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Valhalla Wars III
16:35:50 Apr 11th 08 - Sir Gilgamash Leich:

Since nobody else is doin it:
(from what I've seen)

Kingdoms in Valhalla
MAD Mad Against Drugs 10 Mr. Hilario 311
Acad Academy of Misfits 12 Mr. Pimp 274
dr dark riders empire 11 Mr. Justanius 218
HK Holy Knights 6 Mr. Rogash 194
SPQR Frumentarii 7 Sir Gilgamash Leich 100
CoD Conjurers of Darkness 7 Mr. Eugene 68
Legion Lost Legion 3 Mr. Inza 26
Rose Order of the Blood Rose 2 Ms. Vampire 1
RES Resistance 1 Mr. Blackops 0
BL Blood Lords 1 Mr. Orc 0

dr dark riders empire 11 Mr. Justanius 218
MAD Mad Against Drugs 10 Mr. Hilario 311
Acad Academy of Misfits 12 Mr. Pimp 274
SPQR Frumentarii 7 Sir Gilgamash Leich 100

anyone else fighting?

(dr) peckerlickers attacked me when I was still 47 ticks in protection with 3,000 troops, they squatted them on my city... and I told them it was a bad idea, they basically said "too bad".....

I then fought them as hard as I could, taking kills nearly 1:1 ratio before the city fell (I lost ~6300 troops, they ~5500)

Then I offered a CF, since I was "out of their core" and they were pigheaded enough to say "no, we wish to kill you..." so I united the clans.

My glorious men's armies in my KD fought back ~12,000 DR troops, and now have brought the fight to them with ~25,000-30,000 more troops...

not to mention DR's aggression has sought the armies of ACAD, and MAD...

dr has got their hands full, we might start offereing our best wishes to them as they head to armageddon..


16:58:52 Apr 11th 08 - Sir Slade:

MaD for the win


Acad For the Win

18:54:11 Apr 11th 08 - Mr. Morph:


18:55:53 Apr 11th 08 - Mr. Ransom:

BL for the win!!!! go mr. Orc!!!!!!

21:13:59 Apr 11th 08 - Mr. Hilario:

we have... MAD vs CoD, too.
and Acad vs CoD, from what i can see.

now, we have our own thread. :)

13:56:51 Apr 12th 08 - Mr. Hilario:

where is Lost Legion located?

14:13:02 Apr 12th 08 - Mr. Justanius:

we killed em :p

14:16:50 Apr 12th 08 - Mr. Hilario:

oh. that's good.  down to 6 kingdoms.. soon to be 5.

21:20:18 Apr 14th 08 - Sir Gilgamash Leich:

SPQR and dr signed a CF.

No further agreements have been made other than a CF of undetermined length.

more to come.

and update:

Kingdoms in Valhalla
MAD Mad Against Drugs 11 Mr. Hilario 170
Acad Academy of Misfits 14 Mr. Pimp 122
SPQR Frumentarii 8 Sir Gilgamash Leich 100
HK Holy Knights 6 Mr. Rogash 68
dr dark riders empire 9 Mr. Justanius 60
CoD Conjurers of Darkness 8 Mr. Eugene 19
Legion Lost Legion 3 Mr. Inza 5
RES Resistance 1 Mr. Blackops 0
BL Blood Lords 1 Mr. Orc 0
Rose Order of the Blood Rose 2 Ms. Vampire 0

21:49:26 Apr 14th 08 - Mr. Don Cherry:

Is that a Sens logo on your banner Gilgamesh?

22:26:39 Apr 14th 08 - Sir Gilgamash Leich:

Yep, its the Senators.... I liked it, it fit well, and frankly, its quite noticeable out in the field.. fits the name too!

15:29:24 Apr 16th 08 - Sir Gilgamash Leich:

The Frumentarii DEMAND tribute from MAD.

They took their sweet time in joining the fight with DR, and in the meantime, The Frumentarii suffered unmeasureable losses, and lost homeland.  Since then, their aid in this war has been lackluster at best, and left us to sign a CF in terms that only HURT The Frumentarii.

MAD has only prospered from this war, and at our expense!!!!

LACK of tribute will NOT be taken lightly.

