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Valhalla 69
23:16:06 May 26th 20 - Konspyre (Captain Turalyon):

Look guys! It's the sex number! Ooooohhh.

After decades of Holy oppression, Holy is finally gone from Valhalla! Yay!
In its place, some Holy members made Judgement instead, so I'm looking forward to how this era will go. :)

Cheers to all you WoW folks out there who recognized Holy's banner.

19:16:52 May 30th 20 - Konspyre (Captain Turalyon):

Can we stop the silly stone prices so i can native in peace? Thanks in advance.

01:16:11 May 31st 20 - Dakarta (Lord Dacarta):

I second that.

01:38:05 May 31st 20 - Mr. Bigfield:

Supply and demand.

01:40:09 May 31st 20 - Konspyre (Captain Turalyon):

There is no demand, therefore, don't try to supply, and native instead.

01:42:32 May 31st 20 - Mr. Bigfield:

You can still native. Just do it at a price the natives want. 

02:07:36 May 31st 20 - Konspyre (Captain Turalyon):

Shit argument mate, give me my .59 :D:D

04:04:14 May 31st 20 - Mr. Bigfield:

Buy up the goods and have at it :)

22:40:26 May 31st 20 - Emperor (Emperor Benightedness):

I will buy all stone soon.. thanks for keeping price low 

02:22:02 Jun 1st 20 - Captain Joebob The Lightbringer:

This market is trash.. is the whole world OPPing or is no one buying?

15:13:32 Jun 19th 20 - Phat (Grand Moff Thrawn):

The fuq

15:18:12 Jun 19th 20 - Sir Edi The Great:

Went from asking us to Nap Judgement to give them a better fight to casting Arma?

Era is not over...
We did what you suggested, we’re giving you guys a fight, are we not??

Mr. The Great And Powerful (6/9/2020 10:53:13 AM)GOODBAD
still fighting? :( will be same situation when we had last time, we where fighting against you guys and heaven and holy was at side farming lol 

Now I must reach lvl 9 magic to cast arma ... just nap each other and fight us :D 
You (6/9/2020 11:26:48 AM)
It is like that when ever there are three kingdoms on map, two will come, third farms and wins
Get magic 9 if possible to end it right after we die
Mr. The Great And Powerful (6/9/2020 11:17:40 PM)GOODBAD
I have lvl 8 , one more to go :)

17:13:07 Jun 19th 20 - Mr. The Great And Powerful:

Well... you are right Edi... but suddenly I find out that not all of us active enough.. We are those who can't give you a good fight :) 

06:39:20 Jul 20th 20 - Ryan the Archion (Lord Arc):

How's the 20vs7 going on?

06:54:44 Jul 20th 20 - Percy (Sir Percy The Paladin):

You mean the 10v9? I don’t know, ask the people actually fighting y’all lol

We’re stuck in limbo, as we are “at war” with y’all while HnS keeps threatening war everytime we try to actually move on y’all... So we’ve had a lot of fun sitting still for the last month, been a great era! :P

07:40:18 Jul 20th 20 - Sir Edi The Great:

Thats lame Ryan

First asking us to CF to give you guys a better fight
And now complaining

And please do state which members of Judgement actually are fighting you?
Percy, funny as the issue is you not sending troops to help, and now yoi turn it around blaming us for for you guys not fighting CW? Did not see that coming :-D

08:04:47 Jul 20th 20 - Percy (Sir Percy The Reborn):

Shall I post the chats Bigfield sent to Jasper a week or two ago? As we started to get HoH armies and semi-competitive after being killed off early on, he tells us “just remember, once CW is 30% power, CF ends and we will be at war”. Now with 3 active players who have an army, the rest inactive due to dying 3 weeks into the era or new to the game, why would we willingly attack CW with that threat on the table?

You offered peace to end the era swiftly, we accepted. We reached HOH status to help end CW, then you all rescind the peace out of fear we would take a top HOH spot instead of asking us to released troops to cede spots (which we have volunteered to do on two occasions now). We don’t want any notion of victory, just a swift end to the era, whatever that may look like. I’ll demo every city I own if need be.

