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War on Arma
12:40:01 Aug 25th 10 - Mr. Jelly:

It seems there's no pleasing some people!

We've been nice to the Barbarian Alliance all era.  We advised them not to attack us because it would break their 50% protection, we used our LoS to point them to safe parts of the map when they were in trouble, and we even gave then a couple of towns to help them survive.

Then yesterday we took in a new player who was down to his last town and, as I moved some troops in to protect him, I received this message:

Mr. Joebob (8/25/2010 5:56:19 AM) GOOD BAD
i know he is part of your kd but he started this war and im goin fini*beep* so plz take your troops out

Doesn't leave us much choice really....


13:25:34 Aug 25th 10 - Duke Some Fcked Dude:


13:34:45 Aug 25th 10 - Mr. Joebob:

your a nap bereaker

13:46:40 Aug 25th 10 - Mr. Jelly:

Joebob, you messaged clearly that you were going to attack a player even though he'd joined us.  You even asked me to remove my army so you could attack!

Doesn't matter that you walked away because my army was too big for you, you showed that you intended to attack a Daffodil so any peace went out the window right there.  You really think we'd sit by and wait for you to come back with more troops????

There was no formal NAP btw - just a couple of messages "do you want to have peace?" "Yeah, ok".  We would have happily stuck to that but you made it clear that you were going to attack one of our players. 

13:47:50 Aug 25th 10 - Ms. Gullveig:

Get real Joebob, if you believe a kingdom will allow you to attack one of their members you are in a dream world. 

8 vs 1 equals unfair
8 vs 5 equals war

Enjoy the spoils of your mistake

13:51:39 Aug 25th 10 - Mr. Joebob:

he started the war so i could take the city and it was mine and revolted so you are the back stabbers

13:59:14 Aug 25th 10 - Mr. Jelly:

He didn't start the war - you moved a 2X against him as he came OOP, which he killed.  That was defending himself, not starting a war.

He was also down to his last city, so no further threat to you.

He would also have kept the unofficial peace once he joined us or been kicked and wiped out by us (because that's how we work).

So you had no reason or excuse to continue attacking him but you decided you were going to anyway. 

We wiped out the Dorians - with a fair bit of help from the Dark Knights ;) - even though they were the HoH kingdom and had 3x as many players as us just because their leader killed one of our scouts OOP. 

We also finished off the Blood Guardians because they continued to attack Daniel Boy after he joined us.

That's what we do when people attack the Daffodil flag.

08:58:55 Aug 26th 10 - Mr. Daniel Boy:


Like what Jelly said, he was just defending himself. That doesn't consitute of starting a war.

We will defend our kingdom mates regardless when they joined us.

We have helped you when you are at a losing war with the Bakers. We even let you take back some of your captured cities that we took from Bakers.

Feel free to start a war, we have nothing much to do anyway.

09:16:49 Aug 26th 10 - Sir Biffy:

what do the nap terms state? most standard nap terms state that if you take in a refugee from a kd your nap partner is currently warring, the nap partner still has a right to attack that refugee... If no official nap terms were agreed then in reality the agreement is only CF and as such you have probably not breached the agreement, just taken the opportunity to feed off of a fair weaker kd than yourselves.

good job either way...

12:20:38 Aug 26th 10 - Mr. Jelly:

The whole thread about peace went like this.  Started when he sent an army called Bye Bye towards my escape town:

You (8/4/2010 3:16:49 PM)
Wouldn't recommend it - at the moment I can't attack you cos of the 50% rule. If you attack me all bets are of*beep*ainst you and the rest of your KD ;)


Jelly D
Mr. Joebob (8/4/2010 3:41:24 PM) GOOD BAD
then would you like to have peace
You (8/4/2010 3:48:40 PM)
Yep, that's fine with us.

We've been ignoring Loganstar since he landed and are happy to keep it that way. I only built up there so I had a hiding place if the Dorian*beep* us too hard (hence the name of the town ;) )

If you wanted some towns to take there are a in the area below where you are that seem to have been started but abandoned. They're about 15 ticks down through the pass - I can send a screenshot if needed.

One is tiny (I think first build) but the other got to stage 2 and will have been collecting resources for the past 2 weeks. Should be a good million or two gold saved up in there by now ;)


Mr. Joebob (8/4/2010 3:50:14 PM) GOOD BAD
You (8/4/2010 4:18:21 PM)
No problem :)

There's a screenshot of the area below you at:*beep*itled.JPG

The water you can see at the top of the pic is the bottom of the lake just below your area. Universeland is about 528 buildings so, as long as he put some mines in, it will have been collecting gold for about 250 ticks now with none being spent. It may have his original 50 troops in there for defence but a 2 bar should take it without problems.


Certainly no terms about new members - just a lack of interest in attacking them cos they were too small (they've gained another 7 players since then btw).

Anyway, we may have an interesting solution with benefits for eveyone on the table if terms can be worked out :)

01:30:06 Aug 27th 10 - Ice Prince Zephyr:

c'mon Joebob bring him hell, just like old times in PoFF i think it was.

03:23:06 Aug 27th 10 - Mr. Joebob:

do i know you princw Zephyr

   was it gladiators

01:42:22 Aug 28th 10 - Mr. Meatball:


joebob, he has every right to attack you- there were no terms, it wasn't even an official NAP. You should have just been content that despite the fact that they could very clearly have killed you they decided to leave you alone, and even pointed out some cities you could take to help you expand. No where in there is a mention of an official NAP, or any terms which mean you could continue attacking the player that joined them. If anyone is in the wrong it is you- after what they did for you, you couldn't even leave alone one guy you were fighting when he joined them?

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