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War of cowards [Angels]
06:53:33 Apr 21st 08 - Mr. Gravity Kills:

 Ok in Armageddon   Dark Angels Had a MAP with Angels under the following terms .

 MAP Terms

1. Blockers will be open for scouts and troops to freely pass thru.
2. No building in each others cores.
3. No large armies passing thru others core without prior notice and destination.
4. Military aid will be given when requested.
5. Notices given to each other when negotiating relations with other kingdoms or declaring war.
6. 72 hour notice before breaking MAP.

If any of these terms are broke it will result in immediate kick from kingdom


We are Currently Fighting AAA and WotW  .....and Now Angel is sending armies at us with no warning  ,,,, 

Kingdoms in Armageddon
AAAagainst All Authority17Lord Legandary Zucox208
AngelsAngels16Mr. Trendkill196
DADARK ANGELS14Mr. Cashmoney100
WotWWarriors of the World3Mr. Ajax6

08:38:27 Apr 21st 08 - Mr. Kevdwayne II:

haha i hope you die

09:42:21 Apr 21st 08 - Mr. Peter Jackson:

i agree

09:42:23 Apr 21st 08 - Mr. Peter Jackson:

i agree

16:21:06 Apr 21st 08 - Mr. Might The God of Cows:

6. 72 hour notice before breaking MAP. <-------NOT A MAP?

16:28:25 Apr 21st 08 - Mr. Trendkill:

Loolz Gravity! xD

At first -

''Now Angel is sending armies at us with no warning ''

We warned your kingdom yesterday, and we haven't attacked yet, as we have 72 hours CF!!!! (now 52 hours left)

And Second - We have rights to break our MAP, as theres 6th rule!

''6. 72 hour notice before breaking MAP.''

If our MAP would be  unbreakable there wouldn't be a rule like this, would there?

And third - Seems like your the coward!

''War of cowards [Angels]''

If am right, then i understand that ''cowards'' mean a person that is scared, and am not very scared at the moment, although seems like you are!!!

Act Honorable as the rest of your kingdom, and deal whit it, as your the only one having problem whit that!

16:39:54 Apr 21st 08 - Sir Slade:

Angels is a hounorable Kingdom who fights with TeamWork and hounor and i no thins caz i was attacking them and they are a dangerous enemy but a powerfull ally


16:53:46 Apr 21st 08 - Mr. Gravity Kills:

So it is Honorable for a Kingdom to wage war on a Kingdom half its size when they are allready fighting a Kingdom 2x it's size ....yah Honorable .

17:03:31 Apr 21st 08 - Mr. Trendkill:

Its a game... Is it fair to kill kingdom less player, if his 1 on his own? Dunno, if its fair, but everyone does it, if some kd less player is near...

Same here, is it fair? Dunno, but thats the way it happens...

17:24:55 Apr 21st 08 - Mr. Squiddy:

Dark Angels needs a new diplomat, one that understands how such rules affect one another ;)

and, when is anything, especially in war, ever fair? You just gotta make the best of it and hope that next time round you are the one with the advantage.

02:06:19 Apr 22nd 08 - Lord Legandary Zucox:

This is so funny...
I quote the term and punishment..
"6. 72 hour notice before breaking MAP.
If any of these terms are broke it will result in immediate kick from kingdom"
well.. if it is breakable why is it called MAP??? beside I think Angel wasn't doing wrong.. they are giving notice before attacking..

02:57:51 Apr 22nd 08 - Mr. Gravity Kills:

  My Point is this There are 3 Kingdoms ....  Angels North of Us And AAA south of us ... Both are twice the size of us .....we have ALL are troops committed to fighting AAA  *** OBVIOUSLY ***  So We have not Not even a SLIGHT Chance to defend are selfs  and you know this ...

 Killing a kindom less player is done because people want people to join kingdoms and it is very unsafe for a kingdom to have "unknown" player X sitting outside there core ....they could be of ANY skill level . 

