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Who really should have won
23:44:04 May 23rd 09 - Mr. Arthur Dent:

I just want to know what people think about the scores. Should Overlord Dvsmasta really have won? Should have Fruits and Veggies? post opinions here.

23:47:53 May 23rd 09 - Mr. Garlic:

epic fail of a thread. haven't we already discussed this?

23:49:06 May 23rd 09 - Sir Bob The Builder Smurf:

No, I shoulda won! D'uh! :o

Naw, overall I have no complaits with those two; there were several that could have won that I would not have complained about, but Dvs is certainly as deserving as the next I think...

00:15:21 May 24th 09 - Sir Twelve Inch Cucumber:

Immaterial thread.

Regardless of whoever won, or should have won, one claim is as good as the next. Zeta tainted this era's entire results with his blatant mess up of the win point factors. At the end, the players who were rehashing the closest formula to rack up the points (though I doubt they were doing it knowingly) were the ones that got to the top.

Way to go Zeta. You deserve a gold star for your brilliant management of the game this era.

10:47:38 May 24th 09 - Necromancer Lechery:

Kingdom Forum
IMG TAG Kingdom Name Members Leader %P
Kingdoms in Fantasia
VeggieFruits and Vegetables25Mr. Garlic78
FateFoundation29Sir Feanor30
ChocChocolate15Mr. Bran21
BunnyHellbunnies8Ms. Mzzery15
YumSpaghetti12Sir Spoon8
Kingdoms in Mantrax
JUICYJUICY26Commander Aligreat79
MADMad Against Drugs20Mr. Aloysius6
Kingdoms in Zetamania
SoulRebirth25Mr. Overcome100
TupacMakaveli7Mr. Bartimaeus8
sexySexy as Fcuk1Mr. Blackberry Bling1
Kingdoms in Starta
RVLRevelation27Mr. Fordius80
DEDorian Empire19Sir Evans63
*beep*ySuper *beep*s16Sir Fever Reducer4
BOOYAHDendarii Warmakers5Duke Insane VII3
BEARBear Machines5Mr. Bear Banger0
Kingdoms in Nirvana
BIOBioHazard15Mr. Nice1
Kingdoms in Valhalla
NativeThe Native People10Ms. Antianara5
HellG O D L I K E5Mr. Lord V5
HHeaven15Archangel Argyle1
ANThe Allies1Mr. Runario0
bskberserkers1Mr. Bryant0
sdasdasdasda1Mr. Dynamic0
Kingdoms in Armageddon
CRAZYInsane Asylum15Dr. Raving Lunatic10
PHIPhi Factor11Mr. Mavich8
LDLightning Dust25General Zondervan5
TLThe Legion6Mr. Paracelzus1
TATThe A Team2Mr. One0
TCTemplar Crusaders5Mr. Arkantos0
RomeRomanum Imperium4Mr. Giorgio0
AAnarchy2Mr. Midge0
TDEThe Dark Empire3Divine Grandmaster Corollin0
VoWVengeful Ornery Wolves3Wolflord Karac0
Kingdoms in Talents
AbydosAbydos21Pirate Lewatha8
RedBlood Lust6Mr. Grimdeath2
MayhemProject Mayhem12Sir Mayhem2
GOTFGuild Of The Fallen10Mr. Shmehss2
DGThe DemonGods1Mr. Xane0
Kingdoms in Midgard
ROCRoyal Order of Claidhmore3Duke Kev The Bastard1
TEThe Elders2Mr. Centurion0

Dont know how Veggies won.. since rebirth was stronger then everybody.

10:48:40 May 24th 09 - Mr. Banana:

Em... LOL. It's like many eras already that wins that who has most score in Fantasia, huh?

10:56:10 May 24th 09 - Mr. Angel of Pure:

septim should of won u guys not to smart :)

11:03:54 May 24th 09 - Lord Primate Death:

DVS won fair and square based on the scoring system that Zeta set for that era. No complaints there.
I do think Zeta's major flaw is that while many updates have been great, he still regards Fant as the trophy prize. If he wants a multi worlds game, where he alone decides what KD's go where, then he HAS to change his scoring to reflect this. All maps should count towards end score wins equally. The battles on Valhalla against Choc, Juicy, Heaven and firends were no less easy than those on Fant, with many of the "fant players" fighting there.

12:24:36 May 24th 09 - Mr. Angel of Pure:

^^ i belive that fant usally is only hard first half of era becasue then the better kds have done smart naps survived then fant is ruled by a good alliance :) weras i find that other worlds are harder all the way though becasue fant rulers come into lower worlds

12:32:18 May 25th 09 - Mr. Scottology:

that is why fant is now empty. everyone is on lower worlds so they can bash the newbs and get big, then work their way to fant for the last final battle to decide the winner. bring it onnnnn! lol

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