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Valhalla 53
09:21:12 Mar 17th 18 - Mr. Mullet Thc:

ya ha durka durka

it finally happened ya'll

13:28:19 Mar 17th 18 - Duke Chade The Neverwinterer:

yeah that was some era! 3+ mths!

19:27:04 Mar 17th 18 - HorusPanic (Mr. Humongous):

shopping for a small kingdom, no more than 3 players

If nothing by tomorrow morning I'll bring back Black Flag

19:33:58 Mar 17th 18 - Venomz (Mr. Venhumz):

Can't go on Valhalla cause too much experience, whuuut? I'm sure there are plenty of people playing with more character xp than me?

19:42:25 Mar 17th 18 - HorusPanic (Lord Horus C):

yeah, me for one, but maybe its b/c i'm a guide...?

19:45:16 Mar 17th 18 - Mr. Pang Tong:

i'm not a guide, and i still play (not a premium player)

19:54:39 Mar 17th 18 - Venomz (High Warlord The Fractured But Whole):

Apparently an old character of mine that was once on Valhalla blocked me from starting. Strangely enough I couldn't even start with that character either. I just deleted it and now I'm fine.

20:01:14 Mar 17th 18 - Sir Great Observer:


20:30:07 Mar 17th 18 - Mr. Bigfield The Chair:

Excellent new map too!! Should be new and exciting.

06:49:07 Mar 19th 18 - Mr. Mullet Thc:

the game is on boys

18:06:38 Mar 19th 18 - HorusPanic (Mr. Polymer):

Kingdoms in Valhalla
Black Flag With Red Stripe2Mr. Polymer100
Ursidae10Mr. Schepp The Grizzly92
SPQR5Mr. Erithugha59
Hammer and Shield10Mr. Bigfield The Executive51
Kingdom of Heaven10Lady Pippa Middleton49
The Visual Utopia Empire8Mr. Death Dragon31

19:04:01 Mar 19th 18 - Mr. Small Town Sam:

Black Flag With Red Stripe

Kingdom Banner

Name: Black Flag With Red Stripe
Members: 2
Created: 3/18/2018 9:01:19 PM
Leader: Mr. Polymer

How very literal. 

19:53:01 Mar 19th 18 - HorusPanic (Mr. Polymer):

I think it has a nice ring to it.... just rolls of the tongue

03:07:05 Mar 20th 18 - Alrisaia (Ms. Alrisaia):

Or BFWRS for short! Except when I say the short version it takes longer... Curious.

03:38:29 Mar 20th 18 - Mr. Mullet Thc:

say it like bofors.

13:49:48 Mar 20th 18 - HorusPanic (Mr. Polymer):

honestly, i wanted black flag but i wasn't able to get it (says it is currently in use... hmmm???)

21:16:21 Mar 20th 18 - Mr. Small Town Sam:

Black flag, red flag? Why not white flag? I figure you'll be waving it anyway come the end of the era. 

21:50:30 Mar 20th 18 - HorusPanic (Mr. Polymer):

hmmm, a one off player with no extra characters talking shit... couldn't be a more experience player that forgot to log off his multi, could it?

22:16:24 Mar 20th 18 - Mr. Small Town Sam:

Jeezzz, haha! Calm yourself down. I'm just having a laugh with you mate, I didn't mean anything by it. 

For the record, I don't know how you know who I am, I didn't think my first era particuarly set the world alight, but I've never heard of you either. 

22:20:46 Mar 20th 18 - Runelord Arkan (Mr. Arkan The Akkountant):

/whois small town sam

23:32:45 Mar 20th 18 - HorusPanic (Lord Horus C):

Don't be so sensitive either.  Its a playful jab back at you

But seriously,  who is your multi? 

14:53:27 Mar 22nd 18 - HorusPanic (Mr. Polymer):

BFWRS has defeated the lone orc in The Undead:

Kingdoms in Valhalla
Ursidae9Mr. Schepp The Grizzly228
Kingdom of Heaven10Lord Tinker209
Hammer and Shield10Mr. Bigfield The Executive186
Black Flag With Red Stripe2Mr. Polymer100
SPQR5Mr. Erithugha89
The Visual Utopia Empire9Mr. Death Dragon70
The Undead1Mr. Ljthegod7
The Borg6The Hives1

07:26:27 Mar 24th 18 - Runelord Arkan (Mr. Arkan The Akkountant):

Pileup in Valhalla

07:28:38 Mar 24th 18 - Mr. Xin:

And here I thought four tagless in the corner was a lot lol

16:23:04 Mar 24th 18 - Alrisaia (Ms. Alrisaia):

It's too bad these bots don't really play I'd love to stomp the shet out of

Family History


Ms. Easy Payday Loan
Lived in age 0 of Valhalla

No known history.

18:04:04 Mar 24th 18 - Mr. Small Town Sam:

Perhaps it's a sign of some sort! 

Family History


Ms. Best Online Loans
Lived in age 0 of Valhalla

No known history.

18:07:21 Mar 24th 18 - Mr. Ignis Von Conquerer:

Nowadays these bankers won't even leave you alone in the game. Seriously starting to get desperate :p

18:09:57 Mar 24th 18 - Mr. Fecker:

Im selling sponsorship rights for kd branding.

18:10:29 Mar 24th 18 - Mr. Fecker:

Here comes feckers, sponsored by KY Jelly

18:11:18 Mar 24th 18 - Mr. Fecker:

Here comes Albatwats, sponsored by vagisil

18:11:52 Mar 24th 18 - Mr. Fecker:

Here comes Abydos, sponsored by Crunchy Nuts

18:20:46 Mar 24th 18 - Mr. Small Town Sam:

Mr. Fecker:

Here comes feckers, sponsored by KY Jelly

Honest question, what on earth is KY Jelly? It sounds like some horrible sort of fish egg.