 If i was still Solo and NOT fighting AAA and have all my troops Committed I Would have Gladly fought you and you superior  Forces to my own death with out a single complaint ...but that is NOT the situation here .  yes its a Game i am just tired of bull*beep* politics and people with no Balls that either only attack kingdoms weaker than them or when there kingdom is losing jump to another kingdom  . 
      Angels can go ahead and attack me i am 100% defenseless and i can in no way defend from you at this point . Grats on the free towns i wont even raze them like i should ... 

     I Got a bit overly aggravated because i was havening fun fighting a fun fight against AAA ..and it is bloody annoying to know all my efforts to date are mute and pointless .  

 Ok i am done pissing and moaning maybe ill have better luck next era ,,,prolly Was not a great idea to start out as a 2 person kingdom in fantasia in Dark Trio's Core even tho it was fun .

03:42:16 Apr 22nd 08 - Lord Legandary Zucox:

remember?? you started the war spark by attacking us... I understand Angels.. as there is only 3 kingdoms left in Armageddon.. if they dont' attack you, what should they do.. unfortunately you are in the middle of 2 big kingdoms... well.. even angels wont' attack you guys, we are getting advance anyway... by the way, tell your king "cashmoney" to stop doing propaganda.. :P none of AAA members will join DA and fight with Angel.. we will finish our war ..
for you.. well.. i feel like i love you, after you die, you can join us if you want to... As AAA is an honorable kingdom we won't  look upon any defections... we will only accept if DA leader agree or the player restart his account...

04:29:21 Apr 22nd 08 - Mr. Chicosci The Caster:

 Angels can go ahead and attack me i am 100% defenseless and i can in no way defend from you at this point . Grats on the free towns i wont even raze them like i should ... 

Lolz Don't tell us you are 100% defenseless and can't defend because you and your kingdom member got 72 hours to prepare.(Now 40 hours left) What for the 6. 72 hour notice before breaking MAP and what did you do on the 32 hours past and why your powerful army(Top 2 on HoH) runing away from your city moving west??I think your army are scared from us thats why it's running away.

Last thing we are not coward,we are fearless I thing you are the coward and you should think before posting...Lol

05:54:06 Apr 22nd 08 - Mr. Justin:

all is fair in love and war Gravity. Get over angels are gonna kill u

06:15:14 Apr 22nd 08 - Sir Slade:

Mr. Gravity Kills


4/21/2008 6:53:46 PM
So it is Honorable for a Kingdom to wage war on a Kingdom half its size when they are allready fighting a Kingdom 2x it's size ....yah Honorable .


No thats Ballsy and plus your half there size so your citys will Fund the War against the stronger Kingdom

06:29:44 Apr 22nd 08 - Mr. Gravity Kills:

 i just stated i am going to let them kill me ....if they are going to stab me in the back what dose it matter if i simply point out that simple fact .

  Chicosci you sir are a fool and have no line of sight both mentally and on the map .
Im going to type it out in big easy to read letters for you to understand .


Going to state that AAA has a larger attack force than you guys do also because i have LoS of most of Angels Kingdom and not as much of AAA but a good amount .   I am going to focus on Fighting AAA ,  you guys i have no issue with you are simply my enemy by choice Because we have a MAP with the only other Kingdom on the map "Angels" ....pun intended .   

lol this will be fun good luck to all .  i honestly don't hate anyone or hold anything against anyone .   Ill be on Fantasia Next era  ( might only be for a week but ill be there =D )  .

06:31:51 Apr 22nd 08 - Mr. Gravity Kills:

 I agree Slade AAA is stronger Kingdom when it comes to them vs Angels ill put my money on it .

10:47:17 Apr 22nd 08 - Lord Legandary Zucox:

Nice try... and good strategy for making other 2 kingdom fight each other.. by the way, how's your another account doing in WoL??? which name you use in wol by teh way?? I thought you might still use the name Vitatu didysis...

14:00:47 Apr 22nd 08 - Mr. Arjun Ramchand:

yea gravity... since you put the money for nothing you can give it to me.

:-D kidding

17:25:55 Apr 22nd 08 - Mr. Junafus:

It makes me laugh when people refer to honour concerning a computer game.

