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Where is PKS
03:31:10 Apr 28th 13 - Mr. Dressel:

Hey everyone I was wondering if PKS is still around i played this game from 2008-late2009 and was an active member of PKS this game has changed alot from when i last played and if PKS is still alive and kicking i would love to re-join.

03:58:59 Apr 28th 13 - Prince Pesterd:

Old grimmyhammer was playing in LGC for a while with us. I used to play in PKS too, back when we used the old school forum and such.

Pesterd's thy name.

04:12:38 Apr 28th 13 - SithBane (Mr. Dressel):

back when i played in PKS one of the reasons we were so good is that 80-90% of us all worked together at a tech support call center called Sitel in Tennessee. what would be a good kingdom for me to join up with now?

06:53:00 Apr 28th 13 - Prince Pesterd:

Whichever one you feel comfortable with, and are accepting new members, you know how it is. loyalty and such. If your still friends with Grim talk to him. get him back too

07:04:54 May 2nd 13 - Sir Diablo The Great Satan:

PKS was a great KD played there for a few eras also, does anyone know where JUICY is or anyone from JUICY?

09:12:16 May 2nd 13 - TheBornLoser (Mr. The Great Satan):

I forced Juicy to disband a long long time ago. You must have not been in the game for several years already.

If you want to speak to a former member of Juicy, you can look for Wilberforce inside Legacy.


The Real Great Satan

22:22:34 May 2nd 13 - Sir Diablo The Great Satan:

Why force the KD to disband? Yes, I have been away from the game a long time.

16:24:16 May 3rd 13 - Jondy (Sir Jondrus Kilowatt):

I know some peacekeepers

16:26:55 May 3rd 13 - Stirlin (Dark Prince Stirlin):

didnt juicy last 1 era?

16:42:16 May 3rd 13 - Mr. Veinan:

I used to be in PKS. I'm still tech supporting too. XD I would like to give this game another shot. (Wasn't very active back in the day.)

19:30:35 May 3rd 13 - Sir Diablo The Great Satan:

Post the peace keepers names here if possible also I couldn't find the juicy member (Great Satan)

19:35:50 May 3rd 13 - Mr. Veinan:

I really don't remember their game names. Most of them used a few different names.

00:11:29 May 4th 13 - shyers (Mr. Just Loo):

yikes. this game always reminds me of how much i forget.

22:44:32 May 18th 13 - Mr. Soccerownsois:

PKS always smelled bad.... Donut was rotten!

19:25:43 May 26th 13 - Mr. Mielo:

I used to be in juicy

17:15:08 May 27th 13 - Mr. Oldaze:

The KD PKS was when Donut and Lady G had it? Or the mess it devolved into?

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