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Very Important Thread
02:16:37 Aug 7th 10 - Mr. Doomhammer:

Here you go Rad, good to go.

02:17:41 Aug 7th 10 - Mr. Radioactive:

why the fuck would you add more ticks in era Zeta ? :@ u could've paused the tick when the game went down .. fuck you very much *finger*

02:17:49 Aug 7th 10 - Sir Butters:


02:27:54 Aug 7th 10 - Mr. Petite Penois:

Has ZeTa foiled FEAR's plans for a HoH-farm by extending it?

p.s dont let Karac win he's a complete noob too.

02:30:59 Aug 7th 10 - Mr. Path:

If anything, if it ended now, karac would win.  No, the desire for this round to end is much deeper than any selfishness regarding hoh.  Just needs to end on schedule.

02:34:20 Aug 7th 10 - Sir Butters:

Or ahead of schedule, Karac can win ffs, just end this boring arse era -.-

02:36:50 Aug 7th 10 - Mr. Radioactive:

yea he can win , he saved whole era just to spam in the end :D ... 

02:41:42 Aug 7th 10 - Mr. Jelly:

Suits us well enough :)

02:50:29 Aug 7th 10 - Mr. Petite Penois:

Well, the only thing that makes an era boring is your internal politics and diplomacy. I.E, deciding to nap scrubs like FATE who haven't won a OOP war in years.

Hamish's kingdom is stronger than FATE these days. Choose them next time.

02:51:11 Aug 7th 10 - Mr. Samual:

Have you ever got the feeling of De Ja Vu, it's just two days ago (or the yesterday depending on your time zone) I could have sworn I said there were three days left of the era and now for some reason I seem to be saying it again :P

In my defence for this bad joke I am tired and going to bed in half an hour, lol xD

02:52:05 Aug 7th 10 - Endless Dream:

 Rad :) lets end this farce now

*waits patiently for Zeta to put the fix in by activating Arma*

03:42:16 Aug 7th 10 - Princess Aisha:

You should all stop with the bs.
Fate Fear and DoA killed the game. Nobody wants to play Fanta any more cause of the same arguments each era, always the same wars, always the same big NAPs, its not interesting any more at all.
As far as the HoH is concerned, why do you give a rats a$$ who wins the era, everyone knows HoH means nothing. Its either your Kingdom killed everyone and you got biggest spoils like Fear or you farmed for months like Karac.
Stop with the crap please.

03:43:56 Aug 7th 10 - General Zondervan:

*laughs when era end comes and its not who anyone thought because you got fucked over by arma*


btw, nice said aisha

03:47:42 Aug 7th 10 - Sir Butters:

Actually, I dun really understand what you mean Aisha, we're SAYING we don't care about the HoH, he can win for all we care, we just want the era to end so we can all leave :)

btw, it's actually not a surprise, we said a month ago Karac would win

04:00:53 Aug 7th 10 - Wolflord Karac:

Saved whole era to spam at the end? LOL. Funny coming from the kingdom that it did. Did anyone meet Kool? <3 Rad ;)

I fought most of the era, yes not on your front, so I guess that means I didn't fight. Cause if I didn't fight the farmed armies it doesn't count I guess? Oh well.

And Aisha, I think your kingdom would know I fought, I singlehandedly had your kingdom in order, or did you forget? By the way, wasn't Heimdall #1 for about 12 minutes after I started? :P

Apart from 25k dead ponies I lost nothing. Oh by the way, please let your kingdom know level 3 & 5 troops CAN be trained ;)

And penois, nope, I was going to respond, but decided I will take the high road. Yes, Endless will be upset that I didn't post something funny, but bah, she'll spank me later :D

04:13:02 Aug 7th 10 - Princess Aisha:

Butters if you dont care whats the point of this thread. Who cares that the era is longer then its supposed to be? Next era would not start till Monday anyways, though its a bit annoying that the game went down in an important moment for some people like Rad <3
(I hope it will start on Monday, but who knows)
So its either game is down or its this... its better this way, I just took 2 large cities so its better ^^
By the way, I am not saying you did not fight Karac, you were the one that took most of the GotF core we took from them. And after taking all these cities you spent the rest of time rebuilding that and farming up or else you would have cause Fear and Fate some trouble too ;)

04:13:40 Aug 7th 10 - Sir Butters:

Did anyone meet Kool?

