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Who is best politician
23:28:24 Jan 25th 10 - Archangel Argyle:

I know this forum is for politics discussion, and thats why Im making a topic to discuss just that!

Who is the best politician? is it the one with most pacts or very few but 100% reliable?

Is it good politics to fool opponents into false safety?

Is it boring to handle politics for a kingdom?

I would really love if you could all act like polticians when answering in this thread, that means, no straight answers!

for future readers, if you read this after the year of 2010, please resurect it with a fancy comment like "i like politics"

23:32:43 Jan 25th 10 - General Maximus Decimus Meridius:

The best, is one who makes relations but no matter what they are, can always find a way around it and allow it to bend around as you please.

23:45:52 Jan 25th 10 - Mr. Skinnyvinny II:

if you can make an agreement that seems air tight with tons of loopholes that only your KD can access, that is a good politician.

00:30:18 Jan 26th 10 - Mr. Kearn:


01:40:01 Jan 26th 10 - Lord Uther Pendragon:


02:46:56 Jan 26th 10 - Sir Chee Cat:

The best politician would be the one who can say a million things, without really saying anything.

04:13:34 Jan 26th 10 - Lord Stewie Griffin:

The best politician = Lord Stewie Griffin


07:59:43 Jan 26th 10 - Mr. Bruce Willis:

No matter the situation, good or bad, I can always be counted on to start a war -_-

19:06:09 Jan 26th 10 - Lady Boobson:

I like politics.

Too early?

19:18:27 Jan 26th 10 - Mr. Gauntlet:

Hmm, well it's not me.

20:47:37 Jan 26th 10 - Sir Kobuskan:

Onuris the Emperator

21:53:10 Jan 26th 10 - Mr. Kearn:


its me

22:11:00 Jan 26th 10 - Sir Loin:

Boris Johnson

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