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Wake Up Call to Players of VU
00:18:01 Jun 23rd 13 - NazT (Mr. Pathetic Harmless Victim):

Stop Helping these Vets

Ok I have been playing this game on and off for many years now. Using many different names, ive played with many of the top players in many top kingdoms, but mostly ive stuck with newer players. Newer players still have a respect for the game. Im not saying all VU vets disrespect the game but they dont help the game either. i wont name any names. These different groups of vets have their cliques even with in the "Big name" kingdoms. these groups have spent alot of time figuring the game out and found all the best most effective ways to do things. Good for them i say, but they dont teach these skills to many. even their own kingdom mates. If you are in a Top kingdom in Fantasia and havent been taught these things then you are just a pawn to them. someone to take hits and fill blockers and clear the way for them to win. Have they shared their 35K+ oop gaia spamming method to you? have they shared their oop halfer mage method with you? Have you been taught how to best race for HoH score at end of era? do you know the equation for adding troops to experienced armies? are you often asked to attack an army so another can beat it? or sacrifice your army for the good of the kingdom?if you havent been taught these or have been asked multiple times to sacrifice then you are not part of that kingdom, you are a decent player for them to use to better themselves.  Sure they told you if you do this its better, or dont do that its better this way. little things you would have picked up on your own eventually. These methods they have arent just simple things, they know exact specifications of what to build and when. the numbers have been crunched, the strategies perfected. if the few of them have people to help protect them they have time to build their perfect strategies. but If those of you who are out of the loop and realize it decide to leave them high and dry, they are going to have to go back to doing their own dirty work.

People of Fantasia, stick with your real friends, dont join these big kingdoms just because they win. Those of you who are just pawns find your own kingdoms, these smaller kingdoms are tight groups of players, havent played with all but you will be better for playing with a real kingdom not just being a chess piece in those larger kingdoms. Group up with newer players and thrust yourself into the game, watch what your enemy does and learn from it. Talk to people and ask questions. you will be surprised how many people are willing to help. and you will also be surprised at the absolute disrespect that some "veteran" players have for new players.

Forums should be a useful thing but for the most part its just idiots who bash each other because it makes them feel better about themselves. People will say anything to justify what they think is right, twist things to make themselves look better or make others look bad. its best to keep your mouth shut, but i understand wanting to get in on it, but i think it just brings frustration, you end up trying to defend yourself from crazy accusations. It really doesnt matter if whatever is said is true or not, its just and arguement for the sake of arguing . and will continue regardless of what you say even if it is direct from the mouth of god. If they arent accusing you of mass napping, you are a farmer, or attacked weak enemies to build up. regardless of what you are doing if you arent doing it in their favor, you are the scum of the earth. and in the end you will probably get forum banned for picking a fight with a friend of a mod.

So in closing, keep playing with those you know, make friends and kingdoms, dont join established kingdoms. let them keep themselves alive they can handle it.

P.S. So im not accused of "hiding" who i am again. i proudly state i have been the following names in game.

DVSKlown(not DvsMasta)
Pubehead Bohning(Purehead borning)
Gunslinger Roland Deschain
Pathtic Harmless Victim
Titty Sprinkles
Bad Odds
Inigo Montoya
Minding Myown Business
Jesus Christ
Bob Loblaw
The Last Airbender
George Babyface Nelson
Squidward Tentacles
Boombastic Semifantastic
Snaps the Dvsklown

And many many other names sorry if i missed any, definately did. the old ones are hard to recall. not easy to find either.

Maybe used but not sure(names ive been known to use)

Nasty Squirrel(could be NasT or NazT with or without the squirrel)

Infinite Army


Sofa King What(Sofa King Awesome, Sofa King Smart or Smofa King Fart)not this game seeing how you cant use king, but wouldnt want to be accussed of holding back

and back in the old days i used the initials EGA when i scored high in pinball

oh yeah and my baby sitter called me tiger when i was 5(just being snide to someone, he knows who he is)


P.P.S.(or is it P.S.S.) i expect many people to respond negatively to this post but know that i care not what you have to say i just want to say my piece. hopefully i can wake some people up. i wont be responding to nonsense. dont ask me for proof. just read and think what you want. though i asked alot of questions i dont want them answered. if you have something intelligent to say i may reply.

