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Valhalla Era 13
07:36:51 May 7th 12 - Mr. Battlemage:

Kingdoms in Valhalla
Lost Souls 10 Prince Blood Seraph 100
Lietuvos Didzioji Kunigaikstyste 10 Mr. Vytautas Didysis 84
Ritz 4 Mr. Meekas 39
Last of the Hybrid Wolves 3 Bartimaeus The Long Lived 31


Hmmm... Interesting

13:32:26 May 7th 12 - Mr. Waldo The Wary:

Our ruler is still AWOL, so just msg a vice if you wanted something and we'll get back to you after we discuss it.

10:06:24 May 8th 12 - Mr. Vytautas Didysis:

We hope Lost Souls will be ready this era :) nothing personal, but we must fight :)

08:26:23 Jun 2nd 12 - Tyr (Mr. Onepiece):

Whitebeard shall crush you with his earthquake devilsfruit ;)

15:56:15 Jun 15th 12 - Ryan the Archion (Mr. Archbalde The Dwarven Farmer):

The intense part of the era just came. I hope LDK and your allies eliminate us. :)

20:43:12 Jun 15th 12 - Tyr (Mr. Onepiece):

Ty for the cookies :)


Mr. Onepiece.

We have plundered Stg of all their resources. They had 100474324 gold, 41149927 stone, 31850599 tree, 29862186 food and 0 slaves in the city. We also took 0 of their peasants for slaves!

We killed or injured total of 0 troops.

03:15:08 Jun 16th 12 - Ryan the Archion (Mr. Archbalde The Dwarven Farmer):

Nah, I'm producing that much in 1 RL day so there's no harm of it.

19:37:31 Jun 16th 12 - Tyr (Mr. Onepiece):

Lol I would like to see that production tab :P

04:36:36 Jun 17th 12 - Elite (Mr. Elite):

It will be an interesting end, let's see if you and Ritz can enter our core.

10:20:22 Jun 18th 12 - Tyr (Mr. Onepiece):

Not enough time Im afraid :/
Canīt teleport 150k advents from our core there -.-

And most of ritz is going after union for easily spoils, kinda lame.

12:52:22 Jun 18th 12 - Tyr (Mr. Onepiece):

Whoever rofed me:

That wasnīt very nice :/ first time in ages that I have been rofed, and on a low world of all things -.- guess I got a bit ahead of Myself. But meh you canīt bring me down anyway lol :P

01:07:47 Jun 19th 12 - Elite (Mr. Elite I):

I think this era was ended prematurely, there's 4 kingdoms alive and doing well. I mean, this is a lower world, only 1 should remain (or at least 2 in case of an NAP)

20:34:51 Jun 19th 12 - Tyr (Mr. Onepiece):

We would have crushed ritz anyway ;)
And you guys were doomed, just a matter of time.

Tho I did actually vote against ending the era :P

10:35:44 Jun 20th 12 - Mr. Vytautas Didysis:

Plus LS, when we fighted Ritz you guys just farmed :) that's why decide to fight vs you before you hit from back with top armies :)

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