23:16:23 Apr 16th 08 - Mr. Badabooom:

in other words , Mad leaders have to give us somthing in return of all the cities we lost and we cant take them back due to the CF . . .

09:53:19 Apr 18th 08 - Ms. Ringo Noyamano:

uhuh you have no idea what youre talking about, we have a NAP right? not a MAP. review your VU vocabulary pls. and by the way your attacks were nicely done, it was really unexpected you really had the element of surprise coz we never knew you could break relations like that in a whim. cmon weve been in worst situations and dont think that we will give in to this its best to review your position if you dont want to look bad in the eyes of our newly recruited players.

10:00:11 Apr 18th 08 - Mr. Hilario:

Gilgamesh, flaming us with no proof. what kind of leader are you? having the guts to ask for aid against DR, then declaring here we used you. IT IS YOU who dont want to sign any formal decision that we proposed before we make such big move you are demanding. Ask DR about our relation to them?

and Gilgamesh, we settled for a NAP. what are you demanding so loud here.

You made an enemy not just for the whole era. Unhonorable kingdom!

-Hilario, Vice of MAD

15:59:59 Apr 18th 08 - Sir Gilgamash Leich:



IT IS YOU who dont want to sign any formal decision that we proposed before we make such big move you are demanding.




Any news? any updates?
Mr. Hilario [MAD] (4/6/2008 9:17:44 AM) GOOD BAD
we all agree to remove your kingdom on our list of targets and we think we can help each other in fighting Dr. Our main core is far from your area. I think our armies will be delayed for your needed help. thus..

We can only accept your NAP offer, for now. our terms will be..

1. an era long NAP
2. violators of NAP will pay double the damage they cause, or will be kicked out of the kingdom and become targets of both parties.
3. third party kingdoms are not allowed to pass through controlled blockers unless allowed by both leaders.
You (4/6/2008 10:46:56 AM)
"We can only accept your NAP offer, for now. our terms will be.."

:grits his teeth:

NAP maybe, but not for the "era." Many things tend to change over the course of an era you never know what might happen.

I would expect you to help in this fight, if we are to agree on anything even if your aid is delayed.

I do not just want to find "nap's" I want an ally.

If you can't help us fight them, then you can't call yourself an ally.

I'm not trying to be stubborn, I came to you seeking aid in this war, not seeking an era long NAP, I do not like chains, and I do not want to put myself and my members in a situation where we can't do anything but what our NAP'd subjugitator KD (you) sees as what we can or can not do...

I hope you understand.
Mr. Hilario [MAD] (4/6/2008 10:28:35 PM) GOOD BAD
its your call. we cant prioritize sending armies to a kingdom far from us, while we have our own front to settle too. Its the only offer I can agree so that you are assured that if ever we get to that DR-SPQR front, we can avoid misunderstanding and we avoid getting easy gains.

We are a known kingdom who accept/offer era long NAPs, we have no record of breaking that in the past eras. If you doubt our terms, its your call. NAP is only the first level, even if we agree to ally your kingdom immediately, our distance is too far, allying us is not the immediate solution. Im still training my members, aid will not be as big as expected.

i hope you too understand our situation.
You (4/7/2008 12:34:50 AM)

I understand, we can continue when our contact becomes a little more "close"...


You (4/8/2008 9:59:18 AM)
Are you still unable to help fight these guys? (dr) I've been taking a punishment up here fighting them... losses in the 10,000 range on both sides...

If you can help, you will have my eternal gratitude.
Mr. Hilario [MAD] (4/8/2008 6:02:56 PM) GOOD BAD
ok. aid will come soon. hold on.



to top that off, your "aid" was weak as hell.

16:58:28 Apr 18th 08 - Mr. Hilario:

Sir Gilgamash Leich [SPQR] (4/15/2008 1:28:13 PM) GOOD BAD
(9:58:43 PM) Jonathan: wait
(9:58:45 PM) Jonathan: i didnt atk them
(9:58:53 PM) Jonathan: they want to screw my city...i will screw theirs
(11:02:20 PM) Lathan @ MSN: now you listen here
(11:02:31 PM) Lathan @ MSN: if you *beep* my relations with another kd up on that attitude
(11:02:49 PM) Jonathan: calm down
(11:02:49 PM) Lathan @ MSN: I will have you out on your ass in less than the flick of a cats tail.
(11:02:57 PM) Jonathan: my troop are back in my city
(11:02:59 PM) Jonathan: so calm down
(11:05:31 PM) Lathan @ MSN: :-p
(11:05:39 PM) Lathan @ MSN: well don't tease me
(11:05:46 PM) Jonathan: lol, i noticed ;)
(11:05:59 PM) Jonathan: What is the army of Heimdal coming ot my city for?
(11:06:13 PM) Jonathan: im gonna crush him if he try to hit me
(11:11:49 PM) Jonathan: look at the army of Heimdal....
(11:12:01 PM) Jonathan: tell me what his miserable batallion think to do?
(11:14:28 PM) Lathan @ MSN: now you need to shut the *beep* up for a second. and listen real god damn close.
(11:14:41 PM) Jonathan: hey man
(11:14:44 PM) Lathan @ MSN: Heimdall is on your KD. he cannot attack you.
(11:14:57 PM) Jonathan: at the begining it could look cool swearing at me
(11:15:03 PM) Jonathan: for only getting pissed
(11:15:07 PM) Lathan @ MSN: if MAD did something to your city, you need to tell me.. and talk to me about it
(11:15:13 PM) Jonathan: so learn to give respect...and u will earn some
(11:15:13 PM) Lathan @ MSN: not go on a rampage..
(11:15:24 PM) Lathan @ MSN: I will not tolerate a player who does not respect me.
(11:15:42 PM) Lathan @ MSN: and does not respect the environemnt I build around him
(11:15:44 PM) Jonathan: read again...and u will see that i didnt had a lack of respect for u
(11:15:53 PM) Jonathan: u did
(11:15:55 PM) Jonathan: not me
(11:16:04 PM) Lathan @ MSN: when you pick a fight in that manner... it not only pisses me off, but everyone in this kingdom.
(11:16:22 PM) Lathan @ MSN: you were invited here personally on Bas's word that you would fit in
(11:16:26 PM) Lathan @ MSN: this is not fitting in.
(11:16:26 PM) Jonathan: Ok 1st Basio would come in hell with me...
(11:16:38 PM) Jonathan: 2nd
(11:16:47 PM) Jonathan: i DIDNT atk our allie
(11:16:55 PM) Jonathan: i DIDNT atk one of our members
(11:16:56 PM) Lathan @ MSN: yes. you did.
(11:17:00 PM) Jonathan: NO
(11:17:06 PM) Jonathan: i INTIMIDATE an allie
(11:17:11 PM) Jonathan: but i NEVER ATK him
(11:17:17 PM) Lathan @ MSN: our ally has an army od 27,000 men that walked away from us because we signed a CF
(11:17:19 PM) Jonathan: if i had ;) their city was mine
(11:17:34 PM) Lathan @ MSN: then you put a 5k army on his city so that his building cost doubled to make defenses
(11:17:38 PM) Lathan @ MSN: it pissed him off
(11:17:52 PM) Lathan @ MSN: he marched his army east to avoid (dr) if they attacked his city.
(11:18:06 PM) Lathan @ MSN: I was taking fire and trying to calm MAD down for that action.
(11:18:19 PM) Lathan @ MSN: you building a city off in their core in the SE is not an intelligent move either.
(11:18:27 PM) Jonathan: Lol...if Hilario didnt put an army of 10k man at my city Dead Mines...i wouldnt have done that move
(11:18:27 PM) Lathan @ MSN: that is typically called "Invasion"
(11:18:53 PM) Lathan @ MSN: and well, they were in every right to wonder what the *beep* you were doing, and to put an army on your city.
(11:19:03 PM) Lathan @ MSN: not only that, I never saw an army on it.
(11:19:24 PM) Jonathan: i have a witness here my friend
(11:19:38 PM) Lathan @ MSN: and you have a leader here telling you what you did was wrong.
(11:19:57 PM) Jonathan: Ok
(11:20:01 PM) Jonathan: what do u want then
(11:20:10 PM) Lathan @ MSN: if there was moneky buisness by them, and they need to be questioned, tell me.
(11:20:19 PM) Lathan @ MSN: do not go sporting a 5k man army on their city.
(11:20:24 PM) Lathan @ MSN: that will get your ass shot.
(11:20:30 PM) Lathan @ MSN: errr, stabbed.
(11:20:37 PM) Lathan @ MSN: (no guns in VU)
(11:20:39 PM) Lathan @ MSN: :-p
(11:20:46 PM) Jonathan: lol
(11:21:03 PM) Jonathan: ok, but can u listen to my side of the story before starting insulting me?
(11:21:17 PM) Lathan @ MSN: I'm not insulting you, I'm telling you how it is.
(11:21:30 PM) Lathan @ MSN: if MAD came and built a city in the NW corner...
(11:21:46 PM) Lathan @ MSN: you damn well better believe I'll park and army on it and ask what the hell is going on....
(11:21:57 PM) Lathan @ MSN: thats what they did to you
(11:22:09 PM) Lathan @ MSN: and frankly, that city is pissing them off.
(11:22:20 PM) Jonathan: vu chef says:
now you need to shut the *beep* up for a second. and listen real god damn close.
(11:22:34 PM) Jonathan: vu chef says:
if you *beep* my relations with another kd up on that attitude
(11:22:50 PM) Lathan @ MSN: its my way to get your attention, that is not insulting. that is meerly being VERY strong voiced.
(11:23:02 PM) Jonathan: look ok
(11:23:10 PM) Jonathan: im peacefull...i just smoked weed :P
(11:23:28 PM) Lathan @ MSN: (now this is insulting) you are acting like you are stoned.
(11:23:38 PM) Jonathan: oh ok :P
(11:23:45 PM) Jonathan: but for me i get up this afternoon
(11:23:57 PM) Jonathan: what do i see at Dead Mines =10k mans from Hilario our allies...
(11:24:08 PM) Lathan @ MSN: so ask him why he has it there...
(11:24:12 PM) Lathan @ MSN: did you ask him why?
(11:24:15 PM) Lathan @ MSN: did he tell you?
(11:24:18 PM) Jonathan: so i sent them a msg asking them if we are Allies what they are doing at my city
(11:24:26 PM) Jonathan: he never answerc
(11:24:26 PM) Lathan @ MSN: ok..
(11:24:37 PM) Lathan @ MSN: has he still not answered?
(11:24:38 PM) Jonathan: so i move my army of Dead Wood to their city
(11:24:42 PM) Jonathan: no
(11:24:45 PM) Jonathan: still no answer