01:24:33 Jun 23rd 13 - Yukan (Mr. Nakuy):

Legacy is a nice place apparently ._.

01:39:07 Jun 23rd 13 - Electric (Electric Galactic Avenger):

why is this in politics... are you recruiting or something..?

02:22:38 Jun 23rd 13 - Mr. Magic Mike:

 You do realise there were exact build strategies etc written down here in the forums as to how the best players had thier build strategies etc? also the big kingdoms use skype and every single one ive been in has helped the new people learn how to play..

03:27:35 Jun 23rd 13 - Mr. Irule Here Tooo:

i'll be honest i took one look at this post and said WTF like i'm reading all that...

03:33:57 Jun 23rd 13 - Mr. Bad Bell Mate:

All those names and I haven't a fucking clue who he is.

05:32:21 Jun 23rd 13 - Ms. Six Pool Only:

hey don't spoil my chess game, Mister


10:01:26 Jun 23rd 13 - Mr. Orpheus:

Back when I used to play years ago, every top kingdom(that I have been in) had a very highly detailed guide that explains the exact mechanisms of everything in the game. If you could think of anything you wanted to know, then it was there. The only kingdom I saw that had a bad guide, was carnage, but then again, they were a bad kingdom to begin with XD.

Whatever bad experience you had, doesn't apply to all major kingdoms.

10:43:25 Jun 23rd 13 - Princess Aisha:

The best players of the game are not guides, so they do not really need to tell you what they are doing. Obviously if they know a few tricks, they will keep it for themselves. But if you are really into the game, you will figure it out yourself.

You (6/11/2013 11:17:26 PM)
Activity is most important.
I can beat anyone with any race if I am more active than the person.
I can beat halfer at oop with any race if the guy is less active
Now you will say bla bla not possible.
It is.

General Hugh Gee Rekshun (6/11/2013 11:37:47 PM)GOODBAD
what grade of activity vs what grade of inactivity?

Also, let me ask some questions,

Whats the equation for Magic Power? For Experience? For prep time, for percents, for Op/Dp? MP for max Bless, magicpower due to power in bless, stg (how many warehouses to gold), aotd, how many troops/exp (also the reviving part)? etc etc

How to beat an army 3x your OP? 
Time to build a 90ker? How to land half way through era and still beat everyone?

What determines pez growth? 

Hows plague spread? Mp needed for spells with duration. Like how much mp for 3 tick freeze, or 10 tick. 

Here I was talking to a guide about the skills of players, and about my skill, and check out the questions :/
I can honestly say that I do not know the answers of these questions, but does that make me a bad player cause I dont know these stuff? I dont think so.
I consider myself to be a decent player and I will always do what I can, and will always cover my part of the roles. 

Do you have to know all the tricks in the game to be good? No, if you are active you can be good. So what if you dont know the way to drop 30 Gaia at oop, thats fine, you can still do well, if you are active. Obviously if you are inactive against an active player you will die, that is just logical. 

I honestly dont think you need to know all these stuff written up there to be considered good.

12:40:23 Jun 23rd 13 - Ms. Galactic Gaurdian:

I would very much like to hear the answer to this one.

Unless you are talking about a pony army or something.. 3x Op but how much DP? attack first?

How to beat an army 3x your OP? 

13:01:12 Jun 23rd 13 - Mr. Peacefulfarminghalfling:

Anger & bless. Or ownage, or rain of fire, etc. He didn't rule out using spells :P. It's a stupid question though.

13:14:32 Jun 23rd 13 - Zephyr (Marquess Esmeralda):

I personally think you have been meeting the wrong people or just given the bad impression in a bad moment

Heck I do not consider myself a vet, and also I'm in no way VU's best, I joined Legacy and got surprisingly accepted, tho many questions were asked by Binh :P (I know he wants to know moar!)

Binh as being one of VU best players around thought me and any new players who join their kingdom their ''magic tricks''.

You can also ask Zondervan, Dragon, Wilber, and Blom to help you out, they are really experienced nice and cool guys, who will help you out even if you are in an enemy kingdom.

