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What happened to Nirvana
19:25:50 Jun 18th 13 - Princess Aisha:

What happened to Nirvana thread for this era now? 

Sure, some of it got deleted and censored but then it got quiet
And now I dont see it at all.... any idea why the thread is gone?

Still a lot of alive kingdoms, there should be a thread about it...

Kingdoms in Nirvana
Valar10Lady Tassadar113
Storm Cloaks9Mr. Timmion110
Candlewax10Prince Dakarta100
Sleepless8Mr. Roq42
Zerg9Mr. Macro34
Pink Cloaks6Mr. Rabbi33

19:27:17 Jun 18th 13 - Mr. Couchie:

I think Kurt Kobain died.

20:04:15 Jun 18th 13 - Mr. Orpheus:

Ask the power trippin forum mod.

20:04:17 Jun 18th 13 - Mr. Orpheus:

Ask the power trippin forum mod.

20:05:14 Jun 18th 13 - Mr. Halfwit:

Got so dense that it reached singularity and vanished from this universe.

20:15:30 Jun 18th 13 - Mr. Halfwit:

Valar -- well done on the thorough spanking you provided to Storm Cloaks!

20:27:06 Jun 18th 13 - Princess Aisha:

I was looking for Nirvana thread to follow up on the post I had before, where I congratulated on all kingdoms for doing well, wanted to write a similar post, but now that the thread is lost... Who ever deleted it, is lame.

20:41:51 Jun 18th 13 - Zond (General Hugh Gee Rekshun):

Thread was deleted because of all the personal insults, that continued after they were deleted and people were asked to stop. Then players wanted to argue with me over them. So whole thread is gone, if you dont like. Take it up with your fellow players who feel the need to insult. 

20:43:44 Jun 18th 13 - Electric (Ms. Pulp Ficture):

So the game starts to die and then you start to censor the people that like the game... I dunno if this will end well

20:45:51 Jun 18th 13 - Zond (General Hugh Gee Rekshun):

Game starts to die? Been dead for a long time and been doing nothing but going down hill... if you cant follow simple forum rules. Find something else to do with your time. Not that hard.

20:52:44 Jun 18th 13 - Princess Aisha:

Simply delete the stuff that was inappropriate and leave the good comments on, like I put a load of text there about the era so far, what was going on, and I wrote about the good and bad decisions made, there were no insults to that. 

If you had to delete stuff you could have at least keep few of the good posts...

20:56:52 Jun 18th 13 - Ms. Tuffy:

you may as well delete every thread in this game because when there is arguing there is personal insults.. and there is arguing in just about every thread...

21:08:18 Jun 18th 13 - Zond (General Hugh Gee Rekshun):

How about i start with this one then?

Or wait, no personal insults...

The bad stuff was deleted, yet it continues. So i had 2 options. Ban all 5-8 players, hear you complain and gripe forums are dead because i banned only active posters.. or i delete the thread and solve the same issue. So please tell me, which would you prefer?

Also, you had no replies to your post anyway, you were ignored due to all the insults and no one caring about anything but insulting each other.. 

21:13:08 Jun 18th 13 - Princess Aisha:

Agreed. It is a fact that you cant read anything constructive on these forums.

I guess I will just ignore the forums like I used to. Still dont understand why I still play this game. Stuff like this just gets you to quit at era end.

00:33:24 Jun 19th 13 - Sir Shadow Hunter:

 Zonds used to the censorship hes american right? he has enacted VU's own version of the "Patriot Act" hahahaha

01:46:30 Jun 19th 13 - Stormy (Lady Tassadar):


oops need to be own topic

nirvana, yeah

03:05:38 Jun 19th 13 - Mr. Timmion:

Western News Update:

Valor beat back the first Stormcloak attempt to attack their core, killing one army, but only slightly wounding the others.  It looks like they are fortifiying a bit more and have built up northern magic cities in preparation for their assault on us.  

Up north, Mr. Snow has thwarted my efforts to rid the northwest of him.   I had his army frozen and out of position, but he built 50000 guardtowers (maybe more) in the targeted city.  I am guessing a lot of slaves died in that construction effort, but am not sure.  So back to the trenches.