To answer your question...yes apparently a lot of dead people met Kool :P

Sir Sexy Kool
has won 123 battles, captured 124 cities and killed a total of 2105230 men and women.

But again, this thread isn't about the HoH or any of that sh|t, it's wtf did Zeta add another day and a half to this era (again) :\  If he ended it this tick we'd all be happy, you'd win era and we can have a fun weekend lol

04:16:37 Aug 7th 10 - Princess Aisha:

You can still have fun, log off and goooo :)
I am actually enjoying the longer era, I need just a little bit more time to take another 90k ^^

04:18:26 Aug 7th 10 - Sir Butters:

But if I log off, then my kd could be hurt by me not keeping a blocker...if it was just my cities I'd log off, but to let another 27 ppl down is what I won't do :\

04:19:25 Aug 7th 10 - Mr. Petite Penois:

I agree with the other posters here. When people like Karac, who are terrible at the game and have led piss-poor excuses for kingdoms (BoW) manage to win, there's something terribly wrong going down.

ZeTa shouldn't of extended the era. He should of ended it and given the win to DOA, the deserved winners. He's fixed it. Too much bias.

04:28:36 Aug 7th 10 - Endless Dream:

No I won't Karac , see Zond's comments above 

Zeta is picking and choosing which badly coded spells he's going to reward the successful caster of...   
by actually implementing one for a change... 
instead of his normal screw you but thanks for letting me know so I can recode it 

IF you do win the era congrats :)   

I haven't been playing  (a few minor spells here and there  but mostly reading the forums and not much else) since Zeta confirmed to me he is going ahead with the LULZZZ arma cast (cast but not visible), I wont play a game rigged by the game dev

04:31:42 Aug 7th 10 - General Zondervan:

<3 endless! hehe

its okay :p its my last era ^^ dont i deserve something? ;p

04:58:25 Aug 7th 10 - Endless Dream:

Zond, Zeta makes money off this game = it's fraud. Look it up.

05:01:45 Aug 7th 10 - General Zondervan:

But im not fraud! not my fault :p

06:15:23 Aug 7th 10 - Mr. Barny:

Naw guys Karac won't win, Lewatha will. She is working hard to earn the win, if only you all had LoS...

07:05:19 Aug 7th 10 - General Zondervan:

Ahh when i thought it was raist, it was you? No matter. we are ready :)

07:55:37 Aug 7th 10 - Mr. Barny:

Was the directed at me? If so I am confused.

08:15:08 Aug 7th 10 - Sir Sexy Kool:

hey karac u can fack off.. at very start of era i fought a guy feeding himself off 3 kd mates.. and then straight after that i headed down and took on zerocool, grumpy and tiberius with only bling in support .. (although others helped later) zerocool been an excellent opponent made us work hard, and we lost a shit tonne of armies trying to take him down... when we finally busted thru that area i wasnt even the first thru.. half the area was taken so i moved south, and because of inactiveness or just plain stupidity from the DOA side, i was able to take that whole area down by myself... ask the people in DOA a few good players put up a fight (aligreat tinkerbell and co) my kill and city count has been rising all era... yours stopped weeks ago, so dont come the fack into this thread and talk your shit about some of us farming when thats been the last thing we have been doing.. where are your armies now? mine are out and about and going to take out as much as i can... unfortunately not like you id rather war and take the era cleanly instead of sitting in my city farming up the era win.. so dont involve me in your shitty little arguements when u dont know jack shit about the situation ... 1 last thing it may not mean that much the most fearsome list, but i topped it last era and the few eras before that each had over 1.5 mill kills obviously i dont like war.. MSK (Farmer not a Warrior) lol

13:19:35 Aug 7th 10 - Wolflord Karac:

Hey Kool, I see a lot of Blah Blah Bla up there, but the basic breakdown is that I farmed, while your kingdom, did not...... am I right? Ok, lets buckle our seatbelts.

