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Warriors of the World (rec)!!!
05:22:21 Oct 26th 08 - Mr. Elite Man:

I am looking for some experienced players who want to win and have fun... if your active and post on the forums alot.. that is what i am looking for..

My kingdom... Warriors of the World will be playing on Mantrax..... post here if you want to join... then send app..

copy and past this and answer all questions.. 1 through 7
, then post it here....

1. How many eras you played?
2. What Kingdoms have you been in?  
3. How old are you?
4. Why do you want to be in my Kingdom?
5. What you want to achieve by fighting with me?
6. What race will you be playing as this time?
7. Will you come to meetings for (addicts too online games)?
just kidding about number

05:40:12 Oct 26th 08 - Mr. Doctor Strange:

 And you plan to put a Mantrax-grade kingdom together before the era starts? well... good luck I suppose.

07:00:41 Oct 26th 08 - Mr. Elite Man:

um.. this will be my 16th era... i know what i need to win..  right now the kingdom has enough strength to hold its own.... i don't really need anymore players... to join... just giving some ppl and opportunity of a lifetime to be part of my kingdom..

08:33:37 Oct 26th 08 - Lord Random:

heeey what happened to the other thread.....

Does this mean i need to re-do my application.

20:43:29 Oct 26th 08 - Mr. Elite Man:

no... send an app to the kingdom page!!!

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