09:58:47 Jun 19th 13 - Lady Leila:

Southern News Update

Storm Cloaks seem to be losing most of their strongholds in the southern area. After being quite successful in their attacks, Candlewax managed to go on the offensive and so far Nakuy has lost cities he took in the battlefield, and Ice Burger seems to have lost his cities also in the far south east. It seems that the mistake Pink Cloaks did was not having much defenses in their core cities, so when Sleepless came, they were able to have quite some progress in the war.

Storm Cloaks are on the run and Candlewax are moving their armies forward Pink Cloaks and other kingdoms. It is quite an interesting era so far.

10:17:37 Jun 19th 13 - Lady Leila:

Correction: Pink Cloaks, not Storm Cloaks. 

                 This is south report, so its Pink Cloaks, apologies for the mistake.

12:54:14 Jun 19th 13 - Sir Shadow Hunter:

  As you know TBL was forum banned and asked me to pass on a simple message...

 Well Zondy, other then me, who else have you banned from the forums for personal attacks? I see that Venomz is still posting, so it is obvious you did not ban him. Have you banned Legend and Warlock yet? Or are you living up to most people's expectations that you only good for protecting your kingdomates and will not act to ban them even if they are racist bigots?

We are all proud of your objectivity, Zondy. You are an inspiration to all mods and you uphold Zeta's good name in policing the forums.

13:15:01 Jun 19th 13 - Mr. Executor:

Zond this looks like an overreaction to me.Bit surprised that you would delete the whole thread.I understand and support the concept of banning racist and sexist posts of which there where some but to delete the whole thread penalises all for the actions of a few.

The rest was just the normal flame wars that we have been reading (or skimming) for years and pretty tame at that.

13:22:29 Jun 19th 13 - SFD (Mr. Dfs):

zond is clearly to lazy to go through it and ban/delete the individual posts/people, sheeeet id do the same......
got your back zond, Nah i joke i joke......i dont care about this thread >:)

15:50:02 Jun 19th 13 - Legend (I am Tbl Fanboy):

Hi TBL I am your biggest fan!

16:22:16 Jun 19th 13 - Sir Shadow Hunter:

one last post from TBL guys...

Thank you Legend, for becoming one of my fans. Unfortunately, while you have the choice to want to be my fan, I have the choice to not acknowledge you, because racist bigots do not register on my radar. Furthermore, you're not even a good VU player. So sorry, I want to have nothing to do with you except killing you when you are on the opposite side.

I also do want to thank you for posting. In doing so, you brought to my attention that Zondy indeed is alright with racist bigotry and actually works to protect his kingdomates.

Zondy, I'm quite disappointed in you. I thought a lot better of you after our Skype conversations. Well, apparently, we all learn something new everyday. I learned two things... the first is that there was solid substance in why several people have accused you of biasness in conducting your powers as a mod. Secondly, I learned, very very sadly, that there is a reason why the saying "A leopard never changes its spots" exists.

Take care and I won't bother posting about you again.

16:27:04 Jun 19th 13 - Stormy (Lady Tassadar):

zond being a mod abuser? nooooooooooooooooo


18:10:33 Jun 19th 13 - Electric (Ms. Pulp Ficture):

18:14:43 Jun 19th 13 - Mr. Bad Bell Mate:

You were correct to delete Aisha's posts Zond. She was rather rude and still hasn't fulfilled her promise of deleting her character.

18:19:44 Jun 19th 13 - Electric (Electric Galactic Avenger):

Saying someone is Rude is a personal Insult. 

18:29:53 Jun 19th 13 - Stirlin (Dark Prince Stirlin):

Mike be careful, posting on behalf of a banned member is a bannable offence

no loopholes plz

19:22:31 Jun 19th 13 - shyers (Mr. Shyers From Zerus):

personally i think Zond did exactly what any mod anywhere would have done and i would have done the same. not sure if TBL got a warning before he was banned but i would say that is merited before a ban. Deleting the thread was kinda a must, it had been going on too long to clean.

Banning one person and deleting a thread is a great warning to all involved. quite frankly sometime you have to spank one child to get them all to listen.

i think the fact that we are all here talking about a thread that is gone instead of starting a new one is lame.

19:40:30 Jun 19th 13 - Electric (Ms. Pulp Ficture):

No.. this is about our right of Nerd Raging each other!

19:47:17 Jun 19th 13 - Mr. Bad Bell Mate:

What a TBL ban will do is give Wilb a new lease of life. He will no longer be restrained by the shackles of humilation, afraid to post and get slapped down by TBL. Reed will be more confident, more boisterous, more authoritative. His post count will probably rise by over 500% over the next few weeks.

