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Valhalla 57
10:07:10 Oct 23rd 18 - Duke Chade That Died:

Era not even started yet and Bling gets greedy ...

Hold your horses, c\/nt, you are not the only one playing the game ... fcukinghell, mate!!!

10:49:34 Oct 23rd 18 - All Might:

This map is so shit xD

13:57:27 Oct 23rd 18 - Mr. Kinky Fecker:

Cant help it, the need to kill overwhelms me

22:50:01 Oct 23rd 18 - Mr. Bigfield The Chairman:

I thought thia was the awfuk desert map (there are two).

I like the ones that force resource management, to a degree 

18:23:21 Oct 24th 18 - Duke Chade That Died:

So why is DA losing members? Taking some time off?

18:27:10 Oct 24th 18 - Mr. Johnny Rotten:

A few are yeah. So I gotta kill everyone myself, which works for me

19:31:43 Oct 24th 18 - Duke Chade That Died:

these few are smart - they've taken time off while still on top form, cause they know what will happen this era :)

19:36:01 Oct 24th 18 - Mr. Johnny Rotten:

Nah, I'll clean up again this era. 

20:41:30 Oct 24th 18 - HorusPanic (Mr. Gritty):

OWF is back and I wish the map was smaller again, that was an awesome OOP

20:58:19 Oct 24th 18 - Sir Edi The Mage:

We lost some players and I am going mage.

Behild DA will have the worst mage in history of VU. 

21:17:28 Oct 24th 18 - Stormy (Mr. Sturmcrahe):

Nah Iím going mage for KoH so that honor goes to me😜

22:11:23 Oct 24th 18 - Phat (Grand Moff Thrawn):

Well let's hope DA doesn't steamroll and we're waiting six months for an Arma then (;

10:53:04 Oct 25th 18 - Duke Chade of The Waterfall:

19:23:21 Oct 24th 18 - Duke Chade That Died:

So why is DA losing members? Taking some time off?

Oh, ok i see now - DA is not losing members, there was kind of a merger between last era's DA and Atlantis into two kds now DA + SW. So i take it you guys spawned in the same area and decided to create a "sister" kingdom to accommodate the atlantis crew ...

more fun coming then :)

11:48:00 Oct 25th 18 - Mr. Sam of Old:

Actually that's not the case. Yes, some DA members left and yes, we formed a new kingdom with Atlantis, but we're in no way linked with the existing DA. 

15:11:16 Oct 25th 18 - Phat (Grand Moff Django):

Aye, SW has no relation to DA at all.

20:30:04 Oct 28th 18 - Mr. Space Man Sam:

This era has already been nothing short of a disaster. If we rewind back to the end of last era, myself and Fett from DA left to form a kingdom with what was Atlantis. It seemed a good fit, we all got on and we all were active. We chose our races to get the best OOP/late era balance and set off.

Anyway, fast forward to now and our friends from Atlantis, Priestess/Ideas, Space/Space Wanderer or Zephyros/Forgot, however you know them, have seemingly been banned for multi-accounts. 

Mr. Testingg    	-no kingdom-  	Fantasia 	Dead 
Queen Zephyros  	Storm         	Mantrax  	Alive
Ms. Space       	Space Warriors	Valhalla 	Alive
Ms. Just Testing	-no kingdom-  	Zetamania	Dead 
Ms. Forgot        	Storm         	Mantrax   	Alive
Ms. Space Wanderer	Space Warriors	Valhalla  	Alive
Ms. Testering     	-no kingdom-  	Tutorial X	Dead 

To add to that, Stardust who joined us has already left after seeing the situation we're in and not wanting to be involved in an OOP fight. We're down to three players, one of which has already been killed by White Flag.

I'm kicking both Space/Space Wanderer out of my kingdom. If you can, cut us some slack guys, we've had a rocky start to the era.

20:50:48 Oct 28th 18 - Princess Aisha:

When we both left Ursidae being only two active players to form a kingdom I told to make it yourself, you refused and got me to do it, because I have more experience. So I did, and we got into a messy oop, died and came back, picked up few people and every time I spoke od DA I would say Sam and I are creators. 

