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12:07:00 Sep 17th 19 - Mr. The Great And Powerful:

Mr. The Great And Powerful has won 7 battles, captured 1 cities and killed a total of 17075 men and women.

Battles won: 7
Battles lost: 1

Players: 1
Mr. The Great And Powerful

Battles won: 1
Battles lost: 6

Players: 10
Mr. Von Darkmoor
Lord Stormcrow
Duke Chade Late Again
Ms. Alita Battle Angel
Mr. Learner
Mr. Roheransback
The Triglavian
Ms. Zalak
Mr. Tokie
Mr. Sam L Jackson

peasants deserve to die

12:35:27 Sep 17th 19 - Mr. One More Chade:

and you will :)

12:56:10 Sep 17th 19 - Stormy (Lord Stormcrow):

Not much to brag about since itís oop when your an orc killing Gaia spam but hey you keep doing you bud....

13:23:26 Sep 17th 19 - Mr. The Great And Powerful:

On your knees slave... you have no right to talk one more chade! one more nothing hahaha

Peasants king stormy... you an orc too, but.... you do as I want you to do. I spam gaia, maybe, you guys spam GT

Osaka is defended by 2 soldiers who seem to be armed with sticks and leather armor. The city is also defended by 11321 peasants. And has 8546 guard stations.

I never had chance against 10, but to do some much damage it's something I can proud of.

End this is not the end. Madness spread already in your kingdom, you will never see the light again.

13:48:28 Sep 17th 19 - Stormy (Mr. Romantic Chade):

Wait....wait a moment 

Who told you peasant king was my safe word when Iím with Venomz???

18:40:39 Sep 17th 19 - Endless (Ms. Alita Battle Angel):

Binh does OOP orc better, in fact Iíve seen him kill off entire kingdoms doing so 😂  youíre rusty, maybe next era

14:18:10 Sep 19th 19 - HorusPanic (Mr. Elon Musk):

Is there a player named Dethos?

Also, I beat Binh's OOP orc before. I bet he would say its not his best race

15:33:12 Sep 19th 19 - Exalted Trickster Salamon:

16:53:45 Sep 19th 19 - HorusPanic (Lord Horus LXXI):

yeah, he stole my handle from all the other online games I've ever played

literrally decades of back story

08:48:15 Sep 21st 19 - Mr. Tokie:

my city is on the threads. Oh my

12:58:42 Sep 21st 19 - HorusPanic (Lord Horus LXXI):

Though stole my name

15:18:09 Sep 21st 19 - Mr. Icouldnotthinkofanewname:


Though stole my name

K Hanky, what r the penalties of stealing ur name? ;)

07:37:53 Sep 22nd 19 - The Real Josh (Archangel Sladen):


Also, I beat Binh's OOP orc before. I bet he would say its not his best race

Binhs just an around great player but id I probably stick him in the human category for his best race imo.
(Lets be honest, If he has AoTD he wins anyway haha)

16:16:36 Sep 23rd 19 - HorusPanic (Mr. Elon Musk):

OOF , looks like H&S took a beating

16:43:05 Sep 23rd 19 - Mr. Bogdan:

That is not true, they were just some nice guys and wanted to relocate from our core so that we can peacefully build. Seeing that they want to relocate, some of our members gladly helped them to get rid of the cities which were built in the wrong area of the map  :).

21:40:39 Sep 23rd 19 - Mr. Bigfield:

Fiscal setback following a hostile takeover.

Next quarter looks like solid growth into new markets.

21:21:26 Sep 25th 19 - Mr. Tokie:


22:54:23 Sep 25th 19 - Dakarta (Duke Dekarta):


I can't believe you're actually still playing, lol.

03:41:07 Sep 26th 19 - HorusPanic (Mr. Elon Musk):

yeah, just came back... again... last era

its like a few eras on, then a few eras off... i dunno, there is just nothing like this game

05:17:03 Sep 26th 19 - Dakarta (Prince Dakarta):

I know what you mean. I'm back after 5 years lol

18:09:32 Sep 28th 19 - Mr. The Great And Powerful:

Holy fell
the hOle,
bumped the head into the ground ...