We sincerely wanted to help any way we could, but you grew uncomfortable it took so long and we got to powerful. And that’s after we helped defend against a strong push from CW up the middle after you all had overextended. 

I really don’t understand why y’all are so pissed at us... trying to rebuild 3 weeks late into an era against a KD that got to farm all era isn’t an easy feat, specially when 2 of the 3 active members are Halfers. Halfers can’t compete 53 days into the era against farmed Orcs and Trolls, everyone knows this...

Instead of being upset we didn’t attack CW, you should redirect the anger at those who put us in this position (yourselves) and, in particular, the one who kept threatening war and nullified our end-of-era peace agreement (Bigfield) while we prepared to fight CW. We seriously tried to help wrap this era up quick to give y’all the victory and move on to the next one, but then you got pissed we weren’t quick about it (who would restating so late?) and backed out of every deal you made with us. With this in mind, why in the world would we ever move out on CW? Please enlighten me, I’m dying to hear why we should help the one telling us we’re the next to die :)

08:06:11 Jul 20th 20 - Ryan the Archion (Lord Arc):


LMAO! WTH? When did we ask a CF? It was never mentioned in our forums. If it was I would never agree to it.


Who have 9? ROFL. Last time I know we have at most 7 players playing with very low activity. You are at war with HnS? ROFL. Never seen fights among you guys ever since I took Stockpile. ROFL.

08:09:02 Jul 20th 20 - Percy (Sir Percy The Reborn):


The CF Edi mentioned was with us, not y’all. He was trying to talk to us both without making it super clear :P

Read my above comment, I outlined our relations (changing as they are) with HnS pretty clearly.

On the KD list it shows you have 9 players. If you auto-removed actives to reach your 7 member number, then we have 4 members rather than 9... please be clear with how you are trying to frame your argument so I can do likewise :) my numbers were based on what Kingdoms List shows

10:01:47 Jul 20th 20 - Mr. The Great And Powerful:

Guys, this is summer, both sides have inactive players, simple as that. If we all get bored I can cast arma :) 

14:18:56 Jul 20th 20 - Percy (Sir Percy The Reborn):

As far as Judgement is concerned, feel free to cast whenever :) could start that 10 day timer and what happens by the end happens with the new era starting anew all the sooner.

21:50:36 Jul 20th 20 - Phat (Grand Moff Thrawn):

Well, for the record:

A proposal was made to Judgement, who refuses to accept it, and are protected by a former agreement made in GOOD FAITH that  we would assume a cease fire until the kingdom of CW was at 30% strength of the greater of our two kingdoms.

They have refused to face CW and have straight up farmed halflings for the era win.

I know they're incapable of casting armageddon on their own.  We have been working with them to come to some sort of agreement here, as we're not willing to sacrifice our hard work by fighting CW alone and then being over run by their farmed armies. Most recent proposal denied:

An Arma cast, followed up 10 day free for all. (We'd honor the backline agreement for the noobs if they honored it too, no conflict for the first 72 ticks with those cities) Arma city would have immunity assuming it's smaller than 1k buildings.

We will not be baited into violating the agreement. However, we're asking the kingdom of CW to resist the urge to cast Armageddon, we're willing to work out a negotiation, including allowing a member of CW the era win, if only to deny it to the bad faith and  dishonorable actions of the members of Judgement. 

