Mad:

I get to have a little fondle though <3

02:26:11 Aug 3rd 17 - GEO (Ms. Jennaside):

ohh you bling your hands are like the yellow pages  they touch everyone :D

btw I had to make a new skype whats yours so I can add you

02:51:57 Aug 3rd 17 - GEO (Ms. Jennaside):

if val just open one day why is there a dragon, by tricky am I only one who can see it? I just landed

03:04:47 Aug 3rd 17 - Xerxes The Great (High King Xerxes The Immortal):

It's a glitch.  He was from the last era. The Dragon originally had 4.5mil op before being nerfed to 100k op.

03:11:20 Aug 3rd 17 - GEO (Ms. Jennaside):

Xerxes is there still any skype chats?

03:12:28 Aug 3rd 17 - Xerxes The Great (High King Xerxes The Immortal):

I like to use it but hardly anybody else does. 

03:15:02 Aug 3rd 17 - GEO (Ms. Jennaside):

where is bran  he still playing that fool lol

03:25:40 Aug 3rd 17 - Xerxes The Great (High King Xerxes The Immortal):

Yeah he's still playing however not on Val I believe and one of the few still active in skype

23:38:46 Aug 3rd 17 - Duke Just Chade:

This is a personal statement and not one from my kingdom ... i think we shouldn't have any wars this era, farm as quickly as possible for arma, and restart the world ... it is just not fair on Nararians ... or at least give them lads a map-wide CF for a week or so...

01:45:41 Aug 4th 17 - Mr. Bigfield The Auditor:

I think it would be fair for us all to give Nararians a week or so of pure farming to make up for the madness of the dragon!

It's like Smaug is out and pillaging. 

Also, it looks like we got a huge amount of KDs! Very robust, I like it!

Kingdoms in Valhalla
Kingdom of Heaven10Lord Stormcrow137
SPQR9Mr. Eridisius106
Hammer and Shield10Mr. Bigfield The Auditor100
Nararians10Mr. Villhelm86
Sisterhood6Ms. Nina of Sisterhood64
The Black Chain7Mr. Vittorio Vitale60
Wall of Fire1Mr. Dong Zhuo6
Novus Animi3Lord Arc4

Raiders1Prince Divine Sesughter1

03:59:52 Aug 4th 17 - Lady Elisa Day:

That is actually quite a nice idea, to end this quicky so we can have a fair era. This era has been one strange thing after another, first there was no time to settle and find a corner, so everyone is clustered up, and that dragon also making it difficult for people. The Sisterhood will support any actions toward the quick solution of this era so we can have a new one quickly that will be fair to everyone.

05:48:57 Aug 4th 17 - Mr. Doffy II:

I find it a little bit funny. Someone in our kd spawned so early and forced marched out of the cluster before the 30 tick saga and we did had good placing for the core.

Downside the dragon just circles between our cities because we are so far away lol.

It adds an extra rng element lol. See if we can't get zeta to make the slayer of the Dragon the winner of the Era.

08:14:26 Aug 4th 17 - Mr. Villhelm:

I cant tell if theres any tongue in cheek there, :P

It is annoying having a dragon OOP eating our pez and gold but ohwell, if we lose we lose if we win we win.

No need to let us farm guys we are still trying to bring the fight to you all.

we just are complaining to zeta about his idea of interesting and leaving a dragon in oop. not the players of other kingdoms,

Good luck all and have fun.

08:50:12 Aug 4th 17 - Duke Just Chade:

well from my side, my words were true and genuine. No matter how much I love bantering and all, I am a fan of fair play

09:18:06 Aug 4th 17 - Mr. Villhelm:

i will admit having about 900k-1m gold taken by this dragon is quite annoying but oh well, Hoping to take some cities soon

13:20:45 Aug 4th 17 - GEO (Ms. Jennaside):

the dragon hasn't touched me yet must not like my perfume :P

02:54:31 Aug 5th 17 - Mr. Bigfield The Auditor:

Kingdom of Heaven10Lord Stormcrow147
Hammer and Shield10Mr. Bigfield The Auditor100
Nararians10Mr. Villhelm96
SPQR9Mr. Eridisius89
Sisterhood6Ms. Nina of Sisterhood80
The Black Chain7Mr. Vittorio Vitale55
Novus Animi3Lord Arc10
Wall of Fire1Mr. Dong Zhuo8

11:56:53 Aug 6th 17 - Knigh (Sir Bloody Knigh):

Lol it's even funnier now I know you force marched into the dragons lair!

It seems fair... U got away from the oop battle and now have oop with a dragon...

I'm sure the dwarves didn't find it fair smaug took their home.... but they carried on! 

15:23:23 Aug 6th 17 - Mr. Bigfield The Auditor:

If only the dragon would mlve on Kingdom of Heaven lol.

They got the best of both worlds.

15:42:36 Aug 6th 17 - Duke Just Chade:

its always us, right? thats cause we are personal mates with zeta ..

16:02:37 Aug 6th 17 - Mr. Villhelm:

Actually I didn't see you at all to well into the era,

I went top right for the same reason everyone else does.

Easier to defend,

This dragon has made our lives hard,

Good luck to anyone thinking of killing it

20:43:42 Aug 6th 17 - McMax (Mr. Maximus Shorticus):

Valhalla seems to be dragonland......

20:48:03 Aug 6th 17 - Duke Just Chade:

i think zeta doesnt want to spoil the GoT even though he knows all ... so he is dropping a hint with the dragon....only thing is, im a lazy and a stup1d person so i dont get the hint ...

*Knowing nothing intensifies....

21:27:57 Aug 6th 17 - McMax (Battlemage Mcmax The Seeker):

If you don't see it come, the always hit you in the back.

Just as Destiny.

You know:

Just as you feel lucky, it will kick on one of your legs.
While you jump holding on the legs that was kicked using serious words - you get another even harder kick on your other leg.

When this happends, you suddendly will hear a whispher: in your ears:

Ohhh, You can't fly????  Well that's sad - now you will end on your a$$ instead. Please be seated......

12:34:08 Aug 10th 17 - GEO (Ms. Jennaside):

of all the years I played zeta this is the  lowest what the hel wrong with you ?

 \I don't mind a dragon running around  but just stuck to us in our core eating my shit when I'm asleep and just trying to build ill never beat it 300k slinger power fuck me do your job  do something no wonder people quit this game  get off your ass and do your job  :)

12:36:10 Aug 10th 17 - GEO (Ms. Jennaside):

and you wonder why you lose  players :) loyal players

15:23:22 Aug 10th 17 - Mr. Villhelm:

Yeah If i copy and pasted our kingdom page of dragon ownage, not that im looking for sympathy off other kingdoms

but it is really disappointing that this is your method of fixing a glitch and several of us asked you to remove it,

its just owning our kd and been farming off us since we were settled 

16:11:45 Aug 10th 17 - Mr. Bigfield The Auditor:

It would only be fair to summon a dozen for the rest of the map.

03:01:48 Aug 11th 17 - GEO (Ms. Jennaside):

zeta get ur shit together no wonder no one wants to play the game anymore do ur job get rid of dragon tired of it just attacking us and losing all my shit fucking bullshit  your a fn joke yes I'm pissed to come back to this shit

20:55:36 Aug 17th 17 - Mr. Bigfield The Auditor:


That dragon got big, and found us lol.

21:15:34 Aug 17th 17 - Mr. Bigfield The Auditor:

We estimate it's strength to be like 1591400 Slingers.

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