17:34:05 Apr 22nd 08 - Mr. Deth:

19:09:08 Apr 22nd 08 - Mr. Amaroq:

We may not win this war, but we are a long way from falling, and i can put up one hell of a fight as Angels already know from mant :D  oh well, its gonna be fun...

20:56:08 Apr 22nd 08 - Mr. Trendkill:

Hey Amaroq! :)

Keep eye on Gravity, seems like he love to insult kingdoms instead of fighting them xD

21:41:23 Apr 22nd 08 - Mr. Amaroq:

haha, ya, but i dont' blame him for being a lil upset.  he is kinda out there away from us, so we can't lend him much support : /  but i don't really blame u guys for doing what u did either.  We still got a fighting chance, just not fun we fight the two largest kingdoms at the same time.  o well, all is fair in love and war :D i already sent my large army after AAA, but no worries, i'm building another at the moment for when angels decide to march on us :P

15:14:40 Apr 23rd 08 - Lord Legandary Zucox:

lol.... you also have 16 members.. and angel also has 16 members.. well.. you are half size of angels means you guys were not doing great...
don't complain mate.. when AAA is fighting 7 kingdoms against 1, we didn't complaint.. and we kicked 6 kingdoms out from armageddon world... dont' cry like a baby...

15:21:22 Apr 23rd 08 - Sir Sausage Roll:

Don't you dare call Angels unhounourable..

Ill hunt you down and kill you  :)

17:08:39 Apr 23rd 08 - Mr. Squiddy:

Well, part of the game is making a good KD - in response to the people only killing weaker KD's.

This is part of the reward of putting together a good, strong KD.

Yeah, it is a little crap that they are killing you when you're already fighting another KD. Hey, that's strategy though mate. You should have scouted out all the KD's in your area and known that warring anyone would leave you very weak and vulnerable - a perfect chance for a big KD to get an easy early bonus. It's not lame or *beep* it's about strategy and yours didn't work. To be fair though any strategy you use won't work when you're on Fant in a 2 person KD....

02:59:44 Apr 24th 08 - Lord Legandary Zucox:

Good say Squiddy... yeah.. that's right.. IF the weaker player gone, the stronger will remain and tehy will unite and become more stronger kingdom....

03:00:52 Apr 24th 08 - Lord Legandary Zucox:

besie in Dark Angel Dafkpunk is the only player who knows what the game is and how to play.. i bet if he defect or quit from Dark Angel.. they won't stands...

16:40:00 Apr 24th 08 - Mr. Trendkill:

I don't agree... As Amaroq and Marko is my ex-members i can say for sure those 2 have skills! And who know, Cashmoney might be good too...

19:44:51 Apr 24th 08 - Lord Legandary Zucox:

Nah,,,, Marko has down... he was an easiest opponent for me to attack.. but cashmoney.. i dont' know as i haven't meet him on battle ground yet...

21:06:10 Apr 24th 08 - Mr. Might The God of Cows:

Angels, you cowards!

06:27:29 Apr 25th 08 - Mr. Trendkill:


06:33:12 Apr 25th 08 - Mr. Arjun Ramchand:


06:50:25 Apr 25th 08 - Sir Slade:


09:07:26 Apr 25th 08 - Lord Legandary Zucox:

Wow... that was gross... Cashmoney has cowardly chicken out from the battle...

11:15:18 Apr 25th 08 - Mr. Arjun Ramchand:

they disbanded the kd

15:42:15 Apr 25th 08 - Mr. Might The God of Cows:

Mr. Arjun Ramchand


4/25/2008 1:33:12 AMDA HAS BEEN DEFEATED!!!!! VICTORY TO AAA!!!!


AAA distracted them while Angels took them out from the be-hind! VICTORY TO AAA + ANGELS!

