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Valhalla 54
16:52:58 Jun 2nd 18 - Duke Chade The Reuniter:

So did HnS disbanded after the win?

19:33:30 Jun 2nd 18 - Mr. Sam Town:

They couldn't go on without Bran by their side to do the heavy lifting.

21:27:45 Jun 2nd 18 - Duke Chade The Reuniter:

regardless, we are in for sure :)

05:12:27 Jun 3rd 18 - Ms. Independence:

I haven't seen HnS either.  Tho HnS has been around like forever. 

I started a new kingdom, Kingdom of Liberty, 3 people keeping it small.   So you'll at least have us around.  :) 

06:14:40 Jun 3rd 18 - Cao Cao (Mr. Spooks):

HnS is still here, but we might be a smaller presence this era, nobody has dropped yet 

13:17:24 Jun 3rd 18 - Duke Chade The Reuniter:

Well it will be a shame to lose HnS :(

07:42:14 Jun 6th 18 - Duke Chade The Reuniter:

oi ... knobheads ... get some banners will ya ... 2 confusing

12:29:55 Jun 6th 18 - All Might:

There are so many kingdoms this era that a solo KD like myself doesn't even show up in the scores lol

22:46:59 Jun 6th 18 - Ms. Independence:

Banner up. 

05:26:22 Jun 7th 18 - Mr. Gaia Collector:

Knobhead here, banner up.

07:52:50 Jun 7th 18 - Duke Chade The Reuniter:


11:59:24 Jun 10th 18 - Duke Chade The Reuniter:

very quiet here

16:55:26 Jun 10th 18 - Mathew (Mr. Gaia Collector):

The top HoH armies are 100k OP armies.

I think even the people who are fighting are still afk farming.

19:27:06 Jun 10th 18 - Ms. Independence:

It's actually much worse than that. 3k cavers hits #3 on hoh. 

20:46:32 Jun 10th 18 - All Might:

Mages don't count for shit.

20:08:34 Jun 12th 18 - Mr. Bigfield:

HnS is here!

We got stomped early on, but we are rebuilding!

This map is really huge. 

13:18:54 Jun 16th 18 - Bran (Mr. Bran):

looks like urisdae and heaven gets off out of gang banging a tiny kd consisting mainly of girls

13:25:27 Jun 16th 18 - Duke Chade The Reuniter:

how else would we make you complain, Bran?!

13:27:44 Jun 16th 18 - Bran (Mr. Bran):

there are lots of ways. in fact need only ask as complaining is one of my favorite pass-times

13:37:00 Jun 16th 18 - Duke Chade The Reuniter:

go on, entertain us...

15:43:15 Jun 16th 18 - All Might:

Nice to see H&S kept the same negotiating policy as last era.

Mr. Bigfield (6/14/2018 3:51:40 AM)GOODBAD
Turn back.

You are trespassing on the lands of the Northern Alliance.

To proceed further or engage in hostilities will be a declaration of war on the alliance.

-Bigfield of Hammer and Shield.
You (6/14/2018 4:06:48 AM)
Oh... "Alliance"?

So does that mean you openly admit that you are allied with the elf that moved against me three times so far this era?
Mr. Bigfield (6/14/2018 7:32:47 AM)GOODBAD
We will not tolerate hostile actions on our doorstep. 

Procees at your own peril.

TFW you have virtually no troops and the solo calls your bluff.

Although admittedly it was better than:

Why u kill muh army, it was only walkin near u.

No one built GT's so no one knew you were there... we swearsies!

20:06:10 Jun 16th 18 - Endless (Ms. Gods Left Nut):

he wants you to give him RP points, just push the +  lol

20:26:40 Jun 16th 18 - Mr. Hanky Panky:

I wanted to play this world, it seems more active but I landed on zeta by accident, expect me on here next era >:D

21:30:46 Jun 16th 18 - Schepp (Doctor Schepp):

Sorry Liberty,

We landed away from other KDs and your orc happened to attack us. 