18:32:37 Mar 24th 18 - Mr. Fecker:

yep, thats exactly what it is. go ask at your supermarket VERY loudly for some.

20:30:55 Mar 24th 18 - HorusPanic (Lord Horus C):

It's great on crackers or fish tacos

11:18:32 Apr 3rd 18 - Duke Chade From Sharandar:

I just want to make a statement on behalf of KoH - you have seen that we have dropped in points/players ... I have kicked out Jasmina and Ella from KoH as a result of their actions on Fantasia.

Us, from KoH might be ... what were we called ... barbaric and arrogant, but we are from the older generation of players for whom honor and dignity are the building blocks of everything else. Thus, we do not tolerate cheating in any form.

We consider accessing someone else's account for the purpose of "better coordination" a blatant form of cheating! More so than multi-ing.

11:21:57 Apr 3rd 18 - Mr. Fecker:

tbh I blame FW. Collective were so desperate to beat FW, they struggled to keep up activity, even suggesting cross logging etc, when in fact FW are just a group of sad, really boring, basement dwellers who dont like sexy time and have no life or friends.

11:40:07 Apr 3rd 18 - Duke Chade From Sharandar:

still not an excuse, bling ... appreciate you trying to justify them, but this aint justifiable. There is always a next era and another chance to get someone ...

11:42:19 Apr 3rd 18 - Mr. Fecker:

Not justifying it, just giving an opinion. If they gonna fall for me gobbing my shyte off on the forums, then humanity has finally lost its senses.

11:51:20 Apr 3rd 18 - Duke Chade From Sharandar:

mate, not many ppl in this world can withstand proper banter. Many ppl get offended. But me - i cannot live without it ... i wake up in the morning thinking on who would be the lucky chap or lassie to be the first one tasting my bant for the day ... then again, i don't give a fcuk who it is, it still gonna be bee's knees mate cause it comes from the heart

14:01:27 Apr 3rd 18 - Runelord Arkan (Mr. Arkan The Akkountant):

Ms. Jasmina (3/22/2018 4:52:12 PM) GOOD BAD
My goal was always to help the game and new players. The group are just people that were about to quit after FW kept killing them. I picked then up one by one in the kingdom to stand a better chance. Later figured out they are s crazy bunch setting up alarms to wake up when they reach target. Went with them to play this other game that I did not like, and when they quit VU I go therr and ask them to return.

Regarding what you said, I will be honest and saw I have no idea what zerging means. Must be a video game term I am not familiar with. Guys told me its from a game, but I am really a girl in rl and I do love games, but more like Tomb Raider type adventures.

Soccer pretty much did not do anything but run to cities when we kill defenders. He just took 90k from Anon that I was preparing, which is lame, but I do not want to be mean. We'll ignore Alba too cause they are already in trouble.

Sure, we will drop the traininf kd next era, one is inactive, one will join another kd next era, one we got in KoH and thats it...
You (3/22/2018 5:15:42 PM)
Fair enough.

Zerging is a term from the game StarCraft. One of the races are the Zerg which use multiple waves of expendable units to overwhelm a more elite opponent.
Ms. Jasmina (3/22/2018 5:31:12 PM) GOOD BAD
Well you remember the Gladiators days you have been around a while, your kd is full of veterans. With exception of me, Collective is full of newish players, so numbers is all we got. Not sure if anyone in my kingdom claimed we do not use our numbers...

14:03:50 Apr 3rd 18 - Duke Chade From Sharandar:

and you posted this because ...

14:44:06 Apr 3rd 18 - Runelord Arkan (Mr. Arkan The Akkountant):

Salt in the wound

15:26:24 Apr 3rd 18 - Duke Chade From Sharandar:

yeah ok .... informative

15:32:22 Apr 3rd 18 - Runelord Arkan (Runelord Arkan):

You make the assumption I was looking to inform

15:59:42 Apr 3rd 18 - Duke Chade From Sharandar:

either that or you need attention ...

you might be stunned to realise that i couldn't care less either way.

My message was written to inform the rest of Valhalla lot of our stance. We dislike cheaters ... we'd rather go down 10 eras in a row, but we all know that the one era that we obliterate all is gonna come again eventually....

Something like Ferrari F1 fans right now ... last title was in '08 but we keep believing every season!!!

16:13:41 Apr 3rd 18 - Bran (Mr. Bran):

kicking a player mid era is a dishonorable act. does one dishonorable act  justify another? do two wrongs really make a right?

16:18:17 Apr 3rd 18 - Mr. Pang Tong:

But attacking after booting is considered a dishonorable act, but if a player is left alone after booting, it be okay, so we'll see

16:26:17 Apr 3rd 18 - Bran (Mr. Bran):

what about forgiveness??

16:28:55 Apr 3rd 18 - Mr. Pang Tong:

That is between players and their ideals.

17:54:00 Apr 3rd 18 - Mr. Small Town Sam:

From a neutral perspective, from a "new player", second era in, all this bickering is probably what would turn me away from the game. I mean, come on, can't we all just act like adults for a little while? 

If someone has logged into someone elses account, who really cares? Yes, you could call it cheating. However, the way I see it is more fool you for letting that affect your own enjoyment of the game. 

I don't think I've played any other game where the forums are constantly this negative.

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