And what do you do? Leave us in middle of last day or spawning, take the mage with you (some would say poaching) and reason you give is that you want to try leading. While you were leading DA in first place. Never made a decision without talking to you...

I wish you good luck in the rest of era, but you will remain our enemy like the other kingdoms. Hope you guys manage to do that wiki page you are doing. 

20:57:43 Oct 28th 18 - Mr. Space Man Sam:

Good luck to you too Jasmina. We had a good run in Death Angels you and I. It's a shame you can't appreciate that the same way I can. 

22:45:49 Oct 28th 18 - Phat (Grand Moff Thrawn):

Jasmina, this poaching that you accuse sam of, was actually me going to him and saying I would follow him anywhere.

I was unhappy playing FOR you, not WITH you. You expected people to allow you to have the glory, you wanted the asspats for taking cities demanding that others who played for you make extreme moves and take risks to put YOUR armies in better positions. It ended up in a fight in a chat between you and another mage, where you were horrible to that person when they protested your requests and you followed it up with "Fine, I get it if you wanna save some MU instead of win this war" the was war won, the MU was 1/3rd of theirs and it was for a crush wall. That player later apologized to you for the conflict, and you simply ignored it. You didn't want to have anything to do with that player after they wouldn't kiss you arse. You're a toxic leader who expects people to give you what you want for you to win, not for your KD to be successful. Sam sent out a level headed KD message telling everyone that the fighting was silly, we had a successful era and didn't need to fight anymore.

When I learned that you never apologized, I went to sam and told him I was unhappy playing for you but I respect him. I would follow him to any world in any KD but wasn't going to play with DA again.

Also, the wiki page has nothing to do with in game politics... The wiki would actually help people get into this game. Unfortunately, they wouldn't stay if they played under you.

Declare war on us, whatever, we're a three man KD who had a rough start. You're a shameless egomaniac.

23:11:09 Oct 28th 18 - Ms. Jasmina:

Not sure if anything you wrote was correct information. I guess you do not have the right information, or people told you lies?

Word of advice, if you were unhappy playing for DA, you could have said something not pretend all is great :-)

The cast I asked for was anger not cw (cw was done right away) and I had 57% against last HnS blocker, and most of KoH had been dead, so I assumed magic could be used for that last enemy stronghold. 

Atlantis mage left Chat and I right away wrote am apology to her admitting my words were crappy. Wrote ingame. She then returned and said she will be there for people and not arrogant leader and I decided I will be quiet to prevent fights. 

Sam told me mages were unhappy so I tried giving you praise as much as I could, unlike you claim I wanted glory for myself, I gave congrats to priestess, both mages for awesome era and Bling for most kills. I was useless for most of the era other than the final push. Without me we would still win, without mages we would not. Nobody claimed otherwise. 

I have been in this game for over 10 years, been to over 20 different kingdoms mostly in leading positins, I got all the glory and fame in these years, I require no glory any more.

23:32:09 Oct 28th 18 - Sir Edi The Mage:

Hell this seems familiar to what happened day or two prior to this incident in which I said something, canít remember what as I did not see that as problematic, but it ended up causing a problem, was told Ideas was feeling underapreciated and I even sent a message saying I am sorry lol... 

You crybabies need to shut the fck up, I am going mage this era, next era I will go back to my oop halfer and release the bling in me and demolish you all. 

23:35:19 Oct 28th 18 - Mr. Space Man Sam:

You have a tendency to ruin the relationships you make don't you Jasmina? I'll share with you my conversation with Ideas.

23:43:54 Oct 28th 18 - Ms. Jasmina:

Did she say I never wrote to her?

I don't have option of seeing sent messages without reply otherwise I would show you. 

I ruin friendships? You think my friendship in Feckers on Fantasia is ruined? Or that I have no friends in DA? Ok if you say so :-)

I am not so close to KoH due to me being banned, and that is all my fault, common knowledge already. I still consider those guys among the best groups in this game, reason why I fight them is because they are vets, among the best in the game. There is no personal dislike toward them, if I made you think otherwise than I apologize.

