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Valhalla 52
10:11:22 Jan 9th 18 - Duke Chade The Neverwinterer:


19:44:58 Jan 13th 18 - Duke Chade The Neverwinterer:

is anything interesting happening this era ? H&S warring KoH, ... not sure about the rest

04:07:18 Jan 14th 18 - Mr. Bigfield The Chair:

More than 4 Kingdoms for a change :)

Kingdoms in Valhalla
Hammer and Shield10Mr. Bigfield The Chair100
Ursidae8Mr. Schepp The Grizzly78
Kingdom of Heaven10Lady Pippa Middleton61
SPQR6Mr. Eridisius40
The Visual Utopia Empire2Mr. Death Dragon23
Nararians8Mr. Villhelm4

08:35:15 Jan 14th 18 - Duke Chade The Neverwinterer:

technically we are half kingdom as seen from this image:

In case it doesnt open --> link

15:48:42 Jan 14th 18 - Dragon Prophet Theophilus:

That is good to know.

That makes me kind of sad. We try to extend peace to any KD with 5 or less members :D

19:20:45 Jan 14th 18 - Duke Chade The Neverwinterer:

also good to know :D

20:30:46 Jan 14th 18 - Dragon Prophet Theophilus:

I am pretty sure that is in the HnS kd discription.

14:52:49 Jan 29th 18 - HorusPanic (Lord Horus C):

Kingdoms in Valhalla
Hammer and Shield10Mr. Bigfield The Chair357
Kingdom of Heaven7Lady Pippa Middleton266
Ursidae8Mr. Schepp The Grizzly235
SPQR6Mr. Eridisius186
The Visual Utopia Empire2Mr. Death Dragon96

More action here than on Mantrax

Most Fearsome Rulers
  1. Mr. Schepp The Grizzly has won 19 battles, captured 20 cities and killed a total of 108745 men and women.
  2. Mr. Death Dragon has won 33 battles, captured 17 cities and killed a total of 109176 men and women.
  3. Ms. Jasmina has won 16 battles, captured 3 cities and killed a total of 462419 men and women.
  4. Mr. Marcus Aurelius has won 6 battles, captured 4 cities and killed a total of 304724 men and women.
  5. Mr. Lazy has won 11 battles, captured 4 cities and killed a total of 256933 men and women.
  6. Mr. Von Darkmoor has won 2 battles, captured 1 cities and killed a total of 177656 men and women.

15:23:42 Jan 29th 18 - Ms. Jasmina:

I think its the same people on Fanta, Mant and Val (due to 3 characters feature), and with Kd cap preventing huge kingdoms on Valhalla, it had far better and more interesting eras than on "higher" worlds.

00:23:01 Jan 30th 18 - Dragon Prophet Theophilus:

I honestly think a KD member cap is a good thing for the game.

07:53:11 Jan 30th 18 - Duke Chade The Neverwinterer:

long ago it was a 3 kd cap and it was awesome!!! :D

better to play with few ppl that you can trust than many. KoH playing with only 5 members this era, and so far it has been one of our good ones :)

08:38:10 Jan 30th 18 - Mr. Ice Black:

KD cap doesn't matter, its not like you get all 20 members in the kingdom to be active anyways, in most cases the most populated kingdoms have the most number of inactive members, they just don't want to kick them for the lols.

And the 3-man KD era was not that special either, that was basically just LGC split into several odd-named kingdoms.

09:25:55 Jan 30th 18 - Duke Chade The Neverwinterer:

well i quite liked the 3-kd eras :))

14:15:52 Jan 30th 18 - HorusPanic (Sir Pan The Icky Mage):

I think a 3-5 man kingdom cap on a world would be pretty conside considering how little the player base is now as compared to then

09:22:01 Feb 2nd 18 - Ms. Jasmina:

Introducing the Maze!

You want to increase the time your enemy needs to prepare on your city?
Well then, build the Maze!
You can only build 1302 walls? Not a problem, just go and build 1800 
That will create the Maze around your walls, making the enemy have to walk around to actually find the walls to start the preparation for the attack!

This new bonus is now available for everyone.

03:29:50 Feb 12th 18 - HorusPanic (Mr. Humongous):

Kingdoms in Valhalla
Hammer and Shield10Mr. Bigfield The Chair100
Kingdom of Heaven7Lady Pippa Middleton72
Ursidae8Mr. Schepp The Grizzly63
SPQR6Mr. Eridisius56
The Visual Utopia Empire5Mr. Death Dragon43
Imperium Of Knights1Mr. Esezi The First5

20:39:20 Feb 12th 18 - Ms. Jasmina:


Battles won: 37
Battles lost: 63


Battles won: 72
Battles lost: 30


Battles won: 37
Battles lost: 61


Battles won: 24
Battles lost: 7


Battles won: 98
Battles lost: 35


Battles won: 3
Battles lost: 7


Battles won: 0
Battles lost: 3

06:27:57 Feb 13th 18 - Schepp (Mr. Schepp The Grizzly):