1) Numerous players have admitted to farming, even for the win, from your kingdom.
2) Where the hell were you until about a week and a half ago? Fighting invisible wars? OH, whats that word..... farming.
3) Anyone can tell you, about 4 days after our Glad war I went in active for a little over a week due to family issues, I just returned Wednesday/Thursday.
4) Lets not bring up other eras please, I have NEVER been a farmer, and I will NEVER be a farmer. End of discussion.

The difference between you and I is that I see no issue with what your kingdom has done, farming then attacking. Brilliant in my opinion, most of my previous post was a joke. You, however, dont know sarcasm, and obviously feel badly about the tactics to lash out as you did. And don't know jack shit? Do you think no body tells me anything?

Barny, Lew has shown nothing all era, she will continue to show nothing. However, if she does win, I will blame this stupid extension. Those of us who got out final training in on time are now at the disadvantage while those who missed it get a second opportunity -.-

Oh and Penois, if anyone wanted any of us wanted to deal with lip from scum like you, we'd all let you know by jiggling our zippers.....

13:25:33 Aug 7th 10 - Ms. Tinkerbell:

2) Where the hell were you until about a week and a half ago? Fighting invisible wars? OH, whats that word..... farming

I can assure you he was fighting with us, taking over our towns.

( i aint taking sides here, just mentioning a fact.)

13:31:23 Aug 7th 10 - Mr. Vencrow:

Atleast i can now stare at the map again.. for 82 hours! The joy of doing nothing.

13:33:05 Aug 7th 10 - Dr. Evil Smevil:

Venomz, are you satisfied with the announcement?

13:40:14 Aug 7th 10 - Mr. Vencrow:

Announcement? :o

13:41:01 Aug 7th 10 - Sir Sexy Kool:

lol farming hate to break it down to you dipshit farmer karac but i made a grand total of 138301 buildings of my own.. the rest i took you have such a GREAT most fearsome score.. but the thing is your too facking stupid to see that you dont get on to the most fearsome list unless you have taken cities.. i had easily 4-5 times the amount of kills you had for the same period but untill i got on to the hoh you were never gonna see it... also you dipshit the army i brought down to fight doa wasnt even noteworthy it wasnt even on the hoh... you want to know how i got an army? ask hanky serene or any of the other numerous people i plundered for huge amounts while warring...
keep dreaming and thinking your some sort of good player.. simple fact is YOU havent been warring in 3-4 weeks what have you done in that time Farmlord Karac? why didnt you bring your armies to the front lines? if you win this era change your name to Farmlord it suits you better... lol

13:44:51 Aug 7th 10 - Dr. Evil Smevil:

Venomz on the Fant thread.

13:50:18 Aug 7th 10 - Sir Bran:

kool wtf are you doing bragging about taking cities. all you did was wait for your kd to break our blockers, and you came running past them and stole all the spoils. and those were mostly just inactives who didnt log in to wreck them :p

so i dont see that youve done anything special this era i hope you dont win

13:57:29 Aug 7th 10 - Wolflord Karac:

Ok Kool, by your reasoning allow me to explain:

1) I have 211k buildings that I have built myself. Didnt know that part?
2) I wont ask Hanky or Serene blah, don't need to, you can say all you want, you're nothing.
3) I never said I was a good player, reread and tell me where? I just do the best that I can with what I have. 3-4 weeks, nah more like 1.5-2 weeks lets not exaggerate here. And most of that was due to family issues, but you don't care, pricks never care.
4) I never brought up the most fearsome, you did, I hate it when people bring points up and act like I should have to defend myself for it when I never bragged bout it? Idiot. Sorry, allow me to use smaller words for you, dumb dumb.