17:15:04 Jun 23rd 13 - Mr. Bad Bell Mate:

"You can ask Dragon, Wilber"


my sides

21:36:52 Jun 23rd 13 - Electric (Electric Galactic Avenger):

Yes this about helping new Players not trolling them, if you want to be trolled please go to Mr Bad Bell Mate, to get your fill. 

22:02:30 Jun 23rd 13 - Tyr (Sir Tyrgalon):

I know for a fact that theres lots and lots of tricks and stuff I donīt know, and the stuff I know I consider mostly basic and willingly share with anyone :)
And behold, Im still kicking ass on fant playing orc for the first time since my first era (era 25) years ago when I knew nothing.

You just need to know the basics, have common sense, and play smart :)

Ohh...and activity helps a bunch lol :P

00:20:22 Jun 24th 13 - Binh (Mr. Binh The Orc Warrior):

"Ohh...and activity helps a bunch lol :P"

I testify to this. There's a huge difference between 16 hours a day activity and 4 hours a day :) For attackers anyway.... You can still be a big threat as a mage with poor activity. But your kingdom won't get the spells they want most of the time because you won't be online :D

00:34:04 Jun 24th 13 - SFD (Duke Safety First Dude):

Binh as being one of VU best players around thought me and any new players who join their kingdom their ''magic tricks''.

i Can confirm this, although i have never been in a KD with him, every now and again i do pop up on Skype with N00b Questions.

<3 you God King Binh

And if you ask anyone most people are willing to help you out, i have never met anyone that has refused to answer my questions, and i always have LOTSSS ^_^

06:01:30 Jun 24th 13 - Sir Aloysius:

poor post!

07:00:52 Jun 24th 13 - Ms. Six Pool Only:

i will refuse to answer your questions, SFD.

08:03:14 Jun 24th 13 - SunWarriorKing (Mr. Whatsyourname):

To the person who made this thread, I have never heard of you before which is why I refer to you as "person". I disagree. I do not need a "binh" strategy to win. In fact, I could care less if I win or not. The point is to do better than what you did last era. When I started this game, I had a 250k income which I thought was good but as I learned from being attacked over and over and losing over and over that each race has things that give you an advantage over the others. When you hit fant, those advantages mean nothing. What really matters is if you have the time and devotion to put into this game then you can give yourself a chance to compete against those who have been playing this game forever. Now dont go and play three eras and then head to fantasia. No, I am saying play on different worlds like Mantrax or Zetamania before you decide to play on Fant. Honest to god, 90% of the time I play VU, I play every other realm except Mant and Fant. Reason why is because I do not have a lot of time like these vets do. Oh and I am open to teaching people how to play. Heck, I taught my girlfriend how to play VU and she likes it better than all the other browser games I have tried to teach her in the past. It depends on who you talk to also. Not everyone is open to teaching you about how to play but there are some who give a crap.

14:48:15 Jun 24th 13 - Zephyr (Marquess Esmeralda):

It basically depends on your approach to people, something like hey, how can I train 35k oop gaia so I can smash everyone else, will probably get you a bad answer.

Try something more friendly, like, hey I noticed time after time you always have a lot of oop troops, I never even manage to get 10k troops, would you mind teaching me a trick or two?

This answer probably will get you a good answer, it also depends on the mood of the player.

Ask people who are online using chat, ask questions in the forums, Q&A, click the Guides icon and message a Guide, we are always willing to help it doesn't matter if you are new, old, experienced, or just trolling.

17:51:48 Jun 24th 13 - Ms. Six Pool Only:

i disagree 'sun warrior', i didn't learn anything of value in this game until i went to fantasia with a fantasia kingdom. You'll never get real experience by smashing people on low worlds.
You gotta beat the best to be the best.

18:02:44 Jun 24th 13 - SunWarriorKing (Mr. Finallyontalents):

Oh I forgot one other thing. I came in during the year 2007 so back then things were much better. Again Six, people learn at different paces. Did you have more time to learn while playing Fant? If so, that is what I was talking about. The more you log on, the more you have control of your own actions as you play. You cannot expect to log on once a day and know how to compete with the best. For Fantasia, I have to check three times a day just to make sure my army hasn't been defeated or I have used my resources for building considering this is Fant. It is much more fast-paced. A vet does not have to if he knows what to do at each checkpoint. Point is, you don't need their way of playing. Its something that works best with them. If they do not want to share their secret thats fine but at least develop how you want to play. If it does not work, tweak it a bit and try again. Guess and check really.