Hilario, is there something going on I need to be aware of? or was it simply an oops of army location that you landed on his city...?

I never saw your army "messing his city up" as he claims,... but I saw my member screwing with you, and I'm riding his ass for it.... if you did something to him and got him cranky, can you do me the favor and "apologize" ?? it will save me a headache.
You (4/15/2008 1:39:28 PM)
i dont know what his talking about. all i know is that i accidentally prep my scout near Heimdall's city (Marcus) in the past but i dont think it is.

ahh, maybe, he thought Ringo's army will attack his city, because Ringo pull back his army from the east because of DR's hoh army.

anyway, its ok now in our part. looks like Jonathan has a low temper, here. :)
Sir Gilgamash Leich [SPQR] (4/15/2008 2:01:32 PM) GOOD BAD
well I formally apologize any problems that it may have caused... I am sorry.

a novel was sent to me explaining about an unfriendly actions caused by one of your members... you guys consider as ally but you started attacking right before a more honorable discussion can take place... even bringing the issue in the public forum to justify your hidden agenda.

let's just have a nice clean fight, if your words can produce army, make it not weak as me. da hell!

12:30:29 Apr 19th 08 - Mr. Pimp:

So now that you got that off your chest...DR is a multi KD. Two KD leaders have spotted the actions as well as the talk. I have sent the message to Zeta and await his reply. I doubt they can I think that all responsible KD leaders need to get together and discuss how to deal with this "matter"

13:57:04 Apr 19th 08 - Mr. Rider:

who are that multi leaders?