21:30:39 Sep 28th 19 - Mr. Joebob The Great:

I dont know about you guys but I like the idea of growing into that new market ;)

21:14:54 Oct 7th 19 - Exalted Trickster Salamon:

so lets talk about how both Ursi and KoH are too chicken to fight each other and decided to farm and nap each other to fight Holy :)

Feels like its getting to be a common thing. Wasnt you guys telling everyone to be FFA? weird. We have been FFA all era and only gave CF to those we defeated if they accepted. Too bad you guys are too insecure in yourselves to fight on even terms. All the same, well beat you both. 

22:11:21 Oct 7th 19 - HorusPanic (Mr. Elon Musk):

nahnah we were fighting KoH but you became a bigger threat so we're taking care you you first

22:17:21 Oct 7th 19 - Schepp (Doctor Schepp The Grizzly):

Donít get all high and mighty Salamon I watched you and HnS share land all last era and didnít say a peep.

Would you like Ursidae to send all of our armies north at KoH so you can swoop in from the west? Iím here to please you, would that be preferable?

23:01:49 Oct 7th 19 - Stormy (Lord Stormeh):

Omg wait wait WAIT! You mean to tell me that two kingdoms allied temporarily to fight another???? Holy shit this has never happened in, like, the history of VU! Zeta! Delete both of our kingdoms now!  Cheating cheaters from cheatersville...

23:03:08 Oct 7th 19 - Exalted Huskarl Salamon:

hahaha :) should have said something! its much more fun to banter. After all, we started as 3 players last era. So I would like to know how its the same? 

Actually i prefer to have a 1 v 1 v 1 and see comes out on top. Are you saying you cant split players to different quadrants? :P because i can tell you we certainly can and will :)

Too bad, its like a conspiracy with your two kingdoms against us :D

02:45:26 Oct 8th 19 - HorusPanic (Sir Rhaskos):

Honestly you sound scared

03:10:22 Oct 8th 19 - Exalted Trickster Salamon:

O.o no sir. You are scared of US. Thats why you are relying on numbers to win.

22:25:49 Oct 8th 19 - Exalted Trickster Salamon:

Pulling out all the stops eh? You guys really spent the whole era thinking this thru? :D Sending this guy at us too :p Can we just say 21 v 10?


Army Info
Commander:Mr. The Great And PowerfulKingdom Banner
Size:Group of Armies (Around 500,000)
Status:Moving West

22:34:35 Oct 8th 19 - Percy (Sir Inception):

I mean, at least pretend yíall tried to fight... Most Fearsome is literally all our fighters so far plus our toughest kill. Where yíall been?

Most Fearsome Rulers
  1. Mr. Bogdan The Mage has won 50 battles, captured 23 cities and killed a total of 1211421 men and women.
  2. Mr. Joebob The Conqueror has won 17 battles, captured 14 cities and killed a total of 210393 men and women.
  3. Sir Inception has won 14 battles, captured 11 cities and killed a total of 22841 men and women.
  4. Mr. Cpt Caveman has won 15 battles, captured 9 cities and killed a total of 360649 men and women.
  5. Crown Prince Versace has won 10 battles, captured 7 cities and killed a total of 64348 men and women.
  6. Mr. Ruthless Apex has won 6 battles, captured 6 cities and killed a total of 92808 men and women.

23:58:01 Oct 8th 19 - Duke Chade Late Again:

no we didnt fight. yes we agreed right from the start that we are going to pretend that we are fighting so that we can gangbang on you later and p1ss you off. Yes, we dont care what ya'll thinking. And yes - I have a huge crush on Stormy so yes - fcuk off

03:10:53 Oct 9th 19 - The Real Josh (Prince Aldwyn):

Duke Chade Late Again:

no we didnt fight. yes we agreed right from the start that we are going to pretend that we are fighting so that we can gangbang on you later and p1ss you off. Yes, we dont care what ya'll thinking. And yes - I have a huge crush on Stormy so yes - fcuk off

Pretending to do once thing, then finish in a gang bang.. HA! Classic stormy.