Also, I cannot beat Elsin quite yet but that does not mean I suck. It means my income is crap and I need more troops :) 

18:39:42 Jun 24th 13 - Jondy (Sir Jondrus Kilowatt):

Why are you guys attacking this player? He's actually really good. Just because you don't know someone doesn't mean they suck or that they are a bad player. The fact that he wants to know this information will only make him better in the long run. You really don't need to know everything in this game to be good at it.


1. growing your econ properly with sciences

2. training the right type of troops for your race and understand how many mu you need to be protected from freezes.

3. race advantages/disadvantages

These are the most important parts of the game for new players IMO.

20:23:12 Jun 24th 13 - Ms. Six Pool Only:

Don't talk down to me, sun warrior scrub.

22:00:37 Jun 24th 13 - Yukan (Mr. Rance):

Learning some of the formulas or % chance for victories was nice, but most of how I play came from soloing & fantasy novels ._.''

And I still did well without those special formulas :p

22:14:10 Jun 24th 13 - Mr. Ignis Demorali:

Read the guides and just play the game 

00:03:11 Jun 25th 13 - SunWarriorKing (Mr. Whatsyourname):

Six, I said what I had to say. Im not putting you down dude. Im saying there might be people who learn better without an already put together strategy. If you want that kind of thing, go for it. Going on the offensive about all of this is not really needed. Jondrus, Im not attacking him in any way. How he feels about the vets is his opinion. I am just saying there is bound to be a vet who will share how they play. 

FYI, some of these vets happened to have taught me while I was playing for those five years.

01:30:42 Jun 25th 13 - NazT (Mr. Bad Odds):

I just want to clear something up. I am just a nobody player, never claimed to be anything special. I am not asking for help. I know how to get 35K gaia oop. im not asking where this info is in the forums, which most of the info in the forums is misleading, i still take over cities with 1000homes and 6000 armories. like someone posted is the most effective build for an armory. I was making a statement about how fantasia is being played. A few large kingdoms and a bunch of smalls, the larger kingdoms have their base players, the rest are what ive heard referred to as meat shields. I want these players who are being used, to find a good home. With people who will guide and teach. You join the bigger kingdoms and you are hardly noticed. you may get lucky and someone will take you under their wing.

how much better would Fantasia be with 6 equalish sized kingdoms? Rather then 2 kingdoms with double the players than the 5 other kingdoms.

There is such a low player base in the game, i figure that if i can convince a few. maybe change the way its played. Compare VU to professional sports take your pick. How long can it be enjoyable when either one or the other stacked team wins the championship every year? I wonder why the players left his game? when i first played VU there were thousands of players. but over time you get bored with the same result everytime. sure its not the same giant kingdom that wins every era, but it is always a giant kingdom that wins.

It is simply time for a change.


02:09:36 Jun 25th 13 - Electric (Electric Galactic Avenger):

There was never Thousands of players...

One of the prime Era's was Era of Amon Hen

Amon hen- Fant 251 Mant-135 Zet-101 starta-61 nirvana-54 Valhalla-103 (players with a score)

that was about 705 players.. now we are at a fraction of that now but 

This is all in the Fourth Era-

 1. The Beginning-177

5. Era of Valium-275

15. Era of Leo-481

20. Era of Hansel-351

25. Era of Virgin-692

40. Era of Dvamasta-581

47. Era of Nova-372

The Fifth Era(just going to count Fant) as im not sure when multi character started. 

1. Wolflord Karac of Ravage Regime- 206

5. Barny of Dark Side- 147

10.  Elsin of Legacy- 130

15.  Danny boy of The Totally Naked of Beothuk Evil Ops-94

18.  Crisscross of Beothuk Evil Ops-60

So yes we have a Very large decline of players. but we were never in the thousands 

that being said the amount of players currently online has been around 100-200 so you could argue that. about 30% of the players that used to play in the games prime are still around. 

There are currently 111 players online.


16:04:15 Jun 25th 13 - Zephyr (Marquess Esmeralda):

Oh, Amon Hem my first era, and on fant, I got pwned D:

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