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Very Confused Vet
07:34:49 Sep 27th 10 - Mr. Itonikaiu:

Hello.. I am a very confused Vet coming back to the game.. ive been gone for several era's now.. and with the new system im not sure which era's are the newest which ones are the oldest and if they even restart..

Im looking for a world that has recently started/or a Kingdom on an older world that doesnt mind me starting and catching up.

07:38:05 Sep 27th 10 - Mr. Tyrgalon II:

mantrax is the latest to restart I think, only a day or 2 old.

07:39:06 Sep 27th 10 - Ms. Delirium:

click on the Worlds icon, it will show you that Nirvana and Mantrax are both open.

a word of caution, it's probably too late to start on Nirvana and even starting on Mantrax now might be too late unless you can find a kingdom

Fant opens soon if you decide to wait

07:51:00 Sep 27th 10 - Mr. Itonikaiu:

perhaps il wait.. does it open in a day or in a a couple hours?

07:52:09 Sep 27th 10 - Mr. Tyrgalon II:

theres 109 ticks left until arma on fant, and after that like a day until it starts, so its a couple of rl days still.

13:40:47 Sep 27th 10 - Mr. Vuggy:

Fant ends on VU Day 2288.

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