23:53:55 Oct 28th 18 - Mr. Space Man Sam:

There's a reason I left and a reason Fett left. If you can't see how your attitude rubs people up the wrong way, even after me showing you my conversation with Ideas, then that's a fault on you and nobody else.

23:54:53 Oct 28th 18 - Ms. Jasmina:

As I said, good luck to both of you in future eras :-)

01:17:05 Oct 29th 18 - Mr. Johnny Rotten:

Bling break shit.

01:21:56 Oct 29th 18 - Phat (Grand Moff Thrawn):

Ha! Yes, Bling is very good at that!

09:30:33 Oct 29th 18 - Duke Chade of The Waterfall:

I am sad ... no one blames chade anymore :(((( I guess I need to up my flame game ...

10:10:40 Oct 29th 18 - Mr. Ignizras Mordoe:

You suck.:)

11:01:05 Oct 29th 18 - Duke Chade of The Waterfall:

this map doesnt have too many water sources ... you fishes gonna die

17:49:45 Oct 30th 18 - Princess Aisha:

The fearsome list is just full of foolishness 

Second has double the kills, double the battles won
Just one city taken less...
Logic takes a hit in that one...

  1. Ms. Jasmina has won 4 battles, captured 7 cities and killed a total of 20739 men and women.
  2. Mr. Johnny Rotten has won 8 battles, captured 6 cities and killed a total of 40646 men and women.

19:03:06 Oct 30th 18 - Stormy (Lord Stormcrow):

Agreed it favors cities taken too much

19:05:27 Oct 30th 18 - Duke Chade of The Waterfall:

...and does not include B&Ded cities :(((

22:00:41 Oct 30th 18 - Mr. Bigfield The Chairman:

It should include b and d.

But unfortunately kill count does not reflect liberations or when peasants escape.

22:12:00 Oct 30th 18 - Mr. Ignizras Mordoe:

I think it does if the city has troops. But I am not sure

02:33:13 Oct 31st 18 - Mr. Bigfield The Chairman:

If you liberate 100,000 peasants from servitude, it is not listed. The Fearsome Ruler only lists killed peasants and soldiers.

06:34:08 Oct 31st 18 - Mr. Johnny Rotten:

Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds
Now sit back and enjoy as the story unfulrs
This is a land of nightmares, of spirits unclean
Where the darkest horror is the one yet unseen
This is a place without pity, a world with no hope
An unholy place of darkness where mortal men cannot cope
The only lights are the fires, in this land of lost souls
The hellish heat rises, from the ground made of coals

I am your Nightmare, defiler of dreams
Be as loud as you like, for I relish your screams
This is your new home, your own personal hell
I am your only companion, tormenter as well
My words are my weapons, my tongue is my knife
And with these things I'll torment you for the rest of unlife
I know the unknowable, I have seen your soul
The only way to escape it is to leave dead and cold
But even that cannot save you, you'll be sent right back
Into this darkest of nightmares, into the pits of the black

Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds
I am the cyclone beginning to whirl
I am the dark dream that has just begun
So stick around with me and we'll have lots of fun
I'll destroy your whole world, I'll kill all your friends
But please do not worry, I'll save your soul for the end
I'll rip your heart from your chest, and devour it whole
As you take your final breath, I shall capture soul
I am the darkness that comes in the night
Don't try to resist me you won't win this fight

Now you're mine for eternity let the torture begin
I think we will start with damnation and the judgment of sin
Then we'll move on to torture, that's my favorite part
Then we'll end with the damned, ripping your body apart
Welcome to damnation eternal, your hell starts today
God can no longer hear you, no matter how much you pray
Welcome to your eternal nightmare, we'll be the best of friends
This is the start of eternity the darkness will never end.

03:17:09 Nov 1st 18 - All Might:

DA outnumber us.

DA decided to CW and walk past

DA decided to use BTs

All I can say is... Fucking dirtbags.

