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Valhalla Age 5
19:54:57 Mar 4th 11 - General Who:


02:50:59 Mar 6th 11 - Mr. Manowar:


I was gonna make this thread but I wanted someone else to post in the age 4 one first. :P What's the use of having awards if no-one gives them? :P

19:08:26 Mar 6th 11 - General Who:

no one cares :p

but seems we may have another 50% rule abuser. a guy is prepping all my cities and i cant attack him.. yay

16:39:53 Mar 9th 11 - Mr. Manowar:

Hum.... it's quiet in here... too quiet...

17:34:15 Mar 9th 11 - General Who:

im just building...they are still trying to take prepare my cities and train naz to take them. But they just suck so badly they cant.

And its sad i cannot even attack them...

01:51:32 Mar 10th 11 - Mr. Zhang Jiao:

w00t 3rd fearsome with no taken cities and no battles won =D

07:38:54 Mar 11th 11 - Mr. Steal Your Girl:

wait for it ...
wait for it ...
wait for it ...

08:09:30 Mar 11th 11 - General Who:

All 3 players left their kd so i cant attack them.. nubs

10:22:09 Mar 11th 11 - Mr. Roq:

Steal your girl left our kingdom to join our enemies,  traitor!!!

15:50:03 Mar 11th 11 - Mr. Steal Your Girl:

seeeee, told you so(;

wait for it ... 
wait for it ...

I stole Roq's girl! :P

00:57:47 Mar 12th 11 - Mr. Amaroq:

03:21:31 Mar 12th 11 - Mr. Zhang Jiao:

Burn Baby Burn!

06:01:06 Mar 12th 11 - Mr. Steal Your Girl:

^ ismell burning human flesh(:

07:25:05 Mar 12th 11 - Mr. Grand Theft Auto:

Lol,U are gay .....

09:00:43 Mar 12th 11 - Mr. Steal Your Girl:

Mr. Grand Theft Auto (3/10/2011 9:29:13 PM)GOODBAD
*blah blah blah blah* ......,We won last era And we can easly do the same again .
You ARE a Loser.
22:25:05 Mar 11th 11 - Mr. Grand Theft Auto:

Lol,U are gay .....

You come up with the saddest insults buddy ... how old are yu? like 10?

09:47:33 Mar 12th 11 - Mr. Manowar:

Alright guys, keep it nice. If you really feel the need to flame then at least make it funny.

15:48:39 Mar 12th 11 - Mr. Zhang Jiao:

Gay = Happy, then yes i am very happy. And thanks for pointing out that i am happy

04:32:37 Mar 13th 11 - Mr. Grand Theft Auto:

Lol steal your girhalf that messge up and left the important bi out Omg You  Are sad BTw guys that mssgs is Made by him not me

11:24:27 Mar 13th 11 - Mr. Steal Your Girl:

ikeep all my messages ... &yur type'ing is unique has a bunch of capitalized letters thrown in at random(;

09:33:43 Mar 14th 11 - Mr. Steal Your Girl:

METAL                   SLEEPLESS & LOST SOULS

BOO                               SLEEPLESS

To my knowledge

12:13:26 Mar 14th 11 - Mr. Wittyusername:

At least our enemies were so sleepless out of fear that they had to call upon their lost souls slaves in order to "contain" the dangerous metal threat :)

12:40:50 Mar 14th 11 - Mr. Steal Your Girl:

Basically 4 KDs left ... 
LS took the entire top part of the map
Sleepless middle left
Metal middle right

Boo bottom right

06:34:34 Mar 15th 11 - Mr. Grand Theft Auto:

Booo Is gonna wish they didnt war us soon :P

08:24:09 Mar 15th 11 - Mr. Zonga II:

hey i got a question for everyone in vall or arma
am i a good player at this game because i been thinking
i still havent improved from twenty eras ago
someone answer my questions and
no unmature answer plz


13:38:47 Mar 15th 11 - Mr. Zhang Jiao:

Can't say, havent played against you before i do not think and i cant really assume if you are that good or not that good.

14:36:23 Mar 15th 11 - Mr. Puree:

I havn't watched you play but we will find out how you go sooner or later ;)

23:22:21 Mar 15th 11 - Mr. Steal Your Girl:

Honest opinion, your a great orc
For kill'n my armies, you suck :P

Overall, simply amazing(;

08:28:49 Mar 16th 11 - Mr. Blop:

dude whats funny i play better being a halfling :P

08:58:35 Mar 16th 11 - Puppy Bunny Guard:

Halflings are easy to play! :P

05:22:01 Mar 17th 11 - Mr. Steal Your Girl:

iagree :P ... 