00:20:30 Jul 21st 20 - Mr. Joebob The Dishonored:

I’m just putting this out there... just because it’s y’allS first time in the driver seat I’ll give y’all some valuable information. You can’t keep changing up the CF to help y’all out around every corner and expect us follow. I’m itching for a fight. Been dogging everyone to fight y’all. I didn’t quit when we were OOP and I’ve been waiting since. So if y’all are itching so bad why not work out a real deal. Instead of some crap and actually have some leadership. No one knows what you want to do. We are confused af. So again, Moff and bigfield. Get your shit together before trying to blast 

00:38:21 Jul 21st 20 - Percy (Sir Percy The Paladin):

We’ve been trying our best to help, and have said 3-4 different times now we will dismantle all our power to end the era and vacate ALL top spots to ensure you win the era. If anyone has been dishonorable, it has been your KD as you have been trying to find ways to wiggle out of a deal you yourselves proposed to us and we accepted. Don’t fault us for not being active after dying so late. It’s a miracle any of us are even still playing Val. And don’t forget who came to your aid and stalled CW when they pushed up the middle due to your overreach, which was caused cause y’all assumed we had the same power as you.

Literally right after they pushed, Bigfield threatened us (who had a total of 7 mil OP COMBINED) that y’all are still planning to attack once CW reached 30% your power. You had enough power in one army to crush our combined forces. What else were we to do? We sat back and built troops to be competitive. Right as we get to being competitive, we hear y’all would basically rather attack us there and now, stalling the era god knows how long, just to prove a point. Why? Who wins in this situation? It makes y’all look petty (specially when we were literally grouping up troops to launch our assault, the armies were all visibly moving) and none of us get to move on to a new era (pretty clear winner this era, HnS). 

Let’s continue as we had agreed: keep fighting CW, cast Arma whenever seems reasonable, and let’s end this era. I will personally release every troop and demo every building to ensure I place dead last if need be, and my guys have all voiced identical sentiments. Heck, if y’all withdraw your threats of war, we would’ve fought CW days ago. Just for the love of all that is good, don’t stall this era any longer than is needed to :)

00:52:06 Jul 21st 20 - Ms. Jasmine:

So wait, have you guys offered to drop out of top hoh positions in the talks with our leadership. If so, who did you talk to regarding that?

02:24:04 Jul 21st 20 - Phat (Grand Moff Thrawn):

@Jasmina, that did come up about 20 ticks ago, but that quickly went away after the proposal to arma then fight came out, then was withdrawn, as the members of Judgement would rather see CW on top instead of us. Both sides are salty right now. 

And technically, Judgment is within their rights here, and if I were in their position I might be arguing the same thing. And emotions are high on both sides of this cease fire, both sides would prefer to take second place to CW rather than see the other win. Which is insane. But, @CW, we're listening. Let's talk, let's kill off Judgment.

I'm not even gonna get into the actual content of our conversations, both sides are completely within their right, completely frustrated. But Jasper and I talk a lot! Even recently on voice chats. 

From recent conversations, there will be no era lasting fudes between myself and jasper and I ask that both kingdoms take that lead. Regardless of this outcome, it's an era to era game.

I'm frustrated, you're frustrated. Let's play, then move on at the Arma cast.

02:30:06 Jul 21st 20 - Konspyre (Captain Liadrin):

I have been talking to Moff because Bigfield didn't respond to in-game VU messages.

Just to clarify, Percy told me 3-4 times we would raze buildings to give you the HoH spot. I did tell Moff we were willing to, but obviously not every single time it was told to me on Skype. If I were to literally share all opinions ever shared we might as well all join one chat server and discuss it out there.


I do believe Moff is getting the short end of the stick here, because I am currently the communicating voice of Judgment despite having practically died three times this era, so my activity in the 2-5th week of the era has been.... questionable at best. So both sides have their complaints and grievances, which I'm sure are fair, but me being in Judgment, my position is pretty obvious. Moff has been taking all the comms from both sides, but unlike me, I feel like he's somehow expected to be the one to come up with a solution? Whereas I just forward everything to the group, and we discuss and decide as a group, by majority vote if needed.


Joebob and Percy's points are solid though. You put us into this position, we took the initial brunt of the CW attacks because of our positioning, with only losses and no gains, and one half-decent army by the end of it. Bit silly to then complain about us not fighting CW, despite us having only one army that could barely, if at all, match one of several you had.