Well that statistic sure doesn't make us look good XD

Let's just say the ones we win are big ones ;)

08:22:16 Feb 13th 18 - Duke Chade The Neverwinterer:

we surely dont mind if you guys take the mantle of "most hated and most barbarian" kd in Valhalla, cause we are very very short on staff... we would gladly share the "responsibilities" with someone next era :D :D :D

23:45:40 Feb 13th 18 - Mr. Bigfield The Chair:

I want to issue a formal apology to Kingdom of Heaven on behalf of 2 or 3 years of miscommunication. We love the fight and contest. We always assumed that they always wanted to fight us on account that they typically always came for us (or so it seemed).

This era we had a long and drawn out OOP war and took a week off for both sides to lick their wounds.

We are publicly declaring war on Urisidea, Imperium of Knights, and a resumption of conflict with KoH in 72 hours. IoK did attack us, but granted they were bored.

Urisidea didn't attack us, but we recognize that as the largest and most powerful Kingdom of the map, we are probably the biggest target. Let it be known that we will fight and win, or die defending, a three front war.

In future eras, we will be more mindful of smaller kingdoms and let it be known that we have no intention of hostilities with any Kingdom with 5 or less players.

00:21:05 Feb 14th 18 - HorusPanic (Ms. Glitter):

Honestly,a few more enemies is just what the doctor ordered

12:05:28 Feb 14th 18 - Duke Chade The Neverwinterer:

Apology accepted, even though its not needed. This IS a war game after all and we in KoH have a general rule of a thumb to attack on sight... Even if the other kd are close friends. We prefer to leave relations for fantasia. We only had relations this era due to huge inactivity we've been encountering .

As you have clearly understood by now, BF, KoH might seem to target HnS, but its not our fault that zeta spawns us together more often than not :)

Wishing you a good fight!

00:36:43 Feb 15th 18 - Schepp (Mr. Schepp The Grizzly):

Valhalla continues to offer fun wars era after era. They seem to be fun because the core group of kingdoms treat each other with respect, and expect a good fight on multiple fronts.

After early skirmishes with VU Empire and SPQR severely halted our development in Ursidae, we feel as though we've bounced back and are ready to roll.

Best of luck to all!

16:57:26 Feb 16th 18 - King BurningLegion (Mr. Burninglegion The Ore Hoarder):

Urisadea feeding each other

Valhalla Market


* Only showing the 10% cheapest.
Total cost:

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18:15:56 Feb 16th 18 - Mr. Pang Tong:

That is a mighty big assumption, could be a newbie not knowing the insight of selling stone :-P

19:43:59 Feb 16th 18 - Ohmly (Duke Oooohmly):

Third time I have seen it for three different players. Their feeding.

20:06:33 Feb 16th 18 - King BurningLegion (Mr. Burninglegion The Ore Hoarder):

no its feeding, 25 million stone. Noobies are rare and dont sell 25 million stone at once

20:56:24 Feb 16th 18 - Mr. Bate Borisov:

You'll have to excuse me, I've only been playing this game for just over three weeks now. What's the problem with someone selling stone for a bit higher a price than it usually goes for? 

22:03:01 Feb 16th 18 - King Justainius Fontainius XXXIIX:

Sorry Kath I thought you would know this by now, erm it just makes us think you have succeeded in making that many accounts. Thats what :)

22:28:59 Feb 16th 18 - Schepp (Mr. Schepp The Grizzly):


There is no feeding. We have taken in several new members over the last few eras. You know, since it's Valhalla and that is supposed to be the goal of this world and all. 

It's crazy to me that everyone is concerned that the game is losing players, and that very few new players stick to the game, then when a new player makes a mistake they are chased off for it. Good job everyone! You're very good at bringing new players along in the game! I can't imagine why activity is dropping??

And P.S. If we were feeding each other - you'd think that overpriced stone would get purchased rather than sitting on the market for days. Just a thought.

22:50:07 Feb 16th 18 - Duke Chade The Neverwinterer:

We in Koh are DEFINITELY feeding each other ... and ye, we don't care!

23:02:49 Feb 16th 18 - Ohmly (Duke Oooohmly):

I just find it strange is all that I have seen it at least 3 separate times, from 3 separate players and, as this is a learning world, that no one has explained it to these players or how to lower their prices to market value?

23:28:28 Feb 16th 18 - Schepp (Mr. Schepp The Grizzly):

I wasn't aware it was an issue until waking to flames on the public forum XD it has since been instructed. And three separate players?? I don't suppose you'd be willing to PM me with the names because I have a difficult time believing this claim. If it's a non-issue I'd prefer to return to my hole and avoid the public forums except to post constructively :)

00:25:28 Feb 17th 18 - King BurningLegion (Mr. Burninglegion The Ore Hoarder):

The growing amount of feeders has been growing over the past few eras, and many people are caught. I support all who copy and paste the suspected feeder, the market is usually cleared of the overpriced goods very quickly so its difficult to catch.