Hanky - we’ll have a spot if you’re interested.

06:10:32 Jun 17th 18 - Mr. Bigfield:

Only a monster uses 242thousand hard workers as a shield to cover tge tracks of a scout.


We slaughtered them and left no one alive. Mr. Bigfield. We have won the battle!

We killed all of the 2 troops and 24342 peasants.

06:43:14 Jun 17th 18 - All Might:

I'm sure those peasants found it ironic they were killed by their former ruler.

The very same ruler that threatened another ruler who had troops in their face and placed them in this predicament in the first place.

As well as the ruler who was sworn to protect his people and prevented the opposing ruler from doing just that.

Much wow.

09:28:31 Jun 19th 18 - Duke Chade The Reuniter:

I would definitely want to see a video reply of this era when it ends

13:34:08 Jun 19th 18 - All Might:

Its been a pretty meh era for me...

All I wanted to do was try out the whole aotd troll thing...

Went well at first, but then Tinzt, an elf from Eastern Coalition, sent an army at me.

Didn't even bother trying to fight me and went straight for my production cities...

So I killed her army as it was passing by my armoury and figured that ought to teach her a lesson as I thought she was just a newer player who thought she was the shit or something... So I went back to farming.

Then she sent another small army... Which I killed.

At that point I was on the fence but decided not to attack, because at some point I wanted to build a 90ker mine but if I took her towns, not only would I not be able to build into trees, my build times and resource cost per building would be relatively high. So I was just like w/e and did nothing.


This time I'm like "Alright mofo, lets go"

On the way to her, Bigfield and my convo basically went like:

Big Field: Get off our turf, we don't tolerate violence!

All Might: But the elf attacked me three times...

Big Field: SILENCE!

All Might: Welp, I guess you're on the list too...

While I do feel accomplished that I got to kick the shit out of H&S (Them threats with less than 20 or so K slingers on their side lmao), I am a bit miffed that some vultures have come out...


The type of town builds I've seen on this journey is just so triggering man...

Who dafuk builds armouries and production in their blockers???

I see all these KD's that claim they train people, but they still can't build for shit.


I even see "people being trained" camp on cities by going to the center of them, only to get trapped.

Like holy **** people.

13:41:01 Jun 19th 18 - Duke Chade The Reuniter:

Just let HnS train for about 65 days and they will show you who is the boss!!!!

14:21:29 Jun 19th 18 - Dragon Prophet Theophilus:

Chade gets it.

Ths North wasn't our core. We had to rebuild after a non coordinated start down south. I think many of us were innactivr after the last era dragged on for so long.

So we had a dragging era, I had something going on and couldnt move after landing and so it was a weak start followed by a classic KoH HnS OOP loke we've had for years. 

I don't like the playstyle of orcs, and most in my KD don't, so we tend to struggle there.

At any rate, when youre on the run and low on funds you work qith what you've got.

We didn't have any blocker cities, so I am unsure what you are referencing. I did have some blended armories, which will function so long as production is 100 percent.

And the other part I will chalk up to laziness. Its a shame that activoty is dwindled after new maps have mixed things up for ua after years of shatterworlds.

15:36:51 Jun 19th 18 - Duke Chade The Reuniter:

its cool theo, i was joking ... as i have said in this forum thread a week ago or so - it will be a loss to valhalla if HnS are gone ... besides everyone has an off era :)

What i was referring is that you guys did indeed dragged "a bit" the last two eras :) particularly last - you could've killed us about 4 weeks before you actually killed us :)

17:12:13 Jun 19th 18 - Schepp (Doctor Schepp The Grizzly):

23:50:50 Jun 19th 18 - Mr. Bigfield:

The person that dragged us out for so long was in fact a new member and is in fact no longer with us ha. He used us, scored a nice Era win, but I suppose we used him too :P

It was a fun era, but a month too long. 