16:06:12 Apr 25th 08 - Mr. Orcinus of The Orca:

i kno nothin of this issue n i will refrain frm comentin bt i wud like 2 say that:

i dislike trendkil i dnt think he is a gd playern i dnt think he is even a gd leader( MAJOR UNDERSTATEMENT).

he is the sort of person who wud wana go attack ppl frm the back n kill a weakend kd that is busy fightin other kds than attack a kd of even half the power of his own 's in a 1 on 1 fight.

he is the sort of player that takes this game 2 seriously n needs the glory of winning anythin in this game regardless of its triviality cos he doesnt hav the bottle or the mental capacity that it takes 2 recognise that this is a game n that ppl r here 4 the challenge n entertainment of fightin worthy adversaries n playin in a gentlemanly manner.

mr. gravity kills.......hard luck man....i feel 4 ur situation...its a real shame that ppl like trendkill exist in this game who spoil the fun of it!

( n yh 2 all u smart asses who will notice that i didnt refrain as i promisd congrats 4 seein n statin the OBVIOUS)


n further more it does go without sayin that there r ppl like chicosci who i respect n think r excelent players bt r still in the unfrotunate position of being under the comand of such a person n need 2 stick up 4 him jst cos they r on his side.

16:19:58 Apr 25th 08 - Mr. Thatguy:

Cant you people just win and lose with dignity... if you dont like how the game is played then stop whining, do everyone a favor and leave the game

18:29:19 Apr 25th 08 - Mr. Trendkill:


That was bitter.... emm... well...  emm....

Am sorry, that you think like that about me... Am not bad person, and i have never valued the game as much as you think, and... well...&nb*beep* a friendly person, i think...  xD

Damn... xD xD

Ive never insulted anyone, and all i did on this topic were defend my kingdom..

Lol i am sure you would have better things to say if you would know me better Orcinus :)

By the way, as you might didn't know all the kingdoms that were left on Armageddon were our allies, as our opponents died very fast, so we run out of options... So instead of breaking '' era long '' MAP whit AAA we chose to break NOT ERA LONG whit DA....

Hope you will chance your thoughts Orcinus, I don't like to be hated, even more i don't like to be wanted to get rid off..... xD

18:45:33 Apr 25th 08 - Mr. Amaroq:

lol, no offense Trend, but that was a poor decision as a leader.  U break the nap with DA knowing between AAA and Angels u could wipe them out in like 5 days.  Now question is are u going to break the era long map that u didn't want to, or are u going to farm the rest of the era?  If u break the map then it was a poor decision to take out DA since they coulda greatly helped u, and if u choose to farm the rest of the era, i find that pretty boring.  No offense, just my 2 cents :P

18:46:28 Apr 25th 08 - Mr. Orcinus of The Orca:

i hav 2 say trendkill that was a very tactfull gentlemanly n gracefull reply 2 my post.

i dnt kno wat 2 say 2 ya now lol,., i guess ur nt so bad

18:48:39 Apr 25th 08 - Mr. Orcinus of The Orca:

mayb even ur a gd guy n im sorry 4 wat i said i was wrong

18:54:02 Apr 25th 08 - Mr. Trendkill:

You might be right Amaroq... Maybe i did wrong decision, but accidents happen xD xD

And that really sucks... But ill try to message them and ask for their agree on breaking MAP, because if we both agree to break it, as theres no one to fight then i guess theres no breaking of rule either... So i guess they will agree on it, and hopefully no one will mind of breaking it as we both would agree on it...

And thanks a lot Orcinus, that you have change your mind xD

I might sound or act like a jerk sometime, but i don't think i am so bad xD

21:20:17 Apr 25th 08 - Sir Look Out:

Go Trendkill!!!!!! :)

01:28:36 Apr 26th 08 - Lord Legandary Zucox:

I wonder why the leader of DA Cashmoney chicken out...  yeah.. it was a war of cowards Vs Angels..:P... I n my defination, coward is teh one who scared to fight and run away before fighting...

11:31:47 Apr 28th 08 - Lord Legandary Zucox:

Well.. from AAA side.. we are not a coward like Dark Angels who want to run away.. We take all the chellenge... and IF you want to break MAP with problem at all.. i accept your proposal....

12:18:30 Apr 28th 08 - Mr. Thatguy:

run away rebuild then come back and kick ass.. "_" i hope they are doing

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