If it is a case of an accident and not a multi then they will be cleared.

02:26:13 Feb 17th 18 - Mr. Bigfield The Chair:

Call it a difference of opinion, but so long as it isn't a multi with the express use of feeding, I see no reason for one player not to exist solely to und the exploits of another.

I excel far better at economics than war. If I can leverage my economic might and afford to subsidize the war of my mates, then why not?

Now, if it is an outright multi, and not an actual second player, I would take offense to that.

12:45:35 Feb 17th 18 - Ryan the Archion (Lord Arc):

Honestly, no offense to Moonweave, there is nothing we can gain from feeding him. I've seen his stone in the Market for a week now as I bought whatever I can see below .95 whenever I log in. Although, I haven't bothered checking the amount he is selling.

If someone is feeding inside our KD I prefer it should me or Fred, so we can utilize it effectively.

07:31:01 Feb 28th 18 - Duke Chade The Neverwinterer:

well done to HnS and VUE their combined strength managed to brake us through ...

unbelievable battle with HnS right from the start. i hope next time we come to such memorable battles, KoH is not that inactive :)

well played!

22:00:00 Feb 28th 18 - Schepp (Mr. Schepp The Grizzly):

So as three of the final 4 KDs have relations, shall I expect a 1 vs. 3? Or is there interest in a free-for-all to finish things off?

00:23:43 Mar 1st 18 - Mr. Bigfield The Chair:

To my knowledge VUE and SPQR don't have relations. 

00:51:39 Mar 1st 18 - Schepp (Mr. Schepp The Grizzly):

I've heard otherwise - which is fine. I - like many before me - am just hoping to avoid a gangbang XD

01:35:05 Mar 1st 18 - Mr. Bigfield The Chair:

I'll consult with the Kingdom. Given the collaboration between VUE and some tight borders, it may be unfair to launch a free for all immediately. 

Potentially waiting until Saturday or so could  work. 

02:45:22 Mar 1st 18 - Princess Aisha:

Vue and Spqr share a core and they do not have relations? Now thats funny.
Still, congratulations to the enemy alliance to take us down
Just a word of advice, it would be much more fun and more satisfying to you guys to win without NAPing half the map. For future references :)

03:00:39 Mar 1st 18 - Dragon Prophet Theophilus:


We've not been at peace with Urisidea all era, and have been at war with them actively on and off for weeks.

VUE was a 3 man Kingdom when we originally had peaceful relations, as is our default stance. They've grown, but for that matter so have we. 

07:31:30 Mar 1st 18 - McMax (Mr. Gubernator Maximus II):

There is no reason to think something fishy is going on between VUE and SPQR.

VUE just didn't go south and SPQR didn't go north. None of us have had reasons to make a formal deal - afterall, there are still some gentlemen playing in VU.

12:32:48 Mar 1st 18 - Duke Chade The Neverwinterer:

its funny how you write KoH off so easily .... i still have a FCUKING scout with 300k pezzies!!!! I aint down yet

12:42:43 Mar 1st 18 - Runelord Arkan (Mr. Frostark Quarryhand):

Get 'im boys!

03:20:24 Mar 2nd 18 - Mr. Bigfield The Chair:

We've reached out to the kingdoms of the realm. 

Besides a particularly rebellious city, the war on KoH is concluded.

Given the size advantage, we think the fairest fight would be a 3 way free for all, with a few real life days farming time for SPQR to catch up.

Obviously. this is all hypothetical and pending discussion, but I think a free for all can be a quick cordial thing, with arma being voted on whenever someone wants to cast it.

10:32:25 Mar 2nd 18 - Schepp (Mr. Schepp The Grizzly):

Considering the alternative, we'd be very appreciative of a free for all.

At the moment however Ursidae is still warring SPQR, hopefully the war will be concluded by the time you'd like the free for all to begin - but they are skilled players so we will see!

11:53:57 Mar 2nd 18 - Mr. Bigfield The Chair:

For fairness, perhaps a Universal cessation of all conflict until Noon Sunday for VUE to be able to have armies to defend all of the new fronts opening, and allowing SPQR, which has much less by way of players and %power to catch up a little, would be welcome?

Although if the Large XXXXX stack from VUE doesn't scoot we may presume that they want war sooner :P

12:31:02 Mar 2nd 18 - Death Dealer (Mr. Death Dragon):

A free for all would be fun, but to be honest it would mostly be HnS and Ursidae vs VUE(which really only has a totally of four players who are active/exp enough to fight). We are in the middle of these two kds so it is plain as day as how it would go.

Also, you all know I would be the first and main target if this turned into a free for all.

However, if this is what you all want then so be it.

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