Whorey will also probably go back to making claims that the winners of OOP wars can beat farming KDs [which BEO never were], safe in the knowledge TBL can't repudiate him.

And we will have no Danwell essays to skip past, with no TBL :(

A sad day indeed!

19:49:10 Jun 19th 13 - shyers (Mr. Shyers The Fruit):

it was good toilet reading i suppose.
we can have a mock fight is you want.

20:05:14 Jun 19th 13 - Lady Leila:

What is the point of this?

This thread is going to be deleted, why bother writing anything.

21:18:04 Jun 19th 13 - Yukan (Mr. Nakuy):

You guys are so sensitive...

My only regret this era was not making sure our newbies had defenses in their production cities

Heck... Our new elf built ONE city up to 55ish k buildings. This meant he needed to at least defend ONE city, right? Well in the first 12 hours of the first sleepless invasion, he lost ONE city!


05:05:44 Jun 20th 13 - Mr. Executor:

lol didnt realize that only the noisy flamer had been banned and not the racists and bigots.Very poor form Zond.

07:32:41 Jun 20th 13 - Mr. Horny Archon:

If this situation is not rectified ASAP I will be petitioning Zeta to have Zond removed as a Moderator. He has failed this community by not being impartial and not punishing his friends. I totally disagree with Shyers because singling out one player and leaving the others unpunished (the moderators kingdom mates) it sends a very bad message to the community that is already almost extinct. I'll leave it for you to work out what that message is.

I want to make it perfectly clear that I don't give a sh*t about TBL being banned from the forums because if he breeched the rules, he deserved it. But letting racist taunts and stereotypes go unpunished is completely unacceptable. Where I'm from there is a line that you just don't cross and racism is it. I can't be bothered going into the historical significance of having a zero tolerance to racism because if you don't understand than you are either a hopeless 'shut in' or semi retarded but that line should never be crossed in RL or within this community. I said nothing when it happened as I thought Zond was handling it well and TBL didn't seem to worry too much about. I mean we all know it actually reflects more poorly on the perpetrator than the victim. When I realised TBL was the only one banned from the forums and the 'evidence' had been deleted I was enraged and shocked.

Like him, despise him or be nonchalant about TBL we can not ignore ignorant people sprouting racists remarks on our forums or this game is truly dead.

10:49:29 Jun 20th 13 - Mr. Bad Bell Mate:

I agree it sends the wrong message to let racists go unpunished.


Ban Binh immediately, I say.

12:29:58 Jun 20th 13 - Ms. Jocey:

I would expect nothing less from zond....

12:52:20 Jun 20th 13 - NazT (Mr. Pathetic Harmless Victim):

This isnt the first time and wont be the last time Zond bans for personal reasons, he can do what he wants, Zetas got a big Hard On for Zond. Must be the pubes!!!!

13:56:03 Jun 20th 13 - SFD (Mr. Dfs):

dont complain nazt, have you seen those bad bois he is hiding ;)

15:01:59 Jun 20th 13 - Pure (Sir Binh The Orc):

A few would know that Zond and I aren't the best friends but the countless bickering going on by some of you is as pathetic as reeds attempts at getting laid. TBL had a ban coming to him for a while now and the only reason it didnt come earlier was for the exact reason shown in this thread, the 'beta' players and posie of the bannie whinge at the first sign of a mod taking action and actually doing his job.

But all in all, kinda of sad TBL got banned, now I'm going to have to find something else to do when I'm bored :(

15:21:48 Jun 20th 13 - Sir Shadow Hunter:

 Sorry stirlo but the truth must out,so i will post one more time for "He who shall not be named".


First, what do you have to say about joining the only kingdom on Nirvana that supposedly would "not NAP or have relations"? Have your kingdomates been teaching you how to backtrack on your word too?

Secondly, I've no problem with getting forum banned. I do however, have a problem when I am the ONLY ONE forum banned, when there are people who committed worse offences openly in front of all of us still running around unbanned (you know who they are... 3 of them are your kingdomates). I have never been a racist bigot on the forums. Your 3 kingdomates have been. Your 3 kingdomates have spouted some of the worst stereotypes about a particular race I have ever seen. One of them even called me "Yellow" just before the thread got deleted. He wasn't banned. I was.