02:37:02 Mar 23rd 11 - Mr. Wittyusername:

METAL9Mr. Manowar100
Lost Souls9Mr. Taniwha99
Sleepless7Mr. Roq83
boo6Mr. Gord74
Psycho Circus1Sir Acerf The Lama0
Reservoir Dogs5Mr. Nice Guy Eddie0
Champions of Valhalla1Mr. Champione0
Pokemon Factory1Mr. Mime0
Whoknows1Elite o man Wraith0

Just 3 words.

We. Kick. Ass. :)

05:31:42 Mar 23rd 11 - Mr. Xanatos The Impossible:

06:40:50 Mar 14th 11 - Mr. Steal Your Girl:

Basically 4 KDs left ... 
LS took the entire top part of the map
Sleepless middle left
Metal middle right

Boo bottom right

you messed up dude we have the whole South East(bottomright) Corner to our faces man,Boo has the South West (you should get it)

08:03:27 Mar 23rd 11 - Mr. Manowar:

I gotta agree that we do kick ass. ^^ But Boo are doing a wonderful job kicking ass aswell.

09:27:50 Mar 23rd 11 - Mr. Wittyusername:

Lost Souls10Mr. Taniwha115
METAL9Mr. Manowar100
what the hell? we were ahead of you guys just 5 hours ago!

14:26:43 Mar 23rd 11 - Mr. Manowar:

They got another member. :P

17:48:04 Mar 23rd 11 - Mr. Steal Your Girl:

Xanatos ... ipost'd that before we started pouring south of our main core ... before LS took my cities in the North(;

&yes Boo is doing a very good job ... Sleepless core is half owned by Boo ... or more then half

00:35:42 Mar 24th 11 - Mr. Wittyusername:

i'm slightly disappointed at boo... their doing a bit too good. I wanted some sleepless cities!

02:03:09 Mar 24th 11 - Mr. Spook:

Sorry to let you guys down =P

05:08:55 Mar 25th 11 - Mr. Roq:

No worries, all your cities will be lost or sleepless controlled by world end...

05:11:05 Mar 25th 11 - Mr. Spook:

Bring it on buddy, i like your confidence ;)

14:08:02 Mar 25th 11 - Mr. Wittyusername:

Heh, i'm moving out pretty soon, and when I do that blocker spiral array will be destroyed once and for all. After that, lost souls will be my next prey :)

15:06:54 Mar 25th 11 - Mr. Grand Theft Auto:

I wil hunt you down Buddy ...Dont get your hopes up

19:13:36 Mar 25th 11 - Mr. Steal Your Girl:

lolz ... you KD is die'n GTA ... &yur make'n death threats? haha ... anywaiiz first dragon(;

We have slayed the dragon!

Our troops gained +2 experience.

Pony ridersxxxxxxxxx

08:10:02 Mar 31st 11 - Mr. Grand Theft Auto:

Hating .This Gangbng Going on Att myn . You guys should just leave me ,cus i helped safe your asses last era :P

10:34:27 Mar 31st 11 - Mr. Manowar:

Gangbang my ass... (no, not like that... ) We are on the other side of the map to you. :P Basicly you're just fighting Boo.

06:18:07 Apr 3rd 11 - Mr. Grand Theft Auto:

lol i,m afk for 1 day and i get raped casue i cant move mya rmies around lol this game is way to demanding

11:01:52 Apr 3rd 11 - Mr. Wittyusername:

which is exactly why i'm quitting after this age. This is my only running character atm.

16:05:38 Apr 5th 11 - Mr. Xanatos The Great:

lets not have every one talk at once now :P well basically as it seems sleepless is just about out of the running,LS was just regrouping Boo is pushing forward and Metal is just slugging it way along

20:17:32 Apr 5th 11 - Mr. Manowar:

Winning you mean. ^^

13:53:26 Apr 8th 11 - Mr. Pure:

Guys can I suggest keeping the arma city? Its 240 ticks away and by then we would probably be close to death because we will have everyone's armies banging on our door step. And I doubt you guys would want to wait another whole week or so :L

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