I can write a book about how shitty this era has been going for us already, and I've done my best to facilitate communications between our kingdoms as well as possible, and letting all of our KD's voices be heard.

So many amendments to the current agreements already in place have been proposed and rejected already that I can't even begin to keep track. And we haven't proposed any of them. I have said on several occasions that i just. want. the. era. to. end.

If anyone votes Arma right now, I will go right ahead and vote yes.

If HnS has an agreement about us with CW, causing us to fight CW 1v1 without HnS being able to do anything because of existing agreements, this era will drag on for a long time.

To summarize it: Did you truly expect we would, in any way, freely lube up our own asses for an ass-raping? And shoutout to Moff for doing his best. Also please end the era.


02:58:34 Jul 21st 20 - Lady Jasmina:

I have stated many times in our forums that I do not like fighting people we are allies to, and I rather not fight Judgement at all this era.
I do feel we as a kingdom (HnS) deserve the era win, considering we did most of the killing this era, we even have two members with above million kills, shoutout to Moff, the era's killing mvp
  • Grand Moff Thrawn has won 89 battles, captured 36 cities and killed a total of 2379051 men and women.
  • Your character Lady Jasmina has won 16 battles, captured 11 cities and killed a total of 1237555 men and women

We have the most fights as well
Thumbs up for CW for keeping a good fight
Reason why we haven't killed you guys is cause half of our kingdom is back in core due to the CF that is tricky...

I would like the era to end as well
Quickly if people want
If CW wants to fight, we can update the CF to era long CF, so that entire HnS goes at CW and see what happens...

03:09:18 Jul 21st 20 - Konspyre (Mr. Misterious):

The CF was your idea.
We took the brunt of the initial CW attack because of our positioning, and we fought it off, no silly late-era kill stats involved, despite you suggesting kill stats determine it all.
Bigfield offered peace, we accepted, you backed out because we apparently we have halfers. Big surprise, that's how the HoH works.

Stop making excuses, decide on something, and please, someone, end the era because I've been unable to do fuck all, after practically dying three times. Thanks.

I'm not giving a shoutout to Moff for the amount of troops he killed. I'm giving him a shoutout for doing his best despite somehow being forced into being the main vocal point for your KD on top of what he's been doing in terms of fighting.

03:22:15 Jul 21st 20 - Ms. Jasmine:

It was not my idea
I do not make decisions for HnS.

What excuses are you talking about?
I will not make any decisions
Leadership will do that.

I did not say you are giving him a shoutout for kills
I did that. Go to sleep ,you are talking crap.

03:23:00 Jul 21st 20 - Percy (Sir Percy The Brute):

^ I agree, huge props to Moff for stepping up to carry the brunt of all this with inactive leadership on his KD’s end. I feel we are all trying to argue the same point, just in different ways. So let’s just do the thing: end the era!

And please don’t mistake our relative HOH power as wanting to place second... let us place dead last. I’ve been vocalizing demo’ing all I own for over a week now, but due to the great game of telephone we’ve had going on, it’s likely been lost till I’ve made that a major talking point of mine. We all know Halfers get favored highly in HOH. Sal and I’s armies would get 100% slaughtered by any of the top armies, cause Halfers are completely useless for fighting after like day 40. 

If the CF went to era long, we would join you in fighting CW as was the plan all along. We just didn’t like an enemy at our rear growing with nothing to defend against it. If anyone has a problem with that... you misunderstand how war works lol

04:55:38 Jul 21st 20 - Konstant (The Ancient Faer):

So I'm new, and haven't seen or experienced everything that happened this era, but I understand the original CF put in place which (correct me if I'm wrong):

A CF until CW is at 30% strength to either HnS or Judgement, at which point a 24h notice is given.

Clear enough.

Another common goal that HnS and Judgement seem to have is ending the era as quickly as possible. That said, HnS want the "Era Win" for Valhalla as they believe they deserve it.

It seems that Judgement doesn't care if they get HoH or not, as Percy has noted that he is willing to drop out of HoH. Not to speak for Salamon, but I too am happy to drop out, as I did just farm, and do not deserve any sort of win.