15:19:16 Apr 19th 08 - Mr. Justanius:

what the *beep*...erm me and bogdan have been in dr for 7 era's never once been deleted for multing do u know y?...cus we aint multis, ur a little nub who jumps at sorry your inexperainced but your just too darn stupid

03:23:09 Apr 20th 08 - Mr. Pimp:

Really...playing against you and your multis is like playing amateur hour. I got more experience than your whole KD combined. And to prove the unhonourable take in 2 of my former vices...these two i offered to train to fant standards...and yes...i got more expeience than you will ever know. To prove the era, I will take on Rider, Justain and i'll let you choose two other players. To give you all a fair chance, I'll tigh one hand behind my back, blindfold myself and hop up and down on one leg and i will still own all 4 of fact bring Sam and Millenium. I fought the played with the best, fought the best and won. See you next era. Nubs

03:24:25 Apr 20th 08 - Mr. Pimp:

and to make things worse, ou had them demote one of my trusted i know who did it the first time wanted to know who demoted you first time around...look at the DR direction now mate

07:16:58 Apr 20th 08 - Mr. Hilario:


full of traitors here.

10:51:53 Apr 20th 08 - Mr. Justanius:

lol...i was speaking to them they all said u wer a nuub compared to me so i said i wud train them.....guess they were right and y wud chuck care rogash *beep*ed him up either way

18:31:53 Apr 21st 08 - Sir Gilgamash Leich:

/me grumbles....

this era has been crummy for everyone..

and Hilario, I sent that message to you, to cover my own ass... sigh, one would respect "off the game server chat" between players as "out of bounds"... and would not put my foul mouth all over the boards here.\

I'm from Texas, we talk alot of *beep* here.  The ally I was speaking to, he's in training, and is stubborn, sometimes he gets "high" and does his own thing, its happend a few times more than once on occasion... I'm working to let him know that I will not tolerate "cause I felt like it" in my kingdom.  I want every action we make to be thought though, and justified.

I sent an army of 150 gaia through your territory demanding tribute (hell you could have at least replied) and then I posted here, and my vice also posted...

We made 3 attempts to contact you, regarding our "issue" with your kingdoms lack of compliance.

Then we made some prepping armies to even FURTHER push the point, and removed 1 scout from our territory, 1 scout.

Then you attacked and took 3 cities of ours.  You successfully:
1- ignored our pleas
2- ignored our requests
3- ignored our warnings
4- slapped us in the face.

You now have war, and you will not win.

There is no need to "justify" this by a discussion I had with my member by "my foul mouth"...




18:39:27 Apr 21st 08 - Mr. Francois Lollonais:

i'll sum it up


18:41:37 Apr 21st 08 - Mr. Francois Lollonais:

in advance, i will congratulate SPQR for winning the Valhalla world.

GG guys.

18:53:19 Apr 21st 08 - Sir Gilgamash Leich:

oh and cause everyone loves updates:

Kingdoms in Valhalla
MAD Mad Against Drugs 10 Mr. Hilario 107
SPQR Frumentarii 12 Sir Gilgamash Leich 100
dr dark riders empire 15 Mr. Justanius 74
HK Holy Knights 3 Mr. Rogash 12
Acad Academy of Misfits 6 Mr. Pimp 4
Legion Lost Legion 3 Mr. Inza 2
RES Resistance 1 Mr. Blackops 0
BL Blood Lords 1 Mr. Orc 0
Rose Order of the Blood Rose 2 Ms. Vampire 0



we ain't won yet... there is alot that could change...

18:58:01 Apr 21st 08 - Mr. Francois Lollonais:

its your goal here... you must achieve it, by any means. congrats.

01:59:30 Apr 22nd 08 - Mr. Heimdall:

you make it sound strange francois. isn't it most kingdoms goal to win? where would this game be going if it wasn't. whats was your kingdoms goal when starting this era example?

03:48:20 Apr 22nd 08 - Mr. Hilario:

our goal here in this world... find and train new players, we dont need to win in this world just to look great.

this world seems to have full of nuub spies and new players who are coward enough to betray and fight their former friends.

too much cowardly tactics used by our enemies... im waiting for Mr.GoldMember to reveal his true color... is it DR or SPQR?

i too, congratulate you guys for achieving your goal, brilliant plan and execution.

04:24:31 Apr 22nd 08 - Mr. Bob Loblaw:

hey cry all you want but you didnt hold up your end of the bargain. you said you would come to our aid, which you didnt. So we had to make new, more reliable friends. its not like there was no warning we were coming after you. so quit trying to make us look like the bad guys. It is you, Mad, who cant keep your word.