Unlike your uneducated 12 year old mind, I do not get upset by you trying to flame me, I may not be the greatest player, but you are just too below me for me to worry about, and because I will just say the same thing you did, get the whole story.

Oh wait, you dont have to, being stupid gives you a license to be a hypocrite, my bad, forgot that rule of society.

Sure I will change my name to Farmlord Karac if I win the era, but also, if I win, I want you to change your name to your actual name, Stupid McFecktard. We all know the plan of you taking all the DOA cities, but Elsin didnt like that did he? Maybe when you actually gain some skill, come back and talk to me. (Elsin this is no attempt at you, I have no issues with you.)

Until then, let me talk to Deno or TBL, they are worthy to talk to. Also, if you need to have them help you with your posts, just dont talk, simpler that way. And one more thing, watch your language, if you can't argue without relying on foul language, just one more reason you are inept.

I'm done. You can't play, you can't argue, penois is stupid,'DOA should win', and Lew should win ruler cause she's been the super fighter this era. Do I have the right of it all? Thought so. So save your breath...You'll need it to blow up your date.


14:14:05 Aug 7th 10 - Mr. Radioactive:

I thought this thread was for cursing swearing at Zeta , not to whine about who warred and who didnt . Lets go back to the topic.


14:14:14 Aug 7th 10 - Sir Butters:

2) Where the hell were you until about a week and a half ago? Fighting invisible wars? OH, whats that word..... farming.

Srsly, most retarded thing mentioned on this thread...congrats ^_^

14:14:51 Aug 7th 10 - Mr. Doomhammer:

Well this thread has turned into something it wasn't meant to be.... lol

14:16:55 Aug 7th 10 - Mr. Radioactive:

its ur fault! ur thread sucks :P

14:18:37 Aug 7th 10 - Wolflord Karac:

Yes, damn you zeta, era should be over in bout 24 ticks, not 72 -.-

And butters, your lucky I <3 ya :P

14:20:18 Aug 7th 10 - Mr. Radioactive:

no <3 for me ? :'( now i curse you that u wont win this era :P

14:21:26 Aug 7th 10 - Sir Butters:

08:16:55 Aug 7th 10 - Mr. Radioactive:

its ur fault! ur thread sucks :P


Hey, he made it for u! :P  Now I know why you didn't want to claim ownership lol

14:23:33 Aug 7th 10 - Mr. Radioactive:


14:26:04 Aug 7th 10 - Sir Butters:

08:18:37 Aug 7th 10 - Wolflord Karac:

Yes, damn you zeta, era should be over in bout 24 ticks, not 72 -.-

And butters, your lucky I <3 ya :P


Well, what makes your rant against Kool even more funny (besides DoA peeps coming in and even saying he's been fighting....btw Mari is the real Tinks, give her her name back! :@), no one in Fear even said you shouldn't win the era before your rant.  Everyone in Fear said if Karac wins good job for him, we just didn't want the era to be extended a day and a half for no reason.

14:31:34 Aug 7th 10 - Mr. Doomhammer:

Well, I'd have a small problem with it, but only cause you've been inactive for a week or two.... don't get me wrong, I'm sure it was a good reason/s and you should leave VU whenever something important happens, of course... I just don't think you should win era when you miss a quarter of it.... :S Nothing personal, always like you Karac... just my two cents... I'll be happy, too, when the era comes to a close.....


And fuck you very much, rad.... lol

14:34:29 Aug 7th 10 - Wolflord Karac:

No Rad, SUPER <3 for you ;)

And Doomhammer I agree, it shouldnt be set up like that, no hard feelings. Just another flaw in the game. But, a flaw I am ok with for some reason LOL.

14:35:57 Aug 7th 10 - Wolflord Karac:

And alright Kool, I'm sorry, Butters has showed me the light, lets just get this era over lol.

14:37:08 Aug 7th 10 - Emperor Palpy Has New Toy Deathstar:

well i just want kool or rad to win or someone else i know...

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