Long story short: Everyone wants the era to end and Judgement seems to be willing to drop out of HoH to make the era end quicker.

As it stands, I see that the current CF agreement still stands, and CW is far from dead yet, but HnS is now wary of having Judgement in their yard. HnS is fully allowed to try and have CW come at Judgement, but that would just prolong an era which everyone seems to want to end, as I'm sure Judgement will go down swinging.

As a semi-outside observer, why hasn't HnS accepted Judgement's offer to drop out of HoH, make the CF permanent for the era, and then finish off CW so that we can get this era to end? This, to me, seems like the solution which would make every party the most satisfied (except maybe CW).

05:28:31 Jul 21st 20 - Phat (Grand Moff Thrawn):

As a semi-outside observer, why hasn't HnS accepted Judgement's offer to drop out of HoH, make the CF permanent for the era, and then finish off CW so that we can get this era to end? This, to me, seems like the solution which would make every party the most satisfied (except maybe CW).

This actually wasn't offered until about 24 ticks ago and got burried in the conversations regarding the Arma/FFA since it appeared to be the more appealing option to Judgement.

If level heads prevail, it generally supported by our guys.

06:23:28 Jul 21st 20 - Mr. Bigfield:

Part 1 of 3. Initial correspondence because ir was obvious a 3 way oop was giving weeks of farming time to CW.

From the get go, the initial terms were peace until one of us was bigger than 3x CW. That never changed.

You (6/10/2020 10:55:30 PM)
What does your alliance think of this offer:

A ceasefire until Candlewax is equal to 30% of the power of any of our three kingdoms. After that, the ceasefire will end 24 hours later.

Realistically will be about a week or so from now. Maybe longer. Other than that the era has a foregone conclusion.
Captain Liadrin (6/11/2020 6:24:16 AM)GOODBAD
Hmmmm, Percy mentioned a CF offer yesterday, but then Ruthless went and took one of my mines, and gaia spammed it. Not exactly a peace-seeking signal, is it? :P
We'll have to take some time to discuss this, maybe a day because of time zone differences.
You (6/11/2020 8:35:00 AM)
We never presume peace until peace is delivered. Weve been burned too many times.

At any rate, discuss away. We are content to fight if you want to finish this.
Captain Liadrin (6/11/2020 12:34:50 PM)GOODBAD

I gathered and exchanged some opinions, and the conclusion we came to is that, though people don't seem to mind one way or another, we do want Silvermoon back, because of its position in the middle of our part of the core. I'm sure you can imagine how that would compromise us if we survive to the point where we'd resume our war.

To summarize: Please give back Silvermoon, in return we'll have a CF Candlewax is equal to 30% of the power of any of our three kingdoms. After that, the ceasefire will end 24 hours later. The 24 hours start when both sides confirm it, to avoid any timezone problems. It doesn't matter who on any side confirms it.

Muchos greetings,
Konspyre/Jasper/Whatever :D
You (6/11/2020 4:27:59 PM)
I believe there is some sort of city swap arrangement in the works. We are ready to proceed when the details are settled with Ruthless and whoever was negotiating on your end.
Captain Liadrin (6/11/2020 6:24:41 PM)GOODBAD
The whole negotiating thing seems to be getting on some ppl's nerves, because the longer we wait, the less chance we'll have. Someone IDK, because it's a discord name, offered Percy some vague explanation about a 90k. I'm not a native english speaker and I don't understand what's being said. Until we reach an actual agreement though, I can't really tell my KD members to not do anything, since that's the stance you took as well.
Captain Liadrin (6/11/2020 6:45:49 PM)GOODBAD
As A follow up, Percy talked further with Moff, and we agreed. Percy takes the 90k, you guys plunder and take it back. Ruthless will withdraw or release all troops from Silvermoon, and will let us take it over with all buildings intact.