18:36:53 Jun 20th 18 - King Gwap:

I have found two very good player and trained them personally with other members-from HnS. Literally we managed to train 3 players from HnS complete newbies to be top highscore players every era on fan. All 3 have quit as the game lacks the ability to maintain or get new players. So I actually think HnS has done great for the game. BTW I am talking about Shorty. Zelena and Ovson

22:34:42 Jun 20th 18 - Dragon Prophet Theophilus:

By and large we do focus on developing economies, and fast.

Our early and humble beginnings were a cycle of getting creamed all the time, so we got really good at restarting, which then made us more efficient at simply starting.  

15:59:48 Jun 21st 18 - The Sweeper:

To correct things we didn't drag the age out ... in fact we ended the age before the first arma would of ended.  And I been in and out of HnS many times over the yrs so not really a new player.   I dont recall using HnS I do recall casting aotd more time then ever tho on many peoples armies over and over...

 kinda butt hurt thinking i would use a kingdom P:

21:28:54 Jun 21st 18 - Endless (Ms. Gods Left Nut):

a sprout, you know Bigfield is a sweet talker like that ;)

06:51:14 Jun 22nd 18 - Mr. Bigfield:

Sweeper, you carried us last era. No two ways about it.

Not complaining. We could have used that this era. Or spqr.

19:16:54 Jul 14th 18 - Duke Chade The Reuniter:

ZeTa, once the era ends, could we please have a video reply?

19:29:34 Jul 14th 18 - Night Talon Lord Ivanho (Mr. Snow Whites Boyfriend):

Duke Chade The Reuniter:

ZeTa, once the era ends, could we please have a video reply?

Chade good to see you're still playing. Thought i won't see you again if i come back someday 😍😍❤

I'm 2nd Ivan of vu, played as Ivanho most of the time.

21:45:16 Jul 14th 18 - Duke Chade The Reuniter:

you too buddy :) not playing that regular anymore ... more like hanging around with the mates :)))

22:13:13 Jul 14th 18 - Night Talon Lord Ivanho (Mr. Snow Whites Boyfriend):

Duke Chade The Reuniter:

you too buddy :) not playing that regular anymore ... more like hanging around with the mates :)))

hahaha nice 👍👊

07:07:22 Jul 15th 18 - Prince Iceworks The Orc:


Your Royal Highness.

We have plundered Sam Town of all their resources. They had 240299365 gold, 139323110 stone, 22112371 tree, 7510890 food and 0 slaves in the city. We also took 0 of their peasants for slaves!

We killed or injured total of 70068 troops.


Can someone let me know what to do with these kind of resources??? Please tell me what to do with it

07:19:54 Jul 15th 18 - TheBornLoser (Sir Irregular Bowel Movement):

Could have trained 1.4 million MUs with that kind of resources :S

09:02:55 Jul 16th 18 - Mr. Chaos Ignis Creates:

Buy all the stones on the market and stg. Also buy the rest off stuff and sell them to natives if they have slot of low priced stuff.  Then create a thunder army and attack the biggest kd by yourself. 

03:35:55 Jul 17th 18 - Prince Iceworks The Orc:

HAHA stone market is always empty...

06:21:41 Jul 17th 18 - Jack Daniels The drunk (Dragonlord Crown Royal):

Yeah cause if you didn't empty it I did

07:58:33 Jul 17th 18 - Duke Chade The Reuniter:

JD, it didn't help you much emptying it, did it? :)

10:35:37 Jul 17th 18 - Mr. Chaos Ignis Creates:

Oh shots fired. Savage Chade

11:15:49 Jul 17th 18 - Endless (Ms. Gods Left Nut):

kinda think maybe TBL got more stone then the rest of you

Crown of Domination

Army Info
Commander:Sir Irregular Bowel MovementKingdom Banner
Kingdom:Kingdom of Heaven
Size:Horde (Millions)
Status:Moving North

This ruler owns more than three times as much land than we do.

This ruler is a member of our kingdom!

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