03:11:50 Oct 9th 19 - Exalted Trickster Salamon:

Great :) Ill keep that in mind next era when we give a nice rug burn :)

03:17:32 Oct 9th 19 - Endless (Lady Real Slim Chady):

just remember Endless doesnít like rug burn so

05:51:09 Oct 9th 19 - Stormy (Lord Stormeh):

I always try to find reasons for an impromptu reunions, church socials, middle school graduations...

05:56:36 Oct 9th 19 - Mr. Scipio Africanus:

Someone said gangbang...

07:00:04 Oct 9th 19 - The Real Josh (Prince Aldwyn):


I always try to find reasons for an impromptu reunions, church socials, middle school graduations...


09:09:05 Oct 9th 19 - Duke Chade Late Again:

see i told you - i have a HUGE crush on Stormy

05:02:25 Nov 3rd 19 - Endless (Ms. Alita Battle Angel):

this is how you kill a game (not just the entire map)

Pez V from Mr. Bogdan The Mage

10:21:52 Nov 3rd 19 - Mr. Scipio Africanus:

another case of him being fed.

15:26:36 Nov 3rd 19 - Percy (Sir Varro The Apprentice):

If by ďfedĒ you mean ďrolled the entire map after farming in his OOP citiesĒ, then sure :P

12:18:03 Nov 4th 19 - Mr. Bigfield:

Eh. If you mean rolling over an entire map after snipping a dwarf 90k from behind enemy lines that had been invisible because its had ruler had been AFK and scoring likely 100 million Gold during OOP, and caing that farming, then sure.

When a large army bee lines around all blockers from a seperate quadrant to hit a city that had been invisible for several days with other cities, it makes you wonder if a player named 'icantthinkofaname' may be a fake multi.

Hammer and Shield accepts blame for letting someone in who wouldnt identify, but we did alert the other kingdoms after. 

12:53:01 Nov 4th 19 - Mr. Oenomaos:

We've had vision over that area for a long time. I didn't know the guy was inactive and I usually check for invi cities anyway when attacking.
As a side note I didn't even use that 100m gold until I finished with most of your armies (it's not like 100m actually does too much in a war), so before complaining, you should start training troops. 
Percy is right, the income boost from taking over HnS and Ursi helped me get that ams, you should focus more on fighting next time and less farming.

13:19:42 Nov 4th 19 - Mr. Bigfield:

All funds are fungible and it is entirely unverifiable as to if you boosted your magic level etc. 

Again, we didnt verify. We accept fault. 

What os verifiable is the bee line path taken around cities seen and unseen.

14:31:08 Nov 4th 19 - Percy (Sir Inception):

As mentioned, we had LoS over the entire southern part of the map since before we killed you all off the first time to monitor not only where but when you would respawn and rebuild. Wasnít too hard to navigate when we watched everything grow cause we never lost that LoS.

14:32:57 Nov 4th 19 - Duke Chade Late Again:

@Holy - well played!

17:07:22 Nov 4th 19 - Ryan the Archion (Lord Arc):

Bogdan's two initial armies that was sent should be dead when he entered our core. If and only if we are active during those times. We got four large armies in our western border camping in the open field or in cities that moves around every 1 to 2 RL days. It's understandble. Unlike in Fant, where MAD was killed by plague which is more frustating.

22:02:52 Nov 4th 19 - Venomz (Mr. Venz):

Era's are won by activity. When u set alarms to make a move and u go to work with little sleep.. 

22:23:24 Nov 4th 19 - Endless (Lady Real Slim Chady):

some of us prefer having a life ;) my alarm goes off too early as it is and VU isnít enticing enough to make me set an alarm for it .. good game Holy, congrats on the domination 

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