I'll take it as us now officially having a CF, so I'll be sending a KD message on my part, and I'll trust your part to do the same next tick. Anyone still attacking us hours after this message will be taken as breaking the CF. I 'll let Percy tell Moff the same, so no activity problems should be a factor. :)

Let's kick some Candle butt. :D
You (6/11/2020 9:33:58 PM)
My apologies for the latency.

Lets get candle!

06:26:55 Jul 21st 20 - Mr. Bigfield:

Part 2 or 3. Time had elapsed. I presumed the players farming would  to at least use their armies. First agreement still stood and it is anticipated in due time the cf would end. I aimply asked id they would be OK with arma being casted so the end game run had a time  and it did not drag on. 

This was not responded to at all.

Message to Captain Liadrin

When the time comes

You (7/6/2020 7:34:43 AM)
I thinj we are prevailing against Candlewax.

When the time comes, once CW is diminished to 30% power and we give the 24 hour warning to one another, I would like for our kingdom or yours to cast Armageddon but to vote No.

In doing so that gives a 10 real life day window for our contest of battle to play out.

I would ask that even after voting No, that we leave the Armageddon city safe so as to conclude the era with the winner being who the winner is at the end of those 10 days.

How does that sound?

06:29:28 Jul 21st 20 - Mr. Bigfield:

3 of 3. After still not hearing back, I reach out and remind them thay we do bot actually have to fight. If they dont want that, we can just vote for Arma after CW is defeated. 

They respond that yeah, they want the era ended. No problem. I ask that rhey send their armies at CW and we can end it quicker. They make a joke. 

Message from Captain Liadrin

Never heard back

You (7/12/2020 12:36:38 AM)
Hey there.

I reached out about what you intended for end era but never heard back.

We dont have to fight if you dont want to. I just fancied the idea of using the Arma countdown as a free for all esque timer for 10 dadays us of chaos with nothing else held back.

If you dont want that, no worries.

Let me kniw what your thoughts are.
Captain Liadrin (7/12/2020 6:06:52 PM)GOODBAD
Hi. We did not come to a consensus so I forgot to message back last time, sorry about that.
We've discussed it this time, and our favourite option would be to end the era as soon as we beat down CW enough, by voting it to an end. We are too far behind in both army size and numbers to pose any significant challenge to you in a war, so we would like to end it, and have a real chance again. :)
You (7/12/2020 7:08:46 PM)
Very good. I will forward. In the mean time, kindly throw anything that was being held back in farming directly at CW so we can finish this
Captain Liadrin (7/12/2020 7:22:46 PM)GOODBAD
I'd rather not throw pure gold at someone, but I'll pass it along. :)
You (7/12/2020 7:33:59 PM)
Gold is heavy. Worth it's weight in Gold. Hit them over the head with it.

06:31:56 Jul 21st 20 - Mr. Bigfield:

Fast forward 10 days. This army has still been camping in our core since he CF began.

People of Ashbringer Mograine

Army Info
Commander:Exalted Ashbringer MograineKingdom Banner
Size:Group of Armies (Around 500,000)

We made an agreement that had a set expiration. 

We offered a second agreement for a time capped 10 day fight window to keep the era from dragging on too long.  Nothing About The  First Changed. It Stands. You Never Responded.

Sensing hesitation, we offered an out if you wanted peace and didnt want to fight At All.

You said you wanted the era to end and felt the war would be lopsided. Agreeing with you, we asked that yousimply send  what you have to the front lines.

We even made a stupid joke emphasizing the value in throwing something at the enemy to hurry along the era since you said you didnt want to fight Us.

We have kept all agreements. We offered a second to keep the era shorter. We even offered a third, peace, given that you guys would send what you have.

And instead you camp on our border and have done what in the 10 days since?

06:44:22 Jul 21st 20 - Mr. Bigfield:

We literally agreed on July 12th that you would attack CW and then we would end it. But then you made 0 moves to back that up.

10:29:23 Jul 21st 20 - Mr. The Great And Powerful:

Right , I won't read the whole story here...