03:27:29 Nov 1st 18 - Mr. Johnny Rotten:

You lucky it wasn't me, you'd be done already. 

04:03:38 Nov 1st 18 - Ms. Jasmina:

Geez, we got two vs HnS and 1 vs your kingdom. In both cases we do not outnumber the enemy...

04:18:22 Nov 1st 18 - All Might:

Complete dirtbags

04:34:43 Nov 1st 18 - Mr. Johnny Rotten:

That's probably the politist name I've ever been called.

06:20:30 Nov 1st 18 - Teirdel (Saint Talveron):

It's literally just me vs you guys.. I'm not even a decent player.

07:36:18 Nov 1st 18 - Duke Chade of The Waterfall:

07:20:30 Nov 1st 18 - Teirdel (Saint Talveron):

It's literally just me vs you guys.. I'm not even a decent player.


Yeah, I can confirm that ;)

08:26:33 Nov 1st 18 - All Might:

Whered the magic come from bitch?

And you mean to tell me that if I get through this and retaliate, that your KD is just gonna stand by and do nothing?

Yea I didn't fucking think so.

10:31:00 Nov 1st 18 - Mr. Bigfield The Chairman:

While we did have 7 playing, we had several land cities and go atraight AFK shortly after. 

The war isnt over. I would say we were ar best a 5 man KD, but excluding our rainee, a 4 man KD, with two returning for the first time in eras.

But again, it isnt over yet.

10:41:07 Nov 1st 18 - Mr. Stardust Collector:

Mr. Bigfield The Chairman:

While we did have 7 playing, we had several land cities and go atraight AFK shortly after. 

The war isnt over. I would say we were ar best a 5 man KD, but excluding our rainee, a 4 man KD, with two returning for the first time in eras.

But again, it isnt over yet.

its over mate. After all these continuous failures in couple of Eras, i think u guys should rest few days instead of "Restarting", think whats missed, make a chart of mistakes, make plans... then come back next Era. 

Or maybe Elect someone who's more innovative n smarter.

11:39:32 Nov 1st 18 - Mr. Bigfield The Chairman:

1) This is a game. A pass time.

2) As a game, the primary goal is entertainment. Aome play because they like the freeform development. Some play because they like combat. Some enjoy figuring out algorithms and others.

It is no one's business but their oqn why they choose to play.

3) Our kingdom is composed primarily of casual players, and we exist on the New Players world as an entity that freely gives help to new players as they need it.

If you feel it necessary to target a concentration of casual, part time players on a server dedicated to introducing new players to the game, perhaps that says more about yourself.

We harbor no ill will to thise who stick with us for a while and go on to Mantrax and Fantasia where people try to actually compete. 

We are here to have fun. Maybe it's just me, but seeing adults bur butt hurt on a noob world and goading them into mmaking predictable, programmable, NPC esque moves is enjoyable.

It is to the point where I can almost dictate moves of some of you people.

The game has some great people. And toxic people. But I will keep on keeping on.

Feel free to predictably hunt the publicly declared kingdom of part time casuals on the noob world to feel better about yourself. You can find us in all the corners very soon. 


12:21:47 Nov 1st 18 - Mr. Stardust Collector:

Lol u r telling me like ik nothing ;)

HnS is pretty old kd. And it is or was one of the Best full-time Active KD's of Val; basically they were defending Champs. Long ago, when the performance of HnS went down Only a bit, there's been a vote n  official declaraction that HnS will be Disbanded by their Leader.

idk what happened, but for some reason it was canceled. But i never thought HnS would go down like this, n their Leader will be referring this as a "Entertainment/ pass time". 

What happened to vu! Time to wake up...

12:58:28 Nov 1st 18 - Mr. Sam of Old:

We wonder why people come and leave this game, why the player base is shrinking. To use Bigfield's words, it's the toxic people in it. You know if this relates to you or not. If it does, take a look at yourself in the mirror. The purpose of a game is to enjoy it. We're all adults here, try acting like one. 

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