04:38:21 Apr 22nd 08 - Mr. Hilario:

lol, we send armies there, its you guys who just cant wait and assume that we abandon you. but wait, your kingdom suddenly changed plan and turned on against us without any message from you.

congrats to you guys.

05:39:14 Apr 22nd 08 - Mr. Bob Loblaw:

What armies? that one puny army that came from the north?? that instantly died, yeah big help there. we were fighting DR for what a week? so you are telling me that in one weeks time your entire kingdom can only muster up one army of 2K lvl 1's? if thats the case then we should easily be able to roll right over ya. where were these armies you are claiming to have sent? i didnt see anything that supports your claim.

And whats the deal with the giving up BS?? ive never heard anything like this. who would want to join such a passive kingdom? if you are already defeated then why not all just quit and leave your cities to the natives, then restart on Midgard? whats the point? Fight and quit your whining, you screwed up. now deal with it.

07:11:31 Apr 22nd 08 - Mr. Hilario:

lol, that means that's the only army you've seen. we cant quit cause we have too many cities.

and also, we are still fighting if you cant see it... we are just recognizing your actions for achieving your goal.

19:19:25 Apr 22nd 08 - Mr. Justanius: he aint one of ours...

20:37:27 Apr 23rd 08 - Sir Gilgamash Leich:

the hilarion army came from the south initially, conquered a few cities, never burned, never hurt, and then was beaten by DR.

the army you saw BAS was the same one AFTER it was defeated and retreated to the closest city. (in the north)

it continued to attack, and failed miserably...

then there was nothing as we got slaughtered...

after we were out of the picture, they came back...

at that point, it was too late for us, and I wanted something as friggin payback.


I got nothing.

I demanded.

still nothing.

I kicked him in the balls for it, and like a child, he whines.


go figure.

04:55:34 Apr 24th 08 - Mr. Hilario:

hitting us without any message or warning from any of your council then stressing too much here to justify your actions.

even your scout from one your member is spitting garbage in their names.

10:50:18 Apr 24th 08 - Sir Slade:

OOO wow Trog breaking Naps

thats a new 1 8-)

People of MaD Trog is a Tool and the only Good players that dont Betray or Break Napps Are Heimdal and Daisy(Tool)

so really Just Kill SPQR i mean they have it coming to them

11:32:09 Apr 24th 08 - Mr. Justanius:

lol is that the former leader of excalibur?

12:25:26 Apr 24th 08 - Sir Slade:

Who me or Trog

Caz i killed Excal last era and Dark Cruilty was the leader Trog was a vice in RoC


15:50:50 Apr 24th 08 - Mr. Justanius:

u i ment

16:03:23 Apr 24th 08 - Sir Gilgamash Leich:

slade is just mad because he got his ass handed to him on a plate... lol...


16:11:27 Apr 24th 08 - Sir Slade:

LoL i wasnt never leader of Excal

and TrogDik i was in the middle of Fighting DSY and Wolf they you attack like a fuking B!tch you are

if my troops werent attack DSY things would of been diffrent

But no you Pussy Force had to wait untill i was pre-occupied before you attack

and you will most likly say

"you would have been about to do a thing"

but then again your little piss ant army would of Crumbled under Me and Remnbers armys and if it wasnt for Silver Band and Bisto you would of died to

evan your own KD RoC Hated you

im not suprise

i dont blame then


16:49:26 Apr 24th 08 - Mr. Badabooom:

u dont have to be sooo pissed off slade . last era ended . and btw we also fought the whole era we had noooo peacefull at all ...


and for ur own knowledge KEv who is leader of Roc is still our friend :D  so stop makin up lies and beleivin em . i was ancient basio .

17:30:35 Apr 24th 08 - Sir Slade:


i am Friends wirh Kev and Wraith

Im just saying Trogs the biggest tool i have ever meet in combat

18:19:14 Apr 24th 08 - Mr. Heimdall:

Positive as usual i see Slade! I'm glad some things in this game never improvements ;)

01:25:55 Apr 25th 08 - Sir Slade:

yes yes i am

and you mean

Im Glad some things in this Game never improve


02:27:44 Apr 25th 08 - Mr. Heimdall:

actually i meant "improvements".. no idea what i was thinking.

04:27:42 Apr 25th 08 - Mr. Hilario:

ch@nges i guess.

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