We have some choices here

1. I cast arma and we finish this era.
2. I cast arma and we wait until arma destroys map
3. We all meet in the middle with our armies (no magic), fight there by some turn based games rules and then I cast arma and finish this era. 

Please vote :D 

13:56:11 Jul 21st 20 - Konspyre (Captain Liadrin):

@Bigfield, You offered us to not fight if possible, I agreed, you said you'd forward it, I didn't hear back, so I started pm'ing Moff instead :D
Sal has only been camping there because, like Percy said, any currently competitive army will 100% him, and he has exped advents that have found like 3 tree science total.
We never moved out on CW because we didn't want to leave our own asses unprotected before we got a confirmation about peace. We were prepared to move out as soon as that confirmation arrived, it didn't, I asked Moff for an update, he said you discussed it internally and we were going to fight.
The razing everything for HoH spots was mentioned earlier than Moff mentioned, but only as one of the opinions in our KD, as part of an internal discussion, and probably got drowned out all the same.

I choose either option 1 and 2, preferably 1. Willingness to raze for HoH spots is up to Sal and Percy themselves.

15:05:30 Jul 21st 20 - Percy (Sir Percy The Paladin):

I choose option 1, and I will remove my army from existence if need be, and it that isn’t enough, I’ll demo every city I own

16:29:25 Jul 21st 20 - Mr. Bigfield:

You said you guys didnt want to fight. That was your response. I said I would alert my kingdom and that we should hen proceed to end it.

Ive been waiting almpst two weeka for you guys to follow through.

I wouldnt have asked you to throw everything if war was imminent with us. 

In literally said 'end this' on the 12th.

Join the fight and then we will cast arma or someonr else can.

Honestly if CW or anyone casted arma at this point I think the 10 day timer would be appreciated. We may need 10 days to finish CW.

16:39:24 Jul 21st 20 - Konspyre (Captain Liadrin):

You suggested two options, I told you we preferred to end it, you told me you would forward, which implies to me that it will be discussed among you internally, and we were waiting for a response to that.
Clearly you meant you would tell your kingdom we'd have peace, but this is not how we interpreted it.

Isn't this just a miscommunication? Lol :D

16:41:50 Jul 21st 20 - Prince Merlin The Quiet:

All sorted now

We’re all good
Cast arma and vote yes
Its a weird era this...

17:09:12 Jul 21st 20 - Mr. The Great And Powerful:

aaa lost all my mages ;D lol few times I did :D wait until I gather some more 

17:17:14 Jul 21st 20 - Konspyre (Captain Liadrin):

Thanks for the heads up, love ya

20:03:39 Jul 21st 20 - Mr. Mantrax:

I suppose it is just a miscommunication.

I did in fact mean 'i will forward to let them know we agree'. 

Imagine the confusion and feelings of mistrust to see no armies and radio silence :P

20:57:33 Jul 21st 20 - Percy (Sir Percy The Reborn):

When you say “I will forward. In the mean time...” that implies we will hear back at some point, why else for the “in the mean time”? What else would we be waiting for but a response? We didn’t wanna move out, have your guys decline it, and us be weak in the rear.

I feel that little bit right there has caused this entire fiasco for both sides lol

20:58:07 Jul 21st 20 - Phat (Grand Moff Thrawn):

+1 to percy point.

21:08:29 Jul 21st 20 - Mr. The Great And Powerful:

18:16:51 - Our mining science got drained by magic!

18:16:51 - Our magic level got drained by magic!

18:16:51 - Our farming science got drained by magic!

18:16:51 - Our medicine level got drained by magic!

18:16:51 - Our magic level got drained by magic!

18:16:51 - Our magic level got drained by magic!

18:16:51 - Our mining science got drained by magic!

18:16:51 - Our magic level got drained by magic!

18:16:51 - Our magic level got drained by magic!

18:16:51 - Our magic level got drained by magic!

18:16:51 - Our farming science got drained by magic!

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