The fact that Zondy and the other senior VU mod (a fellow Legacy mate) did not take any action against your 3 kingdomates (all Legacians too BTW) only gives the rest of VU one message. Get a mod to be part of your kingdom. Pronto. That way, they can protect you. They can save your kingdom's ass when someone is beating down your kingdom on the forum with facts and substance. They can forum ban anyone who threatens to make their kingdom (and themselves) look stupid. And ultimately, they can prevent you from getting forum banned. Zeta will do almost nothing to supervise them... he doesn't want to look bad.

Ultimately, Zondy here has 3 scenarios laid out for him. He can either maintain my ban, but ban Venomz, Legend and Warlock, and be seen as a FAIR ARBITER of the forums. He can not ban his 3 zerg kingdomates and can unban me and be seen as a SOMEWHAT FAIR ARBITER of the forums. Or he can continue with what he has done and give conclusive proof once and for all to all the neutrals of VU that Zeta made the wrong choice for mod. Because he would have acted as kingdomate first, mod second. Not mod first, kingdomate second. Spot the difference.

And Zerg... (especially that self-perceived high IQ person, Shyers).... continue on with what you are doing. You are making yourselves look really good. You come into Nirvana bragging of being a no relations kingdom, then make 3 relations, you brag of taking on a challenge, but you shy away from it, and now some of you display the worst racist stereotyping traits on the forums and not only do you NOT apologise (don't have to be to me, apologise to the rest of VU), you get your kingdomate, a forum mod, to cover your ass. Well done young men, well done. We all know your true characters now.

15:27:49 Jun 20th 13 - Fordius (Mr. Corruptor):

But I'm totally innocent in this subject :'( 

Why why all these hate crimes against me I wasn't even here :( 

15:36:18 Jun 20th 13 - Mr. Horny Archon:

Pure I have heard that you are Australian so I know that English is most likely NOT your second language so please re-read my post before posting pointless crap that shows your complete lack of understanding of the REAL issue that has made me post (which I rarely do).

I dont give a flying f*ck that TBL got banned. For those that are slightly dense or english IS their second language I say again, I DON'T CARE THAT TBL IS BANNED.

The impartiality of the ban and the racist scum bags who can still post are my concern. As it should be the concern of the rest of you.

15:48:19 Jun 20th 13 - SunWarriorKing (Mr. Nostalgia):

Bah! Does not bother me much. Avoiding the forum = Avoiding drama. I pop in once and a while to give what I think and just pop out. Someone disagrees, cool not really gonna read it because Im too busy killin shiz to even give a rats behind.

15:48:19 Jun 20th 13 - SunWarriorKing (Mr. Nostalgia):

Also, last time I made a thread about anything was like Era 9 or something.

16:17:23 Jun 20th 13 - Stormy (Lady Tassadar):

Wait?!! Zond banned someone but let kingdom mates who flung racist insults slide by despite their being in clear violation of forum rules as well you say???!!!

King Joffrey approves


18:57:06 Jun 20th 13 - Mr. Bad Bell Mate:

BIGCOCK, S., Concurring Opinion


01 VU. 01

Sir Shadow Hunter. v. Visual Utopia Forums


No. 01 Argued: June 20, 2013--- Decided: June 20 2013 [*]

MR. JUSTICE BIGCOCK, with whom MR. JUSTICE REEDLE joins, concurring.

I adhere to the view that TBL's case against the Moderators should have been dismissed, and that the injunction against the alleged "racists" should have been vacated without typed argument when the cases were first presented to this Court. I believe that every moment's continuance of the injunctions against these players amounts to a flagrant, indefensible, and continuing violation of the First Ammendment.

In addition to the above, I insist that Sir Shadow Hunter be banned from the VU forums with immediate effect for their blatant and flagrant disregard for the VU rules. After repeated warnings, Sir Shadow Hunter has continued posting in lieu with TBL, circumnavigating the existing forum ban. Ms. Electric should also be banned because she bitches a lot and nobody gives a fuck about her or her opinion.

We, the undersigned:

19:02:07 Jun 20th 13 - Electric (Ms. Pulp Ficture):

Thats funny..why would you want me banned if you dont care about my opininon? obviously you do and are just trying to shut me up for good. Im proud to know i have made such an impact on you. 

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